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Nosy Neighbor Ch. 05

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After my last encounter with Kate and Sara, I didn’t see them for a few days. My mom was still busy with work and my school work kept me busy. It was one Sunday morning that things took an interesting turn. I was in the shower when I heard the doorbell ring. Since mom was home, I took my time to get out of the shower. I got into a pair of long shorts and t-shirt and sauntered towards the hall when I heard a familiar voice. My face went red when I saw Kate and her daughter. I took a while to compose myself before I went down the stairs as slowly as I could. I stopped at the bottom of the stairs and took a deep breath and entered the hall.

Kate didn’t notice me and I could see her talking to mom earnestly, her attention totally on my step mom. Sara was facing them with her back towards me. I could see Kate’s lovely legs, with her customary shorts ending far above her knees. She wore a top that was unbuttoned at the top giving anyone the urge to try and find out what lay beneath.

My mom was seated right next to her with her ample breasts bursting out of a t-shirt that barely seemed to contain them. She wore a knee length skirt. She leaned over attentively towards Kate giving her an awesome view of her cleavage. Kate wore the same shirt which caused my erection a few days ago. I could see her breasts straining against the thin material. Her shorts were tight against her crotch and my cock jumped a little as she crossed her legs. I pictured how her lips sucked my cock into her mouth the last time we met. My blood was pumping like crazy.

I stood mesmerized, my eyes taking in the two hot women on the couch. My cock decided to react to the memories my mind recreated as I watched my mom and Kate. Both seemed to be looking into each others eyes and flirting like hell. Sara was being totally ignored. I could see by the rise and fall of my mom’s breasts, that she was getting excited by Kate. I could still not hear what was being said.

I decided to make and entrance despite the bulge in my shorts.

“Hey ladies, what brings you here on a Sunday morning?” I said, as I walked over to mom and bent towards her and gave her a hug, running my hands over her back as slowly as I could. Her face turned up towards me and I kissed her lightly on the lips. I heard Kate gasp as mom’s mouth opened against mine. I had no choice but to return the kiss. Her tongue pushed forcefully into my mouth making my blood boil and then she let go of me. My erection was prominent now. I must have looked like a lobster judging by the look of amusement on Sara’s face. I quickly sat down by her and tried to portray as if nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Sara wore a blouse and a skirt. Her breasts seemed to find the blouse as a major obstacle from the bulge of them against the material. The blouse seemed a size too small for Sara. Her skirt stretched against her shapely thighs and her hands lay on her ample lap, wrestling with each other in apparent indecision and discomfort.

“Kate and Sara was telling me how you helped them the other day,” said Mom.

I blushed crimson again.

“Oh, er yes, well I ..” I was not doing too well and I was glad that this was not a courtroom. My voice sounded guilty as hell to me.

“Well there is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s perfectly normal.”

What was she talking about? I had no clue. I thought it would be wiser to play dumb.

“Sam is very good with his hands,” said Kate.

“Oh he is,” volunteered Sara.

There seemed to be something stuck in my throat and I wasn’t going to say anything.

“If he hadn’t been there, I don’t know what we would have done,” said Kate with a twinkle in her eye.

“What was wrong with their plumbing Sam?” my mom was beginning to smell something fishy. The last thing I wanted was for her to be jealous over Kate.

“Well it was leaking and I managed to stop the leak.”

“Come here and show my how stopped that leak Sam,” said mom. Her voice was like ice now. I looked at Kate and Sara and found no help there.

“Come and sit between us Sam!” mom said.

I got up and almost fell back into the couch as my legs felt like jelly. Mom moved aside to let me sit between them. I was breathing hard and the ladies were not smiling any more. Kate seemed a bit frightened.

“Kate, let Sam show me what he did at your house,” said mom, and the room felt colder all of a sudden. Kate got up and moved closer towards me. Her hands shook as she unbuttoned her shirt exposing her bra underneath. Her cleavage seemed to be even sexier than the last time. Her breasts seemed to be crushed together, pushing them up and creating a deep valley. I looked at mom and her face was dark. I looked towards Kate, but she avoided looking at me.

I looked back at Kate and her black lacy bra. The breasts rose up in time to her breathing. I gazed at the two globes resting in the lovely soft nest and I forgot all about mom. Her shorts seemed even tighter and I wanted to cup the crotch with my hands despite mom’s dark mood. Kate’s shaking hand went around nilüfer escort my head and pulled me towards her and my mouth opened automatically. I started to kiss her cleavage and licked it like a pussy, pushing my tongue into the tight slit. I then moved over to one breast and licked the skin, wetting the top edge of the bra.

