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No Paradise by the Dashboard Light Ch. 03

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Eva Lovia

Paradise and a pre-Wedding date

When we opened the wedding invitation we were dumbstruck. We were happy for them and a little hoping they are not rushing it. We offered to take them out to dinner and drinks. At dinner when the girls went to the bathroom I ask Jim and to my amazement, Jim was planning on asking Ellen to marry him that weekend and the time came around and she said yes. I kept the story of our last date to myself. Terri got the same story from Ellen, that they had been dating and she kinda expected something. When we all got naked she wondered what she would do. She always wanted to save herself for the ONE. She confessed that she thought I was going to be the one, but she was glad that we found each other.

When the girls got back to the table, we ate and had a great conversation, and a great steak. Needless to say I was stuffed, and the girls wanted to go dancing. Terri was in a little red dress, Ellen in a little black dress and us just in just casual slacks and polo shirts. We made it to the club, got in and found a table to camp out at. We watched the band for a while, and a slow song came on and the girls wanted to dance.

Terri and I was lost in the dance. Our bodies pressed together almost as one, our hands roamed around some but we mostly kept it PG rated. When the song was over we stood there and stole the moment and kissed. I swear my toes curled, and if I had died right then I would probably not have even noticed. We cleared the floor, and the girls both commented court the problems Jim and I both had growing I our pants. We both had very noticeable erections. We walked back to the table and sat, and chatted, and drink, our erections faded and well as girls do they tease us a little and soon we were hard again. And Damn it another slow song came on. Terri took my hand and led me to the floor, Ellen did the same with James.

Terri whispered something in Ellen’s ear, and the next thing I knew I was dancing with Ellen. My erection pressed into her had to be obvious but she didn’t say a word about that, she did lean in and said, “I want to thank you for being a gentleman when we dated, that last date didn’t go so well.”

I replied, “I guess we were not meant to but I’m glad you and Jim hit it off.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that date and very thankful we stayed friends and you guys introduced us.” Ellen said as she lay her head on my shoulder.

“Me, too.. Our little trip was a blast too. It was really fun seeing you guys together.” I said as I held her a little tighter.

“Yeah, getting stuck and cleaning up was my favorite parts next to … well next to Jim”, she giggled.

She continued to grind against me, and I could feel precum leaking out the tip of my cock. I looked over and Terri was being pure evil teasing Jim, so I didn’t feel too bad for enjoying the feeling. it did feel good.

The song ended before either of us guys made a mess in our slacks. And back to the tables we went with the girls in front of us hiding our erections. We listened to the band some more, during the break the DJ came on and did some of the normal bar songs. People were going to pendik escort the “Left This time” and a lot of other ways. We finished our drinks, we decided it was time to go. Well we had just a little more to drink than any of us planned, so we took a cab back to our house, and invited Ellen and Jim in for a few more drinks, maybe some cards. Well The Drinks we did, cards never made it into play. Terri and I took the Love seat leaving the couch to Jim and Ellen. Ellen’s dress rode up showing off her Red panties. I thought they looked the same shade as Terri’s dress, but that’s all that registered.

We put the TV on, I’m not even sure what was , but it had some laughs, a couple love scenes that were PG to R rated. You know where you see a boob and maybe a guys butt. Anyway, it was chilly so a couple throw blankets came out and covered legs, and we snuggled with our girls. We looked over when we heard a tell-tell noise of a zipper going down. I thought it was Jim’s when I heard it, but no, it was Ellen’s Dress, and soon his hands were moving under the blanket at her chest level. Not to be outdone Terri splipped her hands under our blanket, and zip when My zipper and my erect cock was in her hand. Slippery from the earlier events, it felt wonderful.

Enjoying the feeling of being stroked and Watching our friends I saw Ellen look our way and smile, as she let the cover fall off her chest, revealing her creamy white boobs and very erect nipples. Jim wasted no time in taking one in to his mouth, while running his hand up the bottom of her dress, causing the blanket to fall. Very nice move indeed. She kicked her shoes off, exposing her feet with their pretty red painted toe nails. (okay I don’t have a feet fetish but I’m a sucker for looking).

My arm was wrapped around Terri’s back, with her laying against my side on the couch. I reach down under the covers and pulled her dress up a little, sliding my hand under her black Panties and running it over the one cheek I could reach. Peeking over I guess she saw the exposure on the couch and next thing her head went below the blanket and found my cock. She took me into her mouth and after a couple bobs of her head the blanket was off of us, and we were on display.

Ellen moaned at the sight of Terri sucking my cock and made a O shape with her lips, close them and licked her upper lip. She was enjoying watching as much as I was enjoying watching them. By now Jim had somehow worked her panties off, and was kissing his way downward. I gasped, when his tongue found her clit. I watched as he worked his magic as much as I could, until the vixen of my sister got to me. Somehow I got her dress undone and off. How I got it off I don’t know, but she was there sucking me and naked. Her nipples pushing into my side, the soft firmness of her breasts. The way she swirled her tongue around my cockhead, the sounds from the couch, the smell of sex in the room and I couldn’t take it any longer and I let out a loud sigh. Terri is a champ, she took most of the load in her mouth, she pulled off and a couple squirts made it onto her bare breast. While I was in my sefaköy escort post orgasmic state of not being able to move, she snuggled up to me and we watched Jim bring Ellen to her peak and finally push her over. She screamed, “FUCK YEAH!!” and went limp.

