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Not Quite the Brady Bunch Ch. 04

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The alarm began softly, increasing in volume every couple of seconds until Mike’s hand reached over to the nightstand and slid his finger across the phone, silencing it, and for a few seconds bathing the room in the blue backlight of his phone’s display. A short state of confusion as he noticed the strange surroundings of his step-daughter’s room until his mind settled in and he smiled as his hand slid over and touched her slim and softly breathing form beside him. Mike lay quietly in the dark for a few moments feeling the rise and fall of her body as she slept soundly beside him.

He thought about the events of yesterday. Events? Could you really call having sex with your eighteen-year-old step-daughter events? Well, for now that would have to do because his mind was swirling and there were a lot of more pressing things to be concerned with than what to call it. He slipped quietly out of the bed and eased out of Emma’s bedroom and down the hall to his own. Quietly he put on his running clothes and slipped out the back door as he did every morning. Tuesday’s were light days, three to five miles, so he settled in at a medium pace and headed out into the increasing light of the morning. This was his favorite time of day, the time he could think the clearest and it was often the time he was able to get a good handle on problems at work that had to be dealt with.

This morning was different though, the thought flowing through his mind was both frightening and satisfying at the same time. When he pictured her beautiful young body riding him or her adorable face sliding up and down his cock he felt a heaviness in the base of his cock as blood began easing into it. Then he’d remember that it was his wife Carol’s daughter who was the source of his feelings of pleasure and a sense of unease would wash over him. He struggled to keep a steady pace or get his breathing under control and he labored more than he had in years. Eventually he decided to give in and cut the route short, only running about two miles by the time he got back to the house.

He slipped through the back door, grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and moved quietly back upstairs to his room to shower, his mind still struggling to come to grips with last night. Mike was a creature of habit if nothing else and his body went through his daily ritual as if on auto-pilot. He turned on the shower to warm and thought again that he should look at replacing the water heater while he quickly and efficiently shaved, brushed his teeth, finished the bottle of water and slipped into the steaming shower. He stood in the warm water and let it soak his hair and wash over his face, opening his pours and feeling the water mix with his sweat and run down his body.

The sound of the bathroom door opening broke his near trance-like state and he turned to see a form moving through the steamy bathroom and approaching the shower. The shower door pulled open and a naked Emma eased in beside him, smiling warmly and seductively. “Good morning Daddy” she said softly as she slipped her arms around him and rose up on her tip-toes to kiss him softly.

“Good morning baby-girl,” Mike replied as their lips parted. “Did you sleep well?” All his concerns and fears had just slipped away at her touch.

Emma smiled sweetly, water splashing in her face and causing the black eye-liner that after last night had already been a mess to run down her face in streaks. “I haven’t slept like that in forever Daddy. So happy and secure in your arms.”

Mike smiled warmly and kissed her again, his hands sliding around her waist and pulling her into the warm water with him.

“Why didn’t you wake me?” she asked, looking up at him with a subtle pouting look in her eyes. She seemed worried and in need of re-assurance, feeling many of the same fears and doubts that Mike was feeling. “I would have had breakfast ready for you when you got back,” she winked “and maybe a little snack.”

A warm smile and a soft kiss from Mike eased her fears and she wrapped her arms around him and held him tight, laying her face against his chest as the warm water poured over them. “I wanted you to sleep baby-girl, and I never eat until after I’ve had my shower.” They stood together for a few moments as the water poured over them, content in each other’s arms. Finally, Mike let her go and quickly washed himself and handed her the soap. “I’ve got to get ready for work, and you need to get ready for school young lady.”

Emma’s face turned into an incredibly over-dramatic pout as she whispered, “but Daddy, I thought we could play hooky and spend the day in bed together.” Her hand slid down to his cock and wrapped around it, feeling it stiffen quickly. She stroked it softly and pushed Mike slowly back against the wall of the shower.

A soft gasped escaped his lips, but his hand slid down and softly held her wrist. “Sorry sweetie but you have to go to school. Last thing we need is to have to explain to your mother why you weren’t there.”

