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Opposites Attract Ch. 01

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Two people going through the same struggles with opposite problems find each other and discover nothing else matters. Kim was born to a man’s body and James was born into a woman’s body.

Kim’s Story

I am a woman trapped inside of a man’s body, Psychological or genetics? It really doesn’t matter to me, I am just me. Ironically my parents named me Kim, maybe they weren’t sure either?

I am 30 years old now and have been on hormone replacement therapy for 10 years. I completely live as a woman. I graduated college and went on to medical school. As if my life isn’t ironic enough, after completing my internship I ended up specializing in Obstetrics.

I stand just at five and a half feet short. I have long brown hair and matching brown eyes. I have a thin body frame from running three to five miles every day. I did have plastic surgery on my breast to give myself a modest 32B chest. I felt anymore would make me fall over or destroy my back. I also had a laryngeal shave performed to have my Adams apple reduced in size.

I have not had vaginal reconstructive surgery because again life is ironic and God gave me a nice eight inch cock that still gets hard and gives me hours of enjoyment.

I have spent my life in school and now at work, leaving no time for a personal life. Now that my life is settling down I would like to as well. I feel I am bisexual in that both sexes are attractive to me. I tried to date men but either they freaked out and ran for the hills or they just wanted to fuck me in the ass and put a notch on their belt. They never considered that I might be the one wanting the notches, so I gave up dating men.

I dated a few women, but the lesbians I dated were more temperamental than the straight men when it comes to post op transgender people. They wanted me to cut off my penis.

I bought a small house, just two bedrooms and one bath. It was a real fixer upper starter home that I was able to purchase way below market value as a short sale. The lot size was enormous. It was the center lot on a quiet cul-de-sac, giving me the larger pie shape parcel. I wanted to add on a new master bedroom, with an on-suite, and extend the kitchen out. I called a few contractors for some quotes.

I had the usual larger firms come out with over the top price quotes. There were some non-licensed guys that came out that were so cheap I had to wonder. Then there was James. James stood about six feet tall. He had broad shoulders, with muscled hairy arms. He must have had a 42 inch solid chest with a nice tuft of hair protruding from the unbuttoned collar of his shirt. His jeans were stretched tight against his massive, well defined, thigh muscles. His face had a nice five o’clock shadow covering a perfectly shaped chiseled jaw bone. His eyes were the deepest green I have ever seen with long eyelashes. His hair was cropped short, but you can tell he was a blonde.

I gave him the two minute tour of the inside of the house, the whole nine hundred square feet of it. We moved to the backyard where we talked design while he took measurements. He told me about his construction business and that he only had three employees but prided himself on quality, staying on schedule, and most importantly, on budget.

James shook my hand and told me that he would drop of a quote the next evening if that was ok with me. I graciously accepted and told him I would be home from the hospital by 6pm.

His face went white, “I can come another night if you need some time to recuperate?”

I looked at him like he was an idiot, until I realized I never mentioned I was a doctor. I grabbed his hand and laughed, “I’m so sorry James I don’t mean to laugh at you but the look on your face. I’m a doctor.”

That brought a smile and a sigh of relief on his face as he turned a deep shade of red. “I didn’t want to pry but you kind of freaked me out when you said you would be home from the hospital.”

We both laughed and I told him I owed him one, that if he came at 7pm I would have a pizza and a beer waiting for him.

“Ya? What if my quote is outrageous and you throw me out?” He said with a cocked head and his left eyebrow lifted.

“I’m a doctor silly, I know how to kill you and make it look like natural causes.” I kept the straightest face until he dropped that shit eating grin off his face, before I started laughing at him.

“You are easy prey my friend. Now I’m sure you will be firm and honest with your quote. I will only work with honest people.” I showed James to the door and watched his ass all the way to his truck.

I ran to my room, lifted my skirt, and pulled down my panties. I couldn’t beat my cock fast and hard enough before I shot my load all over myself. James was so hot I never felt so excited around someone like that before, and a man non-the-less. Then I remembered my speech, ‘I only work with honest people’ what a hypocrite I am.

