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Nude Day Movie

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It was hot that Wednesday, July 14th, when we flew into New York City, two soldiers coming home from Pakistan; just Jimmy Murphy and me. Once we were processed into the United States officially we were told that our connecting flights to Denver and St. Louis were delayed due to weather. Well, how about that, a delay, what else is new?

Jimmy turned to me and said, “Hey Sarge, looks like we got a few hours, let’s go into the city, you ever been? Let’s go check it out, it’s July 14th, Nude Day!”

“Nope” I said, “why not. How are you fixed for money?”

“I got about a hundred” he said, “You?”

“Me too, if we’re careful we can eat, get a couple of beers and a cab.”

“Hell Sarge, let’s go!” And off we went to explore the big city of New York. Two young men out for a good time; Jimmy was 19 almost 20 and I was pushing 21. The two of us flew from Fort Hood to the asshole of the world 20 months ago and we’d been shoveling wind, sand and camel shit since then. Going home with all our fingers and toes was a blessing and we knew it.

We stowed our bags at the USO and flagged down a Yellow Cab giving the driver our instructions, “Take us to Times Square!” About 45 minutes later we were deposited in the center of the city, with lots of excitement we went looking for fun … and we found it.

I saw a big sign outside a garishly lit club named “Naked City,” the sign announced NATIONAL NUDE DAY SPECIAL * SOLDIERS FREE. We grinned at each other and headed in, showing our ID’s to the doorman, we plunged into a dark club. Although there was lots of loud music and LED lights to show us the way, we were momentarily blinded by the change in lighting. In short order, we could see well enough to take notice of three semi-naked girls dancing around poles and a cowgirl gyrating on the stage.

A waitress took my arm and guided us to a small table in front of the stage saying, “You guys are soldiers huh? How about a beer – the first one is free today?” Without waiting for our answer, she went off and returned with two bottles of Adirondack Spring beer. We snatched it up finding it cold and delicious. Jimmy smiled at her and said, “Better bring us two more, this is good.”

By that time our eyes had adjusted enough to see that she was a pretty girl, maybe 5’5″ in her high heels wearing a tiny skirt and dancers panties, topped off with a t-shirt top that just barely came down to cover the bottom of her little B cup titties. “Naked City” was emblazoned in gold lettering across the front and we could see her rigid nipples poking out between the K and E and the I and T. We were both glued to the vision of her dancing nipples like two hungry dogs watching a fresh bone. She gave us a bright smile and said, “Two more beers coming up!”

In just a moment she sat two more cold ones down in front of us and went off to look after her other customers, and there weren’t many, maybe a dozen hardy souls in the whole place, add in the 3 pole dancers and the woman on stage and I’d say the place was 75% empty .. but, it was 3:00 in the afternoon. With her dancing titties out of sight we turned our attention the girl on stage.

Jimmy laughed and said, “I better be careful or I’m gonna’ cum in my pants!” We both laughed and studied the girl on stage. She had a mass of dark brown hair, very white skin and seriously big breasts swinging from side to side as she moved. When I say big, I mean there were at least 44’s maybe larger, egg shaped dark aureoles and wall-eyed nipples the size of my thumbs. Seriously big nipples and since it was pretty cold in the club, they were sticking way, way out. She was tall; maybe 5’10” or more, with nicely sculpted legs encased in those high, white stripper boots.

About 10 inches above the boot tops was her cleanly shaved pussy with one of those chemical light tubes sticking out of her cunt. I guess somebody wanted you to be able to find the hole and the little light tube sure did the trick. Around her waist appeared to be a large gold chain with a sparkly bauble hanging down in the front bouncing off the spot where I decided her clit should be. All in all it was a compelling presentation and for two guys in our shape, you could have split diamonds on our hard dicks.

It didn’t take us long to burn through a couple more beers as we watched her and the pole dancers. As she finished up, she stepped off the stage, picked up a few stray dollar bills and walked directly toward us. Jimmy poked me and said, “Oh shit man, she’s coming here, let’s get us a dance!”

Just before she reached us she handed off all of her stage clothing, money and things to a guy who took them backstage; then she stopped directly in front of Jimmy and said, “Hey baby, how about a free dance? Hmmm, can I rub one on ya’?”

“Yea, yea, yea,” he said, and when the music started again she began a sultry, slow dance around and on top of my friend. She still wore nothing but her boots, the gold chain and the little light tube in her pussy hole; then as she rubbed herself on Jimmy, she reached down and eased the light out, stuck it in her mouth and tuzla escort sucked it for a moment. Then she straddled Jimmy’s lap and said, “Would you like a taste of my pussy honey?”

