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One Man, One Woman

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Big Dicks

She stands as instructed, her feet slightly apart, her head bowed. Blindfolded, she doesn’t know exactly where he is but she can hear him walking around her, devouring her with his eyes, feasting on her body. She can feel those eyes on her round breasts, her chosen lingerie lifting them higher than they would usually be, her dress showing off more cleavage than she had ever dared before.

Suddenly he steps forward; now she knows he is close behind her, so close she can feel his body pressing against hers. He lifts her hair off the back of her neck and gently kisses her sensitive skin. His hands rest on the top of her shoulders and she steels herself not to turn around. She can feel the heat coursing through her body and wonders if he can feel it too.

His hands slowly make their way down her arms, pinning them to her sides. He continues his assault on her neck with his mouth, kissing her, nipping her ever so slightly with his teeth, teasing her.

He stops and walks round to face her. She knows he is there but still she can see nothing, aware only of the presence of someone standing too close. He touches her with a single finger, drawing a line down her full cleavage. She shivers at his touch yet she feels so hot.

Stepping back he watches the uncertainty on her face as he withdraws his touch. She feels alone, vulnerable, and longs for him to touch her again.

Comforting her, he places his hand on her cheek, smiling to himself as she leans into his caress. He is desperate to take her but knows he must not frighten her. He knows his patience will be rewarded if he can restrain himself.

His hand drops and she realises that she must wait for him, she must surrender her desire to rush into this illicit encounter and take everything at his pace. She knows the anticipation is making her need incredibly urgent but supposes that is exactly what he wants.

Walking behind her again, he steps close, so close now that she can feel him pressing against her. Using every ounce of strength she possesses, she stops herself from pressing back, sure that he would not want that.

He looks down on her, watching her chest heave ever quicker as her breath becomes more and more shallow. His hands trail down across the naked upper part of her breasts and he imagines the half-cut bra she must be wearing.

Sliding his hands over them, he cups her round breasts. Her stance shifts slightly, his slow touch driving her wild. She longs to touch herself, even just to squeeze her thighs together to relieve her torment.

Deciding it is time to turn things up a notch he once again withdraws his hands but her frustration is appeased when she feels him begin to pull down the zip at the back of her dress. The silky material slides off her effortlessly as he brushes the thin straps off her shoulders, just as she hoped it would, and pools around her ankles. Taking her by the upper arms he urges her to take a step forward, away from her discarded dress.

She knows he is looking at her, looking at her almost naked body, and wishes she was younger, fitter, thinner. She cannot see the bulge growing in his trousers; she cannot tell how much he wants her.

Standing before him she cannot see his smile but hopes he is pleased with her choice. She had spent a small fortune on trying to look her best. She hates so much about her body but she knows how to dress it.

Her soft breasts fill her black, lace-trimmed bra and her matching French-cut knickers feel so soft around her bottom. She knows they are wet and suddenly fears that he might be able to see the damp patch between her legs.

He wonders how she managed to choose exactly what he would have wanted her to wear but cannot contain the smile on his face as he looks forward to removing both the bra and the knickers very shortly. The stockings, however, will stay on.

Still standing behind her, he releases the clasp on her bra strap, moving his hands once more over the swell of her breasts, releasing them from their lacy prison as her nipples are finally exposed to the warm air. The both know it is not any sense of cold that has engorged them and he delights in rolling them between his fingers and thumbs.

Moving round to face her again, he lowers his mouth to her chest, his teeth grazing her soft, warm skin. Her heart is pumping fast and he can feel it pulsing beneath his touch. His own body is reacting too and he longs to release his cock and invite it to the party.

While his hands pendik escort move down her sides, his mouth moves lower too, his tongue now circling her nipples. Increasing her torment he reluctantly releases them before kneeling down in front of her. He moves in closer, inhaling her musk as he notices the moistness seeping through her knickers. The intense smell nearly overpowers his restraint and he wants to rip them off immediately before plunging his tongue, his fingers, his cock, deep inside her. He knows, however, that taking his time will be ultimately even more rewarding.

He revels in her whimper as his hands stray to her hips. As he peels the lace from her skin her whimpers become a moan, her whole body shaking before him. Slowly he slides her knickers down, moving his hands round to her ample bottom, sliding the thin material sensuously over her cheeks. As he lets them drop to the floor, leaving her in only her stockings and heels, he finally moves his mouth toward her.

He wants to fuck her but he also needs to taste her. His cock throbs in anticipation but he senses she is not quite ready for that. Not yet. First he needs to make her cum and slowly he moves between her parted thighs. She knows what he is about to do, knows that it has never been done before, not properly, and hopes he will be the one to show her how she should feel.

Taking a moment to relish the sight of her, he relishes her scent again, relishes her arousal. His mouth waters and his cock twitches. Both will be satisfied but it is his mouth that will have its reward first.