The next day went slow, until the last patient. Always happens when I have plans. My patient had a million istanbul escort questions. She was young and stupid with the baby daddy nowhere to be found. Sometimes I just want to tell them ‘if you kept your legs closed this wouldn’t have happened’. I finally got out of the hospital by 6pm. I ordered the pizza from my car as I fought through traffic.

It was 7:15 as I pulled my car into the driveway. My heart sank as I searched for James’ truck. I was late and he probably felt stood up. I felt a cold feeling in the pit of my stomach. I grabbed the pizza and my things and headed into the house. I was no longer hungry. I pulled a beer out of the fridge and sucked half of it down before the doorbell rang.

It was James holding a bag in one arm and a large architect’s tube in the other. “I am so sorry I’m late. I stopped at the store and grabbed some beer, wine, and crackers. I couldn’t remember if you asked me to stop and get some beer or not.”

I looked at him and smiled, “I just got here myself. I thought I was late and missed you. I have beer but the more the merrier I say.”

We ate the pizza first before it got cold. James unrolled his plans out on the kitchen table. “I took the liberty to do a rough sketch to show you what you wanted.”

The plans showed every detail of how I described my vision. It was better than good, it was perfect.

James’ Story

My name is James. I own my own construction business. My mother died when I was young. I was raised by my father and two older brothers. My father owned a construction business where I learned my trade. I was a natural. I’m the shortest in our family at six feet tall. I have strong Viking genes, which for a woman is not a good thing. I always felt awkward with my size. I never really developed a chest. I am very muscular. I always admired men’s bodies, not for sex but for the physical look.

I went to school to become an architect. Through school I was a loner. I had a few boyfriends but they just wanted to have sex and I never felt an emotional connection with any of them. I drove to a town several miles away and went into a gay bar where I met a woman. She was easy to talk to and she was very attractive. She was there on business and before I knew it we were in her hotel room. I loved kissing her and found her breast to be the eighth wonders of the world. Her oral skills were better than any man but I still couldn’t cum. I needed to be stimulated a little further up than her tongue could reach.

I left unsatisfied and even more confused. I resigned myself to completing my degree and being alone. I would fuck a guy now and then just for my pleasure and didn’t care about his. That became even more unfulfilling. I finished school and went back to work with my father and brothers.

The more I worked the more muscular I became. One day I went to a house to give a quote. He turned out to be a transgender therapist. After walking around his house with him he just turned to me and asked if I was happy with my life style choice. I was taken aback. But after talking with him I just opened up. He got me on a path to my own transformation.

I began testosterone hormone therapy. Slowly I began to notice a change in my body. My muscle tone in my arms, legs, and chest became more defined as I continued to work in construction. The hair under my arms, on my legs, and even my chest grew in dark blond and thick. I was able to control my emotions, sometimes even feeling emotionless towards certain things that once drove me to tears. My voice became deeper. My clit began to protrude more, turning my clit to a small penis that protruded out.

The biggest most confusing change was that I became extremely horny. My desire to have a man penetrate me started to control my desires. I was thinking like a man, with my penis. I became obsessed with getting fucked. The thing I ignored the most, my vagina, is now the focus of my yearnings. I was more confused than ever. I was a woman that could have had men at any time and didn’t want them. Now, the more I look like a man the more I want one to fuck me.

I don’t want to be the woman who becomes a gay man, and I don’t want to be a gay woman. I just want someone to love me for who I am and not label me one way or the other.

My father and brothers accepted my transformation. We were all so competitive at work anyway. My father new I could out build either of my brothers and they knew it too. I had no female role models growing up so I had to keep up or be treated differently. So I kept up and passed them by.

I wanted to, no, I needed to leave Jamie behind and start a new life as James. I moved away from my father and brothers to start my own construction company. I grew into the man I wanted to be. What little breasts I had were removed. I have not done penile replacement yet so I still have a vagina and a little small cock of a clit. I don’t feel the operation is perfected enough to avcılar escort endure the recovery. To me, Penile Prosthesis is no better than a strapon and a hell of a lot more expensive. Besides, I have no one in my life to worry about it right now.

