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I was in a deep sleep when the phone rang on Sunday morning. It had been a productive but typically night of coding, and my brain was craving sleep. The shrill ring of the phone broke the precious silence and caused me to spring to as seated position. I grabbed the phone reluctantly and found that it was Trish on the other end. Trish is a coworker at the bank and a partner of sorts on many intricate projects. She is both a close friend and fierce competitor, smart and sexy and clearly in big trouble. It is bonus time, the time of the year when compensation is determined based on performance, and we are in the midst of the most important project we had ever worked on.

We had taken a modular approach, choosing a convergence point at which point we would plug our two components together to form a working system. I had finished and tested my part successfully last night. Trish was stuck. She waited until the last minute and was now panicking that she would not finish in time. Her bonus depended on successful completion by tomorrow.

“You have to drag your ass in here and help me!” she said as I struggled to comprehend the situation. Trish would be just one of the guys if it were not for how good she looked with long blonde hair usually in a loose scrunchee, a medium build with lots of curves, and striking blue eyes. “and if you wont help me then fuck you.” She also curses like a sailor with a deep southern drawl and for me it just adds to the mystique. At age forty-something, she has seen the world and knows which parts she likes and doesn’t like. “How bad?” I inquired. “Just get here fast.” she responded.

Dragging myself out of bed, I hopped in the shower and pulled on some shorts and a tee-shirt. It was hot outside and by the time I got to the car, I was already sweating. istanbul escort When I arrived at the office, the inside of the building was sweltering hot. No air-conditioning on the weekends. Yet another plus.

When I walked into the cubicle, I found Trish sitting in front of the computer completely surrounded with piles of documents in every direction. She is dressed in shorts, a tanktop, and barefoot. It is hot in the office, and she is sweating as she works. It is always funny to see someone that you usually see dressed for business now dressed for leisure. It somehow feels out of context. Her nails are chewed down to the nailbed, but she sports a deep, dark perfect pedicure, a stark contrast to her pale skin. She and I work closely on a daily basis, yet now I see her in a different way. A way that kind of make things stir in my pants. As she sees me, you can see the anguish and relief in her eyes. “Its about time you got here. I’m dying here.” she says. She gets up and I sit at the computer. We dig in to her problem. Several hours pass.

It is now 4PM and I am frustrated. We have made a lot of progress, but there is still a lot of work to do and we were stuck. “I have to leave.” I said, “I have a date with Laura and I have an 80% chance of getting laid tonight, so I have to go.” Trish looked down at the ground and surveyed her situation. She looks up and says, “Well, if you stay I can guarantee 100% chance of you getting laid, and I will pay in advance.” Our nerves were frayed and we were hot, so I figured she was just blowing off steam.

Trish gets up and opens the bottom drawer of her desk. She retrieves a bottle of skin lotion and walks over to me. “How bout it? Gonna stay?” I still avcılar escort thought she was kidding around, until she pulled off the tanktop and pulled down her shorts, now standing completely naked in front of me. My eyes widened in shock as she grabbed my teeshirt and turned me around with my back to the desk, then pushed my chest so I layed back against the top of the desk. She ran her hands down my chest, giving my nipples a little squeeze on her way down to my waistband. My shock quickly turned to excitement as she slid her hand down into my shorts, gently rubbing my hardening member. Her hand gently grasps my cock as she straddles my leg, grinding her pubis against my thigh. She moved her hand out and pulled down my shorts, stepping away briefly to allow them to drop to the floor and then straddles my leg again. She rubs herself forcefully up and down my leg as she squeezes out some lotion on the palm of her hand. With the greased hand, she grasps my now rock hard member, slowly stroking me with strong yet gentle strokes, sliding easily over the lubricated skin. Starting with base and sliding all the way to the tip where she twists her palm and strokes back down to the base. I help by pressing my thigh against her as she returns the motion.

After a few glorious moments, she steps off of my leg and takes my hand in hers. She squeezes out a bit of lotion on my fingertips and palm and then guides my hand to her inner thigh. Guiding my hand, she rubs it up the inside of her thigh and across the swollen lips. She works the lips with my hand, showing me exactly where to touch, where to rub, where to press, and where to penetrate. It took only a few moments for the soft, swollen lips to become fully lubricated with her own juices. She şirinevler escort lets go of my hand and lets me take over the motions, confident that I now know what to do. Her slick hands return to my chest, her palms rubbing my nipples, her fingertips raking the hair on my chest. My fingers, now slick, slide easily into her as I gently work her wetness. My cock growing to near painful proportions.

Stepping back, she stands me up and kneels down, placing her hands on my ass and drawing my cock into her mouth. My eyes close and a low moan emits from my mouth as I concentrate so as not to blow my load. Her mouth was so warm and wet, so gentle. With my eyes closed, I could hear the sounds of her lips smacking and the suction being applied and released. I can barely hold it together and she can tell, so she stops and pushes me down into the chair in front of the computer. With a quick motion, she straddles me on the chair, facing me. She guides her wetness onto my cock and I slide deep inside of her. For a few excruciating moments, she just sits there… my cock deep inside her. She can feel me throb ever so slightly as I am pinned underneath her. Her eyes close and she drops her head back, and breaths deeply. She starts to move up and down on my stiff member, sliding smoothly with slow, deep strokes. She breaths deeply and grunts loudly.

All the sudden, she pulls me out of her and turns around and lowers herself back onto my cock. My hands gently rub her back and neck as she leans forward, spreading as wide as she can to let me into her more deeply. I reach down and touch her soft feet as she tenses her legs and squeezes me though her first round of orgasm. This is more than I can take as my body tenses and my orgasm makes my body shudder. This causes a chain reaction and she squeezes me with her legs until her orgams subsides.

After a few minutes, we recovered and pulled our clothes back on. Several hours later, we solved Trish’s problem. She was very grateful and received her bonus. We had developed our own incentive program and used it from time to time to encourage each other to perform beyond expectation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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