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Newly Divorced

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Anal Drill

Every man in our small community knew Jeanne. She was in her mid-thirties, short, slender and blonde. She had a cute face, a long neck, long legs for her height and a butt like a 16-year old. She owned a small gift shop, and yes, she knew the effect she had on men – and she loved to tease. I knew she was newly divorced, and I secretly hoped that she was ready for someone new in her sex life. Little did I know what an outrageous partner she would turn out to be.

I called before I stopped by her shop, with the excuse that I wanted to purchase something for a friend’s birthday. When I arrived a little while later, she said she had just what I needed in the back room, and I should follow her to help her get it down off the shelf. She stopped at the front door, flashed me a quick smile and locked the door before she walked back to the storeroom. Was it finally my time?

When we got to the back room, Jeanne reached up to the highest shelf to get the box. Her dress rode up the back of her muscular legs. She had on a lightweight summer dress that left nothing to the imagination., and seeing her tight body strain as she reached up for the package instantly got my cock even harder. I felt a sexual electricity between us that was amazing! She brought the package down to the nearby desk, and with her back to me she told me she thought I would like what she had for me. No kidding.

I wanted her soooooo bad… I came up behind her, put my hands on her shoulders and started sucking on the back of her neck. That was all it took. She went weak in the knees, and moaned as she pushed her ass back into me. This was going to be quite an afternoon.

I grabbed her neck, and pushed her forward over the desk. Her butt was up in the air now, and I ran may hands down her back until I was cupping her gorgeous ass.

“Oh God, spread me open and fuck me! I need it so bad… I’ve waited so long to fuck you!”

I ran my hands under her dress, and I almost tore it off her tight little body. She screamed as it came off, and I started to go down on her to get her ready. Her pussy was sopping, and her ass was firm but relaxed.

I had to stop and admire her… she looked incredible. Her sweet little pussy lips were tiny, and she looked unbelievably tight. Her ass cheeks were perfectly round, and that sweet little asscrack had blond hair running up it. Her asshole was large and relaxed. She looked like she had had it in the ass many times, and she knew how to use that little muscle.

“Do you like it in the ass, Jeanne?

“God yes… I need it in the ass so bad – its been soooo long! My husband never gave it to me that way. I need it up my ass deep and hard!”

I started with my tongue, licking down into the crack of her ass, just teasing her with the tip. I carefully licked around her tiny hole, feeling the smooth skin of her cheeks as it met the crinkled skin surrounding her asshole. Her sweet little blonde ass hairs were all wet from my tongue.

“Quit teasing me and FUCK ME WITH THAT TONGUE OF YOURS! I need you to get me ready, and then I want the FUCKING of my LIFE!”

I ran my tongue in smaller and smaller circles, zeroing in on my ultimate target. I could feel her relax her asshole for me, inviting me in. I ran my tongue up and down her crack, licking around her asshole, still teasing her. On the next pass up her asscrack, I finally buried my tongue in her as she grunted and moaned a deep, satisfied moan.

I kept massaging her asshole with my lips and tongue until her little shitter bahis siteleri was slippery and spasming. She tried to push back onto me, getting more of my tongue up her ass. She tasted bitter sweet, and she was moaning like crazy. I finally started tongue fucking her, hard and deep. I only wished my tongue was much longer.

“I want to FUCK you in the ASS Jeanne… I want you to take so much fucking cock up your ass that you beg me to stop. How much cock do you think you can take?”

“I’ll take anything you can give me! I want you to put a baseball bat up my ass if you want… just stretch me open and pack my shit so deep I can’t see! Open the top desk drawer…”

I opened the drawer, and could not believe what I found. She has an extraordinarily long, tapered, flexible dildo stashed in there – it must have been a foot and a half long. It had ridges around the circumference every inch or so over the entire length for extra stimulation. I thought this visit was my idea, but this little bitch had been way ahead of me.

“Good God, Jeanne, this thing is monstrously long! Are you sure you want this whole fucking thing up your ass? This is going to stretch you so you won’t be able to walk for a week!”