She pushed one bra cup down with one hand.

“Suck mommy’s breast Sam,” whispered Kate.

“What did you say?” thundered mom.

Kate didn’t respond.

“I asked you a question Kate,” mom’s voice was like ice.

“Suck mommy’s breast Sam,” said Kate and it was louder this time.

“OK mommy,” I said as my lips latched onto her nipple, sucking it into my mouth. It was hard and made my mouth water. I sucked as much as I could into my mouth making Kate push her crotch towards me seeking contact. I avoided any contact with her crotch for the moment. I wanted Kate to tease Kate as much as I could. I increased the intensity of my sucking.

Kate moaned and pulled me to her harder.

“Do you like my son’s mouth on your breast, Kate?”

Kate nodded wordlessly. I bit her nipple making her jump. She uncovered her other breast and pushed me roughly onto it. I started where I left off.

“Do you think its only fair that I ask Sara to do the same?”

Kate nodded again, her eyes half closed in ecstasy.

“Sara, come here!” said mom.

I didn’t know what to think. Kate’s hard nipple in my mouth told me that I was giving her pleasure. Hearing my mom ask Sara to come towards her sounded hot beyond words. I have never seen my mom in this mood. She never blew her top or ordered anyone around.

I turned slightly towards my step mom as Sara walked slowly towards her.

My step mom got up. She pushed Sara down to the couch roughly.

“Open your blouse!”

Sara’s hands moved towards the buttons on her blouse and started to unbutton them. Her breasts were encased in a pink padded bra. The cleavage seemed inviting. I wanted to push my cock between the lovely globes.

Mom moved closer. Her breasts were close to Sara’s face. Sara looked scared and awed by the size of mom’s breasts or so it seemed to me. I kept sucking the hard nipple in my mouth. My hands started to caress Kate’s butt and moved lower. Her shorts were tight but not tight enough to stop me from sliding my hands inside. I was not surprised to find that Kate hadn’t worn panties.

“Sara, would you like to do to me, what Sam is doing to your mom?”

Sara looked confused but I could see a slight nod. My step mom pulled Sara towards her breasts. Sara started to kiss the breasts over the t-shirt. Her exploring tongue brought out my mom’s nipples very quickly and mom pulled her closer moaning Sara’s name.

After a few minutes my step mom lifted her t-shirt and I felt a twinge of jealousy as she exposed her massive breasts. She reminded me of Sara Stone whose countless movies gave me loads of pleasure. Kate’s nipple slipped out of my mouth as I stared at my step mom’s breasts about to come out of its nesting place. Her bra seemed to be made of very thin material. Mom unclasped her bra and the two gorgeous breasts broke free of their moorings and descended towards Sara.

Sara gasped as she watched in fascination as they descended almost in slow motion. My mom pulled Sara right between her breasts and smothered her while wrapping what was left of them around her head. It was so sexy to watch my step mom and Sara. Just as the thought entered my mind, my mom moved away from Sara and sat on the couch. She pulled Sara towards her lap and cradled Sara in her arms.

“Drink mommy’s milk baby girl,” murmured mom as she held Sara like a baby. Sara blushed crimson but the sight of mom’s breast must have been too much for her. Both Kate and I watched in fascination as Sara’s lips opened and moved slowly towards mom’s nipple. It was rock hard as Sara tentatively enveloped it with her sexy lips. She started sucking it slowly and mom leaned back moaning. Her hands started to rub Sara’s tummy and breasts. She slipped off Sara’s bra strap and exposed one breast. She spit into her palm and started rubbing Sara’s areola. We could see that Sara was enjoying the attention when she started to squirm, pushing her hips up looking for contact. After a while, my mom removed Sara’s blouse and bra exposing her torso. Her breasts lay flat with the nipples standing up.

“Come over here and help Sara,” said mom looking at me. I took off my t-shirt first, exposing my lightly muscled torso, making my mom stare.

I left Kate and kneeled by Sara. Mom pushed my face to Sara’s breast and I started to suck the nipple hard. My hand moved down to her skirt, pushing it up to feel her panties. I was shocked to find there were none. Her pussy was wet and my fingers slid over her slit with ease. She was dripping wet. I removed her skirt in a flash exposing her lovely hips and pussy.

I felt a tongue on my back and felt a tug. Kate started to pull my shorts and underwear görükle escort down and exposed my butt. Her hands caressed my skin moving between the crack. I spread my legs to make it easy for the roaming fingers.

