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Nighttime Romp

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Her name was Nadya. We got to know another at a club. We had a mutual friend, who had introduced us a couple of weeks ago somewhere.

I casually started the conversation, and we hit it off right away. We sat down and were talking, but I felt really tense. It had been a long week at work and she could tell I wasn’t completely calm and collected.

She suggested we go for a walk, I accepted. She grabbed her coat and purse, and I got my jacket and I checked her out while she wasn’t looking to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Here, talking to me was the most incredible woman in the club. She was wearing a short black skirt that let her perfectly round ass work its magic and a tight red shirt that showed her perfectly toned body and allowed her full, voluptuous breasts to be admired by all. Nadya was probably about 5’9″, with beautiful long legs and a cute face to die for.

We walked and talked (and made out a little), and it turned out we had a mutual interest in (of all things), foreign money.

Nadya said she had a diverse collection, and asked if I wanted to see it. I said that I would sometime, and she asked, with a slight hint of shyness in her voice, “How about now?”

I agreed and I hailed a taxi, we both got into the back. Both of us new what going back to her house meant. But, as we talked, we both pretended I was just going to see her money.

I was still pretty tense, and she could tell. After a couple of blocks, Nadya pushed me against the door of the taxi and reached for my belt buckle.

“What are you doing?” I asked, partially alarmed.

She looked deep into my eyes and answered, “Helping you relax.”

I was worried. Was she drunk? Was she some swindler who would take my wallet and run?

Well, I would have to be on my guard, and at least I could get a blowjob out of it.

She unbuckled my belt, pulled up my tucked-in shirt, and undid my button and zipper. My eight and a half inches sprang to life through the hole in my boxer shorts. I glanced at the taxi driver in front– he was oblivious to us.

Nadya wrapped her full, gorgeous lips around just the head of my cock and slowly slid down as far as she could on the shaft. I let out a long sigh as I relaxed in anticipation for what was to come. She ran her soft lips up and down my shaft sucking on it like a Popsicle, while she circled her tongue around and made little patterns on my dick with it.

She had one hand on my stomach and one grasping my hand on top of the seat.

Every once in a while, she would look up into my eyes, and just seeing the look of sheer enjoyment and ecstasy on her face almost sent me over the edge.

I had a feeling this girl was the real deal, not some whore or swindler– she was just attracted to me and needed sex from me tonight.

Soon, I could feel my orgasm coming, and she could tell, too. She wrapped her lips tighter around me but started moving esenyurt escort a little slower. She moved up and down my cock, deepthroating it as far as she could go, until I could finally take it no more. As I began to shoot my load into her mouth, she let out a little yelp and I was worried that she would be upset. Then I realized she was just excited, as she began to moan softly as my giz slid through her mouth and down her throat.

We finished in the nick of time, too. I put my pants back on, and stepped out, belt dangling, to pay the driver. He said, “Sir, anyone who just got THAT treatment, and is THAT lucky, is certainly lucky enough to get a free ride.”

I slipped him a tip, winked and walked up to Nadya.

Nadya reached into her purse for her keys. I came up from behind and wrapped my hands around her stomach. She giggled, and I started moving one my hands down lower and lower until I reached the end of her short skirt, and let my other hand slip under her shirt and cupped her breast through her bra. Meanwhile I kissed her softly on the neck. Between my lips on her neck, my hand at her breast, and on her bare skin so close to her crotch she must have been a little hot. She dropped her purse on the doorstep and turned around and kissed me. With our tongues still entwined, I started moving my hands up and down her body, until I came to the bare skin on her inner thigh.

I then reached into her skirt and got to the top of her panties. Unsure if I should proceed out on her doorstep (whether she would be uncomfortable) she reassured my doubts when she began to run her fingertips from my biceps down to my hands at her crotch. She grabbed her panties and my hands and pulled them both down to her ankles.

Standing on her doorstep in the cool night I brought my fingers into her nicely trimmed vagina, but then had a better idea. Leaving on hand at her thigh, I removed the other and unzipped my pants.

I was hard again, and so I lifted her from the ground by the stomach and slowly guided her on to my shaft. She wrapped her legs around me, kicking her shoes on to the ground.

She felt so good, so warm and soft, and nice and tight against me. And the huge smile on her face showed me she going to enjoy this as much as I was.

Finding a rhythm was difficult at first, but we got going once Nadya put her hands behind her and steadied herself (and us) on the wall.

Now she was able to move up and down on me with a combination of her pushing on the wall, and me guiding her up and down with my hands.

She moaned softly and started to giggle, and kissed me all over my face. As she bounced up and down against me, her ample tits bounced through her shirt against my face, neck and chest. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those.

Nadya started moaning and groaning louder now and began thrusting her cunt harder and increasing avrupa yakası escort her rhythm. We opened our eyes at the exact same time and looked into each other’s eyes as we simultaneously went over the edge, climaxing and slowing our rhythm at the same time.