A bright smile came beşiktaş escort across her face and Emma giggled. “I know, but I had to give it a shot huh.” She quickly reached up and kissed him on the cheek then dropped to her knees and slid his cock into her mouth. Her mouth slid down his shaft and her hand softly stroked his cock, then sliding her mouth off she looked up at her step-father sweetly and asked, “we have time for a quickie, don’t we?”

Mike grinned, knowing he really didn’t have a choice at this point. “Of course, baby.”

With that Emma went to work. Her mouth and hands were all over Mike’s cock. Sucking and stroking like a girl possessed. She took his cock deep into her throat, then pulled back and sucked the tip hard while her hands jerked his cock fast and hard. Mike had never felt anything like it, the urgency she showed, such a sudden change from the last few minutes as they held each other tenderly. It wasn’t long before he started to feel his cum building and Emma, sensing the change, worked his cock even more urgently. As he started to cum she drove her mouth onto his cock and clamped her lips around the base, feeling his thick cum painting the back of her throat and struggling to swallow every drop.

She gasped and pulled back, taking in a huge breath and coughing as his cock slid out of her mouth. She looked up at him, her face nothing but streaks of eyeliner now, but her eyes were so beautiful, so loving and Mike nearly melted. A couple of breathes and Emma could speak again, and she giggled as Mike looked down at her, the look on her face one of amazement. “Well I did say a quickie didn’t I Daddy.”

Standing, Emma kissed Mike on the cheek. “Go get ready for work, I’ll be down in a minute.”

Mike stepped out of shower as Emma grabbed the soap and shampoo and quickly finished showering. Mike checked his watch and saw he was behind schedule, so he quickly dressed and as he was putting on his tie Emma came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and headed for her room. “You clean up nice old man” she said as she slipped by him and down the hall.

Mike went downstairs and made a couple bowls of cereal, all they had time for, and got his things ready for work. Emma was down in a few minutes, her school uniform that Mike had not paid any attention to before, now such a turn on. Her hair was down, still wet, and without the pigtails she had been wearing lately, it fell most of the way down her back and she had barely any makeup on. She looked a bit disheveled and her mother would never have let her leave the house like that, but they were running late, so it would have to do. She quickly ate some cereal and put the half-eaten bowl in the sink and out the door they went. On the way to school Emma put on more makeup and by the time they got to the drop-off lane she looked pretty much put together.

Before opening the car door Emma looked around to make sure no one was looking, then kissed him hard on the lips. She looked in his eyes and whispered, “I can’t wait for tonight Daddy. I love you.”

“I love you too baby-girl” he replied, his hand softly stroking her thigh as she slid out of the car. He watched her walk into the school, meeting up with a friend near the door and smiling from ear to ear as she went in the door. At the last second he saw her turn and look at him, smiling and he thought he saw her wink as the door closed behind her.

He pulled away from the school and headed for work, his mind still swimming. As he sat in traffic he sent Carol a text “Emma at school…all good. Call when you have a few.” His phone rang within 20 seconds and he thought it would and he answered “well that was quick.”

“I have been on pins and needles waiting to hear how things went this morning. I was so worried that she would try to play you to let her play hooky,” Carol started, “were there any problems?”

Mike laughed, if she only knew. “Well, she did ask if she could stay home today. But didn’t fight me at all. Her hair was a little out of control because we were running late, but all in all it went well. We even had time for some cereal.”

“Oh god you are amazing Mike,” Carol said with a huge sigh of relief. “You don’t have any idea how much it means to me that you and Emma are starting to get along. I owe you so much baby. I love you.”

“It’s my pleasure Carol and I love you too,” Mike responded, a twinge of guilt washing over him.

“Gotta get to a meeting baby, I’ll talk to you tonight,” Carol said and hung up.

Mike shook his head as he pushed the end button on the phone. It suddenly dawned on him that in three days Carol would be home and this was going to get real complicated. His mood went sour pretty quickly as the reality of this situation hit him. Up until now he had been focused on the sexy young girl that was so intent on pleasing him. Suddenly the reality that the woman he loved so much and had built a life with would be destroyed by this and there was no way this could beylikdüzü escort end well. “What the fuck have I done” he said to himself as he pulled into the parking lot at work.

