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On The Bed

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I am working at my computer. I am typing away getting some much needed work done at home, away from the office and all the distractions that befuddle me there. We have a small place, a one bedroom flat, so my computer is in the bedroom next to the bed. It’s cozy and out of the way in the living room and allows me a choice bit of privacy while I get my work done. Tonight is a long night, I’ve been at it for the past four hours and I’m starting to see cross-eyed. My spread sheets are starting to meld together and I am taking a lot of time sorting out the different formulas on each. I’m tired and I know this has to be done before the morning, but I just want to knock off for a bit and stretch.

That’s when Ana comes in. She is a lovely, long legged woman with dark hair and a lean body. She’s tired too, and wants to get some sleep.

“Do you mind if I just lay down a bit, I won’t bother you at work, I promise.”

“Sure, go right ahead, I should be done before to long.”

So as I am figuring out the sales forecast for nest year using an impossibly complicated formula and a host of data that would boggle anyone’s mind she is reading herself for bed.

I am locked into a series of figures of per sku sales data on selected key indicators of the past three years, to get a variance factor for predicting the production need for the next two quarters. I have to stare at the figures a while before I recognize them as numbers and then just a bit longer to ask myself what to do with them. I rub my eyes from the strain and catch a glimpse of Ana as she walks into the room. She is wearing a near see through shirt long enough to be a mini skirt and it’s made of a lacy type of material. Through the holes in the weave you can see her skin and the curve of her breast and she isn’t wearing any panties. The dark, thick thatch of her pubic hair is hidden by the light veil of her evening wear. As she turns to brush her hair as she sits on the edge of the bed, I see the full curve of her ass, delicate and petite, as she carefully plants herself on the edge of the bed. Her hair is long, down to the lower back and she has it gathered over one shoulder as she is brushing it.

“Yes,” she asks as she notices me staring at her?

“Nothing,” I say, “Just watching you brush your hair.”

She smiles at me, “How sweet”, she says, and continues to brush her hair.

The spell is broken for a bit and I dive back into some of the key economic factors present in today’s economy and try to guess what the trend of sales will be in the next six months. This is time consuming work and it takes a lot of concentration. One mistake and you’ll have five times as many widgets as needed or worse, no widgets at all to sell.

I hear the pages of a book she is reading being turned bahis siteleri and I gaze at her for a moment. Her night shirt is riding far up on her and the hem is just below the pubic hair, yet I can count them from where I sit. The dark aureoles are visible through the night shirt and the slight pink coloring of her nipple show through. She doesn’t notice me staring at her beauty as she flips another page of her book.

Again the spell is broken and I am back to estimating the raw material needs and staffing needs for next year.

I hear her softly snore a bit and look to see she has fallen asleep with the book still in her hands. She is propped up against the head board with a few pillows behind he for comfort and her legs are spread wide apart and the night shirt is now above the pubic hair. The book she is reading is covering her womanhood just ever so slightly. Rising up I feel all my joints creak and pop and I stretch a bit. I carefully take the book from her hands and place it on the night table. Then I just look at her on the bed. She is breathing evenly and the slow rise and fall of her chest produces a mesmerizing effect as I watch her nipples move. Her dark hair fanned out about her face and shoulders and the dark black pubic hair gently rising above the hem of her night dress.

I am through working for the night and I take of my shirt and pants. As I stand there in my boxers I debate what to do next. Then I remember that in the night table drawer is one of her play toys. I get an idea.

I climb on to the bed next to her careful not to wake her up. I take the long dildo and gently move it along her inner thigh up to the dark triangle of hair and back down the other thigh, and back again. She moves ever so slightly in her sleep and she lets out a long exhale. When she breathes back in her chest seems to absorb all the available oxygen and her breast swell and fall with her breathing. She begins to move her hands toward her pussy and she begins to lightly caress her clitoris in her sleep. I hold the dildo just inside the reach of her free hand and she absently moves her hand against it and grabs it. I begin to play with her nipples through her night shirt and she slowly opens her eyes and looks at me with a lust I have never seen before. She moves her hand to touch my face and realizes that she has her dildo in her hand. She is momentarily confused and at that moment she realizes that she is rubbing herself and that she is very aroused.

“May I join you,” I ask.

She smiles a little and lets out a breath, “maybe in a few minutes”, she answers. She then begins to suck on the dildo while escalating her rubbing. With her own spit on the dildo she slides the tip of it between the lips of her pussy a few times and turns to me, “You like canlı bahis siteleri watching this don’t you?”

