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Our Family Sex Club Pt. 02

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Chapter 3

My Incest Wedding

When Mom and Daddy bought the house fifteen years ago they claimed that one of the appealing features for them was the gigantic basement being a ready made bomb shelter. The basement ceiling is reinforced with concrete slabs (which soundproof it), there are four king size beds that fold out from the walls, two on each side, two enclosed bathrooms (Mom and Daddy put in hot tubs), an open kitchen with cabinets and a fireplace with a wood stove.. For all its bomb shelter potential, however, the selling point wasn’t that. It was that the basement would be just the thing for family orgies.

I started to learn this first hand when Mrs. Johnson tugged me into the house to see my mother. You could hear the sounds of the party, which meant one or more of the basement doors had been left open. We have two doors to the basement, one in the back entryway and one, weirdly, in the library. Mrs. Johnson and I found Mom in the kitchen, all dressed up.

“Where have you been!?,” she snapped.

“What in heck is going on, Mom? I was at school. I tried out for the chess club.”

“Oh, for God’s sake! I told you this morning to come home right after school. You didn’t answer your cell either. Did you get my message.”

Hmmm, I remembered she told me to come home. I decided not to admit I also forgot my phone, and left it in my locker. I did have OTHER things on my mind.

“Well, okay. You’re here. Um, Sally, why don’t you go downstairs. Elle and I will be down….as soon as we can.”

When we were alone, Mom sat me down at the table and explained things, amazing things. I soon had tears running down my cheeks and chills running up my spine. This was my “wedding day”, the day I “married” the family that I had always been an integral part of but not “wedded” to. There would be a ceremony for me as the “bride”, then the marriage would be consummated. Mom filled in some basic details, including that my marriage was mandatory and a couple of lesser details, like how they managed to maintain the Blake family name in spite of all the marriages to men from other families, Dad’s for instance. When I could get myself to speak, I reminded her she had said she only “hoped” I would become a full member of the group and now she was saying I didn’t have a choice, that it was mandatory. I stopped crying. I was angry.

“Well, I do have a choice. You can’t make me do anything, MOTHER!”

“Shhhh, don’t upset yourself, Elle. You don’t have a choice. I’m sorry. I should have come right with it instead of trying to break the news to you gradually. Once you started fucking Grandpa it was unacceptable not to induct you into the family, our incest family. Your father understood, even if he didn’t like it.”

“Well, I don’t understand, and I didn’t fuck Grandpa, he fucked me!”

“Oh, please. You all but asked him to fuck you, and then you did ask. Incest in this family is a big time operation, Elle. We have rules and procedures. We can’t have independent contractors running around doing God know’s what. If you want sex with your relatives you’ll do it our way, under our umbrella.”

I was crying again. “I still have a choice. I don’t have to MARRY everyone! I could walk right out of this house and not come back!”

“You won’t,” she said, gently.

“How do you know?!!”

“Because you don’t have it in you to leave your family. It is ingrained in you, dear. Ingrained.”

Now, besides being angry and upset, I was curious. “How is it ingrained?”

“Never mind. It just is. Stop arguing. I’m going to get your bridal things and tell people we’ll be down shortly.When I get back, I want to see you with all your clothes off.”

She returned carrying a wash cloth, towel, a plastic baggy with makeup stuff, dress slippers and a white bridal veil. I was on my bare feet in the middle of the kitchen. My clothes made a pile on the floor. In the few minutes she had been gone I realized this was not one of those cases of me being a devilish kid, which I was known for and usually got away with. This was serious. I really didn’t have a choice. I was going to obey and I knew it. This was Family with a capital “F”, and it seemed I was ingrained.

Mom gave me a motherly smile.

“Good girl, ” she said. “We don’t have time for a proper bath. We’ll just scrub you up a bit.”

She wet the wash cloth at the sink, then did my face and ears, my boobs, my cunt, my bottom and thighs, and dried me with the towel. I hoped my cunt wasn’t showing any signs of recent activity. Then she shocked me by undertaking some activity herself.

“So pretty,” she sighed and put a finger in my slit. She sluiced it up and down, not going in my hole but that was plenty. I gasped. “Mom!”

She laughed. “All right.”

She said, “Do you know you and I have the same pussy hair?” She meant a blonde tuft at the top and sparse borders of silky strands along the slit which she brushed now with her forefinger to spruce them up and make them look nice for my wedding.

“I’ve seen you, Mom, like when you’re putting kahramanmaraş escort on a swimsuit.”