His lips brush her pussy with the lightest of kisses and her body jerks with this longed-for, unfamiliar sensation. An almost silent moan escapes her mouth as he presses harder with his own, his tongue joining in as he gently licks the length of her smooth slit. She is just as sweet as he had imagined and he can’t ever imagine moving from that spot. Her juices only inflame his desire even more and he begins to devour her.

His tongue now dives between her swollen lips, searching for her clit. Her moans turns to soft cries of pleasure as he finds it, strokes it, until it too is throbbing. Pulling her tighter to him, while her legs stretch further apart to accommodate him, his teeth scrape across her sensitive nub, overloading her with delight.

Her hands sink into his hair as he lifts his face to hers. The blindfold hides her eyes but her face is a picture of lust, her lips parted slightly. Her obvious passion encourages his mouth and his tongue flicks the swollen button causing her to writhe against his hands.

He senses now is the time to give her more and he slides one hand down, gliding his fingertips along her slit, and easing one solitary finger into her hungry pussy. She feels so tight and her walls vibrate around that finger even before he starts to move it in and out. While his cock impatiently waits, his finger fucks her causing her hips to thrust against him, wanting more, demanding more, needing more.

Introducing a second finger he thrusts harder now, harder and faster. Her moans turn to screams, the sound of her wet pussy filling the room. Her own fingers tighten in his hair, her body thrusting against his fingers just as he thrusts deeper and deeper. His tongue continues its own assault on her flesh, tormenting her clit mercilessly, before sucking it into his mouth one last time, pushing her over the edge as her body begins to tremble uncontrollably in orgasm.

He is making her cum, making her cum with a loss of control she has never known. He wants nothing less for her and will accept nothing less from her. His fingers push ever more forcefully into her cunt, his hand only preparing her for what his cock is longing to do. His lips suck harder on her clit as she reaches her peak, her body tensing as her pussy tightens around his fingers. Her scream nearly frightens him as she pulls even more on his hair, oblivious to what she is doing. Her back arches as she tries to force herself against him as his fingers and tongue continue their combined assault, her hunger matching his.

He wrings every ounce of pleasure from her before her hands relax and she slides to the floor, one hand lowering her gently while his other eases itself reluctantly from her satisfied pussy. He had not intended to let her cum first but now he is glad he did. Now it is his turn. He waits a few moments until her breathing returns to normal then stands.

She kartal escort is too exhausted, too gratified to feel anything. She senses more than hears him getting to his feet and wonders what he will demand from her in return. Before her mind is really working his fingers press into her mouth, coating her tongue with an unfamiliar taste and her mind wakes up when she realises she is tasting herself for the first time. Uncertain of how she should feel, she knows that nothing has happened so far that she has not longed for so she greedily licks his fingers clean. Whatever comes next, she is ready for. Or so she believes.

Sure that she is fully roused, he helps her to rise. As she gets first of all to her knees, she tried to stand but he stops her. Telling her to kneel as he presses down on her shoulders he makes it clear that she should stay in that position. Not knowing what he wants from her, she waits.

When his cock brushes her lips, she knows exactly what he wants. With the lightest of touches she reaches to take hold of him. She wishes she could see him but finally being able to hold him in her hand is enough for the moment. Slowly she glides her fingers up his length and runs her palm over the rough patch of pubic hair at its base. With her other hand she reaches blindly for his balls, cradling them like a precious treasure. Feeling their weight and shape, his cock twitches and she smiles at having pleased him.

She pushes her tongue out from between her pink lips. She raises her head as if she can see him then lowers it again to run her warm tongue up the length of his cock. It moves again and her pussy reacts. She feels herself moisten just as she continues to encourage his growing cock with long, wet swipes of her tongue.

He moans quietly as she finally engulfs his tip in her warm, wet mouth. Her whole body shudders as her juices flow and she can’t help but moan too as she runs the tip of her tongue all around the fat head before starting to suck gently. His cock feels harder and thicker than it ever has as she starts to stroke it and makes love to the soft, wet tip with her mouth. He looks down at her naked breasts, marvelling at how hard, how engorged her nipples look.

She starts to bob her head and he moans again, deeper now, throatier, and he longs to take her head in his hands and thrust. He knows that’s the last thing he should do and satisfies himself with watching her worship his cock with her mouth.

She kisses her way up and down his length, feeling its strength with her lips, her tongue, her cheek and her nose as she rubs it all over her face. Wet and shining, she strokes his cock from bottom to top with her hand as her mouth slides down toward his balls and, with her pink tongue working, she snuggles her face right into them.

This is all new to her but she takes to it like she was born to suck. She wishes she could see his face at that moment as she takes each testicle into her warm mouth in turn. Leaning down even further, without prompting, she ducks her head to lap behind his balls, around the sides, and back up the underside of his cock with a long wet swipe of her tongue.