Luckily it was a pretty busy day at work, so his mind didn’t have much room to stew over the Carol and Emma situation. He ended up rushing out when it was time to pick up Emma from school. As he got closer his mind started racing again and he knew that he had to put an end to this as soon as they got home. His mind was made up as he pulled up along the curb where Emma was waiting, looking so sexy in her school uniform, fuck he felt like such a perv. Emma’s face lit up as he drove up and his mind was suddenly not so made up. She opened the car door and turned as she dropped her book bag and bent down to pick it up, a perfect shot up under her skirt and she was not wearing any panties. “Emma” Mike gasped.

Emma slid into the seat and sat with an innocent look on her face and a big grin. “What Daddy?”

“Did you not wear panties to school today?” Mike asked in a panicked voice. The advice from the counselor about not over-reacting to over the top actions now completely out the window.

Nearly busting out laughing she said, “Of course I did, but by seventh period I was so horny thinking about you that I got a bathroom pass and by the time I was done my panties were a bit damp so I took them off.” She reached into her bag and pulled out her panties and held them under his nose. He breathed in and any thoughts he had of putting a stop to this was out the window.

Mike shook his head and smiled. “Emma, you can’t do stuff like that. You just have to keep it under control for a few more months and you will graduate.”

“I’m sorry Daddy, you’re right,” Emma said grinning and sliding her hand into his lap, “maybe I deserve a spanking for being a naughty girl.” She leaned over and kissed his neck and softly rubbed his cock through his slacks while they drove home and Mike wanted her so badly by the time they turned onto their street. As they approached the house a car in driveway sent them both into a state of near panic. It was Emma’s older sister Kelly’s car, “What the fuck is she doing here?” Emma blurted out and pulled away from Mike.

As they pulled into the garage they looked at each other with a look of disappointment. This can’t be good. “Emma, I know you are disappointed, but you have to be nice to Kelly. She can’t know about what’s going on or that you are disappointed to see her. You have to act normal.”

Emma nodded, obviously disappointed and tucked her panties in her bag and got out of the car. All the happiness and excitement that was bubbling through her was gone as she walked through the door. She put on a big smile as she saw Kelly sitting at the kitchen table reading. Emma walked over to her and gave her a hug. “What are you doing here Kel?, I didn’t know you were coming.”

There was no doubt when meeting them that Emma and Kelly were sisters, they look remarkedly alike. The difference was that while Emma was long and lean, Kelly was shorter, wore her hair extremely short and had an extremely athletic build. Kelly had been involved in sports since she could walk and it showed in her appearance and her personality. She was compact, tight and toned, with extremely small breasts and an aggressive and driven personality. The family chaos that had driven Emma to rebel and become a problem had driven Kelly to focus almost insanely on school and soccer, resulting in her being a varsity soccer player at a very exclusive private college with a national power soccer program. She had never had much time for other outside interests, dating or friends outside of her soccer circles so the obvious questions about her sexuality were made, though Mike had never seen anything that led it to be more than a bunch of stereotypes, not that he cared one way or another.

“Well,” Kelly stammered a bit, obviously uncomfortable, “Mom thought it might be helpful if I stopped by and gave Mike a hand. I had early classes this morning and don’t have a class until noon tomorrow, so I told her I could come by.”

“I guess Mom doesn’t trust me. After all I have done to try to earn her trust and all the things I have done to show her…,” Emma burst out. Her eyes welling up in tears and she ran to her room.

Kelly stood stunned. She had expected Emma to be a little annoyed, but that response was a surprise. She turned to Mike who had watched the exchange from the door to the garage. “Wow, I didn’t expect her to be that upset, I thought she would like to see me.”

Mike walked over and gave her a hug and a kiss on the forehead. “I’m glad to see you Kel and I’m sure she will be too once she gets a chance to think. She looks at this week as a chance to prove to Carol that she can be trusted and now wonders if she’ll ever win that trust back.” He sat down at the table and put his feet up on another chair. “We’ve had a great couple days, she’s been great,” beyoğlu escort he said the last twenty-four hours flashing through his mind and knowing what the real reason behind Emma’s blow-up was.

A soft sigh escaped her mouth as Kelly shook her head. “I know. Mom really didn’t mean it that way. She was thinking about you, having to deal with all the stuff that goes along with a teenage girl.” She shifted uncomfortably. “I’ll go talk to her,” and she headed off to Emma’s room.