“Oh God yessss,” he said. He was almost in a trance as she eased the butt end of that little light tube into his mouth and then she kissed around his face and neck while brushing those big tits on his chest before reaching down and taking his hands and placing them one each on each of her tits saying, “Get you a feel honey. Ain’t they some nice tits?”

As Jimmy grasped and squeezed and fingered her big tits he nodded and smiled around the light tube that was still in his mouth. “Here baby, let me put that back, your friend may want a taste too.” With that she eased the light tube back into her pussy.” As I watched her, I noticed that it was about as big around as a lipstick and twice as long; I thought, “Yep, I’d like a taste of that too!”

She danced her lap dance all over Jimmy for two musical numbers, then toward the end; she ran her hands over Jimmy’s obviously hard, hard erection. As I watched her do it, I wondered if he was cuming in his pants and learned later that he was. When she finished she peeled his hands off her breasts and gave him a little kiss on the forehead and turned to me, “You want a dance baby?”

Being the senior soldier and a sergeant with more life experience, I swallowed hard and said, “Yes Mam!” With that she repeated her performance with me right down to the pussy juiced light tube and just like my friend, when she rubbed my cock through my pants, I blasted cum down my pant leg, hot, sticky cum, it felt wonderful.

When she stepped away from me, she said, “Thanks guys, gotta’ go, you be good now!” and disappeared down the aisle and backstage.

We sat there like two stunned mules, as though hit in the head with a hammer; then the waitress walked up and said, “Say guys, our manager would like to meet you, would that be OK?” We just nodded. In short order a nicely dressed man wearing a dark suit walked up and said, “I’d just like to shake your hands. We appreciate soldiers around here and really appreciate all that you do.” He stuck out his hand, introducing himself, “Dale Parks, Club Manager” and we all shook, seemed like a real nice fellow.

He sat with us and chatted idly, telling us that he’d been in the Army too; of course, it was years ago, but he never lost his sense of appreciation for soldiers. About then our waitress returned and he asked us if we enjoyed the lap dances. Jimmy and I nodded enthusiastically and said, “Absolutely, first class, she’s great!”

“Well fellows,” he said, “why not send her a nice split of champagne in appreciation? I can get you a nice discount so that it won’t be too expensive?” We agreed; what a nice guy!

“Say,” he said, “you guys like tequila? I’ve got some really great stuff in my office if you’d like?”

“Tequila, hell I love that stuff, I was born in Texas and we love our tequila,” I said and Jimmy agreed. So, together like lifelong friends we walked through the club, behind the stage and into his office. I remember thinking he was a pretty nice looking guy, about 5’9″ about 190, seemed fit but not athletic.

As we entered his office I noticed that it was spacious, nice wall of bookcases behind his desk with lots of books and DVD’s stacked there, big leather chair behind a pretty imposing desk, several leather chairs and a nice large sofa immediately in front of his desk. “Have a seat guys” and he pointed to the sofa.

Really nice and comfortable, overstuffed leather, real soft and comfy. He opened the cabinet next to his desk and took out a large bottle of Patron. “Pretty good stuff,” I said. He smiled and poured three large drinks handed us two and toasted to the Army. Up the glasses went and down the tequila went. Jimmy said in a slightly slurred voice, “Damn man that is good stuff.”

“Thank you, glad you like it” and poured us another large glass. About that time our waitress came in and handed him a small black folder, she smiled at us and left. “One more toast fellows,” he said. Up they went and down went the tequila. Wow, life was good.

“OK fellows, I’m sure you guys have things to do, so let’s settle up. Let me see that’s 8 beers apiece, less one free; two lap dances each less one free and a small split of champagne. Aaaaah, that comes to $ 340 plus a standard 20% tip for your waitress is aaah, $ 408. How do you want to pay for that??”

Jimmy and I looked at each other stunned, and a little bit drunk, little bit hell, we were drunk. Going through our wallets we came up with $ 273 … a little short. “Sir, I’m sure you’ll understand, but ah we don’t have quite enough; will you take a marker and we can send you the rest?”

“Well fellows, I’d like to but this is a cash business. You got VISA, MasterCard, something like that?”

“No Sir, we been to war, just carrying cash; how about the marker, we’re good for it?”

“I can’t do that boys; but, you boys know I respect soldiers … what if I could show ümraniye escort you how to pay your bill, keep your money and leave with a couple of hundred dollars more? Hmmm? That way I won’t have to call the police and charge you with theft of property by consumption, huh, what do you think?”

