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Pain Relief

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Six weeks that changed my life

I woke up this morning a new woman. Gone is the pain that has plagued my life for so long and now all I am able to think about is my newfound sexuality. This is my story.

My name is Sharon, and I am thirty-four years old, married to Dave with two lovely children. Dave has been the only man in my life as he was my first and only boyfriend and we got married when I was twenty after three years of being together. I am lucky because I do not have to work so I concentrate on running the household, looking after my children and meeting up with friends at Pilates and for coffee. We are reasonably well-off living in a nice, large house and the children attend a good school and are doing well. However, I have suffered with shoulder and back pain for the last three years after slipping on ice and landing on my shoulder. At the time of the slip, I did not get it checked out as it did not hurt too much, however, over time, it has hurt more and more and now I am in almost constant pain which is worst in the morning when I wake up. Dave is sympathetic to my pain and occasionally gives me a massage, which helps for a short time and often leads to sex as he gets me naked and starts playing. I really enjoy this and take the chance to play with his cock whilst he rubs my pussy. However good that is for my sex life, my shoulder has not gotten any better, in fact recently, over the last two months, it has become more and more painful.

I woke up six and a half weeks ago and the pain was really bad. I went to Pilates as usual and at coffee afterwards told my friends how bad the pain was. Everyone had a different view on what I should do as we talked about it and, as we were packing up to leave Terry, who had recently joined the group, told me about a lady she knew of who was a therapeutic masseur who might be able to help me. She gave me her number and suggested I call this lady who was named Andrea. I had never been for a professional massage but when I got home, I called Andrea as I thought I had nothing to lose. She was not there so I left a message on her answerphone and waited for a call back.

Andrea called me back about two hours later and I explained that a friend had given me her name as I was in pain with my shoulder. She asked me to describe the pain and how long I had suffered with it. I told her and she said she thought she would be able to help. She added that she had a cancelation at two the following afternoon so I said I would go along. She told me it would cost £50 and last an hour and include a posture assessment. Andrea explained where she was based and told me there was free parking nearby. I said thanks and was looking forward to seeing if she would be able to help me.

I got to Andrea’s at quarter to two on Thursday and knocked on the door. A lady answered and said, “Hi I’m Andrea, you must be Sharon, come on in”.

I replied “thankyou” and followed her to a room where there was a massage table, chair and changing area.

“Please take a seat and tell me about the shoulder”.

I sat down and told Andrea “Well just over three years ago I slipped on some ice and landed on my shoulder. It hurt at the time but was not too bad so I put up with the pain hoping it would get better. It did not, it just got worse and for the last year or, so I have been in more or less constant pain”.

“Where exactly is the pain?” asked Andrea and I showed her that it was on the top of my shoulder and across the top of my back towards my neck.

“Sometimes the pain goes up into my head and recently I have had a lot of headaches”.

“Do you have any pain elsewhere in your back, in your side or across the front of your chest?” asked Andrea.

I replied “Yes I do, and it can go across the front from my side below my breast. It also appears to go down my back sometimes into my buttock and occasionally into my groin”.

“One more question” said Andrea “have you ever had any other falls, even as a child, which left you in the type of pain you now suffer from”.

“No”, I replied and added “prior to the fall I never had this type of pain”.

“OK, please take off your shirt and stand up facing the window so I can take a look at your shoulder and back”. I took off my shirt, placing it on a hook and turned away from Andrea to face the window. Andrea stood behind me and began to feel my shoulder and back, then down my side. She moved around to my front and felt both above and below my breast and then back behind me and felt my lower back. Andrea then said, “please will you put your arms out in front and then raise them to the ceiling and to the sides and back to your waist”.

I did this saying “it hurts in my shoulder when I raise my arms and also in my side and below my breast when I move them to the side”.

Andrea said “OK, now please bend over and touch your toes and tell me if it hurts and where”.

I did this and told her “It hurts in my lower back and buttock and also in my groin when I twist”.

“OK” said Andrea “you can take a seat”. “The bad news is that your shoulder is very tight, and I suspect that there is a lot of muscle damage that has scared, and it is this that is causing the major part of the pain. The area on your side is slightly swollen and that goes across your front beneath your breast. There is a track of swelling going from your left shoulder down your back to your right hip and I suspect your right glute kazak escort is affected and that is giving you the lower back pain. I suspect the groin pain is also related to the glute, but I can check that again as I sort the other issues. The good news is I am sure I can help you, but it will take a few sessions. I shall not do a body posture assessment today but will start with some initial work which will ease the shoulder and side pain for you. If you want to come to see me again after today, then I shall do a full assessment next time which will give me a much better understanding of the problem. If you are happy with that then get onto the couch and lay on your front”.