“Ohhhhhh God… I need it in the ass so bad – just go slow, and I’ll take it all. I want to come DEEP in my ass. I NEED to feel you packing my shit! I want to have my bowels stretched open with that thing while you fuck my tight little pussy… PLEASE HURRY…”

I brought a finger to her tight little asshole, and rubbed it around that crinkled, spasming hole. She moaned as I teased her with just the tip, in and out.

“Get more up into me John, PLEASE HURRY… I need it soooo bad….”

I took my finger out of her ass, and had her suck it to lube it up. Later, I’ll have her suck on that dildo, after she’s turned it brown in her ass.

I brought the finger back up to her asshole, and wiggled the tip in. She moaned really loud as I slipped in straight up her ass, all the way to the last knuckle. I could feel the
tip of my finger start to press up into her shit, and I realized that taking that dildo would be quite a project for her.

“Jeanne, that little ass of yours is pretty full… Are you sure you want to…”

“God YES… I want you to pack my shit inch by inch until that dildo is coming through the bottom of my stomach! I want to feel the head press up into my bowels, deep up into
my bowels, and I want to come with your cock in my pussy and a foot and a half of dildo buried in my ASS!”

Her wish was my command. I took the dildo out, and laid the handle end at her asscrack. I slowly rolled it out along her back, up to the small of her back and more, almost up to
between her shoulder blades. She shuddered when she realized how long that fucking tool was… but she begged me to get it up into her. Soon she would beg me to stop.

I took the head of the dildo and rubbed it around her sweet asshole.

“Do you want some lube, Jeanne?”

“There’s plenty of lube starting about five inches up my ass… Now pack my shit and make it hurt good!”

With that, I started twisting the dildo up into her sweet little bottom. She moaned in approval, pushing back onto it so she could get more. I couldn’t wait until she could feel
that rubber cock start to push up into her shit, then up into her bowels.

I pushed more up into her, and soon felt the resistance of the head pressing up into her shit.

“You’re going to turn this thing canlı bahis siteleri all brown, Jeanne, and I’ll have to punish you for that…”

“God, PLEASE, just fuck! I NEED it in the ass… I WANT it to BURN! I want to feel that fucking thing tearing up into my bowels. FUCK me with that cock, RIGHT NOW!”

Her wish was my command. I pulled out some, grabbed her fucking hair, and pulled back hard on her head as I slammed the first 8 inches of cock up her ass.

“ARGHHHHHHHHH…. OH – FUCK ME THAT HURTS!!!!.. It hurts, It hurts, It hurts sooooo GOOD!”

I twisted the dildo around, in and out, up to 8 inches. I could feel that there was more resistance as the head of the dildo started to make the first turn from her rectum up into her bowels.

“Oh GOD that feels good… I’m going to come! I’m going to COME! Keep massaging that fucking thing right up into my bowels and I’ll come all over it!”

I massaged the dildo in and out, making longer strokes, and soon I was pulling it all the way out, then slamming the first eight inches in harder and harder.

“Keep that fucking thing INSIDE of me, and fuck that knob up into the opening of my bowels! I want to feel that thing stretch my intestines open and split me in two! Ram it
straight up my behind and PACK my SHIT HARDER!”

I started twisting the dildo as I fucked her, and I felt the first bend at the entrance to her intestines! She really wanted it, so I slowly pushed the next few inches in, with the dildo scraping the walls of her ass.

“Arrrrggggghhhhh that hurts… Oh, fuck my ass John! Pack my shit and fuck me raw!”

She already had ten inches, and the remaining eight were going to be agony. I had to ask her “What do you want, Jeanne?”

“I want you to fuck me with all of that thing, and tear me in two! Turn that dildo brown, and make me come so deep in my ass I’ll never sit down again!

I wanted to ease the pain a bit, so I placed the head of my own cock up against her pussy, and pushed in all the way to my balls as she screamed! She was so tight, and the 10 inches of cock in her ass made her even tighter.

“Fuck me John…Fuck me hard and long… Make it burn sooooo good.”

With my cock buried in her sweet little snatch, I started grinding MORE dildo up her ass. For the first time she started to pull away. She really loved me to be dominant, so I started to get even more aggressive with her.

