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At first – before we go out for the evening – we’re there on the rocking chair by the fire – I feel myself – with each rock of the chair – the front pussy pushing into me – my cock actually shifting position inside you – stretching you – exploring you to the fullest – the rhythm too slow to get me to cum but to Keep me rock hard – stirring your juices as a swizzle stick on a whiskey sour.

I can feel your pussy griping me – the muscles of your womanhood clamping down on me – milking me – quivering all around me – I feel you muscles as you are about to cum – I hear the intake for your breath – I taste your tongue as they wrestle in our mouths – feeling your nails as your hands curl and tighten on my neck – I smell your perfume and also the smell of our sex. – I feel the quivering of your legs as flood gate opens in you and you juices drip down and cover my balls as you cum gain – with the gentle rocking. But we will be late – I kiss you again as your breathing comes under control – massaging the back of your neck as we kisses again – tasting your mouth – then your neck – but you lift off me and you run into the shower and get yourself ready.

It’s snowing out side now and not quite dusk – but the sky is growing dim. I have been waiting in the living room for the last 45 minutes now – I have gotten dressed – going to use the other bathroom – I don’t think we would ever gotten out of here if we showered together again – so I am ready to go again – waiting a bit impatiently but listening to some CD’s on the stereo. We going out – dancing and I know you want to have everyone’s attention – but most of all mine.

I am wearing a muscle shirt and over that a silk shirt – I have picked it out because I know that you like the sensations of different textures. I also have on my gray leather belt and Levi jeans. And of course I have my briefs on underneath and my gray goat skin boots. I have my jacket in my hand and the door finally opens and there you stand. You have a long brown leather coat on – I love your hair – your smell – the way you hint at sexuality even bursa escort when your whole body is covered.

You smile – kiss me – and take my arm. we trek through the snow to the car – you slide into your seat and I slap your rump playfully as I held the door open for you. Starting the car I look over and see that your legs are revealed by your jacket. Your legs are soooo sexy and after I shift us in gear – I lay my hand on you upper thigh – raising it slightly teasing myself as I play with the top of your stockings – my fingers outlining the snaps on your garters.

You place one arm up behind my head – your fingernails running up the short hair on the back of my neck. Your looking at me – I feel you eyes on me – but more importantly I feel your breast pushing into my arm. I remember I high school when a girl would do this it was akin to getting laid – I look over to you – smile my killer grin – yeah I’m getting laid tonight – but who is going to out tease who? I move my hand up a little higher and touch the edge of your panties – I can feel the lace that covers the heat that is rising from you – my fingers lightly touching the fabric – feeling you hair underneath- the feeling is of a steamy humidity – I know you are getting wet for me again.

I keep my eyes on the road – it is still snowing – and it’s getting hard to drive – especially since I am getting hard – your hand has landed on my lap – outlining my hardness and I stretch my jeans – making myself uncomfortable – but there is no backing down now – you wont let me. Your nipping at my earlobe and teasingly whispering in my ear if it is hot enough in the car for me.

Yes it is – I squeeze the inside of your right thigh – then I drag my hand a little higher so that my thumb pushes against the slit of your pussy – yes it is hot enough for you too – your panties have gone from a warm humidity to slightly damp.—We pull into the Parking lot – My hard-on straight up – flat against my stomach in my jeans – and you are on my arm again walking with me into the bar – pressing your breast escort bursa into me again – smiling – this is a game to us- a game we will both win – but still a competition – and you have the upper hand now (well actually my upper arm)(which is getting laid) You take off your coat – your hot – hot – hot – (I leave your attire up to your imagination – but it is hot) I go to the bar – and order your wine.

I have ordered my bourbon and coke (Makers Mark bourbon the Best KY has to offer) and you tease me with your smile as I walk back with our drinks – we are soon dancing together – my hands behind you – one at the small for your back – and traveling over the curve of your butt – that nice ass that soon will be bare to me and that my stomach will be slapping against as I enter you from behind – these thoughts make me hard again – I kiss your neck as you feel me rise again against you – you push more into me – your nipples now so hard and poking into me – my other hand runs up your side – my thumb snaking in-between us – pushing up against your breast — cupping it – a soft moan escapes your lips – My God!

If it wasn’t for these clothes we have on – we would be fucking right now – again my imagination runs away with me – feeling your leg rise up against me – I would reach down and guide myself in your waiting pussy – filling you up in the middle of the dance floor – but the music ends – and I come back to my senses – we head back to our booth — we kiss in our booth – my hand on your thigh – my thumb pressing down on your clit for out side your dress- you hand on my thigh – then almost caressing my hardon – growing it – stroking it – I know that there is a drop of pre cum at the head of it right now. (Ohhh what a waste that is not lubricating anything except my imagination)

Your fingers search out my belt and undoes it (good thing our booth is in the back – but this is still a public bar) your fingers now pinch the tab of my zipper and slowly draw it down – that feels so good – you hand then pulls at the elastic of my waistband I feel a bit escort bursa of cool air on the hot head of my prick. Your finger tip seeks out the precum and massages it into the head of my cock – sliding it in around in small circles.

Your fingers wrap around my shaft – pulling it more out of my pants – stroking it – you tell me to hold it a second – you shift your butt up and you make some shimmy moves – then next thing I know —- your panties are in you hand and you are waving them under my nose – do you want some?

You whisper giggling to me – oh yes – I know now – that within seconds we will be fucking right there – I shift more to the corner of the booth – and push the table a little more out to give us a little room – also pulling my pants down a little – your skirt is shifted up a as you sit on my lap – you are facing away from me – so that we can both see the people in the bar and dancing – you lean back against me – my cock slid into your pussy and stays buried in there – I feel you pushing and milking me – my hand comes up and cups your breast from behind – I pinch your nipple through the fabric of your blouse – and your bra – I am not rocking you – just merely hard and inside you – the hot fucking and tearing you apart with my prick will come later – but I feel your wetness and your heat just the same.

I reach down and slowly rub you clit – you tell me to quit – that I will make you cum (like I’m going to listen to you – LOL)- you bite your lower lip and hold back the scream you want to let out – I feel the spasm of your quim as your first orgasm ripples through you – I squeeze and roll and fondle your tits more and whisper in your ear how later I am going to raise your legs on my shoulders and suck your tits as I jam home my tool in your waiting watery twat. You cum again at the words and thoughts I’m whispering in your ears – I am now sitting in a puddle of your juices (I am so glad that my jeans are dark ) I lift my finger to your lips that were over your clit just moments ago and you kiss the tips of them – the I take them to my lips and taste you.

You shift off my lap – put your panties in your purse – I struggle to get my pants back up and closed – my hard on in the way – I order another drink – tilt my head back – suck it down – and we are out of there—-your move now…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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