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Pam , Zach In Thru the Back Door

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Ebony Teen

These are our stories, embellished, but true. The initial seven Pam & Zach stories are in chronological order so that you can get a sense of how the sexual relationship between Pam and myself progressed. They’d be best understood read in order, but I did my best to make each episode stand alone. Names have been changed, dialogue and details added for literary purposes, but these events actually somewhat happened.

If you enjoyed the 7 part series, stay tuned, as future Pam and Zach escapades will follow. But rather than a series, they will be individual events, not necessarily in chronological order, that took place over the ensuing years of our relationship.

In through the back door…

Rather than stopping home to clean up after work, I went to Pam’s. She had requested so because she wanted to save time as we were supposed to go to her friend’s house for pizza and to watch Thursday night football. Luckily, we’ve both been keeping a clean change of clothes at each other’s since we’ve been spending so much more time together.

Due to my work obligations and her schedule, we hadn’t see each other since making love last Sunday night, the day we went to A.C. to buy the new toys.

Entering her place, I saw her dressed in a T shirt and sweatpants, down on the kitchen floor, wiping something up.

“Cinderella, I thought we had a ball to go to tonight?” I quipped.

“We do. Well not actually a ball, although we might ball later,” she retorted. “Just cleaning up a spot or two I missed yesterday when I made spaghetti sauce.”

“I’ll be done it a second. Go get showered. I’ll be there in a minute.”

I walked to the bedroom, stripped and got in the shower. The hot water felt great after, what had been, a trying day.

As I was lathering up, facing the shower head, I caught sight of Pam slipping into the room and heard the shower door open.

“I was hoping you might join me,” I remarked.

“Well, you know I’d never miss an opportunity to see you naked,” she replied getting behind me. “Besides, I wanna make sure you do a good job.”

With that, I felt her tits press against my back and Taksim escort her hands reach around me and land on my nipples.

“You just stay as you are and I’ll get you good and clean. I promise.”

I put my hands on the shower wall, letting the warm water run over me.

Her fingers on my nipples worked their usual magic, making me rock hard in no time.

“Feels good,” I commented. “Shame we don’t have more time.”

“About that. I may have misstated the facts a bit. We don’t have to be at Sharon’s until 8:30. Forgive me?”

As she finished her question, Pam reached between my legs and played with my balls.

“I guess I’ll let it slide this time.”

“Speaking of sliding,” as her left hand left my nipple and went around to my cock and started stroking, “How’s this?”

“Perfect,” was all I could muster.

Standing aside me now, Pam kept jerking my cock while she slid the other hand off my balls and her fingers found my ass.

“Relax Zach,” was all she said before sliding two wet and soapy fingers inside me.

My knees buckled a bit. I took a deep breath and tried to relax.

Pam ass fucked me slowly for several minutes, all while still stroking my cock. It felt fantastic.

After kissing my cheek, she told me, “I’m gonna take my fingers out now, but don’t move. I have something else I want to do.”

Her fingers slid out easily, leaving me with that same empty feeling I had when she last fucked my ass in the shower. Her hand was still around my cock, slowly sliding up and down.

I heard the buzz before I felt it enter me.

“Oh my God,” was all I could muster, as she slid the vibrator we bought Sunday deep into my ass.

“This is why I wanted a waterproof one. I’m gonna up the speed now.”

And she did.

Pam turned it up gradually. The sensations were incredible. Fingers in the ass are one thing, but adding vibrations takes it over the top.

“Now I’m gonna slowly slide it in and out. Let me know when you’re close. I don’t want to make you cum yet.”

“Then you better let go of my cock,” was all I could muster.

Pam did just Taksim escort bayan that.

She continued for what seemed like 10 minutes, but I’m sure it was not that long, but when she removed it, I was left weakened.

“Catch your breath. I’m gonna wash this off because now I want you to do me.”

Pam washed then handed me the vibrator, turned her back to me, bent forward and placed her hands on the shower bench and spread her legs.

With my back to the shower, I liberally soaped my hands and the toy. As I was sliding my hand up and down between her thighs, making sure both her pussy and ass were nice and slippery, Pam tells me, “Zach, I’ve been a naughty girl this week. I’ve used that toy on myself several times already. Sorry I didn’t wait for you.”

“No need to apologize.”

Pam, then turning her face towards me says, “I want you to put it in my ass and fuck my pussy at the same time.”

The lustful look in her eyes told me she was absolutely sure that’s what she wanted.

I grabbed my cock, and between the soap and her own fluid lubrication, I easily slid it deep inside her.

I could feel the muscles of her vagina squeezing me,

I placed the vibrator on her anus, turned it on low and gently pressed it against her for just a second, before slowly sliding it into her.

Pam arched her back as it entered. I paused, having only put the bulb on the tip in.

“Yes…hmmm…okay…go ahead, but slow,” Pam instructed.

I took my time. As each larger bulb went into her opening, she would gasp a bit, then say, “Keep going.”

When I had it completely in her, I began to rock my hips, thrusting my cock in and out.

“My God, it feels so different with your dick inside me.”

“Turn it up now.”

“Say when,” I replied as I turned the vibrations up one step at a time.

“That’s good…That’s good right there, Oh my God, yes.”

I held it still.

“Now fuck me with it.”

I began sliding it back and forth in rhythm to my fucking her pussy. I could feel the vibrations on my cock. I can’t tell you how terrific it felt, something I’d Escort taksim never experienced before.

Pam was moaning from the pleasure and began sliding her hips back and forth to meet the thrusts. It was pure ecstasy.

We continued the slow fucking for quite some time. Finally Pam said, “Turn it all the way up!”

I twisted the knob all the way. It sent a jolt into both of us.

“Ohhhhh FUCK!”, Pam screamed.

“Take it out! Take it out please!”

I immediately removed it. As the tip cleared her asshole, Pam shrieked.

“Hold still, please. Give me a second.”

I stopped fucking her, grasping her hips and holding her ass tight to me.

After gasping for her breath, Pam calmed, then turned back to me and said, “I want your cock in my ass, fuck me. Please fuck me.”

“Pam, are you sure?”

“Why do you think I’ve been practicing with it all week? I really want you to cum in my ass.”

“Okay,” was all I could say.

I pulled my cock from her pussy and guided it to her puckered hole. I pushed the tip against it, grabbed her hips and slowly pushed it into her.

“Ohhhh…..My…..God!”, Pam screamed and slammed her ass back against my hips plunging me all the way in.

“Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me.”

I fucked her. Hard and fast. I was crazed and lost myself as I pumped my cock back and forth inside her. I could hear her moaning. I never felt anything so tight around my cock. I wasn’t going to last.

I screamed as my cock exploded and spurted, again and again and again.

Pam screamed as she felt it.

We were both wrecked. We slowly fell to our knees, still locked together.

The next thing I remember is the water turning cold against my back. We had literally emptied not only ourselves, but also the hot water tank.

I pulled my now quite flaccid cock out of her. Pam moaned again as she felt it leave her. She was now sitting on the floor of the shower with her arms and head laying on the bench.

I turned the water off and knelt down and kissed the top of her head.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“I’m fantastic. How about you?”

“That was fucking incredible. I never knew. I never knew it could feel that good.”

As I exited the shower, I turned to Pam and said,” I’ll call Sharon and let her know we’ll be coming late.”

“Coming. Yeah, that’s the right word,” Pam replied, with a big grin on her face.

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