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No More Limits Ch. 03

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Session 29:

Something was wrong.

It had been four days since I’d last hypnotized my sister…that wasn’t what was wrong, though it certainly wasn’t helping.

No, I hadn’t put my sister under for four days because something had gone wrong. Something had changed, and I didn’t want to risk making a move until I had a better understanding of what.

Don’t get me wrong – I desperately wanted to hypnotize her, for so many reasons. To see her tits again. To cum on them, or have her lick my cock until I came into her mouth.

But more than anything, to find out what the fuck was going on.

Four days ago, Marcie had come home, chatted to my sister, and then refused to tell me what they’d talked about. She hadn’t been around again since, else I would have tried to push her and find out what was happening.

But without knowing what they’d talked about, I didn’t want to go around to Marcie’s (in case it exacerbated the problem) and I didn’t want to ask Lucy if I could hypnotize her.

I was stuck, stalemated without knowing why. I couldn’t take any actions…I had to wait until they came to me. And for whatever reasons, no one was.

Even after all this time, I don’t really understand what people think is happening when I put them under. I know that they find it relaxing, and that no matter what we talk about they wake up happy and feeling refreshed, but what do they think I’m saying while they’re out? My mother, my sister, Marcie – how do they explain the missing time?

I don’t know that I’ll ever know. But whatever they think is going on, I know that they like it.

And so after four agonizing days, my sister approached me and asked if I’d put her under.

“Okay Lucy,” I said as soon as her eyes glazed over and her whole body relaxed. “The other day, when Marcie got home and you two went into your room to talk: would you tell me what you guys talked about?”

“No,” she said, and I tilted my head to the side thoughtfully.

Something had happened in that conversation – something that had changed everything. See, since that day, my sister hadn’t teased me.

Not that it had ever been explicit; she’d never flashed me her pussy or stripped off her clothes and danced or anything like that. But since I’d suggested it, my sister had thoroughly embraced the idea of teasing me with her body – I got regular glimpses of her cleavage, her panty-clad ass. If it was just the two of us, she’d walk around in lingerie or a bikini, casually showing herself off for her younger brother.

I’d convinced her that it was something I wouldn’t even notice. Believe me, pretending not to pay attention to my sister’s incredible body was a hell of a challenge…but I’d always managed.

But for whatever reason, the teasing had stopped. Something had changed, and I needed to know why.

“Would you tell me why you’ve stopped teasing me?”


“Would you tell me why you won’t tell me what you talked about?”


“Would you tell me…

I paused. I’d mentally run this conversation a thousand times over the last few days, but I guess I’d been more optimistic when it was in my head. I hadn’t expected to hit nothing but a billion consecutive dead ends.

Sitting there, staring at my sister in silence, I made a decision. This session wasn’t going to end without me moving forward. Sure, I’d taken a step back – now it was time for two steps forward.

I’d waited too long and worked too hard for this bullshit. It was time for a change, and if that meant taking a different tack, that was what I’d do.

“Okay Lucy,” I said. “Would you ever make out with Marcie?”

Nod. Not even a moment of hesitation. It looked like my sister knew what was what, even if Marcie insisted on being difficult about it.

“Do you think Marcie mecidiyeköy escort would ever make out with you?”


“Would you tell me why not?”


God damn it.

“Do you know why not?”


I took a deep breath. In one of the billion times I’d run this conversation through my head, I’d come up with something that I was hoping not to use, but was sure would be effective.

“Hypothetical: Marcie is dead.”


I know, I know. It was a pretty dark direction to go. But I wanted – no, I needed to know what had changed, and as long as Marcie was “alive”, I knew that Lucy would never betray her trust.

All I had to do was be very careful not to accidentally wake Lucy up. If she thought Marcie was dead and then ran into her on the street, or got a text…it would not end well, of that I was sure.

“She was hit by a car crossing the road. She didn’t feel any pain when she went.”

Nod. Not immediately, but when she did nod, it was firm. Confident. Lucy’s face remained totally blank, but a single tear fell from her eye as I watched, fighting my instinct to tell her that everything was fine, that Marcie was alive and well.

I love my sister, after all, and the last thing I want to do is cause her any pain. But I needed results, and I was sure that this was the way to get them.

