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Over the Sink Ch. 03

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Author’s Note:

This is a resubmission. I rewrote the ending because it didn’t set itself up the way I wanted it for Chapter 4. You should only have to reread the last page and a half if you saw the last version of it. That’s the only part that changed. Unfortunately this means that I have to rewrite what I had done with Chapter 4, since everything is a little bit different now. I can use a portion of it, but the entire intro has to be finished, as well as most of the dialogue. Comments are welcome, good or bad. I live for the feedback, and I hope you enjoy all of my stories.


Steve was very happy with where his life was. He wasn’t as young as he used to be, but even at the age of 40 he was still in the same shape he was in when he was 30, which was pretty good for a 30 year old. His job worked him hard, for long hours, but he liked what he did and was good at it, and the extended vacation time more than made up for the long hours on most days. He lived close to the office, so travel wasn’t a problem either. Steve owned a nice car, a big house, and had a wonderful family of two daughters Sally and Jennifer, a son Matt, and his sexy wife Julie. When he wasn’t on the road he always made sure to get home in time to see them all off to bed, especially his wife, who he loved to slip it to whenever he could.

The only thing that disturbed his perfect suburban life was something that his wife had said a couple weeks ago. It wasn’t anything big, and he wasn’t sure if he even believed her, but it had gotten him thinking a lot of things that he normally wouldn’t have thought about. She had mentioned suspicions of their son and younger daughter being a bit touchy feely with each other, and she thought that something dubious was going on between them. Steve didn’t see it though, and he highly doubted that anything was going on with them. They were growing up, and around the age where petty childhood differences didn’t seem so big anymore, and siblings started acting like family instead of bickering prisoners of the same warden.

It wasn’t the accusation of something going on between the siblings that was getting to Steve, though it did start him paying a little more attention to the goings on around the house. He noticed how little clothing each of the women living under his roof had been wearing lately, and how sexually they had been acting. A few weeks ago he had two daughters that were his little girls, and a couple of angels. Now, after a good deal of retrospection, he could see that for the last few years they were acting like a couple of sexpot devils. Both Jennifer and Sally were always running around the house in skimpy outfits, or wrapped in just a towel. They were always sashaying their hips as if vying for the attentions of men with every step they took.

It was Sally that he noticed more than Jennifer though. Before her dismissal at work, he saw Sally every morning as the two of them got up at the same time each morning. They showered right after each other (though in different bathrooms on different floors), and they ate breakfast together each and every morning. Steve would shower first, get dressed , have breakfast, and then head out for work. Sally would shower right after him, show up for breakfast usually in a panty/tank top set, and head up to get dressed after eating with her father, sharing the paper with each other. If she wasn’t wearing underwear to the breakfast table, she was wearing a thin and short silk robe, or short shorts pajamas with some tight top of some kind. After work was more of the same, with both of his daughters. They were always running around in their underwear, or in some dramatically sexual and revealing outfits. It wasn’t like they were overtly showing off, but they weren’t trying to hide anything either.

Steve was very perplexed by what was going on. He had kept it out of his mind for a good long while, but he couldn’t stop thinking about how there was no way his little girls were virgins anymore, and fantasies about what kind of adventures they must be getting in filled his head on a daily basis now. As the fantasies continued, he stopped picturing so many faceless men getting it on with his daughters, and he started picturing himself with them. He would picture Sally coming onto him as they ate breakfast, or he would imagine Jennifer slipping into the shower with him after a long trip. His mind was all over the place and he wasn’t sure if he could take all of the “innocent” teasing that they had been putting him through lately.

While his father was in agony over what he was seeing around the house, Matt was in heaven because of it. The flesh he had been seeing from not only his sister’s but his mother as well over the last few years had been quite a turn on, and the flesh he had been getting his hands on over the past few weeks was even better. He had caught his sister Jennifer in the bathroom brushing her teeth wearing just a t-shirt, and he lost control, taking her from behind and bending her over the sink, spanking her ass until she came screaming, and waking up their mother Julie. escort bayan His mother was another chapter of the same story. She came onto him strong the other morning, until he was forced to bend her over the kitchen sink as she washed their lunch dishes. That encounter had been interrupted by the appearance of his oldest sister Sally coming home early after being fired from her job.