I felt her lick my butt and move lower, spreading me. I moaned into Sara’s breast while I sucked the nipple hard, almost biting it in the process. I slipped my fingers into Sara and she writhed against them telling me that she was experiencing a whole load of pleasure. Kate’s probing tongue found my anus. She made me sit on her face making it more comfortable for both of us. Her tongue was making delightful circles along my rim. Her tongue seemed to take no for an answer as it pressed against the opening, teasing it open and her tongue slipped inside. I almost came when I felt her tongue go in. Her hands were clear of my cock. She caressed my balls with her hands as her tongue was buried in my ass. I moved lower to Sara’s pussy and started to lick it. She squirmed as my slick tongue explored every inch of her pussy. My fingers found her anus which was now slick with her pussy juice. I rubbed the opening with my wet finger making her squirm.

My mom moved away from Sara’s mouth on her breast and sat on Sara’s face while I licked Sara. Sara now lay on the couch with my mom sitting on her face facing the edge of the couch. The couch was wide enough for mom to have both legs on either side of Sara’s face.

I watched Sara explore my step mom’s lips that seemed to descend between her legs. Her tongue was slow in its exploratory journey making mom croon with pleasure. Her lips parted deliciously making way for Sara’s wet tongue. I loved the sight of the back of Sara’s tongue as the tip disappeared into my step mom’s pussy. Sara’s tongue was exquisitely slow and gentle but relentless in its attention giving mood. Sara’s hands massaged my step mom’s bum while her tongue continued to make my mom moan.

I replicated Sara’s style of licking on her pussy. My tongue started at her clitoris and moved slowly lower until it reached the end and pushed down further across the little bridge to her anus. I followed her rim twice with my tongue and moved up again towards her wet pussy. My finger made up for the loss Sara felt when my tongue pulled away from her rim. I rubbed her rim while my tongue moved up again. Her hips pushed her pussy towards my tongue, pressing it hard against my face. I held her down, forcing her to stick to my pace. She groaned in frustration since it was too slow for her.

I continued my movements back to her rim. This time I pushed my tongue in through the tight opening. She kept pushing my tongue back, but I was persistent. Eventually, my tongue slipped into Sara’s ass and I heard her gasp.

In the mean time Kate’s tongue continued to lick my ass hole making it even more sensitive. Each lick gave me goose bumps.

Sara’s tongue moved towards my mom’s anus. My step mom moaned as she felt Sara’s tentative tongue against her brown hole.

“Oh Kate, your daughter’s tongue is so naughty,” moaned mom. She rocked on Sara’s mouth holding on to the couch. Kate pushed me back a little so that she could suck my cock.

Kate explored the head of my cock after pushing back the foreskin. Each lick sent streaks of pleasure along my body making my legs twitch. Her lips engulfed my head and sucked it slowly. My tongue continued its path along Sara’s pussy.

My step mom looked back at what I was doing to Sara and slid down. Her butt pushed me back and her legs straddled Sara’s thigh. Her pussy descended on Sara’s thigh and they both began to kiss each other hard. My face was inches away from my step mom’s butt that started to move against Sara’s thighs. I was reminded of the lesbian movies and how the sight of two girls in this position drove me nuts. This movement is called tribbing and I loved to watch two girls in this position.

I started to lick mom’s butt and moved lower towards her pussy. She realized my intentions and stopped her movement. I stuck my head between her thighs and started to lick her slit. I found it hard to avoid her anus and my tongue invariably stopped there.

“Oh gosh, Sam your tongue feels lovely down there. Don’t stop!”

She started to kiss Sara again. Kate kept sucking my cock slowly. I licked my moms pussy while I reached under her thigh and fingered Sara’s pussy.

“I want to see you fuck your step mom,” said Kate taking her mouth off my cock. I left my mom’s pussy and moved towards her mouth. I held it between them making them kiss over my cock. They sucked and licked it making it all wet. Then I moved back to mom’s pussy and Kate helped me enter mom’s pussy. She moaned as my cock slid into her. Her pussy was so wet and juicy.

I started to move knowing that my strokes would make mom’s thigh move against Sara’s pussy. Kate moved towards mom and Sara. She pushed mom a little, making way for her pussy to be licked by Sara. She still wore the tight shorts and Sara started to lick the crotch making it bursa escort wet. Mom slapped Kate’s ass making her gasp. Kate loosened her shorts and it was pulled down impatiently by mom exposing her butt and pussy. Once again I watched as Sara lick her mom as she had done with my step mom. My step mom started to lick Kate’s ass while Sara licked Kate’s pussy.