“Very much,” I say, “but I still want to join in.”

“Just wait a moment, honey I’ll let you know when it’s time.”

She inserts the dildo into her just slightly and she begins to pull and rub her nipples and breasts. She closes her eyes and dips the dildo a little deeper into and out again. She flips between rubbing her breasts and her clitoris as she slides the dildo in and out of her, going the full length of the dildo. Her breathing is rapid and the heave of her chest is mighty. Her nipples are standing at attention and she is fully engaged. She slides the dildo hand around and under her leg for a better position and digs her heels into the bed spread with her knees up. She is moving the dildo faster now and she is wet, I can hear her wetness against the hardness of the dildo. The scent of her rises to my nostrils and I find that I am fully aroused.

She stops for a moment and begins to tug at her night dress and I help her off with it and she, by way of thanks, slides her hand up and down my hardness before she resumes what she started.

She gets into a squatting position and tells me to hold the dildo steady for her as she uses my back as her support. I do as she wishes and she begins to squat onto and off of the dildo while she is rubbing her clit. She is taking the dildo up to the hilt and I can feel her wet pubic hair as it touched my fist. She is fully aroused and making sounds with each squat she makes and she is moving faster and faster and faster. Until she squats onto the dildo and grinds herself onto it as she arches her back and claws into my back with her support hand. She bounces up and down on the dildo several more times before she comes to a rest again and grinds on it. She then releases a long exhale and moan at the same time and she looks at me with eyes that are cloudy with sex.

“Now I might need you,” she says with a smile.

She motions for me to take off my boxer shorts and she settles herself onto the bed, removing the dildo but keeping it close.

“I want you to lick my pussy and work the dildo into my ass at the same time, while I suck you off,” she is all business and wants her way. The idea sounds good to me and we got started.

We lay side to side facing each other, my head buried between her legs and she between mine. As I sucked and licked her I worked the dildo in and around her anus, wetting it with her own juices when I inserted it into her vagina. She took me in hand and licked the length of my shaft and sucked my balls and then she took as much of me into her mouth as humanly possible. I worked the dildo into her anus and she moaned loudly with a mouthful of me in her. I worked canlı bahis the dildo slowly at first so as not to hurt or rupture her and I heard her muffled cries as she greedily took me in. She wrapped her leg around my head as I sucked on her and she began to grind against the dildo. She was having trouble keeping up with my dick in her mouth so she took me out and, with her breathing in gasps, she rubbed my cock across her face, moaning loudly. She clamped her leg across my head and she vibrated with a powerful orgasm, pushing herself deep onto the dildo. I was tugging at her clit with my teeth.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed and she lowered herself onto my dick and as I slid into her ass I could feel her muscles tighten around my rock hard shaft. As she raised and lowered herself onto me I used the dildo to insert into her fully wet pussy. She was screaming in pleasure and I thought she would burst a lung with the way she was breathing. She would lower herself onto me and grind while letting out a guttural noise and like a spring she would rise up pulling the skin on my cock tight and shooting pleasure through me like a knife. As she went up I would insert the dildo fully into her and as she came back down I would withdraw it.

By the sounds she was making I could no longer tell if she was in a continuous orgasm or just reveling in pure lust. Either way we were on automatic pilot moving as if one together. She began to strain as she moved and it was time to change positions. She dismounted me and leaned onto the bed with her knees on the floor. I again entered her ass and began to pound her for all I was worth. She growled in pleasure and gripped the bedspread and pulled it toward her as I worked her. Each time I entered her to the hilt there was the sound of slapping flesh as I withdrew only to return seconds later. I think it was her that screamed first as the first hot stream of semen spewed forth into her anal cavity, then I let out a wail as more of my juices flowed forth. As I continued to pound her until I had drained myself, cum was seeping out of the sides of her anus and onto her wet pussy and down the sides of her legs and dripping from her pubic hair onto the floor. I came to rest in a heap on top of her, still inside of her barley able to breathe. She too was breathless and horse from her animal grunting and moaning. Both of us bathed in our own sweat.

She pulled out from under me and got to the floor and took me into her mouth once again and sucked all the cum off my dick, and then just admired my shaft and her wetness and reveled in her own lust.

We crawled back onto the bed and amidst the ruble of the bedspread and sheets we held each other close. When we were able to breathe normal again I laid onto my back feeling sated and high from our sex. I put my arm over my forehead and closed my eyes for a second and the next thing I know she is licking me hard again.

“Now for round two,” she said as she took me whole into her mouth.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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