As she wraps both hands around it now, she smiles to herself as she opens her mouth wide and takes his throbbing cock in again. She can feel it pulse in her hands, keeping them at its base to allow her mouth to swallow as much as she can. Feeling it right at the back of her throat, she forces her head forward while resisting her own urge to gag and to choke.

Unable to resist any further he reaches down, wrapping his fingers in her hair, no longer willing to allow her head to retreat. Now is the time to push down into her tight throat and, each time he pushes, it seems she can allow him to test her that little bit more. He seems so big in her mouth but her mouth has no way of telling if he is bigger than any other man. All she knows is he feels big, he feels thick and her jaws start to ache while her throat protests against the invasion.

She can feel her face redden with the effort, and the gagging makes her eyes water. He watches as the tears run down her cheeks but he knows this is not through fear or alarm. She knows it too as her own juices run down her inner thighs while he takes control of her body and uses her in the very way she has always wanted to be used.

Speeding up now, he begins to fuck her face roughly. He is not moaning now; he is roaring with pleasure as he uses maltepe escort both hands to pull her head even more tightly towards him, forcing his cock that final little bit deeper into her just as it swells with her mouth. Her nose is brushing against his coarse pubic hair as his cum explodes down her throat. Some of it she manages to swallow instinctively but the rest starts to spill out of her mouth. Still he holds her head there until his orgasm is complete and then, his hands entwined in her hair, he pulls her head back, freeing his cock from her throat. She immediately gasps for air and collapses.

He raises her from her knees, guides her on trembling legs, then lays her down on the bed, whispering in her ear. She shudders anew at his words, her throat dry, her pussy moist. He wants her to offer herself to him and this is what she wants too; wants to be taken, wants to be used like never before, wants to finally know what it means to be satisfied.

She listens as he steps back from the bed, sure that he is undressing, longing to see his body, his cock, but knowing that this is the way he wants it, this is his game. She hears the opening of a drawer, the bedside table, taking out something that he must have placed in there earlier.

The touch startles her but it is not his touch. It is the touch of a soft rope, a cord, tracing across her breasts, down over her thighs, the outside of her thighs, the inside of her thighs. He trails it back up, up over her open legs, over her wet lips, the cord rough and soft at the same time. It excites her, frightens her; makes her feel vulnerable, makes her want more.

She trembles in anticipation as another surge of juice leaves her pussy glistening. She stretches out her arms, sure that he means to tie her to the headboard hoping he will, needing him to. He secures one arm then the other, pleased that he did not need to ask, pleased that she was all his, pleased that she is offering herself to him. His task done, he now concentrates on her nipples.

She can feel them throbbing even before he touches them but his touch makes her yearn to be touched even more. His hand barely brushes against them until he suddenly pinches one, then the other, flicking them, watching them grow.

Now it is his mouth she feels, his lips grazing against her skin, his tongue leaving a trail from her breasts to her belly. She senses him pulling back just a fraction until his fingers and his mouth begin to tour her body, caressing and pinching her, kissing and nipping her. His hand slides down and strokes her smooth thigh before she feels it moving back up slightly and a single finger eases into her. His kisses drive her crazy while his finger teases and strokes inside her soft, wet folds, her juices flowing like she never knew they could.

She feels his hand move slightly as his middle finger delves deeper inside her, his thumb sliding over the hood of her clit. Even more intense waves of pleasure wash over her as her hips begin to rise to meet his finger of their own free will. One finger becomes two as she realises it has never felt so right, so proper, so lustful.

She is so ready for him that she can’t be anything but disappointed when those gifted fingers are removed. Immediately, however, she knows why as something else slides along her hungry slit, something hard, something throbbing. She is about to beg him when he suddenly gives her what she wants.

He pushes forward, entering her with a single thrust, and finally she is filled. Finally he is deep inside her, stretching her, thrusting inside where he is always meant to be. Lifting her legs, she wraps them around his hips, pulling him in even deeper, his strokes fast then slow, teasing her and satisfying her in the same moment.

Their only sounds are animalistic grunts and groans, encouraging and erotic in equal measure. He thrusts harder now, faster, as he lifts her legs even higher, his weight pressing on her clit, driving her wild.

One more time she wishes she could see his face but that desire is forgotten as he fulfills every other desire she has ever had and pumps faster and faster. He waits for her, wanting her to be satisfied too and he doesn’t have to wait too long.

Her mind-shattering climax starts in her clit and spreads through every inch of her previously passion-starved body. Her pussy clenches him with every wave of pleasure and he waits no longer.

Three, no four, spurts she feels inside her as his thick cock spills its thick cum. She doesn’t know how long he has waited but it is a load like none she has ever known as he lowers her legs and withdraws from her sensitive lips. She feels his cum running out of her and only wishes she could reach down to touch it, wanting to own everything he has just given her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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