Kate caressed her own breasts while enjoying the attention from the two women. My strokes were slow and purposeful taking my time to watch the three ladies in action. I sunk my thumb into mom’s butt as I moved in and out of her pussy.

After a few minutes, my mom asked me to fuck Kate. Kate lay down on the carpet and parted her legs for me. Sara watched in fascination as my cock entered her mom’s pussy. My mom disappeared for a few minutes. She came back down with a strap-on that surprised me. She made Sara kneel and got her to suck the dildo. Then she asked her to get on her hands and knees and started to fuck her doggy style. I was mesmerized by how my mom had transformed into a sluttish lady taking control of Sara. She pulled Sara by her hair as she started pumping hard into her pussy. I started to increase my pace with Kate as she watched her daughter being fucked by my step mom. My strong thrusts moved her back and forth and she held onto me while sucking my upper arm.

Sara started to urge my mom to fuck her faster and my mom complied and in a few seconds Sara reached her orgasm screaming her head off. My mom pulled out of Sara and they kissed lovingly. She half carried Sara to the couch and made her lie down. She turned to us, her eyes glinting mischievously.

“Kate, do you want another cock?” she asked, making Kate gasp.

I realized what mom had in mind and before Kate could answer, I pulled out of her and lay down on the carpet. Kate seemed confused for a while and then she got up and climbed on my cock facing me. She bent over and I sucked her breasts as my mom licked Kate’s butt making it ready for her strap-on.

I waited until mom got her dildo all wet with a lot of help from Sara. It was a smaller dildo unlike the monsters shown in movies. My mom pushed the head of the strap-on against Kate’s asshole making her moan.

My mom managed to enter Kate’s ass slowly with the help of Sara. Finally, mom was in Kate’s ass and I was in her pussy. We started to move making Kate shudder with every stroke. We were slow at first and the pace increased. Kate loved the double penetration and her mouth mashed into mine as she kissed me harder and harder.

Mom went crazy urging me to fuck Kate harder. I moved as fast as I could and finally the attention was too much for Kate. She bit my shoulder as she came repeatedly shuddering every time. She yelled for us to stop when her pussy became too sensitive.

Before I could let out a sigh of relief, mom pushed Kate off me and removed her strap-on and gave it to Kate. She didn’t have to say a word. Kate wore the strap-on in no time and this time mom made her lie down on the floor. She lay on Kate and Sara and I helped Kate push the rubber cock into mom’s pussy.

I was excited about the prospect of fucking mom’s ass. With a lot of saliva loving attention from Sara and pushing, I managed to get into mom’s ass.

It was very tight and a lovely feeling. It was much tighter than even Sara’s pussy and I waited until Kate started to move. I could barely move my cock but mom urged me to move. After a few attempts, I was able to move inside her ass hole. The tightness made the effort worthwhile. I reached between Kate and mom and pinched mom’s nipples as I moved inside her tight ass. Sara watched us in fascination.

It didn’t take long for mom to cum. My cock and Kate’s strap on pushed harder making mom scream at every stroke. Mom’s orgasm was memorable and lasted long. After the first orgasm, she kept urging us to keep going. Our strokes made my mom come again. We wanted to stop but my mom kept urging us to go on and finally after three mini orgasms she had one screaming climax which seemed to go on and on. She was sweating like crazy and she lay on top of Kate kissing her hard as if to thank her for the orgasms. I pulled out of mom’s ass hole and Sara rushed to my side and started to lick my cock.

“Mmmm.. I love the taste of your mom’s ass on your cock!” she moaned after I fucked her mouth for a few seconds.

I wanted to cum on the faces of all three ladies. So I moved out of Sara’s mouth and started kissing her.

I moved back to the couch and called the three ladies to me. Mom kneeled between my legs while the other two stuck their heads from either side of me. Then they started to lick and suck my cock. It was the best blow job I have ever had in my short sex life. They kept fighting over my cock and it was lovely to watch them. Mom pushed my legs up and started to lick my anus while the other two ladies sucked my head.

It was too much for me to hold out and I gave mom a warning just before I came so that she had enough time to suck my head into her mouth. I pumped my cum into her mouth. The other two ladies watched in awe as I shot into mom’s mouth. Finally, my shudders subsided and the two ladies kissed mom hungrily. Each lady tasted my cum and Sara bent to suck the remaining cum off my cock and then they all kissed me making me taste my own cum.

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