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Pandora’s Box Ch. 02d

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Round Two

Dani closed the door behind her and leaned against it, breathing lightly in the air-conditioned space. Her chest rose and fell softly as she took in the room before her.

Unlike the suite she had played in last time, which had been decorated like an American sports bar, this one was designed as an airy suburban living room. Two long, cream-coloured sofas with leather cushions stood perpendicular to one another around a rectangular mahogany coffee table. The floor was cloaked in a soft wool carpet, also cream-coloured, and an expensive-looking flat screen tv was attached to the left wall, opposite the sofas. On the right side of the room was a large and well-stocked bar, designed to imitate the appearance of a spacious open-plan kitchen.

Fake potted plants and picture frames containing stock photos lined the walls, and Dani was initially baffled by the fact that the room appeared to be bathed in bright, natural light. After a couple of fruitless seconds looking for windows, she realised it was a simple effect, replicated by shining white lights embedded in the ceiling.

Pushing herself off the door, Dani skipped breezily across the room with her arms swinging widely. Like the last suite, there were two doors at the back of the room — one was a fire exit, whereas the other was locked and presumably led to the bedroom. Dani slid Luis’ key into the lock of the latter door, turning it with a satisfying click.

The Suite 4 bedroom, like the main room, was different in layout to the Suite 7 bedroom. The bed was a single, with a thick pink duvet and a line-up of stuffed toys stood at attention along the footboard. In fact, most of the room was some shade of pink — the walls, the carpet, the curtains, and the dresser — and Dani screwed up her face at the garishness of it all.

One of the few exceptions was the large, sliding door glass wardrobe that fronted the right wall, virtually identical to the one that had been in Suite 7. A flare of excitement shot through Dani as she saw it, knowing the outfits for Pregnancy Craps were hanging just on the other side. Within an hour she would be wearing one of them, her fate locked in by her choice.

As was the case with last time, Dani became acutely aware of how much she wanted to take a shower — although she wasn’t quite caked in sweat, the contrast between the huge and stuffy main stage with the small, airy room was considerable.

Dani stripped off her top and yanked off her bra, grinning as her perky tits sprung free of their prison. She kicked off her heels and then pulled the skirt, her panties, and pantyhose over her hips and down her legs in one go, stepping out deftly once they were gathered around her ankles.

Dani pranced naked into the shower, grabbing the showerhead off the stand to ensure she didn’t get her hair wet or wash off her makeup. She bathed herself in the steamy hot water for 20 minutes, closing her eyes and enjoying the feeling of it running over her skin in snug, pleasant waves.

Just like last time, her hand almost involuntarily slid down her flat belly to her shaved pubic mound, and Dani had to grit her teeth and resist the urge to start playing with herself right there and then, knowing that whatever Luis had in store for her would be far better.

Shutting off the water and encasing herself in a thick, beautifully soft towel, Dani padded back into the bedroom and grabbed the huge outfit catalogue from the bedside table. She seated herself on the edge of the bed, releasing a grunt as she placed the weighty book on her thighs.

Dani flicked through, pausing occasionally to study any outfits she liked the look of. There seemed to be a few new additions, but otherwise she had seen them all before. Specifically, she was looking for the cheerleader outfit that Luis wanted her to wear, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t have a little browse.

She took a sharp intake of breath and grinned as she landed on the outfit she had worn last time: the skimpy pub golf ensemble, with the tight pink crop top, tiny plaid skirt, and long white socks, when she had roleplayed as a slutty, homewrecking college girl. Dani let out a tiny giggle — college slut seemed to be a role she took on more and more often these days, both as a fantasy and in real life.

Dani turned a few more pages, humming cheerily to herself, and then paused as she came across an outfit that made her breath catch in her throat. Running her thumb over the attire in the picture, she immediately recognised the tight orange shorts and white tank top of a Hooters uniform.

Dani had worked at the restaurant herself a couple of years ago, during the summer before she started college, and still had her own old uniform stuffed at the back of a drawer somewhere. She grinned to herself and a charged sensation engulfed her as she remembered how sexy she had always felt in that job, prancing around with her plump tits and big ass on display for her whole town to see. And she had always wondered kaçak iddaa what it would feel like to be fucked in it…

It was either the cheerleader costume or the Hooters uniform. Standing up to towel off properly, Dani carefully weighed up the pros and cons of each. On one hand, Luis had specifically requested that she enact the cheerleader roleplay. On the other hand, he might even like the Hooters one better. She had worn a skirt last time as well; shorts would be a refreshing change of pace. Not to mention the Hooters top showed her boobs off better than the cheer top did.

