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Part of The Procedure? Ch. 07

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(Things sure have changed around our little corner of the world.

The beautiful little black nurse friend of ours named Rwanda moved in with us, something I did not expect and was surprised when my wife Debra suggested it one evening.

Does the community know? Not really, although I am reasonably sure that most suspect. We do see the odd glances. Hell, they see us together all the time, out to dinner, shopping, going about our normal days.

If anyone had even suggested things would end up like this I would have had a good laugh.

To the outside world, Rwanda rents a room. It sure as hell is more than that, though. I wake up with a black woman on one side and a white one on the other.

I have watched both of them masturbate for me, and watched them lick each other. At least half a dozen times I have managed to fuck both of them the same night, for some reason that seems to only happen when we are having private sessions?

They both know about that, too.

Both Debra and Rwanda are highly sexed females, I deal with that as best as I can. Why it took almost 8 years for me to discover that Debra had tendencies towards being bi-sexual I just do not know.

Not that long ago, I would have said I knew my Debra completely. So that was a surprise.

But she is, so is Rwanda. It’s fine with me now.)


“Let’s go, honey. We could use a few days off, have some fun and see what is going on.” Debs suggested over dinner.

I glanced at Rwanda, she grinned so I knew the two of them had already made plans.

“Sure, why not.” I grinned at them.

Which is how we found ourselves loaded into my wife’s late model Camaro, headed for the annual country fair. Debs was driving, and it’s good thing Rwanda is tiny because the back seat in that machine isn’t much.

I try to sleep when Debra is driving, she tends to try and crowd people out of the way and often is running well in the high 80 MPH range. My 60 MPH average drives her nuts.

We found a place to park, near as I could tell it was maybe 15 miles from where everything was going on. Seemed like it anyway as we began the long walk to the festival.

The country fair is held every year here in Oregon and if you haven’t been there, it is worth the trip. I have looked at the photos they post online, and it is people everywhere doing about everything one can imagine, having fun. If you can see just 10% of it all you are doing way better than us.

Even before we got to the main area where everything is set up, we looked up to see some lady and a guy coming. She was in the 250 pound range and had what looked like a strap with grass dangling from it around her waist, and that was it. Her breasts were enormous, pointed nearly straight down, with nipples as big around as a beer can.

Someone had painted what looked like flowers on them, and whoever it was, was not very good at it.

The guy with her had on the same outfit which was not exactly doing it’s job since his dick was dangling partially exposed while he walked. Both of them looked to be in their 50’s, and both of them were clearly stoned to the gills.

We got a giggle out of that once we were past earshot.

Not much farther, we came to an area with tents, people everywhere. Almost all of them were clothed, we did see one thin younger lady topless with no one paying any attention at all.

I guess I had expected more of that, but it was just people all running around doing things. Some dancers were putting on a show, fun to watch as they were pretty good.

Our entire first day went like that, wandering around looking at stuff. I half expected a lot of people to be drunk, but surprisingly, they really weren’t. Lots of smiles and hello’s, a very few bits of nudity here and there, no big deal.

By nightfall, we found a place to roll out our bedrolls as I was getting tired fairly early. I still get around pretty good but I was not used to that much walking, and my gals picked up on that.

The weather was bone dry so we hadn’t brought a tent, thank God. The back packs were enough of a load to carry. We had three sleeping bags, three small blow up air mattresses and a little battery powered air pump which worked great. Other than a change of clothing for each of us, that was it.

The spot we picked was not very far from where a large water tank and pump sat, clearly there to deal with any fires that might crop up. We had seen several of those around, comforting the way the weather has been.

Sleep can only be described as not very comfortable, as a kid I have camped out many escort gaziantep bayan tanıtımları times but at my age, even with the light air mattresses we had packed, I would describe it as torture.

So, the next morning, Rwanda began to rub out my back, she sure is good at that and soon Debra joined right in. It wasn’t long before I began to feel human again.

Then a guy came over and introduced himself as Todd, claiming to be a massage therapist. He told my Debs that he was watching and was impressed with their obvious skills.

I was thinking, “Yeah, sure.” figuring the guy was trying to get his hands on one or both of them.

Next thing I know they were chattering away and it was clear the guy was either a real masseur or he spent a lot of time reading because he knew all of the terms and names of the muscle groups.

Then somehow he was sitting there working on MY shoulders, showing the women a few techniques?

Not a big deal, I had on a pair of Dockers and a T-shirt, but still? Kind of forward in my opinion. The surprise was the guy did seem to know what he was doing.

But nothing happened, and it wasn’t long before everyone shook hands and we were off doing the looking at stuff thing again.

We lost track of Rwanda for a few minutes, but then she was back with a cotton candy that was half as big as she is. I got a couple of bites myself.

“Oh, look! There is Todd over there.” Debra said, I looked and he was standing there watching something.

We wandered over, as soon as we got close I saw a middle aged woman standing with her arms held high as a burly guy with a full beard sprayed paint on her?

She was naked except for a small black bikini bottom.

