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No Game Today

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It had been a while since I’d gone into the local game store. So, I decided to stop in and see what new stuff there was to buy. I walked in noticing some new displays and how they had rearranged the store. The thing that intrigued me the most, however, was the beauty standing behind the counter. She was obviously a gamer chick, but how she was dressed made her seem otherwise. Her wavy blonde locks were accented with a streak of red. We locked eyes briefly, but were interrupted by a customer. I meandered around looking at various games I wish I had the money to buy, when she walked up and tapped me on the shoulder.

“Need any help?” she asked. I looked at her for a moment and smiled.

“Maybe,” I said picking up a copy of a game I wasn’t even interested in, “What do you think of this one?” She took it as I handed it to her.

“Oh this one is ok,” she said with a giggle, “but you don’t look like the type who’d be interested in a game about ponies and rainbows.” She sets it back on the shelf and picks up another one, “This looks more your speed.” She hands it to me and sets her hands on her hips.

“This does look good,” I said looking it over and setting it back on the shelf, “but I really wasn’t planning on getting anything today. I just haven’t been in here for a while.”

A big grin came across her face, “Oh, so you weren’t getting a game but you did see something you like?” she asked coyly.

“Actually, yeah I did. Matter of fact, it was a cute little lady standing behind the counter,” I said making her blush a bit. I looked her up and down, noticing her pleated miniskirt. ‘Better access,’ I thought to myself, slyly grinning.

“Well, that’s the most fun game you could play in this store. It might just have to wait though, I have to close the store tonight,” she says taking the game and putting it back on the shelf. “Maybe if you come back at closing,” she left it at that and walked off.

I smiled and walked out the door. Walking to my car I thought, ‘I’m pretty hungry, and I need to get some herb. Shit, I didn’t even get her name. Oh well, I’ll get it later,’ I caught myself laughing out loud. I climbed into the car and began running errands. First, I picked up some Old-time Moonshine from bahis siteleri a buddy who had just finished cultivating his crop. I rolled up a blunt and set it aside; that would be for after I ate. Then, I stopped off at a local drive-in burger joint and filled my stomach with greasy deliciousness. I hit my favorite back road and fired up the blunt. The aroma hit my nostrils and the smoke filled my lungs. As I smoked what I could, my phone alarm went off. ‘Time to go back to the game store, and have me some fun,’ I thought to myself.

I pulled up to the front of the store and there she was standing in the doorway. She walked to my door and said, “When that guy leaves, I’ll let you in. You don’t mind waiting a little longer, do you?” she asked, leaning over where I could see down her shirt.

“I don’t mind at all,” I replied, “I know it’ll be worth the wait.”

She smiled and walked back inside, swiveling her hips as she went. I sat and waited for about twenty more minutes when I saw her follow out her co-worker and tell him that she could close it up herself. As I watched him get in his vehicle and drive off, she walked over to my car. “Are you ready to come in and help me close up shop?” she said coyly.

“But of course,” I replied, stepping out of my vehicle and locking it. I followed her inside the building; she locked the door and pulled down the metal curtain so no one could see inside. She walked up to me and ran a finger down my chest.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck a random stranger in this store,” she said, not even trying to play around.

“Well, aren’t we being brutally honest. I’ve wanted to fuck you since I saw you earlier,” I said as I grabbed her ass and pulled her close.

“Mmm…that’s what I was waiting for,” she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me hard. I picked her up and set her on the counter, continuing to kiss her as I did. She began to unbuckle my pants as I pulled off my shirt. I ran a hand up her skirt, feeling her moist slit through her panties. A moan escaped her sultry lips, “I want to suck your cock first.” She hopped off the counter and pulled my pants down. My hard on almost smacked her in the face as she did, “Oh, you are ready.”

“Of course, I’ve been canlı bahis siteleri high most of the afternoon thinking about this,” she smiled when I told her.

“High on the thought of fucking me or high on something else?” she asked with a grin, as she stroked my shaft from base to head.

“Started with some dank kush and continued with you,” apparently that was the right answer. She began tonguing the head of my dick, slowly enveloping the head with her lips. Chill bumps grew on my skin, as she began moving down the length of my shaft. Taking her left hand, she began to fondle my balls. Faster and faster she sucked, gagging at some points because of the girth. I stood her up, “Take off what you got under that skirt.” She took them off immediately; it seemed she enjoyed how forceful I was being. I picked her up turning her upside down. She wrapped her legs around my head as I began licking her clit. She went back to sucking my cock.

Briefly taking her mouth from my hard rod, she said, “So far, best fuck ever!” I nibbled on her clit before plunging my tongue into her sweet smelling snatch. Both of us continued our oral explorations of the anatomy for a few more moments. Then as swiftly as it begun, he spun her back around.

“Wrap your legs around me,” she complied. I put one arm around her waist and used the other to guide my dick into her soaking wet pussy.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed, not caring how loud she was being. Slowly she let the length of my cock fill her tight slit. I grabbed her ass, guiding her as I thrusted up into her. Putting her arms around my neck, she squeezed. Thrusting harder and faster, she moaned, “Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK!” I could feel the walls of her pussy tighten and become even wetter, “No one has ever made me cum before!”

“Always got to be a first,” I reply as I set her down and pull of her shirt. She in turn takes her skirt off and I see her sexy body finally. “So, you gonna bend over that counter for me now?” I smiled and nodded to the glass counter.

“Oh god yes,” she replies and bends over. She spreads her legs giving me a complete view of her ass and pussy. I walk over and finger her for a moment, teasing her slightly. She groans, enjoying every second of canlı bahis it. “Mother fucker, put it in!” she reached back and began rubbing her clit. I slid my dick into her warm inviting snatch. Her body shook with elation as I thrusted into her. I pounded her pussy hard, knocking games and various other items off the counter top.

I could feel her juices flowing down my shaft as I continued to thrust. “God your pussy feels so good,” I said slowing down a bit. “Time for you to do some of the work,” pulling out I let her stand up. She reaches down and rubs the outside of her pussy, letting her own juices coat her finger. She licks it off and points to the floor.

“Get down there,” I guess it was her turn to be forceful. I lay down on the floor, and looked up at her as I stroked it to keep it hard. She straddled me and let my length fill her completely. She leaned over and kissed me hard. Sitting back up, she started riding my cock. “Holy shit,” she screamed as she rode me faster and faster. “I think I’m gonna cum again!”

“I don’t think I can hold it back much longer myself,” I said, knowing very well that I actually couldn’t.

“Let me first! I want your jizz in my mouth,” she says as she rides faster. Her body quivers and she screams in ecstasy. Shaking a bit, she climbs off and bends over me. She starts stroking my shaft quickly.

“Holy shit, here it comes,” she puts her mouth on the head of my cock while still stroking. Not able to hold it anymore, I blow my load into her mouth. She milks me for everything I have and then sits back. I stand up and start putting my clothes back on.

Swallowing the warm cum, she stands up, “Well, that was great, but it’s time for me to finish closing the store. So you need to get goin, before my coworker comes back. He drives by here a lot and if he sees my car still out there, he’ll get suspicious.” She puts her clothes on and moves in close to me, “Here’s something to get you to come back though.” Taking her boy shorts panties in one hand; she shoves them into my pants and wraps them around my cock. “I’ll need those back,” she said, kissing me softly.

“Oh, I’ll definitely be back, but I’m keeping these,” I said kissing her back and grabbing her firm ass. “Later,” I say as she opens the door and lets me out. I see her staring at me through the glass as I drive away, lighting the other half of my blunt as I go. ‘Don’t need a video game when you’re gettin pussy,’ I chuckled to myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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