“Well Sir, I said, we couldn’t mess with drugs or anything like that, I’m sorry. Are you sure we can’t work something out?”

“Nothing like that fellows, really, it’s no problem, hell most of the fellows we pay really enjoy themselves, no drugs, nothing like that” said Dale Parks, Club Manager.

Jimmy spoke up first saying, “So what’s the deal Dale?”

“See those DVD’s there”, he pointed to the bookshelf, “I make movies back here for a very special audience, they really like soldiers, big, strong fellows like yourselves. Basically it works like this, I put on some music, set up a couple of cameras, and you boys take off your clothes, get comfy on the sofa and jack off. Nothing to it, easy, easy. See what I mean?”

“Look this is nothing you don’t do everyday anyway, right? I mean, all I wanta’ see is you guys beating you meat, take a little time and have a good cum … everybody loves to shoot a big cum, right … it costs you nothing, in fact I’ll tuck a hundred dollar bill in your pocket when you finish and everything else will have been free, free beer, free champagne, free lap dances. Guys, that’s a great deal. Or, I call the cops, whata’ you say?”

Truth be told, we were both still drunk and the deal sounded pretty good, considering. Jimmy and I looked at each other and nodded our heads. “Great, go ahead and take your clothes off, every stitch and put them over there on one of the chairs, out of the way.” So we did.

Standing there naked, drunk and in his office was weird and getting weirder … he went about setting up cameras and extra lights making the place pretty warm and gave us a couple of big towels to throw over the sofa where we were to sit, he didn’t want us getting a load of cum all over the place he said.

We stood there naked, holding our cocks and balls in our hands, rubbing and pulling from time to time; we are both exactly 6 foot tall.

Jimmy is redheaded, freckled, skinny and very lean, no fat at all, hairless white skin with sort of a bubble butt and a long skinny cock with a floppy ball sack, sort of a tuft of red hair over his cock. As I looked at his cock I figured it must be 8 inches long maybe a bit more and maybe an inch or so thick, long and skinny, uncircumcised, the foreskin tapered over his cockhead and extended a half inch or so.

As he played with his cock I could see that the cockhead was bright red, I guess from being in the foreskin most of the time. Dale, the manager, seemed very excited that he was not circumcised.

Me on the other hand, I am thick, heavily muscled, broad shouldered with light brown skin and dark brown fine hair and grey eyes. I have a light coating of brown hair on my chest tapering down to my pubis where there is a mass of curly brown hair over my cock.

My cock isn’t as long as Jimmy’s being just 7 inches, but it is thick, almost 6 inches around and 2 inches across. As my daddy said, “That boy’s got a big dick, better learn how to use it.” As for my balls, they’re about the size of chicken eggs nesting in a big ball sack. I did as daddy directed, so that once I work my cock into a girl, I can make her cum like a cannon, over and over. As for this little movie business, I wasn’t nearly so sure.

Dale busied himself setting up the room and then straightening up as well. At his instructions we spread our towels out and settled into the sofa. I was feeling very strange, so was Jimmy who was beginning to sweat. Damn good thing we were still buzzing. Then Dale came over with two big glasses of tequila and said, “Down the hatch, it’ll help you relax.” So down it went.

We sat there slowly stroking our soft cocks, when three men opened the door and came into the room. “Just relax boys, these fellows are my investors, they like to watch sometimes and they really like soldiers, so just relax.” With that they walked around and sat down on the desktop about 3 feet in front of us, apparently they did not want to miss anything.

Dale clicked on the cameras, started some nice background music and opened a door in his bookcase revealing a big screen television showing us some very good quality high definition porn, “It’s inspirational,” he said “you guys start anytime. Oh yeah, go ahead an spread your legs out nice and wide so I can get a good shot between your legs, we want to see those swinging balls.”

Jimmy looked at me and said, “Come on man, let’s get this over with.” So we leaned back, spread our legs wide allowing our balls to fall down over the edge of the sofa and started stroking as we stared at the big titted girl sucking cock on the big screen.”

Pretty soon we were both hard and I started to feel inspired, I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, after a minute or two, I felt warmth on my balls. I opened üsküdar escort my eyes to see that one of the observers has eased off the desktop and was kneeling between my legs just inches from my cock and balls staring with laser like intensity at my swollen cock which had begun leaking pre-cum. “What the hell?” I said.

