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Office Encounter

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My name is Anna, I’m a freelance writer always hunting for a good story preferably finding those in my own life, which is due to my desire and attraction to men. I don’t make my choice on look or style, on wealth or success, the only thing that counts to me is the ability to give me an exceptional moment of pleasure, something different, something outstanding, something that I will always remember and that will worth to be written down.

One of these men is Dave. He is a software analyst, working in one of those huge office complexes in the heart of the city. We had been knowing each other for more than a year but only met occasionally. Some months had passed since our last meeting when I thought it might be an idea to check out how he’s working.

So I was standing in the middle of the office, smiling at the secretary, telling her that I wanted to see her boss. She was asking me if I had an appointment which I denied. At that time he suddenly entered the room, looking at me in complete surprise. Sure he was never ever expecting me to be here at all. He just waved at me telling me to come to his office. I walked on over and closed the door behind me, locking it. He was standing there at the window, staring at me, not saying a word, me still at the door, waiting.

Then, at a sudden, he crossed the room quickly, grabbing for my arm and my hips, pulling me closely, kissing my mouth hardly, his tongue forcing between my lips pushing inside deeply, pressing me to the wall with his body. One of his hands wandering from my hips to my kaçak iddaa ass, the other hand being in my neck making it impossible to move my head away. I started forgetting about everything, only feeling the need for letting go and just living for this moment.

I began returning his kiss, sucking on his lips, softly first, tasting it with the tip of my tongue, then harder, searching for his tongue to play with one another. I was pressing my body close to his, moving my hips on him, feeling his dick growing hard against me, my hands moving under his shirt to feel for his skin, scratching his back, slowly running my nails over it from his shoulders down to his ass, up and down. Then he was ripping off my shirt, uncovering my tits, running his hands over it, pinching my nipples to make me shiver in anticipation. My hand went down to feel for his dick, moving over it through his pants to feel how it was all big and hard already.

Then he suddenly pushed me through the room to the table, making me sit on it, lifting my skirt to reveal that I was not wearing anything beneath it, showing my pussy wet of all the juices that were already running down my legs. He opened his pants quickly, taking his dick in his hand, showing me that it was all up and grown big, pushing it inside me as hard as he could, making me scream as I felt it going inside deep, stretching my pussy wide. He started fucking me like crazy, pushing in and out hardly, me raising my hips up to make him come in as deep as possible.

At a sudden he was pulling back out of me, catching kaçak bahis me from the table to turn me around. So I was standing there, my arms on the table, my legs spread wide, feeling his hands on my pussy covering his fingers with my juices, spreading the wetness from my pussy between my legs to my ass, then again pushing his dick inside my pussy from behind but now fucking very slowly back and forth, deep inside and almost completely out again, going on and on, his hands grabbing for my tits to hold it and squeeze it with every move.

Then he pulled out again, now only moving his dicks between my legs, rubbing it on my pussy, making it completely wet, touching my ass with the tip of it, going between the cheeks and moving from my ass to my pussy back and forth slowly but without interrupting, spreading the wetness everywhere between my ass and pussy. Then suddenly he held back, holding his dick close to my ass only touching it lightly, then in one move thrusting his dick inside my ass hardly, just for staying deep inside, his balls touching the cheeks of my ass, not moving, but his hands wandering to my pussy, beginning to massage my clit with his fingers, making me move my body on his finger to receive more of its pleasure.

Then he began moving his dick slowly first , his fingers pushing inside my pussy at the same time, then going harder, his fingers still moving in and out of my pussy rubbing my clit faster. I was moving my hips, pushing back and forth hardly, pressing his hand to my pussy, making it move harder and faster on me, illegal bahis having his fingers fucking me deeply and his palm rotating over my clit, my other hand going over my tits, squeezing them and up to my mouth, fucking it with my fingers, sucking on them, starting to scream out loudly as I was cumming hard on him, slipping down on the floor, making him letting go of me.

He was leaning to the table, his dick still in its full erection covered with my wetness. I was crawling forward to him, kneeling in front of him, taking his dick in my hand and slowly starting to suck on its tip, then moving my tongue all over it to lick all my juices from him, then taking it all in my mouth, sucking it hardly with my lips covering it, my tongue moving on it quickly, my hand between his legs caressing his balls, finally letting go to lick down his dick towards his balls, licking over them and between his legs to his ass, pushing my tongue between it, back and forth from his ass to his balls going faster and faster thrusting my tongue as deep between his cheeks as possible.

Then again licking up to his dick, over it and up to his stomach, pressing my tits to his dick, taking it with my hand to move it over my nipples, striking it with my hand while pressing it between my tits, then moving my hands to his ass holding it tightly and my mouth down on his dick again taking it all in, pushing it deep inside, sucking harder and faster, feeling his dick growing still harder, hearing him breathing hardly, and then feeling him shooting in my mouth, tasting and drinking all of his cum, not letting go of his dick as he kept filling my mouth, making it run down from my lips to my body. Finally both collapsing on the floor feeling absolutely free and relieved.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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