The woman’s breasts sagged nicely, the fact that they were bare was gone fast as the man sprayed the paint. I could tell that she was nude only barely, the top he painted on her seemed to just appear.

“Hi, guys!” Todd said as we stepped up beside him.

“Wow, that is neat!” Rwanda said, looking at the woman. She was standing on one side of me holding my elbow while Debra did the same on the other side.

We don’t do that in public back home, too many people we know and there are already rumors going around about us.

Some of them are true, too, but it’s nobody’s business.

Of course, not much chance in running into anyone we knew since we were a long ways from home.

“Do you want to get painted?” I teased Rwanda.

“Oh, God. Get naked in front of all of these people?” She giggled.

“Since when did you get bashful, honey?” Debs snickered.

“I will if you will!” Rwanda challenged her with a smile.

Debra looked at me and grinned, then she walked over to where a woman sat and said something. The woman got up and went over to the bearded painter fellow and he turned and looked at Debra first, then at Rwanda and I standing there.

He appeared to study us for a moment, then he grinned and said something to the woman, who went back and said something to Debra.

I couldn’t hear any of that due to about a half dozen different tunes all trying for attention in the background, but Debra turned and looked at me and grinned.

“OH OH!” I said.

“He said he would like to do it side by side, he told me the contrast between the dark and light skin would be magic!” Debs giggled as she came back to where we stood.

I felt Rwanda grasp may arm a bit tighter.

“You mean you are going to let that guy paint your tits?” I asked.

“Sure, why not? It sounds like fun, and that is why we are here, isn’t it?”

“Right out in public, huh?” I said, thinking she would chicken out.

Of course, by now I should know better.

The guy had another couple of women lined up already so they told us to come back at 2 pm. I looked at my watch and it was half past eleven, so we headed off to find some food. The Todd guy tagged right along without being asked, but I didn’t say anything since the girls did not seem to mind.

“Man, I wouldn’t miss this for the world!” He told me with a smirk.


It was 10 minutes to 2 PM when we came back, the bearded guy who we now knew was named Tony saw us and smiled. We walked up to a board he had set up on some of those saw horses to keep the people back. He waved Debra and Rwanda around the end of it, leaving Todd and I and about 40 other people all standing outside.

He had a curtain set up for them to get ready behind, which didn’t do a hell of a lot of good since half of the people outside escort gaziantep bayan telefonları including us could see most of the way in there.

So we stood there as they removed their tops, both of them had their backs to us though. They said something to each other, I saw Debra look over her shoulder at me with a questioning look.

I just shrugged.

She turned away and down went her jeans.

Debra does not wear underwear, Rwanda does sometimes, but not my Debs.

So just like that, there she was, bare assed naked. A bit of a start for me but then Debra has done things like this before, the last time was up on a stage at some men’s club show 50 miles down the coast.

Yep, think about it. Debra was 58 at the time, although no way in hell could you ever get anyone to believe that though.

In fact, nobody believes me about that, I should post a pic on my profile so you might understand what I get to see every day.

Anyway, my wife naked as a jaybird up on a stage with about 40 white haired old coots staring at her? Loving every minute of it?

Rwanda stripped off her thong she had on under her shorts, the two of them marched out holding hands with their chins up?

Dang. There were several gasps from the crowd, which now was growing rather quickly. I even got jostled a little bit but I stood my ground. One guy was up on tiptoe behind me, looking over my shoulder.

“Wow, both of them are gorgeous!” Todd mumbled next to me.

Well, he was right about that. I had this urge flash over me to yell and tell them to get back dressed but I didn’t, I just stood there.

Tony had them stand on a tarp, sideways to most of the audience. The first stream of paint went down their arms and back across, they were still holding hands. He worked quickly, the scene began to take shape. I watched as he reached for various brushes, I saw Debra’s eyelids flutter as he stroked across her right nipple with one of the brushes.

She looked over my way and caught my eye, I understood perfectly, she was enjoying the hell out of this.

In short order, I realized the scene Tony was painting on their bodies were the backs of people’s heads, some with raised arms, some holding hands. Some were clearly white, some black, obviously a scene of being together?

Somehow the fact that the women were completely naked became part of the side show, the beyond belief scenario Tony was painting became.. I don’t quite know how to describe it?

Once the breasts and tummy were done, Tony knelt down. He began across their hips, pulling the background portion of the scene into focus. As he reached their loins, he first used the sprayer, then a soft brush. He reached out and lightly pressed her knee aside so he could reach in there, she allowed that with no protest.

Debra cannot hide her vagina anyway, she has very large and oversize lips and keeps herself waxed.

Debra twitched as he covered her, Tony reached out and touched her hip to steady her, saying something with a huge smile. A few moments later, he did almost the same thing with Rwanda. I could see Rwanda’s nipples were drawn up into tiny little nubbins, she was getting fussed up also. Debra’s do just the opposite, they flatten out and flush pink.

It all seemed to take hours, I glanced at my watch and it had only been about twenty minutes.