Matt was sure that Julie and Jennifer didn’t know about each other, but he had been getting funny looks from Sally the last week or two. They were knowing looks, and they were piercing his soul. He wasn’t sure if she knew about he and their sister or something he had forgotten about, but he was sure that she knew about something, and that was the only recent atrocity in his life that he could recall. Matt was also sure that he could get Sally into bed with him as he had done with Jennifer and Julie. She had been giving him the same looks that the other two had been giving him for about the same amount of time, since puberty had made him more manly. If he wasn’t so sure that Julie and Jennifer were oblivious to each other, he would have thought that all three of them were in on it together, but that was too ridiculous even for this situation.

Matt turned his attention to the sex he had gotten from his mother the day before as he stroked himself before getting out of bed. They didn’t finish, though he wished they had, but there would be time for that later. He was wondering whether he should go wake up his sister and give her a taste of his morning wood, or should he go to his mother and give her the ending that they both missed the other day. He decided against going to his mother, because that could tip Jennifer off that something was amiss. She was probably waiting for him to go to her right now, if not on her way over to him right now.

Then Matt remembered that Sally wasn’t working anymore right now, and that she was probably in her room down the hall right now. She was seducible, but she could throw a wrench into his affair with his sister if he got caught going in or out of her room. There was a chance he could turn that into something even more fun, but there was also a chance that everything could blow up in his face if not done properly. He was so torn about what was going on in the house, he decided to not go to anyone’s room, and to just get himself off in the shower before going downstairs for breakfast.

Jennifer was lying in her room, playing lazily and gently with her pussy, wondering if Matt would be making a trip to her room. She too was worried about Sally catching them, but not so much as she should have been. She too had been seeing those knowing looks from her older sister, and was pretty sure that they were about the sex she was having with their younger brother. The amazing, ear piercing, Earth shattering orgasmic sex that they had been having over the last few weeks. She really enjoyed sucking her brother off, or letting him fuck her when they could be caught at any moment. She stroked herself more actively as she thought about their encounter in the bathroom the other night. She was completely unaware that she had been caught the second time her brother did her, and that Sally had seen her get bent over the downstairs sink, and that she had been masturbating to the thought of joining the two of them for the last few weeks.

Sally was awake in her bed too. She heard the shower start, and wondered if it was her brother or sister. She didn’t hear any doors open, so she was unsure of which room the person had come from. She thought about surprising whoever it was, and joining them in the shower regardless of which sibling it was. She never really thought of herself as bisexual, but she was. She hadn’t done anything with another woman yet, but she was always fantasizing about getting down and dirty with any number of hot women she had known over the last few years. But what she really wanted was her brother, though she wouldn’t turn down a roll in the sack with Jennifer, or her mother, or her father for that matter. Her father…

She had been noticing him looking at her a lot the past couple of weeks. They were leering stares, and they were sexual to the point of giving him an erection when she was around. Every morning for the past two weeks she had noticed him getting hard at the table as they ate. She wondered how big he was, and if she could seduce him along with her brother, and maybe have the two of them bed her at the same time. When she was in college, two men had taken her at once one night at a frat party. She was bent over the edge of a couch by her then boyfriend, who went on to urge his best friend to stick his cock in her mouth. They fucked her from both ends for a good five minutes until her boyfriend came in her pussy, and then his friend came around behind her and stuck his cock in her ass. It was her first anal experience, but not her last. She had talked her boyfriend into it a few times before they graduated and split up, and had gotten it a couple of times since then. She really enjoyed having a cock up her rectum, tuzla genç escort and she wanted it from her brother and father now that all of them had crossed her mind so quickly in succession.