She grinned. “You’ll be seeing me more often from now on. Your Uncle Dave will be thrilled.”

“Why will he be thrilled?”

“He always talks about my pussy hair.”

“I can’t believe Dad really doesn’t’ mind.”

“He’s learned to live with it. The compensation is more than ample, Elle.”

I started to cry again, not because of her. “I wish Daddy wouldn’t screw me.”

“Sadly, so does he.”

Well, maybe he won’t, I thought to myself but I didn’t say it. Mom put on my lipstick, which was very bright red, rouge and eye shadow. She brushed my hair. She helped me step into the white slippers that had little jewels on them and then she put on the bridal veil. It was a beautiful veil, falling all the way to my bare bottom. Along with the slippers it was all I had on. Mom took me by the hand and we went to the basement door and down the stairs. Aunt Meg was sitting on the bottom chair, waiting. When she saw us, she got up and announced our arrival and two seconds later music came one, a flute and violin recording of Paschelbel’s’s Canon.

Daddy was there when I stepped into the room. Mom had told me what to expect but it was stunning just the same. The men were dressed alike, in formal white shirts cut short and tucked into purple cumberbuns around their stomachs, black bow ties, black socks, black shoes, and that was it. A quick glance told me that maybe half of them had erections. Daddy was in the half that didn’t, thank goodness. The women were dressed like Mom, in nice dresses, the kind you would see at a normal wedding. There was a skinny red carpet down the center of the room, ending at a wood lectern that had book on it. People would be standing for my wedding because all the furniture was by the walls except for an Ottoman in red velvet I didn’t remember seeing there before, all by itself in the center of the room just off the carpet I would be walking on in Daddy’s arm.

“Hello, sweetheart, you look lovely,” Daddy said.

“Hi, Daddy. I do?”

He leaned and whispered in my ear. “I’m going to take you to the alter, so to speak. Aunt Mary is doing the service. Just stand and be quiet, and she will tell you what to do.”

I was afraid to ask him if he was going to fuck me. My heart was beating a mile a minute. I felt like I was in a dream. The sounds in the room were those of the music and hushed talking. The talking ceased. My relatives were standing, watching, waiting, the way you do at weddings when the bride comes down the isle. Then Daddy took my arm and that’s what we were doing. I looked straight ahead as we walked in slow motion. Some one turned up the music, then silenced it in the middle of a bar when we got there. Daddy winced at the jarring end to the music, kissed me on the cheek and stepped back.

“Hello, Elleann. Congratulations to you, honey,” Aunt Mary said, smiling warmly. She was behind the lectern. I saw that the big book was in an old leather binding but it wasn’t a bible. Next to it, however, was a small black leather book that was a Bible. Aunt Mary nodded at the big book. “Your name is about to be entered in the Family’s honored list of names, my dear.”

She raised her voice. With the music off, the room had grown quiet. “We are here today to receive into marriage to our Family our dear daughter and friend, Elleann Blake, age eighteen, a delight to all who know her and who, in a few minutes, will be known a bit better to those of you wearing bow ties.” Polite chuckles from the audience. “Elleann, put your right hand on this holy book.”

I couldn’t believe I was going to be swearing on a bible, but that’s what it was, though only The Old Testament. They were leaving Jesus out of it anyway!

“Elleann Blake, do you hereby promise and aver that you shall be a loyal and faithful member of the Blake Incest Family, hereinafter referred to simply as Family, as described and delineated in the Family Book of Names that you see here before you, that from this day forward, you shall abide by all Family rules and observe all Family customs, that you shall endeavor always to be friendly and hospitable in the company of Family members, that you shall never reveal to any person or entity any information whatsoever about or concerning the Family, even to acknowledge our existence, and that you shall endeavor always to be a generous and cheerful giver of the glorious gift of sex to Family members, without regard to age or gender. If you make all these promises and averments of your own free will, say ,’I do’, honey.”

Was she kidding? I wanted to run, like Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride, and she wasn’t marrying an insane asylum.

“Aunt Mary, how can you say of my own free will?,” I whispered.

“This is not a discussion, Elleann,” she said in the same loud voice. “Do you so promise and aver?”

Behind me the room was quiet as…a church.

I raised my right arm. “I do.”

My nipples sprang to kapalı gaziantep escort life. Aunt Mary saw it and almost laughed.

“Oh, my!…All right, by the power vested in me, I now pronounce Elleann Blake wedded to the Family.”

