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Pam, Anne and the Neighbour

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Pam, Anne and the Neighbour

Synopsis: In the previous story Pam and Anne met when Anne came for an explicit photoshoot with Pam the all round photographer. Anne was now a secretary/PA but had been a porn model and still did occasional porn shoots. They got very friendly – Pam, a lifelong naturist, always works naked when she is doing nude work. Anne has a very vivid and kinky sexual imagination. When Anne left at the end of the session she had some of Pam’s shit up inside her arse which she carried round inside her till the following morning, even when she went to her proper office job in the afternoon and out to dinner with her parents in the evening. Pam and Anne kept in touch and as the lease on Anne’s flat was about to run out and she wasn’t too happy there she was looking for somewhere to live. As it happened Pam had a spare bedroom…..

“Hello,” Pam greeted Alan, a neighbour from two floors above in her building. Alan lived with his wife Laura. He and Pam didn’t know each other that well, they’d met a few times in the lift, but she did know that he worked as a carpenter and general handyman. He was also very good looking, though Pam was much more interested in women, but she could appreciate his appearance from an aesthetic and artistic point of view. He’d come to Pam’s flat/studio to put up some shelves in the room that Anne was going to occupy and help clear out some of the crap that had accumulated since Pam’s last tenant moved out a couple of years previously.

Pam was dressed in her tracksuit but said to Alan, “I am usually most comfortable when I am at home being naked – do you mind if I take this track suit off?”

“Er, no,” said Alan, taken somewhat aback. Alan knew that Pam was a bit ‘odd’ and that she liked women and not men. Secretly he was quite excited at the prospect of seeing Pam in the nude, she always looked very fit, in both senses of the word. He thought that nothing was likely to happen sexually and he was relieved about that as he was loyal to Laura.

So almost instantaneously Pam whipped off the tracksuit top and bottom revealing Pam’s firm, neat and athletic body. She had an all over tan which confirmed that she was comfortable being naked. She bent over and picked up the clothes from the floor, revealing everything to Alan very briefly, and took them to hang up in the bedroom.

When she came back she said, “I was naked until you rang the bell so I just popped those on to answer the door. I wasn’t sure how you would react if I was just standing there in the nude.”

“I would kaçak iddaa have been a bit shocked, I must admit,” said Alan. “Do you expect me to take my kit off only I have to go and get my tools and there’s stuff to take to the tip isn’t there?”

“That’s alright,” said Pam. “Maybe when you’ve finished I can cook you some lunch. Anne is due here around 1 pm. Perhaps you would like to meet her? But, of course, Laura probably wants you back and would be a bit worried if she knew you were spending a few hours with a naked woman!”

“Actually Laura is away right now. Her Dad is sick so she’s staying with her parents for a few days supporting her Mum.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. So a meal and a bit of company would be welcome then?”

“It would. Laura knows that you are gay anyway so wouldn’t expect us to be getting up to anything naughty! It would be nice to join you in the nude when I have finished working though.”

“That sounds like a plan, Alan,” agreed Pam.

So Alan set about his work. He went back to his flat to get the wood for the shelves and his bag of tools. But before that Pam helped him get the ‘crap’ as she described it out of Anne’s new bedroom – some for Alan to take to the tip and some that Pam redistributed around the flat because she wasn’t quite ready to get rid of it.

After about about an hour and a half Alan had completed putting up the shelves and was ready to take the ‘crap’ down to his car to go to the tip. Pam offered to help but he told her that that would mean getting dressed again and that would be a pain and anyway he could do it in a couple of trips.

When Alan came back from loading up his car Pam said, “why don’t you get undressed now and relax and I will cook some lunch for you? You can go to the tip later after Anne gets here and you have met her.”

“OK,” agreed Alan. He fairly quickly disrobed and Pam took his clothes into her bedroom and lay them on the bed.

“Now, I am very grateful for what you are doing. Apart from lunch, is there anything else I can do for you? I could pay you or perhaps there’s a favour I can do for you in return?”

“Sex would be great,” said Alan, smiling, “but I am a loyal married man and you are gay.”

“That’s right. But you are welcome to have a wank while I do a dance or talk dirty.”

“There is something, but it’s a bit gross, so I am a bit anxious about mentioning it.”

“Don’t worry about gross. I have seen a lot taking porn photos here and then there’s Anne!” Pam chuckled.

“Does Anne do gross stuff?” inquired Alan, somewhat fascinated and wondering what could kaçak bahis be more gross than what he was thinking about.

