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Office Orgasm

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Accidental Nudity

You have got to be the horniest woman I have ever known!

We met a few months ago, and seemed to hit it off right away. Since we both worked for the same company, we saw each other several times during the week, mostly in a work group or around others, but we always had time to chat. On some occasions when we were alone we would talk of personal matters and got to become friends. The fact that there was at least ten years difference in our age did not seem to matter.

As our talks progressed, we talked about each other’s home life, you being married, and I having a girlfriend. As things went on we got deeper into sexual areas of our lives. You began to confide in me telling of your lack of closeness with your husband. As I listened to you I was drawn closer to you, feeling more and more comfortable with you. Soon I tell you about my girlfriend and our troubles.

One day, after our morning meeting, we planed to meet out on the patio area in the middle of the buildings during our lunch hour. It was no different then any other day, but something seemed different. Was it the sunshine or the outfit you had on? I had always been attracted to you but today I felt something stir inside me, was it your outfit, or the wink you gave me after the meeting. Either way you looked hot. You had on a red low cut blouse with a black suit jacket over it and a tight black skirt that was kadıköy escort thigh length.

We met at the patio as we had planned and sat at one of the tables in the sun. I did not notice at the time but there were very few others around us. As we sat and talked I saw you shifting a lot in your seat.

I asked’ “Are you ok, you seem uncomfortable?”

You looked me in the eye and smiled, and not a friendly smile, this was a sexy evil smile. It was then that you told me that you never wear panties. Of coarse my eyes dropped to your crotch. As I looked up, you looked me in the eye and smiled deeply, I turned a bit red. It was the look in your eyes that calmed me.

I took the hint from your vibes and said, “I would like to see.”

We both looked around and saw no one was in the area. You did not say a word, but then slid your skirt up your thigh to prove to me you did not wear panties. It was like slow motion as I watched till I could see it was true, I saw your bare lips between your legs and a tufted of fur above. It was all I could do to stop myself from diving in.

She pulled her skirt down and asked me, “What do you think?”

I just looked at her, stunned for a second, then said,

“So, when do I get to taste it?”

“Soon I hope”, she replied, then got up and headed üsküdar escort back inside saying nothing more. I felt you were a Tease.

The following week we saw each other many times at work and talked of sex and personal pleasures. It was then that you told me of your secret pleasures. You told me about how you sat at your desk and fantasize about sex, fingering yourself till you had to go to the bathroom to clean up. You would tell me about the toys you used to get yourself off at work and home. Why did you tease me so? You knew I wanted to fuck you, even though I have never said so.

Due to my business trips, it was days later when we talked again. You were getting ready to leave for the night and I had to work late that day. I was sitting outside on the front walk when I saw you walk out. You saw me and stopped to say hello. We chatted about my trip and general small talk as others passed by.

With a smile you asked, “Will you walk me to my car?”

“It would be my pleasure,” I said with a smirk.

As we got to your car you turned to me and told me you had a bad day and needed some stress relief. I saw a gleam in your eye.

I asked, “What do you have in mind?”

All you said was “Get In!”

I did not know what to think, but was getting hard just thinking about it. You started the car and drove off the lot tuzla escort from work. You knew I had to be back to work soon and not far from the lot at work you pulled into a vacant lot out of site.

As soon as you shut off the car you were on me. Our lips crushed together as if we were starving for each other, and we were. My cock was hard, straining against my pants. It did not take you long before you had released it. Before I knew it you had my pants down and my cock deep in your lips. You were sucking me so hard and fast, I could not breath. I made myself focus just enough to undo your blouse and bra. You sat up, as you did I threw them to the floor, then lying back on the van floor, you pulled your skirt up. Even in the dim light I could see your pussy was open and very wet, and shaven bald!

“Fuck Me!” was all you said.

I did not stop to think or second-guess; I plunged in, deep and hard. We both let out a gasp, and then you gripped my ass pushing me in deeper. I was not going to stop now; I pumped you hard and fast. Your squeals urged me on, I would slow then you would grip my ass harder pulling me in. Your breath was short, almost like panting. I knew I would cum soon.

I tried to pull out as I said, ” I’m gonna cum!”

You pulled me in deep, as I shot my load into you. You milked my cock till it emptied its load inside you. I could feel your pussy gripping my cock, gripping it till you were done. You then pushed me back and dove onto my cock with your mouth, sucking all the rest from me as well as your cream. My balls ached but felt so good. We kissed and dressed, and then you drove me back to work. As you dropped me off you winked and said’ “We will do this again.” Then you drove off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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