Of course, the most important issue for both outfits was the issue of birth control — Dani knew that one outfit might lead to her having protected sex, while the other might not. Or maybe they both would let her use a condom. Or perhaps neither would. There was no way to tell until she chose and opened the envelope.

Dani hummed to herself, her tongue stuffed in her cheek, as she tried to make a decision. The visual traits of the outfits weren’t so much her concern now as was the contraception issue. Were cheerleaders likely to be more responsible, or Hooters girls? Sighing to herself, Dani wished she’d kept Alma’s coin. She licked her lips, traced her finger along the pages of the catalogue and then, with a deep breath, slammed it shut. She had decided. She needed hanger 199.

Tossing her towel over the bed, Dani strolled over to the wardrobe and pulled out the afore-mentioned hanger, which held the version of the Hooters uniform that came in her size. She smiled as she held the tiny outfit up in front of her, feeling a rush of exhilaration as she anticipated squeezing her streamlined body into it. The outfit came with a pair of black panties — although notably there was no bra — plus the sealed envelope that would also seal Dani’s fate.

Dani dropped the envelope on the bedside table and began to don the outfit. First she slipped into the lacy black panties, pulling them snugly over her ass and hips before stepping into the tan pantyhose and rolling it up her legs. She then grabbed the orange shorts and hiked them up to her thighs before hitting a barrier.

“Fuck,” Dani panted softly — her ass was proving a challenge to squeeze into the shorts. She wiggled her hips and jumped up and down, giggling as she felt both her bulbous breasts and her round buttocks shake and jiggle with her movements. She dug her fingers into the nylon, straining as she pulled harder.

“C’mon… just a little… ah-ha!” Dani smirked triumphantly as her butt finally yielded and slipped behind the waistband of the shorts with a pop. With the shorts now cuddling her ass and hips, Dani picked up the top. It went on a lot quicker and smoother than the shorts, though Dani still felt a flutter of arousal as she saw how much her knockers — or her hooters, rather — stretched the thin white fabric out in front of her, her deep cleavage appearing as a fathomless chasm.

Lastly, Dani sat down and pulled on the simple white socks and white trainers, before standing up and fixing the brown ticket pouch around her slender waist. With her uniform complete, Dani skipped through to the en-suite and gave her hair and makeup a light touch up, although barely five minutes work was necessary to get her looking completely fresh again.

Dani took a step back and admired herself in the mirror, a big grin unfolding on her face as she gently tousled her luscious hair. The uniform really was tiny — tinier than she remembered. As Dani turned and posed, she couldn’t help but feel pure joy bloom inside her at the way the tiny little shorts hugged her backside.

Her ass cheeks popped out wonderfully, so much so that anyone would be forgiven for thinking that the garment was painted on. They were stretched to their limit and on the verge of riding straight up her butt, and Dani giggled harder as she bent forward and gave herself a soft spank — the shorts held her buttocks in firmly and there was barely any jiggle at all.

Her boobs, on the other hand, were a different story; Dani was adoring the braless look and how free she felt in the tight top. Her nipples poked lightly through the material, a pair of tiny nubs standing proudly to attention in a field of pure white, and Dani placed her hands behind her head and gave her shoulders a shake. Her girls swung liberally from side to side and she giggled again. Luis was going to love this.

Dani spent a few minutes adjusting her uniform, although this amounted to little more than repeatedly straightening out her top and shorts as she stared at herself in the mirror, abundantly aware that she was just playing for time. Like before, she was suddenly acutely aware of what would happen as soon as she walked out that door, of the risk she was placing upon herself.

Dani’s stomach churned as she forced herself to leave the en-suite — she grabbed the envelope off the bedside table and walked towards the exit, each step feeling heavier than the last. kaçak bahis At the door, with her fingers on the handle, she froze.

“You got this girl,” she whispered to herself, taking a shaky breath. “You’ll probably get lucky again.” She swallowed hard, wondering if Luis was already on the other side, waiting for her. There was no point hesitating — it was already too late to back out. Her fate had been sealed the moment she had put on the blue badge.