“After the funeral, I pull out a bottle of whiskey, and ask if you want a drink.”

Nod. I was slightly taken aback by that – I’d half-expected her to refuse that, and only agree when she was the one providing the alcohol. She normally liked to drive these things, after all.

I guess she was in shock?

I decided not to question the gift I’d been given, and continued.

“What do you say?”

“Yes,” she replied firmly. “Please.”

“I hand you the bottle and you take a swig.”


“You hand it back, and I drink as much as you did.”


This was going better than I had expected.

“An hour later, we’ve finished half the bottle each, and we’re both pretty wasted.”

Nod. Great. I’d never used alcohol in a hypothetical before, but I was fairly sure as the drink hypothetically pumped through her veins, it would serve to lower her defenses.

“I start talking about Marcie.”

Nod. Another tear trickled down the side of my sister’s face, but I pressed through. You don’t make an omelette without breaking a few hearts.

“I ask what the last thing you guys talked about was.”


“What do you say?”

My sister paused, and I panicked. If she woke up now she might think she was drunk, and she’d definitely think Marcie was dead.

“Wait!” I said, and my sister’s blank eyes focused slightly, a sort of disturbing sight. “Will you tell me the last thing she talked about with her?”



Phew. Still, better safe than sorry.

“I ask what the last thing you talked about with her was. What do you say?”

In a slurred voice, my sister responded with a single word:


Session B43:

“Would you fuck my sister?”


“Would you eat her out?”


“Would you let her go down on you?”


“What do you most want to do with her?”

“I want to suck on her tits. I want to suck on her nipples and watch her face as I do. I want to roll her nipples around my mouth, and then reach down and feel how wet I’m making her. Then I want to slip two fingers into her wetness and listen to her moan.”

I unzipped my pants, and positioned myself at her entrance.

“Keep going,” I said. “I’m going to fuck you while you talk.”

She nodded and moved her hips into place, not pausing for a second. nişantaşı escort

Session 29:

I held my breath.

So, it had happened. My sister had discussed me with Marcie. What did she know? Why had things changed?

What had been said?

“I nod. Do you continue?”


“What do you say?”

“She told me about you,” she said slowly. For a moment, her eyes flicked down, and my heart skipped a beat. My sister couldn’t wake up. Not now. Not during this. “She told me…what you guys do.”

“Will you tell me specifically what she said?”


“What specifically did she say?”

“She said that you guys had been hooking up for a while.”

“What else?”

“She said…”

Again, that pause, and again that moment of panic. This time I didn’t interrupt, and after a beat, Lucy continued.

“…she said that it was good.

“Real good.”

I stared to the side, my brow furrowed. Marcie had told my sister that we were hooking up. Despite specific instructions not to, she’d disobeyed my order and told my sister that we were having sex, and that we had been for a while.

And as a result, my sister had stopped teasing me.

Why? It didn’t make any sense. Why would what I did with Marcie stop her from showing off her body to me?


A thought suddenly struck me, and I quickly worked out the best way of testing it out.

“Forget that hypothetical,” I said, and my sister’s subtle sway disappeared. It was fascinating to see: in an instant, she was stone-cold sober, staring blankly, attentively waiting to hear what I said next.

“Question: What sexual things would you do with me, in the right circumstances?”

“None,” she said in her soft monotone. “I will never do anything sexual with you.”

Session B120:

“Okay,” Lucy said softly, glancing at Marcie, an excited look on her face. On Lucy’s face, that is. Marcie’s face was just the same as it always was – blank. Empty. Flat.


Even when she came, her expression barely changed. If I’m being honest, there was something weirdly hot about it.

Hot and sad, in roughly equal measures.

Unzipping my pants, I pulled my cock out, and Marcie’s eyes focused on my head. Most people would have said that her face hadn’t changed an iota, but I’d been staring at her blankness for a long time now, and I was starting to learn how to read it.

She smiled. As much as she ever would, anyway.

Lucy, meanwhile, beamed. Leaning forward, she pressed her lips against Marcie’s, and the brunette immediately started kissing her back.

Lucy took Marcie’s hand and placed it on my cock, which she expertly began rubbing and tugging.

