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On A Rainy Summer Afternoon Ch. 02

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The news that Laura was pregnant with my child wasn’t really a surprise despite the fact it still hit me hard. While we stood on opposite sides of the fence dividing our backyards I wanted so much to take her in my arms and calm the fears that had to be running rampant through her mind. But that would be impossible, mainly because our respective kids were outside playing together and there was the fact that her husband, Kevin, and my wife, Emily, would be home within the hour. Not to mention there was always the chance one of the neighbors in our subdivision might see something with us standing outside in broad daylight.

All we could do was continue our pleasant and totally innocent conversation until Laura said she had to go inside to make dinner. Although we did have a chance to coordinate the schedules of our respective spouses so we could plan a time for our next secret rendezvous.

“Kevin and the woman he’s seeing behind my back will leaving for Atlanta next week and my real estate broker wants me to show a few houses at the same time,” Laura said referring to real estate agency where she works part-time.

“Perfect,” I said, “I can call my boss and take the on-call pager for one of my buddies. Plus, Emily will be in conferences all next week which will force her to work late.” Being a computer technician had provided me with almost as much leeway for our affair as Laura’s real estate job. Being on-call meant I had to provide my company’s clients with twenty-four/seven service if one of their servers or computers went down. An after hours call could mean anything from a quick reboot to several hours sweating through possible hardware or software issues. Luckily, the calls I got hit with almost always turned out to be something quick and easy to fix. So easy it was company policy to not even write up such service calls in an effort butter up our clients. Since Emily showed little concern about my work-related absences, as long as our two boys were safe, I could be gone for hours.

Time eventually forced us both inside our houses so we could go through the motions of the normal evening routine with our families. All that night all I could do was think of Laura and wish our time would come sooner. The only thing I could really think about was the last time Laura and were together.


It had almost been two months since the last time we had any time alone. The competing demands of our families and jobs had gotten so bad during that period that we almost agreed on taking some dangerous chances just to be together. For me, it was the weekend my infuriating in-laws were visiting and for Laura, she almost demanded we see each other when our kids didn’t have an afternoon activity. One of the things you quickly learn during an illicit affair is that keeping it secret is both an art form and combined acts of discipline for those involved.

When the day of our tryst finally arrived Laura was waiting for me at the little apartment we used. It was located in a building she had described as the type rich people kept to house their mistresses. The building was not an actual luxury address, those were in a different part of town, but it was clearly upscale offering both easy access to two major highways along with a sense of seclusion given the numerous trees and hills surrounding it. Laura said her real estate coworkers joked that unless you knew the building existed you would never find it and if a suspicious wife did, a cheating husband could quickly escape and be on the other side of town in minutes.

It was a Saturday morning with my wife thinking I was on a repair call. In actuality one of my buddies at work, who had me run a cover story during his own affair months back, had called the house asking if I could help him with a difficult issue. With the kids already staying at my parent’s house for the weekend, it was a relief to Emily to have me doing something as well.

I quickly ran to the nearest elevator after parking my car in the attached garage and then hurried down the spartan hallway to the door of the apartment and knocked. This particular apartment was officially owned by a local corporation that let Laura’s real estate office occasionally sublet for short periods. Which Laura told me meant that the man who used it was between mistresses.

Laura quickly opened the door and let me in and immediately threw herself into my arms. “Oh god, how I have missed you,” she said. I then took a moment to look over my istanbul escort beautiful illicit lover. Laura was wearing a bright and crisp white blouse and a conservative dark red skirt, the perfect apparel for a real estate agent.

“You’ve been all I could think about for days.” I said in return. “How long are we safe today?” I asked after kissing her again.

“Kevin is not expecting me home until late this evening. He’s got Jacob and they have driven to Atlanta to see a football game.”

“Emily is busy working at home and with the kids gone won’t think of me for hours, and I’ve got Bill from work providing a cover story.”

With what had become our initial ritual of figuring out how long we had together Laura kissed me again and then fell to her knees. She then began to undo my belt and unbuttoning my pants. It only took her a second to then grab hold of my underwear and pull everything down below my knees. Laura then grabbed my dick and promptly slide it into her mouth. There was simply no way to describe the sensation of her full and luscious lips sliding along my now throbbing cock. The way she used her tongue to play with my dick as she sucked it only added icing to an already fabulous cake. Had she gone on much longer I would have come in her mouth then passed out and fallen to the floor.

Laura had come to my body very well during our affair and quickly stopped. “Not yet baby,” she said after licking my dick like a lollipop, “our fun is just beginning.” She then jumped up and ran to the bedroom unbuttoning her blouse as she walked away, “Just don’t stand there Jason, get undressed and come fuck me. But I will warn you, I’m ready to try something crazy.”