As he watched Kelly head off to Emma’s room, Mike worried about Emma letting slip about their new relationship. He sat down at the table, pulled out his laptop and tried to focus on getting some work done, but his mind continued to wander. He thought about having a beer but decided against it as he would need to be in full control of his faculties to deal with the situation, especially if it went sideways.

True to her personality, Kelly didn’t hesitate when she got to Emma’s room. She walked right in without knocking and saw Emma lying on her stomach on the bed still in her school uniform. Her arms were tucked under her and her hands covered her face which was buried in her pillow. Her eye makeup was once again smeared all over her face and tears poured from her eyes. She didn’t move as Kelly crossed the room, but bolted up and wrapped her arms around her sister and buried her face in her chest as soon as Kelly sat down on the edge of the bed. Emma sobbed and through her tears whispered, “I’m sorry Kel, I’m not mad at you, I’m just so tired of Mom not trusting me, thinking I’m a monster. I’ve been so good, done everything she’s asked, working hard in school, not smoking, no drugs, everything she wants. It’s not fair, it’s just not fair.”

Kelly sat quietly while her sister unloaded, softly stroking her hair. This had become kind of their thing. Through all the problems of the last few years, Kelly had known that Emma was at heart a good person who was struggling to find herself. Something was missing from her life, she didn’t have anything in her life that drove her, that she cared immensely about, so she was easily sidetracked. Kelly had been called to their Dad’s house many times for situations like this and it almost always ended up just like this, Emma unloading and Kelly comforting her and being a shoulder to cry on, literally and figuratively.

“Emma,” Kelly began, “Mom does trust you. I’m not here to check up on you, I’m here to help Mike.” Her hand slid slowly down her sister’s back and she softly caressed her as she spoke. “Mom was worried that Mike would need a hand handling some of the daily stuff like cooking and cleaning and dealing with the drama of a teenage girl.” She paused, giggled a bit, “you know, like this.”

Emma giggled a little and as usual felt much better just having someone to listen to her. She missed Kelly so much. More than anything, the divorce and re-marriage and the living arrangements throughout had impacted their relationship. Kelly had stayed with Mom because of the local soccer program and she had spent most of her time living with their dad, only seeing Kelly on weekends which most of the time was interrupted by soccer tournaments. In some ways she resented it and at time resented Kelly for her success, but all that disappeared when they were together.

Emma sat up and smiled, looking at Kelly, “Thanks, I’m sorry, I miss you so much and as I’ve been told I don’t channel my emotional conflicts very productively.”

Kelly laughed, remembering the night that Emma had told her about the counseling session she had had with Mom, Dad and Mike where the counselor had made that statement and Emma had come home thinking it was one of the silliest things she had ever heard. It had become a running joke between them, especially in situations like this where, to be honest, she hadn’t channeled her emotional conflicts very productively. Kelly used her thumb to wipe some of the smeared eye-liner from Emma’s face then looked her in the eyes. “Everything OK with you?”

Emma smiled and responded quickly, “Yep, never better.” A big grin spread across her face.

Kelly looked at her, somewhat surprised at her response. “What’s going on with you? What is that all about?”

Emma grinned, “It’s nothing, things are just going so great right now.”

Kelly locked her eyes on her younger sister, looking at her questioningly, “OK, that’s good.” Kelly knew Emma was not telling her something, but decided for now to let it go. “Let’s go downstairs. I’m sure Mike is worried about you after your little melt-down.”

Emma feigned a look of anger at her sister and gently pushed her shoulder. “Hey!”

They both laughed and hugged, then Kelly went to her room to change before going back downstairs to the kitchen while Emma changed out of her school uniform. Emma picked up a pair of skin tight jeans that were her favorite because while they were skin tight and revealing they were so soft and worn that they were more comfortable than a pair of cotton pajamas. Emma ran her hands over her breasts feeling her nipples harden as she thought about Mike and how he touched her. She stood motionless in front of her dresser for a moment then her hand slid slowly down over her taught little tummy and she unconsciously ran her finger over her clit and softly caressed it.

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