As Matt ate his breakfast, he thought about how many times he had bent his family members over the sinks of the house in the last month. He had bent Jennifer over the upstairs sink twice, and the downstairs sink another time. He also bent his mother over the kitchen sink yesterday afternoon. He appeared to have a fetish for that type of thing. If he did get into Sally’s pants, he would have to be sure to do it over a sink. Maybe he could lure her into their mother’s bathroom, or the laundry room, and get the trifective of women over different sinks?

The moment Matt finished that thought, he saw his mother in a white tank top and a black thong coming down the hall towards the kitchen from one direction, and Sally wearing boy-shorts and a short sleeve pajama top coming from the stairs in the other direction. He had made pancakes for breakfast, and assumed that was why they were swarming in on him. He made enough for everyone, not just because he wanted pancakes (which he did), but because he wanted to keep on the good side of his mother, and console Sally over the loss of her job, and make up to Jennifer the lack of any playing around this morning.

“You made pancakes? Oh how sweet of you Matty,” said Julie as she hugged her son from behind.

“Yeah, bro. Way cool of you,” said Sally as she kissed him on the cheek from the other direction.

Yes, Matt was in heaven as his mother and sister sat down around him and started eating. He had two sets of tits and cleavage to gaze at, as well as his mother’s panties and his sister’s camel toe. They both seemed to be stealing long looks into his eyes. He wasn’t sure who to focus on more, so he chose his food and only took occasional looks at either of the women, until Jennifer made her way down to investigate the wonderful scent of food permeating the house. She came down in a white silk negligee and white lace panties. He could see her nipples sticking out, and on the other two as well, but he could also practically see through the lace on her panties. Oh yes, Matt was in heaven as he slowly ate his breakfast.

“So Mom,” Jennifer started to ask as she sat down and pulled up a plate of food. “Did you give it to Matt yet for what he did yesterday?”

“Yes Jen, we had a good long discussion after lunch yesterday,” replied Julie as she winked at Matt, remembering their experience over the sink.

“I doesn’t look like he learned his lesson,” quipped Jennifer pointing towards his erection.

“Didn’t learn what lesson? What was he getting it for after lunch yesterday? What does this have to do with his crotch?” asked Sally with a perplexed look on her face.

Julie nearly spit the food out of her mouth after hearing the last two questions. All that she could think of was how SHE was getting it good and hard after lunch with his crotch. “It was nothing dear, eat your breakfast.”

“It wasn’t nothing,” butted in Jennifer. “Mom was picking up some clothes off of his floor yesterday to even out a load of laundry when he walked in on her after his shower, and he was totally naked!”

Sally had a mixed look of shock and jealousy on her face after hearing that. She wished that she could catch him in the buff like that so that she could take advantage of him. She wouldn’t scold him, she would reach out and grab his tool, and massage it, and reward him for his boldness.

“Not only that, but he paraded around for like, five minutes with an erection before getting dressed!”

“Five minutes? You saw all this too?” asked Sally, begging for answers.

“No, she wasn’t there too,” said Julie, trying to diffuse the situation, “and it wasn’t five minutes, it was more like one. I already warned him to keep it covered when in mixed company, which he is doing. So don’t bother him or me about it anymore.” There, she thought. That should keep them at bay for a little while.

“So mom,” Sally continued. “How big is he? Did he touch himself at all? Did he touch you?”

“Sally! I think I’ve heard about enough of that!” scolded Julie, but feeling a little hypocritical she added with a smile, “He was about seven inches long, and no, he didn’t lay a hand on me.”

“Did you lay a hand on him?” asked Jennifer, just fishing for some dirt on her mother.

“Jenny! I never!” insisted Julie. “Now eat your breakfast before it gets cold. These really are delicious, Matt. You should make us breakfast more often.”

They quit teasing Matt as he finished up his breakfast, but the gossip machine turned on full strength when he left to get dressed for the day. None of the women gave up any private info about what they had really seen or done, but they discussed his package quite thoroughly before splitting up to get ready themselves. Julie had agreed to take Sally out for a celebration of her freedom until she got her job back, and Jennifer was just going to spend the day with tuzla kendi evi olan escort friends. When Matt learned of their plans, he made some calls and got together with his friends, and spent the day just hanging with them until late that night. He knew that Jennifer was just teasing him when she pushed things that morning, but he was planning her punishment all day. He was going to enjoy getting even with her, and he had a feeling she would enjoy her punishment too.