Or perhaps it was the moment she had called Alma. Hell, maybe it was the moment she had first played three months ago. But, at this moment, there was no direction to go except forwards. She just had to cross her fingers and pray that the Hooters girl had been in the mood for a condom.

Dani opened the door and slid through to the main room, closing it shut behind her. Last time Luis had been waiting for her by the bar, but this time he was nowhere to be seen.

“Hello? Luis?” Dani felt silly calling out for him — he clearly wasn’t here, unless he was hiding beneath one of the sofas.

Feeling energised yet also a little skittish, Dani popped behind the kitchen counter and sorted herself a rum and coke before padding across the room and seating herself on one of the cream sofas. Her shorts rode straight up as she sat down, and Dani couldn’t help but feel a light rush as she felt her cheeks press into the polished leather through the pantyhose.

Dani sat stiffly for several minutes, meekly sipping her drink and keeping an eye on the door. She was shifting around in her seat, her heartbeat quickening and her skin tingling with goosebumps. The dull ache between her legs had returned, along with building moisture beneath the crotch of her comfortable panties. She impatiently ran a hand up and down her thigh, imagining Luis’ strong hands roaming across her body again.

Dani was still holding the envelope, and she ran her fingers along the seal absent-mindedly. Where was Luis? Was the show dragging on? Had he forgotten about her? Was she in the wrong room?

As these thoughts tumbled over each other, Dani’s attention was drawn to the envelope. The fate of the Hooters girl — and subsequently her own fate — was inside. Such a small thing, to cause her so much potential trouble. Dani glanced around as she paused with her fingers pressing against the seal.

Maybe… maybe she could have a peak? Just to see what she was in for. If it was too risky — if there was no condom or if she was in for a risky creampie — she could take it back and exchange it for the cheer costume? Her breathing getting steadily more shallow, Dani took one last look at the door, and slowly slid her fingers beneath the corner of the seal…

There was a click, and the door to the suite swung open in a wide arc. Dani let out a tiny, surprised gasp, dropping the envelope on the coffee table and looking away guiltily as Luis paced in.

“Sorry,” he said, shaking his head. “The warm-up kept dragging on. Grace insisted that I stay for the full thing.”

Dani nodded and waved a hand across her face. “It’s all good.” She licked her lips as her heart started to beat a little faster. “Does… does she know what we’re doing up here? Do any of them know?”

“They all know to some degree. Grace actually introduced me to this place — she used to work here.”

“Oh? Really? I had no idea.”

“Well, you wouldn’t,” Luis replied with a wry smirk.

“When? What did she do? Was she a waitress?”

“I’m not sure to be honest. She doesn’t really say much about it. Anyway-” Luis waved his hand dismissively. “You’re not really here for that, are you?”

Dani smiled seductively. “No, I’m not.”

“No…” Luis fixed his gaze on her, his tone suddenly becoming much more intense. “No, you’re here for something else.” He began to walk towards her, and Dani could only watch helplessly from her seat, rooted to the spot as if her shorts were glued to the leather.

She gulped, staring up at him with her wide eyes, as he beckoned for her to get off the sofa. “Stand up.”

Dani did as she was told, sliding dutifully to her feet and grabbing the envelope off the table. Luis looked her up and down curiously.

“I was under the impression that I was here to punish a bitchy cheerleader?”

Dani inhaled sharply at his words, arousal frothing and foaming in her tummy. Suddenly she regretted choosing a different outfit. Not because she was concerned about Luis being upset or angry, but because the idea of him chastising her in the cheer uniform pushed her buttons so intensely.

She gulped, her mouth feeling dry. “I… I saw this one and… and thought you’d like it.” Dani smiled coyly and sidled closer to Luis, biting the tip of her finger and gazing up at him, her eyes caked with lust. She began to stroke his chest again through his shirt. “You know,” she continued, batting her eyelashes, “I was a Hooters girl as well for a bit. And I was still a bit of a bitch back then.”

Luis nodded, a satisfied smile illegal bahis spreading across his face. “That’s good. And you do look very, very nice in that outfit.”

“Yeah?” Dani replied softly, transferring her other hand to Luis’ chest and gently pawing his muscular pecs, still gazing up at him. “It really brings out my personality, doesn’t it?”