“That sounds good”, I said and got onto the couch.

“Right” said Andrea “can I undo your bra to get better access to your shoulder and back?”.

“Yes” I said, and Andrea undid the strap and moved the bra from my back.

“OK I am going to try to loosen off your shoulder and neck first and then I shall look at your side. Please put your arms along your sides and your head in the hole. Initially I shall be fairly gentle but as the muscles warm, I shall apply more pressure, please tell me if it is too strong at any time”. With that Andrea started to massage my shoulder and the muscles going towards my neck. She also moved down over my shoulder blade into my back a little. At first it was nice and gentle but after a few minutes the pressure increased, and I said “ouch”.

“Sorry, I shall ease off a little”, said Andrea and added “your shoulder and neck muscles are very tight so I am going to move to your side for a while and I shall come back to these muscles later”. Andrea then started to massage my side and also slid her hand under my front just touching the underside of my breast, which felt really weird as no other woman had ever touched me there. Slowly Andrea expanded the area she was massaging so my breast was being moved around a fair bit and I could feel my nipples growing and getting harder. After about ten minutes Andrea said, “OK I am going to go back to your shoulder now and finish up there”. She massaged the area for another fifteen minutes and then said “OK that is enough for today you can get up and put your bra and shirt back on. You will probably ache quite a bit this evening and tomorrow and will take a few days before it stops aching. Please make a note of where it aches most and for how long so you can tell me by e mail in a couple of days ready for next time. I suggest you come to see me again next week when I will do a full posture assessment and carry on with the work guided by what you tell me. Does that sound OK?”

“Yes, it does, I shall let you know”. As I said this, I got up from the couch forgetting that my bra was undone, and it fell away onto the floor. I bent to pick it up and as I stood, I was facing Andrea who was looking directly at my breasts. I turned bright red and hurriedly put on my bra and shirt. Andrea said, “don’t be embarrassed it happens all the time, oh and by the way, they are very nice!”

Once I was dressed Andrea called up her diary on her computer and made an appointment for the same time and day next week. “Good I look forward to seeing you next week and don’t forget to drop me an e mail telling me where you are sore, how bad it is and long it lasts”.

“Thanks” I said and then gave her my credit card to pay. As I was leaving Andrea gave me a business card and I said, “see you next week” and left.

That evening my shoulder and side ached quite a bit and when I awoke the following morning the ache was worse and particularly bad across the top of my shoulder and into my neck. I decided to e mail Andrea later that day and follow it up on Sunday afternoon. So late Friday afternoon I sent Andrea the e mail, “Hi Andrea my shoulder and side ached last evening, and it is worse now, particularly across my shoulder into my neck and also down my side. I shall update you on Sunday, Sharon”.

Andrea replied later in the evening “Hi Sharon, I thought it would ache, but I hope it is not too bad. Please update me on Sunday so I can plan the session for next Thursday, Andrea”. On Saturday it was worse again but on Sunday when I woke up it was slightly better, especially in my shoulder so I sent an e mail to Andrea, “Hi Andrea it was worse on Saturday but improved today. My shoulder is easier but my side and now my lower back, buttock and groin ache a little also. See you on Thursday, Sharon”.

Andrea replied on Monday morning “Hi Sharon glad it has improved in your shoulder, and I am not surprised your lower back, buttock and groin ache a little. I shall do a posture analysis on Thursday and then decide how best to continue. See you then”. Over the next few days, the aches reduced but were still there in my side although my shoulder had improved a little. My lower back, buttock and groin also still ached.