I received a call for a remodel quote, from a woman. I knew the area and the style of house she has. When I first went to meet Kim I had no expectations. But the first time I met her, a sense of euphoria swept over my body. She was so easy to talk to. We had the same warped sense of humor. When she asked me back for pizza and a beer my first instinct was to say “no”. I don’t mix business and my personal life, what little there is. But with Kim I just heard “yes” come out of my mouth without thinking. She said something about beer but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her long enough to concentrate on what she was saying.

I went home and buried myself in drawing out what we talked about. I kept busy and finished her design at about two in the morning. The day dragged as I checked on two other sites I had jobs going. By five I ran home and showered. I started heading over to Kim’s house and drew a blank as to what I was supposed to bring. I turned around and headed to the store. I went from being early to, hopefully, fashionably late.

Kim’s Story

I was enjoying the closeness of having a man next to me. I could smell the fresh scent of Irish Spring soap on him. It was intoxicating as I leaned into him to see the plans better. I leaned over the plans a bit too much, and with the help of the beer, I lost my balance.

I grabbed James’ big strong arm. James was the perfect gentleman and pulled me into his arms to keep me from falling. My face was buried in his chest. I inhaled his scent. I could see his chest hair pushing out between the buttons on his shirt. His biceps were solid as I gripped them. I looked up into his eyes, those beautiful green eyes and long eyelashes.

“I’m so sorry about that, my ankle twisted in my heels when I leaned forward. I hope I didn’t hurt you?” I told him.

James looked at me with those dreamy eyes, “No worries. It’s been the most attention I’ve had in a long time.”

We both laughed as he actually blushed, “Oh come on a big strong good looking guy like you must be beating them off with a stick?”

James really blushed, “You’d be surprised at the quiet life I lead. I’m exhausted when I get home and the last thing I want to do is hit the bars or date.”

There was a moment of awkward silence. “So you don’t even like to date? That does make for a quiet life.” My stupid sarcastic tone came out and it sounded more venomous than I meant.

James quickly began to back pedal as he put his hands out in front of himself and waved them in the air as to erase what he said, “No! No! I didn’t mean it like it sounded. Dating for me is complicated. I don’t like getting hurt. The person has to be really special for me to even meet them outside of work.”

I looked up with a glimmer of hope, “So I’m special?”

James flashed his perfectly white teeth at me, “You picked that out of my ranting did you?”

I moved back into his arms, grabbed his shirt with my hands and pulled him into a kiss. At first there was tension, almost defensive. His body went rigid then relaxed as our lips gently kissed. His lips were soft and his beard felt manly. He smelled even better. I could taste the beer and pizza in his mouth as my tongue pushed its way into his. I loved it.

I felt James’ body relax and his arms wrap around my small frame. His strength enveloped around me and I felt safe. My hard-on was aching as it pressed against the tight confines of my panties. My breast pressed into his chest. My nipples poked out against my blouse. It feels so good to be held in a man’s arms.

The bells went off in my head. If he feels my cock this man can easily kill me. I jerked back, probably a little harder and faster than I should have. “That was better than nice. Whew! I need to catch my breath a minute.”

James had that sad rejected puppy dog face for a second, “I know what you mean. That was very nice.” I attempted to cover.

I felt so good in James’ arms. The fear set in and I did as I always do, push away any opportunity for happiness and run. James made me want to take the chance. He was the only guy I ever met that made me wish I had my lower half operation so he would never know. But that would be living a lie and I respected James too much to start our relationship with a lie.

James’ Story

I felt like shit getting there late. I was so caught up with Kim’s beauty that I hadn’t pay attention to what she was saying. When she leaned over to look at the drawings I just inhaled her scent. It was light and fresh. Then I felt her body falling into me. I immediately reacted and caught her before she fell over. I pulled her into me. Her face smashed into my chest. She was so soft and we just fit into each other’s embrace.

She started şirinevler escort to apologize and I made some stupid comment about not getting any. All I could think of, was how lame that came out, ‘Stupid, stupid, stupid’ rang through my head. I felt my face flush read. She complimented me on my looks. I wanted to tell her that years of Testosterone does that to a girl. Kim is the only girl I’ve ever wanted to be honest with. If I had a cock I would fuck her in a heartbeat.