Luis chuckled and slowly stroked her shoulder with a firm hand. “It does, along with a few other features.”

They stared at each other, their soft breathing hanging lightly in the space between them. Dani slowed her stroking of Luis’ chest, enraptured by the beauty of this gorgeous man. That hunger had returned to his eyes, and she wondered whether he might forget about the roleplay entirely if she just kissed him right now…

As if on cue, she felt Luis tug on the envelope in her hand. “Don’t keep us in suspense,” he smiled softly. “It’s time to find out your fate. Creampie or condom? What do you think?”

There was a notable tremble to Dani’s breathing as she felt a fierce anxiety well up inside her at the imminent moment of truth, the stakes hanging over her like a shroud.

“Condom, hopefully.”

“Oh yeah?” Luis smiled at Dani, his eyes flashing ever-so briefly down to her flat, toned tummy. “So you still don’t fancy a little bun in your oven?”

“P-preferably not,” Dani gulped. With the amount of nerves she had swirling in the pit of her stomach, it didn’t feel like she could fit anything else in there anyway.

“You know how good it would feel though, don’t you?” Luis’ stare was zealous, boring straight through her, that soft smile still sat neatly on his face.

“W-what would?” Dani stammered, feeling her legs start to shake.

“Risking getting pregnant. Taking that creampie. You don’t want the baby or the belly, but you want the creampie. Don’t deny it.” Luis knew all about Dani’s kink, and she both loved and hated that he was able to use it on her like this. He was right — she was totally conflicted about what she wanted from the envelope. Dani sub-consciously traced a hand across the taut abs that she had worked so hard on, wondering how much longer she was actually going to have them for.

“Anyway!” Luis spoke loudly and clapped his hands together, shaking Dani out of her stupor. “We have a game to play. Let’s find out your fate.”

Dani nodded and slid her fingers under the seal. Her heart was thudding powerfully in her chest and, with her palms sweating, she was struggling to get a grip on the envelope. Her breathing was shallow and quick, and Dani felt her heart pulsate lightly as she finally flicked the seal open. Sparks surged in her chest as Dani turned the opening towards her and peered inside.

“A condom!” she cried gleefully, reaching in and pulling out the foil-wrapped package. She held it up in front of Luis, grinning widely from ear-to-ear. “Look!”

Luis chuckled at Dani’s enthusiastic relief — like last time, if he was at all disappointed, he didn’t show it in the slightest.

“Well done. Two out of two isn’t bad at all.”

“I guess I’m just a lucky gal,” Dani beamed, handing the small packet to Luis for safe-keeping — like last time, she felt like a huge weight had just been lifted off her entire body.

“Care to give us the glorious details?”

“With pleasure,” Dani said, doing a little mock curtsy. She pulled the card clear of the envelope and, clearing her throat, began to read aloud:

“Name? Frankie. Age at encounter? 18. Was alcohol involved? No. Sexual encounter with? My older brother’s friend. Were you in a relationship with your partner? No. Did encounter result in a relationship? No. Where did you meet your partner-“

Dani paused as she heard Luis let out a low, quiet chuckle. Almost as if he were trying to hide it. She glanced up from the card. “What’s up?”

Luis was turning the condom over in his hands and he looked up at her, a slight glint in his eye and a tiny smirk on his face. “Dani, did you notice anything strange about this condom?”

“Did I… no? Strange? Like what?” Dani clutched the card a little tighter, a sense of unease creeping through her.

Luis chuckled again and held the small package out to her. “Take a look. See if you can spot it.”

Dani’s mouth twisted with apprehension as she gingerly took the condom from Luis, her breathing on edge once again as she turned it over several times in her hands.

“I-I don’t understand. What am I looking for?”

“Is there anything on the foil that strikes you as interesting?”

“No? It’s blank, apart from the date.”

“Right. And does anything about the date seem off to you?”

A light gasp slipped from Dani’s lips as she turned the condom over in a trembling hand, holding it up to the light.

There was no way. It couldn’t be…

“Oh, fuck.”

Dani froze, her mouth dropping open. The condom had expired almost six months ago.

“Shit. What do we do?”

Luis raised an eyebrow at her question. “What do you mean?”

But Dani was already moving towards the door. “Maybe there’s spares? Lucy might have some. They must keep a bunch somewhere, right?”

“You think they’ve made a mistake?”

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