“Easy, easy guys, the fellows are just fascinated with your great looking cocks, don’t worry let’em look all they want, its OK.” Just then the grey headed fellow kneeling between my legs leaned forward took my cock in-hand at the base and sucked the pre-cum into his mouth. Then he leaned back and said, “Don’t stop now, we don’t want to waste anything.”

I never thought I was queer, but that excited me and I became even harder and my balls bunched tighter to my ass as I resumed stroking. I stroked for several minutes and every little bit my man would lean in, gently suck off my pre-cum and I’d get even hotter. In the meantime much the same thing was happening to Jimmy, except his man had taken off all his clothes and was stroking his little cock, it appeared to be about the size of a roll of quarters, and when he was not sucking pre-cum, he was nuzzling Jimmy’s balls with his nose as he stroked himself. Then, suddenly, leaned over Jimmy’s cock, opened wide and took it all into his mouth right down to the roots of Jimmy’s cock hair, sucking powerfully.

I watched Jimmy’s hips buck and thrust upward, then he took the man’s head in his hands and start fucking his mouth with abandon. I could hear the man gagging and choking as Jimmy fucked his mouth, then Jimmy pulled back and slammed his cock down his throat and shot load after load of cum into his stomach as he shouted “aaaah, aaaah, ooooh fuck!”

Then Jimmy fell limply back onto the sofa and I watched Dale walk over, he was naked from the waist down, his cock bobbing and dancing in front of him. It was a pretty standard cock, 6 or so inches long about an inch thick, he was stroking it and smearing pre-cum over its length.

He stepped up to Jimmy, took his head in his hands and said, “Open up and suck!” Jimmy’s mouth fell open and he shoved his cock inside to the base, his balls bouncing on Jimmy’s chin, “Suck it, suck it bitch.” And Jimmy sucked, he sucked like the girl in the porn movie, he bobbed and sucked and moaned. In just seconds Dale was shooting cum into his mouth and fucking his face nice and steady. I watched as he pulled is cock out and scooped up bits of stray cum off Jimmy’s face and slipped it back into Jimmy’s mouth, saying, “Suck it man, keep sucking.” And he did just that.

I felt my cock completely encompassed by a hot mouth, which I promptly filled with a huge load of boiling cum. The feeling was so intense, to keep it going longer I held the grey haired man’s face firmly in my hands and stood-up softly fucking, short strokes, sealing his lips to my pubis, allowing my cock to wallow in his cum filled mouth. As the intensity eased, I slid my cock out and smeared it over his face marking my territory.

My cock was still hard; I stood there with my cock jutting out and stretched my body to my full height. The grey haired man plopped back on his butt and I could see that he’d squirted quite a bit of cum on the floor in front of him. I looked over at Jimmy who was quietly sucking Dale’s cummy cock and realized I needed more.

The third visitor was an older dark haired man, small, maybe 5’3″ and slight. He sat watching me with bright fevered eyes. I beckoned to him and he slipped off the desk walking over to me, “wanta’ fuck?” I said. He just looked at me so I told him to get his clothes off. In short order he stripped off his clothing and stood in front of me naked, pale and small … little dick, little balls, little round ass … I stepped away from the sofa and pulled him over and into a small chair, his mouth was just cock height.

He licked his lips and looked nervously into my eyes as I pushed my cock into his little mouth, it was tight, I could only get the cockhead into his mouth. “Start licking and sucking, don’t stop until I tell you too, understand?” He nodded slightly and began servicing my cockhead; I felt a surge of power as he slipped his hands around my butt cheeks and slipped a finger into my asshole, nice and slow, he worked his finger in, never slacking on his cock service.

After a few moments I felt a another set of hands push my butt cheeks apart and remove my man’s finger, it was the man who serviced Jimmy. He spread my cheeks wide, placing his nose high in my crack and began to lick and suck my asshole, literally pushing his tongue into my hole, it was lovely. After a few minutes I felt a knot begin to form in my stomach and fire begin to spread to my cock. Immediately I pulled out of the little man’s mouth and told him to bend over and spread’um. I put my hand in front of his mouth, telling him, “Spit.”

I took the fluid and spread it around and into his tiny puckered butt hole and began working my cock inside his little ass. Oh lordy, it was tight. It took a while until finally I felt full cockhead penetration, then slowly, slowly I worked my entire cock into his rectum until I was fully imbedded as I enjoyed my asshole being serviced. When his rectum relaxed I began to work it in and out until finally I found myself pounding his little bottom as he moaned, groaned, begged me to stop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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