“Good girl,” I murmured, and shivered with pleasure as the kiss began to move towards my erection. Soon their tongues were dancing across my head, and Marcie’s hand moved up to gently play with my balls.

Session 29:

I sat back, completely thrown for a loop.

“Say that again,” I ordered, and my sister repeated exactly what she’d said.

“I will never do anything sexual with you.”

“No matter the circumstances?”

“No matter the circumstances.”

“Would you discuss sex with me?”




“Would you discuss masturbation with me?”


Wow. This wasn’t one step back, this was half a dozen. That was a limit that hadn’t even existed when I’d started hypnotizing her.

A part of me was tempted to wake her up, spend more time thinking, but I knew what had happened.

At least, I had some pretty strong suspicions.

Until now, everything I’d done with Lucy had been under the guise otele gelen escort of me being totally innocent. The 34 to 37 times she’d jerked me off, the kiss, the teasing…especially the teasing.

Every step of the way, Lucy had thought she was leading things and that I was just along for the ride. She’d seen me as a rube, totally new to the world of sex. She’d been the corrupter, and I’d been the innocent, unaware of what was truly happening, never seeing the whole picture, never understanding what it really meant.

But now…

She knew.

My sister didn’t know how I felt about her, thank god. But she knew that I wasn’t innocent. Lucy knew that I’d been involved with Marcie; she knew that I’d had sex.

She knew not only that I’d had sex, but that I was skilled.

Everything had changed.

Session B120:

I swear, every time my sister’s tongue reached out and met her best friend’s, Marcie came. And I don’t mean every couple of minutes – no more than twenty seconds went by without Lucy’s tongue reaching out and caressing Marcie’s.

And each and every time it did, Marcie came.

Would I have still gone down the path I did, if I’d known what the outcome would be?

I’d like to say no, but it’s honestly hard to answer. As I stood there, pants around my ankles, two beautiful, horny teens making out, my cock in the middle of their passionate kiss…

What had happened to Marcie was awful, of course. And worse; it was entirely my fault. It’d gotten greedy.

But moments like this…it’s hard to have regrets when everything feels this good, y’know?

And even for Marcie, I can’t honestly say that I’d give it all up.

Session 29:

“Okay,” I said calmly. There was a way back from this, I was sure of it. “Would you…would you talk to me about sex?”


I couldn’t help but see it as a dead end, as a sign that I’d failed. Marcie was meant to be a test subject, a way of trying stuff out before using it on my family, but I’d gotten greedy and used her for sex.

Now…I was paying the price. My careful plans with Lucy were ruined. Every idea I’d had for future sessions was gone.

Twenty-nine sessions in, I’d managed to go backwards. Everything I’d accomplished…every hypothetical I’d thrown her way, every limit I’d managed to push, gone.

My sister probably wouldn’t even let me see her tits, let alone jerk off on them. If she caught me jerking off in the bathroom, she’d probably keep on walking.

Licking my dick until I came in her mouth? Not a chance in hell.

My greed had caused me to pay the ultimate price. I’d lost everything, just because I wanted to get my dick wet. I’d fucked the best friend, and now the prize was gone forever.

No. No, it couldn’t be over. This was a step back – that’s all it was. One step back. Maybe two.

And then – forward, in a running sprint.

After all, Lucy wouldn’t let me see her tits when I first started. It took months for her to get me off with her mouth. But I’d gotten so far, I’d learned so many tricks.

My sister’s limits had shifted. In the wrong direction, sure, but they were still pliable. Flexible. I knew how far they could be pushed, and so it was only a matter of time.

I just had to find the right hypothetical.

“Okay,” I said, after a deep breath. “Hypothetical: you, uh, you come into my room and find me and Marcie hooking up.”

Shake. Yeah, that made sense. Now she knew what she was up to, no way she was entering a room without knocking.

“Hypothetical: you find me crying…”


Shit. Tears were off the table. They’d been responsible for so many breakthroughs, but now…now I was in new, unexplored territory. No more safety net.

If I wanted to move forward, I had to go to places I’d never been before. Places I thought I’d never go.


I wracked my brains, before remembering the newest tool I’d added to my arsenal.

“Hypothetical,” I repeated, a huge grin on my face. “You come home to find me holding a large bottle of scotch…”

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