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Nickey Stays “Faithful”

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Before the party, Nickey had told herself that under no circumstances would she have anything more than small talk with Andy. She knew that he was very into her, boyfriend or not. He had straight up asked her to go out during his second day there, and if not for her boyfriend Jeff she almost certainly would’ve said yes. She knew his type though, and things probably wouldn’t have gotten far when he learned that she wanted to keep her virginity until marriage. It was very important to her that only the man she loved and wanted to be with forever could have her pussy.

She thought that Jeff would be that man. They had been together for five years, since she was 20, and he had no problem with waiting until marriage. That sorta bothered her about him if she was being honest. Why wouldn’t he want to have sex? Don’t most guys want that? Nickey herself wasn’t exactly “pure.” During her final year of university, she had been so close to giving up her pussy despite having just celebrated her anniversary with Jeff. After quite the extended makeout session, she was on all fours with her panties pulled down, bum and exposed pussy in the air. Only a last minute change of heart had prompted her to stop. She felt guilty, but some things were better to keep secret. She’d never do it again, right?

Wrong. After an entire night of flirting and touching, she had left with Andy under pretext of “giving her a ride home.” Both knew that wasn’t true. Andy had hightailed it back to his place, erection raging in anticipation of fucking Nickey. The sight of his raging hard-on through his pants turned Nickey on immensely. In five years, she had never so much as a seen Jeff look at her lustfully. Seeing Andy tumescent without even having seen her naked made her feel incredibly sexy. So sexy, in fact, that she felt driven to take out his hard cock and put it in her mouth. She had never done that before and was sure that it wasn’t the best head Andy had ever gotten, but it was good enough she heard him groan and breathe heavily throughout their trip back to his condo. She couldn’t believe that she was doing this; she thought Jeff’s Sex Hikayeleri cock was the only one that would feel her tongue swirl around it.

Within seconds of closing the door, Nickey was on her knees, taking Andy in her mouth, passionately sucking her new lover as she simultaneously looked up at him and unbuttoned her jeans. Leaving them on the floor in front of the door, she made out with Andy as he picked her up and took her to the bedroom. Andy wasted no time. He dropped her on the bed on all fours and pulled off her white panties, leaving them in a heap at his feet.

“Wait,” Nickey interrupted, “I can’t do this.”

“Are you serious?” said Andy, throbbing cock an inch away from her untouched pussy.

“Yes, Nickey said as she turned around to sit on the edge of the bed, “I know I already…” she couldn’t bring herself to say what she had already done. Despite how much it turned her on to pleasure Andy with her mouth, she felt very guilty about betraying Jeff like that.

Visibly disappointed, Andy sat down beside her.

“I really want to, it’s just that I really want my first time to be with someone special.” Sure, Andy had experienced her mouth, but not all was lost as long as he didn’t get her pussy. She continued, “I’m sorry, but I gotta go.” As she leaned over to pick up her panties, Andy stopped her.

“Well since you already sucked me and didn’t have a problem with it, maybe one of your other holes is fine too,” he inquired.

“Wh-what do you mean ‘other holes?'” asked Nickey, genuinely confused.

“You know what I mean,” said Andy. It suddenly dawned on her. There was no way her was serious.

“My butt?!” she said, shocked. Using her butt for sex had never occurred to her before. She was in disbelief that someone would suggest something so dirty.

Andy reached down and grabbed a handful of her soft bum, spreading it, “I’ve wanted to fuck you since the day I first saw you. The feeling is clearly mutual. If I can put it in your butt, you can save your virginity for Jeff and we can both sorta get what we want.”

Nickey hesitated. She felt Erotik Hikayeler her vagina moistening at the feeling of her butt being touched so lustfully. She was adamant about not giving up her pussy despite that. However, she really wanted to satisfy her lust for Andy. But… her butthole? She had no idea that was even a thing until a minute ago, and it was definitely not designed to accommodate a penis. She had never taken anything up there, not a dick or finger or anything. On top of that, it sounded like such a dirty thing to do. Sure, she knew how popular anal porn was, but wasn’t that just a porn thing? Nobody would really want to stick their dick in someone else’s bum, right?

Those were all valid concerns to Nickey, but ultimately her longing for any sort of sexuality overpowered the rational side of her. She wanted dick, and this was the way to get it while also staying pure for Jeff.

“Alright,” she said. She dropped her panties out of her hand and bent over on all fours at the edge of the bed. “ONLY my butt,” she ordered as she presented her starfish. She didn’t want to look back, both because she thought she might not wanna do it anymore and because of the shame of knowing that she was about to do something as disgusting as giving up her backdoor.

Andy grabbed both of her white ass cheeks and spread. The sight of her brown butthole turned him on even more than he already was. Without wasting a second, he buried his face in between her cheeks, tongue probing at her exposed anus.

Nickey was expecting Andy’s finger to be the first thing to ever enter touch her asshole. When she felt the warm wetness that was his tongue brush over it, she loudly gasped in surprise. She was disgusted, both that someone that someone would put their tongue there and that she had loved it so much. As Andy swirled his tongue around her forbidden hole, she wondered how she’d justify this to herself afterwards. How was having someone take her bum any different than having regular sex? Wasn’t it worse? Eventually she gave into the pleasure and stopped thinking about it. She arched her Tecavüz Hikayeleri a back, giving her butthole maximal exposure. Eventually, she felt the tongue recede and two hands back on her cheeks. It was coming.

“Go slow,” she said as she felt the head of Andy’s dick against her anus. He rubbed it around her entrance while slowly applying more pleasure, “I’ve never done this before.”

“Well, you’re going to right now,” replied Andy just before his dick breached her asshole. As the first inch of Andy’s cock entered her rectum, Nickey went rigid in shock. Her mouth formed an O as she felt her backdoor stretch to accommodate Andy.

“W-w-wait,” was all she could manage to communicate coherently before her words gave way to a loud moan that began to crescendo. Thankfully, he had understood.

“Want me to take it out?” he asked, clearly trying to not cum instantly.

“No,” Nickey replied, “just give me a bit.” Her words were followed by a breathy series of moans and gasps. After a few seconds, Nickey felt that she could take more of the dick that her asshole was currently stretched around.

“Where’s my dick?” Andy demanded as he slowly pushed her dick further into the depths of Nickey’s ass.

“In… in my… in my bum,” Nickey moaned sensually, “I can’t believe something is in my butt.”

Andy gave her pale ass cheek a heavy slap that morphed into a squeeze, which was followed by a spread. He was balls deep now. The sight of Nickey on all fours, mouth agape in pleasure at her butt being stuffed was the greatest thing he had ever seen. A part of him was also extremely turned on by being able to stick it in prudish Nickey’s behind while her boyfriend couldn’t even get her pussy.

Andy began to rhythmically pump in and out of Nickey’s butt as she moaned in pleasure. She was in ecstasy; she never thought that something could feel so wrong yet so good. She couldn’t believe that she had been apprehensive at first. Having her bum stretched out and stuffed was the height of pleasure.

They stayed in one position, Nickey on all fours with a cock up her bum the entire time. Eventually, Andy could bear it no longer. The tightness of her rectum seemed to want to milk his cock, and eventually he filled her bum with several pumps of cum.

Nickey took an uber home, cum still deep in her bowels. Maybe next time it would be Jeff stretching her bum.

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