I pulled her off of me, we both got our things, she unlocked the door, and we went inside.

She was carrying her panties in her hands, along with her shoes and purse. At the foot of her stairs she bent over to set them all on the floor.

Nadya stood up and looked at me with those big gorgeous brown eyes. She kissed me with her full lips and I put my hands on her waist. I then began to move my hands up her shirt until I reached her wonderful breasts. They weren’t overly enormous, but they certainly weren’t small, or even average. They were big, and bouncy, and wonderful. I reached around and unclasped her bra, and her firm breasts stayed in place. I helped her out of her shirt and began to rub her tits– focusing on her hardening nipples. I took in one of her nipples with my mouth and bit it softly and played with it with my tongue.

Meanwhile, I slid my hands down her firm belly to her skirt, and found my way to the zipper around back. I slowly slipped the zipper down until her skirt fell to her feet.

I sat her down on her stairs, a couple steps above me, and kept my hands on her long, tanned legs. I started my tongue at her feet and licked the inside of her leg all the way to her thigh. I moved my tongue across her lips, every once in a while glancing across her clit, making her gasp whenever I did.

When I could tell she had enough teasing, I circled my tongue into her cunt and began to eat her out. I sucked gently on her clitoris and let my tongue dance around it. She began to pump gyrate her hips, and soon I found myself completely fucking her with my tongue as she grasped my shoulders, neck and head.

While I teased her pussy with my tongue and lips I moved one hand up to her breasts and played, tugged, and, and rubbed her wonderful tits.

She breathed heavier, and arched her back with each motion of my tongue. I could tell Nadya was going to orgasm soon. Finally she came, flooding her warm juices to my accepting tongue. I lapped up her remaining juices as she began to breathe a little heavier.

“You are so wonderful,” she said to me.

I took in the sight of her long, naked body and said, almost inaudibly, “And so are you.”

Nadya was completely naked now. She took my hand and led me up her stairs. At the top of the stairs, she removed my shirt and ran her hands and mouth and tongue all over my chest and body.

My pants were at the bottom of the stairs, and she made short work of my boxers now. I, too, was completely nude.

Imagining our bodies colliding over and over again tonight made anadolu yakası escort me so horny I could hardly wait the few moments it took to get into the bedroom.

I walked behind her, and slipped my hands around her waist, allowing my dick to fit between her legs. It was just below her pussy and I could feel her wetness on it. Nadya put her hands behind her and me, gripping my ass, and rubbing it with her soft fingers and hands.

We reached the bed, and she lay down on her back, hair all fanned out. Her arms were wide open, and her legs were, too, waiting to accept my throbbing, hard member inside of her. Her big gorgeous eyes looked up at me longingly, waiting for me to give her what she needed.

I laid slowly down on top of her, planting kisses all over her body, starting at her feet, and rubbing my hands as far as I could reach up and down the length of this tan, firm, hot body.

She moaned as I began to rub her breasts, and tweak her nipples. Next, I came down on her, kissing her deeply one last time, before sliding my dick into her soft, warm, accepting pussy. Nadya continued to moan, as I slid in and out of her, slowly at first. It felt so good to be inside her tight cunt, seeing the look of pleasure on her face.

We continued this way for a while, and soon I began to pick up speed. She continued to moan and groan a little louder now, as her tits bounced up and down with every thrust I made into her.

Soon, we switched positions, I was lying down, and she sat on my cock, facing me. I put my hands on her waist, and guided her up and down my shaft. Now, I reached one hand up her belly and took her firm breast into it, playing with it as I continued to fuck her.

She started moving faster and faster, and her moans turned into soft screams. “Oh, God! Oh God! Oh God!” I could feel she was starting to cum and she moved even faster on me. I fucked her harder, and continued to play with her tit, and she flew over the edge. I could feel her sweet pussy juices on my dick as she slowed down and began to sweat.

“Ooh, fuck yeah,” Nadya sighed as she tossed her long hair back behind her face. I moved my upper body up closer to hers, now allowing my hands and mouth to explore as much of her body as I could while still pumping her pussy with my large cock.

We rolled on the bed, still fucking, and I was now on top of her. Our bodies collided over and over again, sometimes making a distinct slapping noise. Nadya now began pushing harder and harder, moaning, gasping, and grunting. Our hands continued to explore eachother’s bodies as we sped up, fucking harder and harder.

I was now on the edge of a giant orgasm, and so was she. Our sweaty bodies continued to make more heat, as she began to yelp louder and louder, until she finally broke into an orgasmic scream. “Oh! Ooh! Oh!” Each time I pushed my dick into her pussy. I now used one hand just to play with her great tits, as she still kept screaming in pure erotic pleasure. I got closer and closer to climax, until I could hold it no longer.

Exploding into her, I could see the pure ecstacy continue to roll over her face. We finally slowed down. She was still quivering, as we held eachother’s sweaty bodies, kissing all up and down each other.

It was going to be a good night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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