I quickly shed the rest of my clothes and followed her into the bedroom. The bed itself was king sized but in all our uses of that apartment we hardly ever had sex on it. No, what drove Laura crazy was the fact that the bedroom had a huge plate glass that opened up on a forested area. She loved to have sex on the grossly plush carpet next the window safe in the knowledge that no one outside could see us. I didn’t argue, but the carpet and window seemed to prove the point the whole building was a collection of secret love nests meant for the rich.

Laura had already laid down on the carpet and was lustfully smiling at me. “You know,” she said, “there was something I wanted to try when Kevin and I were dating but I didn’t have the courage.”

“What’s that?” I said laying down beside her and beginning to run my eager hands over her body.

“I wanted someone to try anal penetration on me,” she confessed half shyly. With that she reached underneath the bed and pulled out what looked like a short dildo and a tube of some special lubricant.

“Kevin and you never tried this?” I asked while one of my hands rubbed her clit.

“No,” she said after letting loose with a slight gasp, “I wanted to but back then he was so straitlaced and formal about sex, to him doing it doggy style was something adventurous.”

“Really,” I said thinking back to that rainy summer afternoon when we began lovers. Before that I had always thought Laura was the prude of that family.

“Whatever you want baby,” I said to Laura before moving down to position myself between her legs. From our first encounter that rainy summer afternoon I had noticed that Laura liked to keep the hairs around her pussy neatly trimmed. Since then Laura had trimmed her pubic hairs now to a bare minimum, she said it was because she knew how much it excited me. It was true, but not exactly for the reason she thought.

While it was true Laura had come to know my body and what brought me to orgasm, I could easily do the same to her. In fact I often thought I played her body like master musician might a violin. That day on the carpet I pushed my tongue and lips as deeply into her pussy as I could go while sucking. Her wetness almost flooded my mouth but I was rewarded by the deepest moan I had ever heard her utter. This only excited me more and I grabbed her hips to add leverage so I could go deeper. This time she screamed and ran the fingers of both hands through my hair. As I felt the lips of her pussy swell I pulled back just enough to suck on her clit while I began running two of my fingers in and out of her pussy. As I picked up speed with my thrusts I felt her arch her back. I looked up just enough to see that she now was using her hands avcılar escort to squeeze both of her tits hard.

“Harder…” she pleaded a few times and I responded like the crazed man I had become. When she came it rocked her body so hard it seemed like a seizure leaving her breathless. I crawled back up to lay next her again and all we did for several moments was look into each others eyes.

“Turn over,” I said grabbing the crazy looking butt plug and the lubricant.

“Oh god baby, I don’t know if I’m ready. What you just did to me was amazing.” She said running one of her hands down my chest.

“We’ll see,” I said, “now turn over.” Laura complied nervously spreading her legs wide enough to allow fr our experiment to begin. Wherever she got the lub it seemed designed for what we were about to do so I squirted out a good-sized blob of the stuff and used one of my index fingers to spread it around her butt hole. The butt plug was divided into three sections each an inch long and ended with a wide circular base, to prevent it going up any further.

“The guy at the sex shop said this one for beginners.” Laura said as I inserted the tip into her ass. Several minutes went by before the first section was inside her.

“You okay baby?” I asked.

“Yeah, it was scary at first but I’m liking the feeling,” she said smiling back at me.

The second section went in quicker and it was then I saw the dreamy look on her face telling me she was actually enjoying it. “More Jason, I want it in all the way,” she said as her breathing increased.

The final third went in with the base of the butt plug resting up against her body. The look on her face was a combination of both pain and pleasure with the latter winning out. “Oh baby, this is intense,” she said getting up on her knees. “I want you to fuck me now.”

I turned over on my back while she maneuvered to straddle me above my dick. She slowly lowered her body allowing my cock to slide insider her savoring the sensation of having her pussy and butt penetrated. Laura placed her hands on my chest for stability and slowly began grinding her pussy on my dick. “If I had know anal sex was like this I would have had you do it to me that afternoon on my deck.” Again referring to the day we first became lovers.

I tried to thrust upward but she stopped me. “No baby you be still, this is mine alone,” she said while still grinding her pelvis into me. What happened next was a sort of a dance of lust. Laura became consumed by the two sensations inside her. Our relationship had always been a combination of dirty lust and loneliness originating from our unhappy marriages. But as she danced above me I felt something shift, we began looking into each others eyes with a depth that went beyond anything we had shared before. It was like reality had been suspended leaving nothing but that room and us.

When Laura climaxed this time it seemed to last forever and she savored every second until her body was exhausted until she collapsed on top of me. “I want you to take all of me Jason.” She said laying on my chest with our sweat mixing.

“What babe, I don’t understand,” I said stroking her hair.