Late the next morning, Sally woke up on top of a bed, naked, with a sore ass. After a quick moment of panic she was relieved to find that she was on her own bed in her room at home, and relaxed a bit before trying to figure out what she had done the night before. The last thing that she could remember was being out with her mother and having drinks with dinner. She sat up in her bed and tried to focus on what happened next, but it just wasn’t coming to her. She got up and looked at herself in the mirror, and was pleased to see that she didn’t have any unusual bruises on her body, and recalled bumping into her friends as she and her mother left the restaurant. “Ok, good, the night is coming back to me” she said quietly to herself, “slowly, but it is coming back, and that’s a good sign.”

She looked at the clock to see that it was 11:30am, and the day was well under way already as she tried to recall where her friends had taken her last night. She could picture a club, not sure which specific one (and not really caring, they were all the same around here, and all fun), and she remembered dancing with a lot of men. This wasn’t very different from her normal nights out, but she didn’t usually wake up with a sore ass. That was why she was trying so hard to remember a night that she wouldn’t normally mind forgetting. She tried to remember what had happened after the club, but it just wasn’t coming to her.

As she concentrated on what happened when she left the club, and with whom, she decided to take a shower and freshen up a bit. She grabbed a towel, and feeling naughty ran out into the hall and over to the bathroom without covering her naked self up. She was actually a little disappointed that no one had caught her, as she was hoping Matt would see her and make a move on her like he had their other sister, but there was no one there, and her siblings doors were open which means they are either in the rest of the house, or out for the day with other people.

Sally didn’t close the door all the way as she showered. She left it open a few inches so that prying eyes could see, but her shower went by uneventfully. Even after brushing her hair in the buff, and waltzing slowly back to her room without her towel, she still didn’t see anyone around to witness her naked glory. Deciding that her exhibitionism wasn’t going anywhere, she got dressed back in her room and went to the kitchen to have something to eat. She was famished from whatever she had done the night before, and she needed food now.

Dressed in a pair of light blue shorts and a white baby-t, she headed for the kitchen, noticing that Matt’s door was now closed. She hadn’t heard him come up the stairs, but she was lost in her own world, and continued to her destination. Once there she rummaged through the cupboards before settling on a bowl of cereal and some toast. After sitting down at the kitchen table, she heard someone coming down the stairs, and then saw Matt round the corner and proceed to the laundry room next to the kitchen. He went through the load that their mother had probably run through the other day after catching him naked. She wished that she could have caught him naked that morning, or this morning, or any morning.

While watching her brother rummage through the basket next to the dryer, Sally finally remembered a key piece of the night before. Her eyes bugged out as she remembered being bent over the kitchen table, and being fucked from behind. It wasn’t a clear memory, in fact it was down right fuzzy, but she was sure that her brother was there somewhere. Seeing him in the laundry was what sparked it, so that was the key. He was in the laundry. “Then who was fucking me from behind?” she asked herself as she ate her breakfast.

“What was that?” Matt asked as he entered the room, changing his shirt as he did.

“I’m just trying to piece together last night,” she said after swallowing her last mouthful, glad that she had said that first bit with food stuffed in her face. “I must have been hammered, because I don’t remember a bit of it,” she said, hoping maybe he would fill in a couple of blanks, and especially hoping that he had filled in her blank last night.

“I don’t know what you did before you got home last night, but I was out here putting this laundry through the dryer when you got home last night, and yes, you were hammered. I had to help you up to your room after some guy helped you inside.” He lied. He was in the laundry room when she got home, and it was morning instead of night, and he wasn’t doing laundry. He was hiding in there when the guy she mentioned helped her into the house naked, but he watched from the shadows as the man bent her over the kitchen table and fucked her from behind before leaving her in the kitchen. Once the coast was clear Matt showed himself and helped her up to her room, where she immediately passed out cold.

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