She came around the lectern and gave me a hug and kissed my cheek. “Congratulations, Elle.” Then she whispered in my ear, “The excitement in this room is like a powder keg,” and she apparently had some of it herself because the hand that wasn’t around my waist gave my boobs a quick feel before she let me go and said, “Turn around, honey, and let folks see their new bride.”

I turned. People cheered and smiled and made me embarrassed. Facing me were fourteen cocks and the men I had always known that went with them, some of the men being almost like father figures to me, uncles and Mr. Johnson, as well as my actual father. Facing them was one pussy with its blonde tuft at the top and silky strands at the sides and nervous, eighteen year old girl that went with it in her silver slippers and bridal veil. I hardly saw the women at all. My cousins Roberta and AnneMarie appeared and began rolling up the carpet.

Because I couldn’t help it I was noticing that the percentage of erections had increased since I last looked, though Daddy was still being a good Daddy, when Aunt Mary said my name, and I turned back with relief. Behind her Mrs. Johnson and Cousin Linda put down a small table covered with a white linen table cloth. Aunt Beth was with them, holding a crystal bowl that she put on the table. The bowl contained a bunch of things that looked like poker chips. The ladies smiled at me and left.

I knew what was coming. Mom had told me the basic idea. It was time for specifics.

“Are we ready, ladies and gentlemen, particularly gentlemen!?,” Aunt Mary called out, like it was a baseball game, and the crowd laughed and shouted, “READY!”

“It’s one of our little customs to do that, honey,” she whispered. Then her face hardened. She raised her voice, “The reception is alway the fun part of a wedding and your reception, Elleann, should be wonderful fun for you and all concerned but it will be more than that because your reception will be combined with the sacred function of your wedding night. Will Elleann’s grooms please come forward.”

The men came and spread out in a row in front of me and behind Aunt Mary and the table. Daddy was in the row.

“In the bowl you see there, Elleann, are thirteen discs with numbers on them to determine the order in which the men who draw the discs will fuck you.” My heart did a happy little leap. Thirteen!, she said, not fourteen. Maybe Daddy wouldn’t do me after all! But then, why was he with the grooms?

“Each of these thirteen men is allowed three full strokes in the fuckhole God intended in Elleann, not the other one. Three. That, is in and out, in and out, in and out. The gentlemen are well acquainted with the rule and we have every confidence they will make good faith efforts to comply.” This rule didn’t sound to me like it was exactly iron clad.

“The fourteenth disc does not have a number on it, but the name, “Elleann”, and the lucky man who draws this disc will complete the husbandly duty of the wedding night by fucking our bride to his full satisfaction and, hopefully, hers.” There went my hopeful leap. I gave Daddy a cross look but I wasn’t cross, I was scared. He smiled at me. He was hard now. They all were.

Aunt Mary picked up the bowl and handed it to me. “Start at an end of the line, and present the bowl to each man. Do not speak. Your grooms will not speak either, they will be doing their speaking as it were on your bridal bed. Just hold up the bowl. After the man takes a disc, go to the next man.”

I took the bowl and went to my left. Uncle Harry, a fat, jolly type of guy and one of my favorite uncles, was at the end of the line there and he probably was why I picked that end. Uncle Harry was older, like over fifty, but he had never been married because he got all the sex he needed “from my sisters and my cousins and my aunts”, he told me after my “wedding night” was over and we were having almost a normal kind of party, and he a had song about it based on Gilbert and Sullivan that made me laugh. Anyway, without looking at me, he reached in and pulled out a disc. Then he rubbed it. That’s how the numbers and my name would show up. You had to rub the discs.

Uncle Harry made a frown and I side-stepped to the next man, my second cousin Ted who is only three years older than me and probably one of the family members I care for the least. I don’t like calling him a “man”, I’d rather say “guy”; “jerk” would be even better, but I am being respectful like I was then. I try to like everyone in the family but it isn’t always easy and Ted is an example of it being difficult. He is rude and kind of stupid. I never saw him or his parents very often. His father, Elwin, was standing next to him, and he is a little nicer than Dave but not much. Anyway I held up the bowl for kaliteli gaziantep escort Ted and he took a disc and rubbed it and shrugged in a way that made me think he wasn’t the one either who was going to totally fuck me, and I was glad, except that meant that the odds of Daddy being the one had just gotten bigger.