Tony stood up, surveyed what he had created. Then he had them both turn and face the crowd.

The crowd was know close to a hundred now and there as a thunderous round of applause.

It was not nudity, nakedness, although I am sure that to some that is what it was.

Somehow, when the two of them held hands it was a crowd of people joined together, if they released their hands the effect was lost?

Mixed races, all holding hands in peace? This man was most certainly an artist, of this there was no doubt.

The thing was beautiful, the girls were beautiful, I felt a surge of pride in the fact that they were mine.


Off we went, doing our best to show off the creation. One thing I did notice was that Tony had not painted their backs so anyone who got a glimpse of that side knew for sure they were both nude. Debra cannot hide herself even like that, she simply hangs down too much but she didn’t seem concerned.

Tony had painted her lower lips from the front, a shade of green to look like the grass. I could just imagine what that must have felt like to Debra, and I made a mental note to ask her privately later if she climaxed. escort gaziantep bayan videoları I really didn’t think so, but I knew she had gotten damn close.

“Better not do any bending over.” I whispered in Debra’s ear, getting a laugh from her. The four of us also seemed to be developing a following if you know what I mean, which was funny.

A few of the more voyeuristic people were not doing a good job of hiding their trying to get peeks, both of my girls really do have nice behinds, and since both of them are waxed the show from behind must have gotten pretty good as they walked.

I am sure they would have won any competition, if there had been one, but there wasn’t.

Then, that Todd guy was right there walking with us, it was becoming like he was attached or something.

Later, the women went into a shower tent they had set up and washed off, no privacy there since there must have been five or six other women in there.

They got dressed and we went back to looking at stuff.

The next day found us on the way back home. The country fair sure was fun although the walking and trying to sleep on a skinny air mattress on the ground was not exactly my thing.

We did talk about going back next year, in truth I would need to say, “maybe.”

Being back home sure did feel good.


OK, things have changed around our house. Rwanda does have her own bedroom, but the truth is she sleeps in bed with Debra and I on our big California King mattress.

Yes, we are lovers. When I found out after about 8 years of marriage that Debra had some mildly bi-sexual tendencies I concede that at first I was startled. Then I found out, since she told me, that she allowed some professor half her age to have a brief sexual relationship with her while she was back finishing her degree?

OK. I could have thrown a fit and left.

But. Where in the hell was I going to go? And do what?

Then, one afternoon Rwanda and I were in our massage room, which now doubles as Rwanda’s pretend bedroom.

We had sex. Sex with Debra’s blessing. It was good, very good. Soon after that, she joined the two of us in our bed, and I guess I have to say that is all fine. Or at the very least, I accept things the way they are.

I am still good for twice a week, not bad at all for my age. Without the nearly constant stimulation, I doubt I would be good for once a month, to be honest. That was about where I was back when I got my Medicare physical anyway.

Debra changed me. Either that or she brought the real me out into the open, I have to say I am not sure about that part.

So, yes, I fuck Rwanda. I also fuck Debra. Usually one or the other, however the mood strikes, and yes. Debra and Rwanda make love too. Sometimes it is private, sometimes it is all three of us.

Life is good. Until it isn’t, as the saying goes.


“Honey, I need to tell you something.” Debra came into the living room as I was reading the papers.

“Sure, what is it, babe?” I asked.

“Rwanda has a date tonight.”

That kind of floored me, I didn’t expect that.

“I see. OK. With who?” I asked.

“Remember that man we met at the country fair, that Todd guy?”

“You are kidding me.”

“No, she gave him her phone number and he called to ask her out.”

“OK. I guess she is all grown up, and let’s face it, nothing is forever.”

“You don’t mind then?” She asked.

“Even if I did, I don’t get to, honey.” I smiled and tugged her into my lap.


Oh well, life goes on. maybe Rwanda will like him, find her own life mate? Who knows? Will she eventually have sex with the guy? Probably, none of my business.

Then came the second incident.


“Hi, Danny!” The excited female voice said when I answered. Familiar, but I didn’t quite place it.

“I’m sorry, I don’t…?”

“This is Rachel! I moved back to town, Nathan and I broke up.”

Rachel? The young woman that used to live next door to us? The one I often drooled over because she loved to tease me in what could be called “Daisy Duke” outfits?

The Rachel that one afternoon I taught that yes, her body could TOO orgasm if her partner had the right approach, the right technique?

My index finger clear inside of her stroking lightly upwards while I licked her and suckled her clitoris?

Yep. That Rachel!

Now, back then, doing anything further was not something I would do. So my own pants stayed on. But now?


“Rachel is back in town, honey.” I told Debra later.

“Oh, really?” She asked.

“Yep, she sure is!” I smiled at her.

“Want to have her come by for dinner?” Debra grinned.

“I think we both might like that.” I said.

“You devil you!” Debs laughed, climbing into my lap.

“I bet if we tried, we could seduce her.” I told her.

“I bet we can, too!” Debra was already fumbling at my pants.

“So? We are a couple of old predators now, huh?” I asked.

“Yep!” She said.

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