“Nooooo you don’t, you little bitch. You’re going to take ALL this cock, and you are going to LOVE it! I want you to feel this cock coming up through your throat!”

“God I love to hear you talk to me like that… It turns me on so…”

I slammed the next 2 inches of cock up into her, and she screamed louder than I have ever heard anyone scream before! She now had 12 inches, and as I pulled out some, her asshole stretched out with the shaft, clutching the dildo. I fucked her now with easy strokes, getting her relaxed and ready for the final onslaught. The ridges on the shaft of the dildo got larger the more she took, and her tiny little asshole was stretching more and more over every bulge with each new inch she took.

“God, the ring of my asshole is BURNING! “Arggghhhhhh! It feels so fucking HOT! Twist it around, you motherfucker… Tear me in two with that fucking thing!

I twisted the dildo around some, then pulled out quite a bit, only to push it firmly back up into her bowels. She was taking the first 12 inches, and I pulled out enough with each stroke that the head came canlı bahis all the way out of her bowels.

“That’s it! Massage the first bend over and over with the head and I’ll come all over your cock! How much do I have?”

“You have the first twelve inches, and at about eight inches it starts to bend up into your sweet, tight intestines!”

“God, that means I’ll have TEN inches of cock up in my bowels when I take it all. You are going to make me BLEED!”

“Is that what you want?”

“I want to find that line between pain and pleasure, and I want to CROSS that LINE!” FUCK MY ASS! Pack my SHIT and turn that cock brown and red!”

She had only to ask… With my own cock buried in her tight little pussy, I pushed the dildo back into her ass until I felt like I had hit a brick wall… about 12 inches. I started to twist it, which put a lot of pressure on the walls of her ass.

“AAaaaahhhhhhhhrrrgggggggghhhhh! Stop for a minute… It hurts tooooo much!”

I stopped, and started to massage her ass cheeks to help her relax. She responded, and settled back down. Her pussy felt like a vise on my cock, and it would only get tighter as I
filled her ass! I massaged up to the small of her back, and tried to imagine where the head of the cock was up inside of her. If it were not bent, it would be way up past the small of her back by now!

“Are you ready for the best part, Jeanne?

“Only if you come deep inside me as you slam that dildo all the way in… I need your come inside me while you grind my intestines raw!”

I toyed with the dildo now, feeling the head press up into her shit. Every inch now would be like fucking a virgin. The ridges on the dildo that her asshole would have to stretch around were over two inches in diameter… the last one almost THREE INCHES! Not only would her bowels burn, her asshole was getting the stretch of her life! I loved
watching her tiny asshole stretch around this monstrous cock, and close down behind each new ridge.

“Give it to me now John… I want to scream bloody murder as you fuck me!

“How about taking the next three inches all at once?” – and before she could respond, I SLAMMED it in.

“Aaaarrgggggghhhhhhhhhoooooooowwwwww! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK it hurts! It hurts it hurts it hurts IT HURTS GOOOOOOOOOD! Fuck me more!”

She had 15″ now, and I started fucking her with longer and longer strokes, very slowly until she was taking almost the whole thing with every stroke. Each time I filled her up, I
packed her shit a bit more, but she was incredibly tight now… it felt like I was fucking a brick wall.

I started fucking her with my cock now, and it was all I could do to keep from coming myself! I pumped her slowly, and was ready to shoot the load of my life!

“Are you ready for the payoff, Jeanne? Are you ready to have me come deep in your sweet little pussy?”


I put the dildo in to about 16″, pulled my cock almost all the way out, and started fucking her with my cock in slow, hard strokes. When I knew I couldn’t hold it any longer, I slammed the last two inches of dildo up into her shit as hard as I could while I buried my cock into the tightest pussy on earth! We both came harder than I ever could have imagined, and her poor asshole was stretched open almost three inches. Her poor bowels were raw from fucking, and her body was shaking and spasaming while she moaned and convulsed. When I finally pulled the dildo out, it was covered with her shit, and the head had red streaks mixed in with the brown.

I massaged her to ease the pain, and she went right for my cock, gently licking and sucking me in right up to the balls. This little bitch was a dream come true…

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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