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New Year Starts with a Bang!!

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I held on to the headboard of the bed for support. Jimmy my husband had me on all fours, his fingers were exploring my well fucked pussy with one hand and rubbing my swinging boobs with the other. I knew he was going to punish me for just having sex with two of our friends after he crashed, I didn’t plan it. It just happened. And as for punishment getting more hot sex is not hard to take.

Tell me what happened Jimmy grunted at me as his thumb started to rub my little freckle. I told you I had sex with Mick and Dean after you all crashed and we were the only ones still celebrating. He told me he knew that but told me to tell the whole story and leave nothing out.

I looked out at the Sun coming up through the window of our bedroom. It was the room we always slept in at our friend’s house when they have a gathering. I had entered the room naked carrying my clothes hoping to just jump in to bed and sleep. That wasn’t to be as Jimmy woke up. Right I thought to myself I will give the entire story because as far as I was concerned it was partially your fault anyway.

Well as you know we left home a little late to get to the party as you wanted a quickie, the last one for the year you said. Well that was all right for you, you got off, but I didn’t all it did was get me hot and bothered and looking for more satisfaction. Then on the way in we talked about how we might be able to hook up with Tommo and Lee tonight. It has been such a long time since we have had any “fun time with friends” as we call it. I know we agreed only to ever have some fun with others when we are both present and happy in the situation but this just happened.

The party was great but then everyone sort of left. Tommo and Lee went home and you crashed about 2.30am so I was left with Mick and Dean. We were on the back deck around Mick’s bar. When it was only the three of us Mick poured us more drinks than moved around to where Dean was sitting beside me. I had one big strong man on each side of me. They just chatted along. When they were emphasising a point their hands would rest on my thighs just below my skirt, which did rise up my leg a little because I was seated. I noticed this but just thought they were being attentive.

All this time, Jimmy continued his ministrations on my pussy, bum, clit and boobs. I knew my pussy was leaking love juice all over his hand. I felt shivers run through my body.

I continued. Dean then openly appraised my. He said you look so beautiful and vivacious lately. He asked how come you and I look so happy. I told him were just were. He then described me to myself and Mick. He told me to stop him when he was wrong. He said you have shoulder length blondish Ataşehir Ukraynalı Escort hair, brown eyes am around five foot ten inches high and about 60 kilos. Obvious I told him. He continued he said you have long tanned legs as he rubbed my leg with his hand. You have great C sized boobs that you have had done years ago, pink nipples that are always hard and you always keep you pussy smooth except for a little landing strip .

I sat there and stared at him. Mick laughed and he agreed. I knew Mick knew some of that as we have often been topless in the pool and spa when everyone around but Dean was never in our inner circle. He asked me if he was correct. I nodded and studied him. He was tall and had a shaved head, he had a small goatee and was a singer and guitarist in a party band in his spare time.

He told me Anna his wife had told him. I immediately knew what he was talking about now. Nearly a year ago Jimmy, our friend Tommo and Anna, Deans wife had an amazing foursome in and near the pool of this very house .I glanced at the pool and Dean laughed as did Mick. Mick was a large man around 6 foot 7 dark long hair and always had whiskers. Mick was in our inner circle but Jimmy and I have never done anything with him or his wife except flirt and some partial nudity.

Dean went on to tell him Anna told him everything we did that night and they still talk about it when they are in bed together. Mick also informed me that he knew and also saw Jimmy me and Tommo have some serious sex both when we were away as a group and at a music festival. They both put it on me that we should have invited them to play as well.

By now both had their hands high on my legs. I didn’t know what to say or do, so I just sat there. I was certainly getting excited by what they said bringing back memories and I was still hot and bothered by not getting off earlier. Dean had his hand touching my little white panties now as he stroked my leg.

When Mick put his arm behind my head and pulled me gently towards him, I knew he was going to kiss me. I should have stopped him but I didn’t, his mouth met mine and soon his tongue was dancing with mine. His rough whiskers scratched my face as we kissed. His other hand encased my breast. I could feel my nipples stiffen further even though the caress was through my blouse and bra. Dean was contently rubbing my pussy between my legs even though at this stage access was limited.

I told Jimmy that I was definitely going to stop them and go and wake him up but Mick and Dean gently held me and didn’t listen to my protests. They told me that you didn’t invite them to play even though you had sex with his wife and Mick Ataşehir Üniversiteli Escort said that we never invited them to join it either. The big night on the vodka paled a part.