I got to Andrea’s ten minutes before my appointment on Thursday and she let me in heading for the treatment room as she said, “Hi Sharon come on in and let’s get started. If you would undress down to your bra and pants, I shall do the body posture analysis. I shall be looking for any swelling in your soft tissue and also any areas where your body is not aligned properly. To start please stand up for me to do a visual check and then lie on the couch so I can do a more detailed assessment”. So, I took off my shirt and jeans and stood in front istanbul bayan escort of her. She did a visual check both front and back and touched me in a few places on my shoulders, back, hips and upper legs. Andrea then said, “OK please bend over and touch your toes and then walk up and down a few times”. As I bent over, she touched both hips and also my lower back saying “it looks as if your hips are slightly out of alignment and also that you appear to drag you right leg which is on the opposite side to your shoulder issue. That is not uncommon with this type of issue as your body is compensating down your right side for the shoulder problem”. Andrea then said “please stand upright facing me while I check your vertical alignment. It looks as if your right shoulder is slightly higher than your left and the same is true for your hip, which is also common with the problem you have. If you do not mind, please would you take off your bra so I can compare your breasts, but if that is a problem for you, I understand”.

I thought for a minute as I had never done such a thing before but decided that it would probably help Andrea get a full assessment to help with my pain, so I took off my bra. Andrea looked at my breasts and said, “is it OK if I touch them so I can see how they hang and if there is any movement restriction given the ache in your side, again if you are not comfortable with that, please tell me”.

I said, “no that is ok” and she touched the side of each breast lifting each in turn.

Andrea said “there does not appear to be any issues there although your right breast is slightly larger than the left and also falls a little deeper which may be related to the underlying problem. OK thanks for that now please lie on the couch on your stomach placing your head in the hole”.

I lay on the bed and immediately noticed that my nipples felt larger, harder and more sensitive but did not have to process that as Andrea put her hands on my shoulders and swept them down my back to my buttocks. As she did this she said “I can see and feel that you have a line of tightness going from your left shoulder down to your right hip which fits in with the pain in your lower back on the right side. I can also feel that this has been there for some time and probably stems from the damage you did to your shoulder when you fell. Do you have any pain down your right leg or in that buttock?”

I replied “not in my leg but sometimes my buttock can be painful particularly if I have been walking for some time. I do also get some pain in the groin on that side, and occasionally I get like a clicking sensation in the groin which can be accompanied by a sharp pain”.

“OK I’ll check that out when you turn over” replied Andrea who then asked, “would you mind taking off your pants so I can check your buttock, but, if that is a problem then we can work around it”. I was a little concerned at this question but as I had already removed my bra and she was acting entirely professionally I did remove them. Andrea then put her hands on my buttocks and began to press, saying “well your right buttock is quite firm, much more so than the left and it is also quite tight around your hip. Once again I am not surprised at that”. Andrea then checked out the back of both legs asking “do you ever have problems with pain in your thighs or calf muscles?”

I answered, “no other than the pain in my groin which seems to go out into my thigh sometimes”.

Andrea then said, “please turn over” and as I did so she covered my lower body with a towel. “I am now going to check out the front of your body starting with your chest. As with your back I am going to see if there are any tight or sore areas”. Andrea then put her hand on my left shoulder, and this was immediately painful, so I said, “that hurts particularly as you move down towards my breast”.

“I am not surprised as you are tight here and it is a little swollen. I am now going to check your side and underneath your breast, is it OK if I touch it?”

I answered “yes” and as she moved beneath my breast, I told her “That hurts as you go across my front”. Andrea then did the same on my right side and other than my shoulder I had pain in similar areas as the left. Andrea then asked, “is it OK if I now check out your abdomen?” to which I replied “yes”, and she moved the towel down to the top of my pubic bone. Andrea ran her hands over my abdomen and as she did so said, “I am checking the fascia and underlying muscles which appear to be OK. I should also like to check your psoas muscles which lie quite deep in your abdomen and are the only muscles that connect the top and lower halves of your body. However, as they are deep this can hurt so, please tell me if the pain is too much”. She then pressed into the left side and sure enough it really hurt, and I called out, so she stopped.

“That really hurt” I said, and Andrea said “OK I can see it did so will not go any further. I should also just like to check across your pubic bone and if you are OK with it will then check your groin, but to do that I shall need to move the towel”.

Without thinking I said, “yes that will be ok” and so the towel was taken away. Before I could react, Andrea put her hand on my pubic bone and started to feel across it and as she did, she said “that feels OK, no sign of any damage or swelling”. I did not know how to react as another woman had just felt all across by pubic area azeri escort and certainly did not know how to react when she said, “OK now that we have checked that out let me check your groin. To do that I shall rotate each leg at a time by holding each foot and then moving the leg around your hip joint which may hurt a little, so if it does, please show me where and tell me how bad the pain is”. Once again before I could absorb what Andrea intended to do, she took hold of my left foot and pushed my leg up bending the knee so that it was close to by belly. Then she rotated the leg outwards and around the joint. It hurt and I nearly screamed out and then I put my hand between my thigh and vagina which was now on full view to this woman whom I had only met once before. At the same time, I said “it hurts in the groin and out into the inside of my thigh”.