Being winter we pulled the blankets up again.. Terri was the first to break the silence, “Ellen, want to help me get a couple more beers?”

Ellen said, “Sure, you guys stay here and get more comfortable, we’ll be right back.” Stood up, and Terri joined her, and then “Terri, is that something on your tit?” and with that reached out, took a glob of my cum on her finger and put it into her mouth.

Terri shocked a little said, “Yeah, tasted pretty good don’t it” and the walked into the kitchen.

Jim and I was like in awe, too shocked to speak, we simply slipped off out clothes and got under our blankets and waited. The girls took a little while to come back. When they did they were a sight to behold, the little light from the kitchen back lit them, and they looked like naked angles. Arms around each other’s waist as they entered the room. Jim and I and I want to say said “DAMN” but to be honest I’m not sure what came out of our mouths.

Now is where thing got a little weird.. Terri went and sit by Jim and Ellen by me. Now remember we are all naked. Terri Spoke, “We’ve decided that we want to trade for just a little bit. Not long, just a little bit.”

Ellen looked at me, then to Jim and added, “One rule, there is not fucking going on, GOT IT!”

I spoke up, “Wait, you two want to trade us?”

Jim said, “Do we have a vote?”

Terri and Ellen said in harmony, “NOPE! We can do what we just saw, nothing more.”

With that Terri got under the blanket with Jim and Ellen joined me. Terri ask Jim, do you feel like eating me or shall I dine on you?” she didn’t get an answer and so took his cock into her mouth.

I had some mixed emotions on this that lasted until Ellen had my head pressed against her nipples. Seems I was to get to eat her. I nibbled on her nipples and worked my way down between her legs. I soon had her going again. I had never went down on her when we dated, she tasted sweet with a hint of musk. I remembered, Jim was just eating her out not too long ago and it kinda grossed me out, but I really couldn’t tell anything. I took my time, or so I thought, licking up one side of her clit and down the other, using the rough top part of my tongue on one side, and the smooth underside of my tongue on the other. It took no time and she came so hard that I swear I think she squirted some(does that really happen?) She grabbed my ears and pulled me up and I expected to hear “NOW FUCK ME NOW” but I heard her say instead, “Terri, I need to trade back, I need fucked.”

Terri looked over, “Well at least you left me with a hard cock to work with, SWITCH!” and like that Terri was climbing onto my cock. Her amazing heat, I was back in paradise. Worked up by the same person that was the cause of Terri and I getting together. The heat surrounded my cock and Terri rode me hard, and harder and rode me some silivri escort more. Glancing over Jim had Ellen bent over the couch entering her from behind, Slamming into her dripping (and I mean dripping, had to get the couch professional cleaned the next week). Ellen’s breast were swaying with each thrust. She moved to where he was between her legs, We could see his cock going in and out of her pussy covered in her fiery red pubic hair. I looked down and saw almost the same sight and though “Man I love red heads!”

I maneuvered Terri so we were basically in the same position, Jim could see me entering Terri and I could still see him entering Ellen. Ellen and Terri both came at the same time (okay a lie, but it sounds better than the truth) Jim and I pumped and pumped and the girls ground their pussies on our cocks, I think I came first, I pulled out and shot all over Terri and Jim bathed Ellen in his cum.

Ellen called out, “Switch” and with that the girls licked our cocks clean and complimented each other on how well they taste. Terri ran her fingers across Ellen’s chest and Ellen shuddered and rolled her eyes.

Terri said, “Sorry, just wanted to try Jim’s cum” Ellen ran her whole hand over Terri’s cum covered breasts, and it was Terri’s turn to shudder.

Bringing her hand to her mouth, Ellen said, “Good to the last drop.”

Terri laughed and replied, “Humm, I think so” and she bent forward and took Ellen’s Nipple into her mouth. Ellen returned the favor and next thing you know, Jim and I are hard and fucking them again as they clean the cum off each other’s breasts.

Jim and I was really enjoying this show, so much I think we came way too soon, filling the girls holes up with our cum.

When we were done, we sat on the love seat again, Jim and Ellen on the couch, and not soon after Ellen was dozed off in jims arms. Terri threw a blanket of them, and told Jim when she wakes up the guest room is stocked with clean towels and has fresh sheets on the bed. We walked up stairs to our bedroom arm in arm and my hand on her ass. We made love 5 more times that night before actually going to bed (okay, we really just showered and passed out in bed holding each other)

In the morning, Jim and Ellen were still on the couch, butt naked under the cover Terri put over them. By this time Terri and I was freshly showered and dressed as we woke them up. They were out of sorts, and embarrassed for a few seconds, then laughed. We told them “You guys look like you were fucked good and hard last night”

Ellen said, “We were, we were, It was great. Hope you guys were okay with the switch thing Terri and I came up with.”

I said, “I thought it was strange but it was fun, as long as we remember the rules.”

Jim chimed in, “Any time at all ladies.”

Terri said, “I’d hug you guys but you smell like stale sex! Go get a shower and I’ll make breakfast.”

They went for the guest room and it’s shower. In the kitchen Terri said, “You okay with last night?”

I replied, “Yeah, was a little strange, but it really turned me on to see them together, and then actually touching and see you go down on him had me hard as a rock.”

She opened the fridge, took out some bacon, some eggs, and some hash browns, and proceeded to cook breakfast. Just before they came down Terri hugged me and whispered, “You know the funny thing about rules, they are meant to be broken or at least changed.”

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