I didn’t stop Mick as he undid my blouse and removed it. Mick told dean to inspect my breasts when he unclasped my bra and threw it away. Mt boobs sprang it to view. Dean whistled and Mick told him he has seen them naked on a fair few occasions and always wanted to feel them. With that he had my right boob in his big hairy paw. Dean followed suit. Soon they were licking and sucking and rubbing my nipples and I knew there was no turning back. My pussy was tingling with Dean’s hand still rubbing me through my knickers. Mick and Dean took turns kissing my lips and my boobs.

They stood me up and wasted no time in removing my skirt and panties. I was naked and Dean moved behind me and Mick was in front. Their hands were everywhere and this is what I loved. Four strong hands rubbing caressing and feeling my body. Telling me how hot I was. Dean held my boobs from behind, pinching my nipples and nibbling on my neck. I could feel his erection pressing up against my butt. Mick’s hand was between my legs feeling my wet pussy. Two fingers explored my slit as his thumb rubbed my clit.

I couldn’t help but moan my legs were trembling with excitement. I soon felt my pussy tingle and a climaxed wracked my body. Mick and Dean held me as I recovered and moved me to the outdoor table.

They soon had their clothes ripped off and their big hard cocks were fully erect. Mick got between my legs and rubbed his cock up and down my pussy. He pushed forward and his dick parted my pussy flaps. I felt him push all the way in to me. I wrapped my legs around his body as he slowly started to fuck me. It felt great. Dean moved around the side of the table and presented his cock to me. His cock was rock hard. Not huge a great size. I started to lick the head of his cock as he fondled my boobs.

Mick was really pumping in to me I could feel his balls hitting my ass as he rode me. This encouraged dean to shove more of his cock down my throat. I concentrated and gave him the best head I could.

It didn’t take long before Mick announced he was coming. I felt his cock erupt in me and he shuddered as he came deep in my snatch. He stopped with his dick still in me. Dean announced he wanted to come on my tits and withdrew his dick from my mouth and aimed at my boobs. He groaned as he erupted on my boobs and belly. He started rubbing his come in to my boobs and surrounds

By now Jimmy moved in behind me as I retold him what happened and was slowly fucking my pussy with his Ataşehir Vip Escort thick cock. Even after the pounding I received earlier it felt great.

I continued the retelling of what had happened. Mick picked me up from the table and carried me inside. He held me o easily. He sat on the lounge and placed my head over his cock. I didn’t really see before but Mick was hairy. He had hair everywhere. His cock was thick and dark brown. I could taste both his come and my pussy on it as I started to lick it. It was soon as hard as a rock again and I played with his balls as I took his penis head in my mouth.

Dean pushed my legs apart and started to lick at my pussy. I never really went for this in the past but Jimmy and my more regular “fuck buddy” Tommo loved licking me after sex and I have really come to enjoy it. After some initial tentative licks along my slit his tongue was soon exploring my pussy.

Mick told Dean of how he watched my husband and Tommo both fuck me together and Dean was keen. Mick got me off of him and laid down on the couch. His hard cock standing straight up. He pulled down on him. I reached between my legs and guided him in to me. My wet pussy slipped easily down his shaft. He started to fuck me and told Dean to get in behind me and fuck me doggie style when he pulled out. e withdrew and dean pushed forward and entered me. He held my hips as he fully pushed in to me. Soon they had a rhythm going and Dean would fuck me for a while then withdraw and Mick would push in to me. I loved the sensation of 2 different cocks entering my fanny. It was another favourite of Jimmy and mine since we decided to bring excitement in to our sex lives. Dean tried to let him fuck my butt but I reached around and guided him back to my pussy away from my little freckle. This only slowed him down and he soon had his cock head pushing against my butt again. Mick stopped thrusting in to me and held me as Dean slowly pushed his cock in to my ass. As soon as his head was in the shaft slipped in fairly easily. Then they were both fucking me. Mick was wickedly twisting my nipples as he fucked my pussy and Dean held my hips as he fucked my ass. I was glad he only had an average size dick. It seemed like they fucked me for ages before both men groaned and filled me with cum.

As I continued my story Jimmy pulled out of me and pushed his dick into my butt. He went slowly, I held myself as he slowly pushed his thick cock in to me. I have not let him fuck me anally for ever as his thick cock hurt but I knew I couldn’t stop him now. It was not too bad as dean had stretched me for him. He soon had his cock mostly in my butt and he reached around and played with my pussy.

Again I wondered how I got myself in these situations. We have ventured a long way in the last year with our adventures. Jimmy came with a grunt and emptied his balls deep in my now sore butt.

We collapsed and hugged and kissed. Jimmy made me promise to make sure he was always present if anything happened again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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