Andrea asked, “is it a sharp pain or just an ache?” and I said, “initially a sharp pain but then a consistent ache”. Andrea then took my right leg and did the same with the same question. It also hurt and I said, “that also hurts but the sharp pain is worse, and the ache is worse as well”. Andrea then put my foot down and looked at me.

“I hope you did not find that too painful or embarrassing and please be assured that it told me a lot about your issues and makes it easier for me to come up with an effective treatment plan”.

I replied “to be honest I did not really take on board what you said to me and before I fully understood you were checking me. It did hurt and I was embarrassed but I can live with that if it means you can relieve the pain. I did get a lot of pain in both sides of my groin when you checked my legs so that came as a surprise”.

Andrea told me “No you should be surprised as I was putting your groin under quite intense movement that you would not normally do in day-to-day movement. What I shall do as a result of all of that is send you an e mail tomorrow with a posture report and suggested future treatment for you to consider. In the meantime, if you turn over, I shall do some work on your shoulder and back for the remaining thirty minutes”.

Once I was led on my stomach, I realised just how swollen and tender my nipples were and also that moisture was pooled at the entrance to my vagina. I was mortified and must have blushed a lot. I could not understand how something that was painful could have aroused me so much and I just hoped that Andrea had not noticed but given what she did and the position I had been in I suspect she was very aware of it. Just as that thought was in my mind Andrea said, “Sharon you need to relax so I can get at your muscles, this will be quite a light massage so will not hurt like the analysis of your abdomen and groin”. Andrea was right and the rest of the session was quite relaxing, and I was nearly asleep by the time she finished. As she finished, she said “I hope the posture check was not too much of an ordeal and that you enjoyed the massage. I shall send you the report and suggested future treatment tomorrow and make an appointment for the same time next week if that is OK”.

“Yes, that will be fine, and I shall look forward to receiving the report. I did find the assessment difficult and at times painful and embarrassing, but I am glad you did it particularly if it helps you to release my shoulder and other pain”.

Andrea replied “I hope it was not too bad and that you were not too embarrassed. It is something I am used to, but I understand that you are not. I assure you I have learned a lot and will be able to concentrate on the areas where you have the main problems”. As Andrea was speaking, I got dressed, then I paid her and left saying “I shall go through the report and get back to you if I have any questions”.

When I got to the car, I could not believe what had just happened. Firstly, a woman had seen me naked then she had run her hands around my breasts, then over my naked belly and pubic bone and then had opened my legs giving her a full view of my vagina which, I knew was wet and leaking juices. I decided that I could not possibly tell Dave what had happened, nor my friends at the gym, this had to stay my secret. Also, as I was sat there, I realised just how aroused I was and just how good it felt and how much I had enjoyed it despite the underlying pain. After a few minutes of reflecting on these facts I drove off to go home. As soon as I got home, I went to the bedroom to take a shower, so I stripped off my clothes and looked in my mirror. I did not believe what I saw. I was flushed, my breasts looked larger, and my nipples were darker, erect and swollen. I squeezed them between my fingers and shuddered as I felt a tightening in my vagina as my juices began to flow again. I dipped my finger into the juices and spread them over my lips and clitoris and this produced a very deep shudder again. I put my wet fingers into my mouth and sucked them tasting myself, something I had never done before. I lay down on the bed and put two fingers deep inside and almost jumped off of the bed. I was so aroused that as I moved my fingers in and out, slowly at first but then faster as my arousal grew and in no time at all I had the most intense orgasm I had ever had by masturbating. It seemed to go on forever as I kept rubbing deep inside and as I moved my fingers to my clitoris, I came again almost immediately even stronger than the first time. It took me a good ten minutes to recover from the highs of my orgasms, but it was the most exquisite feeling, one I hoped I would experience again. After recovering I went and had a shower and whilst there, I wondered just what the posture analysis report would say and what treatment Andrea would recommend, more of the same I hoped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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