Instead I told her I’m a loner and rarely date. She looked at me shocked, offended even. I started to ramble on about how complicated my life was and that I only date under special circumstances. She somehow twisted my words back on me as being flirtatious, which made us both smile.

Kim’s body weight shifted into me and I felt her face moving towards mine. I haven’t kissed someone in a long time. I felt my body stiffen as her warm, soft lips touched mine. Her breath was hot. She was very confident in her seduction. Her tongue pushed my lips apart and found its way into my mouth. She felt so good, my entire body relaxed as it melted into her embrace. I wanted to pick her up and swirl her around, but I held my ground.

I felt the cold wet feeling in my underwear. This woman was making my pussy drip. When I’m with a man I have always required lube. I could feel my pussy lips rubbing against my pants. I was getting horny. I loved that feeling, it was new to me.

We separated from each other just in time, another minute and I would have had an embarrassing orgasm. I looked into Kim’s eyes as they appeared to almost be tearing. She pulled away and we both took in a deep breath. We walked away from each other catching our breath and starting to come up with incoherent excuses to each other.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I scooped her back into my arms. I don’t know what came over me. I had never felt like this before. If I didn’t take the chance with her I felt like I would lose her forever, along with my heart. I looked deep into her eyes, “I’ve never done this before. I don’t know what it is but I don’t want to let you go.”

I kissed her with all my heart this time. My body trembled as I felt my first orgasm rumble through my body. I felt a whimper escape through our kiss. She made me cum without being fucked. We pulled back just enough to break our kiss but without breaking our embrace.

Kim looked back at me, “Ok, you got the job.”

My mouth dropped open. Then she flashed me that million dollar smile and kissed me back hard. We finally stopped before I stripped down and out popped nothing. I think not having sex right then proved that there was something more going on between us as we both agreed to date and move things slowly. We regained our composure and finished going over the plans.

It was a week later before I returned to Kim’s house, but we spoke nearly every night on the phone. Kim had a spare key hidden for me so I could start my work. I paced off the area for the addition using orange fluorescent spray paint. I had a dumpster delivered and placed in the driveway. I planned the construction to be nearly complete before we had to breakdown the outer wall of the house.

I was just finishing my work when Kim drove up to the house. We walked around the yard as I showed her the vision. She seemed very pleased with the plan. We talked some more before I asked her to dinner. She excused herself while she ran and took a shower. Under normal circumstances I would have joined her in the shower, but these are hardly normal circumstances. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and relaxed on the couch.

Kim came out of her bedroom wrapped in a robe and a drying her hair with a towel, “Would you mind if we just stayed in and ordered pizza? I don’t feel much like getting dressed again.”

She was so beautiful and I could smell her clean scent. “How about I run out and grab some Chinese food, we just had pizza?”

“That sounds marvelous. But I’ll throw on some sweats and go get it if you want to take a shower. I know you’ve been working all day and probably want to get out of those dirty jeans.” She was so confident yet soft at the same time.

“That would be nice, but I don’t have clean clothes with me.” I would love nothing more than to clean today’s grime off my body, but I wasn’t about to put on my dirty clothes after a shower.

“I have a pair of sweats and an oversized T-shirt that you can put on. I’ll just be a minute and then the bathroom is all yours.” Kim fluttered off and returned not ten minutes later. She kissed me goodbye and left.

I went into Kim’s room. Everything was neatly placed, must be part of being a doctor I thought to myself. I picked up the sweats on the bed and they looked like they would fit. The t-shirt may have been oversized for her but would just fit me. No underwear. I hate wearing dirty underwear. I went into the bathroom to see that Kim left a fresh towel out for me.

I quickly stripped down and turned on the hot water. I stepped in letting the hot spray work out the kinks in my shoulders. I grabbed the soap, it smelled of flowers. I scrubbed my body. When I got down to my pussy I spent a little extra time fingering myself and rubbing the little knob of a cock I have. It felt so good I thought I would have an orgasm right then and there.

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