The one was Mr. Johnson. He was next to Daddy, the tenth in line. He beamed when he saw what his disc said. Then he looked at me and pointed at his cock. Mr. Johnson was very ready and he had something big to be ready with. I blushed when I looked at it and then I felt Daddy’s eyes, watching me look at a man’s cock that was going to fuck me and cum in me. I got weak in my knees from the embarrassment.

I took a breath and presented the bowl to Daddy. He picked a disc and looked at me. I could tell he wanted to look me over. I lowered the bowl so it didn’t block his view of my tits, and Daddy looked there and other places. My uncles and cousins and Mr. Johnson had been doing the same thing. Most of them had seen me in my bikinis at the pool at Aunt Meg’s estate where we have an extended family (non-incest as far as I knew) summer get together every year and this was a chance for them to have a close up look at the rest of me, and my chance to see how I felt about each of them. My nipples are like my antenna. Sometimes with sexual matters I will say to myself, “no way I am doing that” and then my nipples will say, “what’s the problem, it sounds great to us.” So I had been hearing what my nipples had to say about the men ogling me and they liked some of them and didn’t say anything positive about others. Daddy they liked a lot, which was disconcerting. Anyway, after like thirty seconds of looking at me, Daddy winked and rubbed his disc. He laughed and showed it. Thirteen. My own Daddy had to be last before I got cleaned up for Mr. Johnson. I don’t know, it didn’t seem right that if Daddy could only have one of the itsy bitsy fucks with his daughter, he should also have to wait and be last. I gave him an encouraging smile to make him feel better. My attitude was beginning to change. I was still against him fucking me in spite of what my darn nipples said, just not as much as I had been.

Grandpa was at the end of the line but he got a good number. Two. He laughed and showed his number to Daddy and me and pounded Daddy on the back. He had already fucked me once, which Daddy knew, and now he was rubbing it in that he would be going almost first while Daddy would be last. I wanted to gve him a piece of mind. I couldn’t say anything, however, so I turned around to stop Grandpa from looking at me the way he had been. I don’t know what Daddy thought about that since he had been looking himself. So I was just as happy to hear Aunt Mary start to make another announcement.

‘Grooms, you will now proceed to the wedding bed area and form a line according to your numbers.”

The bridal bed as I had suspected was the red velvet Ottoman I had passed on my way down the isle. It was all by itself in the center of the room, and now the fourteen pantless men lined themselves up there. I knew Daddy’s and Granpa’s numbers, and that Mr. Johnson had drawn my name, but all the others were surprises and first surprise was Uncle Dave, who liked Mom’s blonde pussy hair so much. He watched me and I watched him as my mother led me from the altar.

Mom was ushering me to my wedding bed. We made a little procession of it. The music was back on, a classical piano piece by Mozart or somebody. It was nice I guess but it wasn’t what I would have picked. When we got to the Ottoman, Mom whispered for me to lie on my tummy, placing my knees on the floor. She bent behind me and pushed my legs apart. Looking straight ahead, my chin burrowed in the cushion, I saw Roberta and AnnMarie carefully lugging a mirror. The mirror was like three feet wide and six feet high in a white frame decorated all over with pink and red paper roses. The girls planted the mirror on the floor a few feet in front of me and released a stand on the back that propped it up, slightly tipped. I saw myself and I saw the edge of the line of men behind me and soon I would be seeing, I knew, if I looked, the faces of my grooms mating me, and they would be able to see my face. Phew.

“I believe we are about ready to commence the wedding night,” Aunt Mary announced.

Chapter 4 – Consummated and How!

Will the mother of the bride please attend and report!,” Aunt Mary said in her loud voice.

Mom leaned over me and whispered, “I’m going to fingerfuck you. Don’t fight me.”

“Oh, geez!,” I said and then just, “Oh!”, as she started doing what she said. All she had to do, I found out later, was make sure my you know what was ready to be gang banged, so to speak, and tell that to everyone, which is what “attend and report” meant, and I already knew I was ready as a girl could be but apparently Mom wanted to be absolutely sure. I tried to stay still and not moan my head off. Finally, she stopped and said I was all set.

Uncle Dave took Mom’s place in the mirror. Our images smiled at each other. We didn’t say anything. Uncle Dave put his hands on my hips and pulled me toward him while he pushed toward me. In he went, totally in it felt like, hard and bossy! He was fast going in and very slow backing out, like he was trying tantalize me or tantalize him, and then, whamo! He did it like that a third time and he was finished…for the time being.

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