“Er yes,” said Pam with a smile, as if it was a very silly question, “let’s hear what you want me to do.”

“Can I have you pee on my while I lie down in the shower. Only Laura won’t do anything like that. She is very private even though we’ve been married five years she always shoos me out of the bathroom before she will sit on the toilet, even to do a pee. I did have a girlfriend once who would pee on me and sometimes would come in and sit on the toilet and have a shit when I was in the shower. No shame.”

“No reason to be ashamed really. Natural processes, we all pee and we all shit – we’d be worried if we didn’t, wouldn’t we? Yes, I will pee on you if you want. It doesn’t bother me. And please feel it’s OK to have a wank.”

So Alan went in the shower and lay down on the floor. Pam found a rubber cushion for his head. She had had need of it before in similar circumstances!

When Alan was in place and had grabbed his dick in his right hand Pam stood over him. “Arse to feet or arse to face, Alan?” asked Pam.

“Start off with arse to face, then I’d like to see your lovely eyes please.”

“Well, I haven’t showered since 6 am this morning,” Pam informed him, “because I have been doing some work on the computer on a shoot that I did yesterday and then I had a shit just before you arrived so my arse may be a bit pungent. So I won’t put it too close to your nose.”

“That’s OK,” said Alan, “you can pee on my chest, and I will admire your arse.”

So Pam squatted over his chest and lent forward so that Alan could see her arsehole clearly and her cunt. Of course, now he couldn’t reach his dick because her legs were in the way.

“Do you want me to give you a hand job, since you can’t do it yourself in this position. I don’t object to doing that.”

“I’d love that said Alan.” He was fascinated looking at Pam’s arse as she started to work on his dick. He could see that Pam had quite a large skin tag on her arsehole and at the base of it was a little bit of shit. That’s probably why she warned him about her arse being a bit pungent.

As Alan came near to cumming Pam let out a large pee. Alan immediately orgasmed. Pam got up, and turned around facing him lying alongside him. She was very careful to keep her cunt away from anywhere that his semen had gone. She wasn’t on the pill and didn’t want to take any risks. She pecked Alan on the cheek and then got up.

“I’ll leave you to shower now, big boy,” said Pam, “would you like illegal bahis a ham and cheese omelette – you need to replace that protein!”

Alan spent a little while in the shower. He felt mixed about what had just happened. He had found it exciting and naughty but he felt that it was a shame that it wasn’t Laura but someone else. He did feel a bit disloyal.

When he emerged from the shower there was someone else there. Anne had arrived and was already naked. Pam, now wearing an apron but with her bare arse sticking out behind introduced Anne.

“Hi Alan, we are going to be neighbours. Thanks for sorting out my room,” said Anne.

“It’s been a pleasure,” said Alan.

“In more ways than one, from what I hear,” Anne said with a smile and a wink. “She’s not the only one that can do golden showers, you know, and that’s not all. By the way, I am bisexual, I have had a good few dicks in my cunt and arse and mouth over the years and occasionally one in each!”

Alan was quite embarrassed. “I am faithful to my wife you know – it’s one thing to be peed on by the lovely Pam here but I am not ready to put my dick inside anyone other than Laura.”

“Maybe Pam and I can do a show for you sometime then. You can just watch.” And then into Pam’s ear, “when you’ve finished cooking that omelette and whilst he is eating it we could perhaps give him a taster?”

After Pam put the omelette in front of Alan, Pam and Anne disappeared into Pam’s bedroom with Anne carrying her bag. After a couple of minutes they emerged and Pam put some music on and Pam and Anne danced together sensuously, running their hands up and down each other; separating and coming together and lightly kissing. When the music came to an end they turned with their backs to Alan, bent forward a parted their buttocks to reveal both were wearing one of Anne’s buttplugs. Anne with the blue one and Pam with the red. Alan applauded.

Pam put her apron back on and cooked omelettes for Anne and herself and all three sat around the table. When they had finished Alan said that he needed to take the stuff that he had put in his car to the tip. So he dressed and went downstairs. Somehow, he thought that this wouldn’t be the last time he visited Pam and Anne’s abode. Laura was probably going to be away quite a lot so long as her father was ill. He hoped that he could resist fucking Anne though it did seem like a delightful prospect. He wondered what it was that they did that made golden showers seem a bit tame.

“Well, he’s quite dishy,” said Anne, “though, of course, you wouldn’t be interested.”

“I did manage to give him a hand job without throwing up,” said Pam, “and that is a first.”

With that Pam and Anne set about sorting out Anne’s bedroom. Anne wondered how much time she would be spending in it.

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