“I’ve had to go off the pill for a while, you know female reasons. So I wasn’t going to let you cum inside me this occasion. But I want you to take all of me.” What can I say, there are just some moments in life where commonsense and reason do not have roles to play in the affairs of men and women. So we both rolled over so Laura was now laying on the floor while I was laying on top of her using my arms to keep some of my weight off her.

We kissed deeply drawing every bit of energy we both had as I began slowly thrusting inside her. She moaned and gasped in way that I have never heard. “Lover, make my body yours,” she whispered in my ear before sticking her tongue inside it. “That’s it baby,” she whispered further as my thrusts quickened, “more, that’s it, more.”

When I came, I could feel myself empty out inside her in way that almost promised she would get pregnant. Although at our ages there was every reason to believe it wouldn’t be easy. I was the one exhausted now and I rolled off her but not before she looked at me and whispered, “I love you.”

After that I removed the butt plug and we both got up on the bed to rest while just holding each other. That wasn’t the last time we made love that day but each time Laura had me cum inside her şirinevler escort to the point we both realized the possibility that now existed that could upend our secret relationship nine months later.

Night had fallen when we finally went our separate ways with us both promising to talk when we had time. Emily barely registered my return and I went to bed beginning to plan how I would tell her that I wanted to end our meaningless marriage.


When the day arrived for our next rendezvous to discuss the news of her being pregnant with my child I was scared shitless. For the past several days something seemed to be going on at their house but whatever it was neither Kevin nor Laura were saying anything during the few times I saw them outside. Even their child Jacob seemed not to know what was going on when I asked as he played with my boys.

It was all answered though when I arrived at the apartment. As soon as Laura opened the door I could tell something huge in our relationship had changed. The welcoming kiss, while deep, had none of the passion I had come to expect.

“What’s wrong Laura?” I asked as we both sat on the couch.

Laura hesitated in a way that scared me even further. “The only way I know how to say this Jason is just to blurt everything out. Kevin knows about the baby, he found one of my pregnancy tests in the trash and immediately assumed he’s the father.”

For a brief moment my soul felt deeply cut when I remembered that Kevin still occasionally had sex with Laura to cover up for the fact he was having his own affair with a coworker. But like I fool I quickly realized that wasn’t the point Laura was beginning to make.

“He’s changed Jason, the news about the baby so completely shocked him that he admitted to the affair he was having then broke down and cried at everything he had taken for granted like me and Jacob. He begged me to forgive him and pleaded that we try and work everything out for our family.”

“What did you tell him?” I asked already knowing the answer.

With that Laura kissed me gently and then smashed my heart into a million pieces. “At first I said no, that our marriage was too badly wrecked but as the days passed by he ended his affair and then he became the man I first married. But it was Jacob that pushed me over the edge, he still doesn’t know about the baby but he said something the other day that hit me hard. He said it was great having dad pay attention to him again and he wondered what was the cause. Jason, I can’t destroy my son’s happiness even though I love you more deeply than I ever imagined I could.”

The handwriting was on the wall and while I wanted nothing more than bust up the apartment I surrendered to the fact it would solve nothing. We talked for a couple of hours discussing how we were to handle the ending of our affair. Mainly it revolved around how we were supposed to act in front of other people. As we parted ways I did make Laura promise that if Kevin went back to his old habits we would leave both our spouses. She agreed but I knew it was an empty promise.

Months passed and the usual events occurred, like Laura telling my wife Emily that she was pregnant. At the same time Kevin told me as well and it was hardest thing I had ever done sitting on the deck where Laura and I first fucked listening to him say how happy his family was now that another child was on the way. Adding soul crushing insult to further grievous injury my wife, Emily volunteered both of us to take Kevin and Laura got for dinner that night.

I played it like an Academy Award winning actor but after it was all over went to bed that night thinking about suicide. But the bombshells for me weren’t over, a month before the baby was due to arrive news filtered over to my house through Jacob that they were moving. It turned out Kevin had accepted the offer of a transfer to escape the repercussions of having an affair with a coworker. So literally weeks before my baby with Laura was due to arrive Kevin, her, and Jacob drove off.

We still hear from them occasionally, mainly through letters and phone calls Emily and Laura exchange. See Emily had always felt Laura was her best friend but I am totally out of the loop. After months of depression that I carefully hid from everyone I’ve accepted my situation in life. I even tried to rekindle something with Emily but it failed miserably, she is happy with the way things are between us. So now I just wait for something to change and the way things are going my best guess it will be my son’s with Emily growing up and leaving the house. When that happens I will be free and I will do my best to salvage something of my life.

But there are moments during the summer when I’m alone and a sudden rainstorm moves through and think of nothing but my lost Laura.

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