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Party Cove

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I had graduated college and after some pretty wild success and travel with work, and headed back home for some pretty well deserved time off. My parents had bought an RV, and were on a cross country vacation, so I had their place to myself. It was quiet at first, and after a few days I decided that it was time to do something to take the edge off the boredom. To my surprise most of my friends had either moved away, or were still in college working on their advanced degrees, and I was finding it hard to find anyone to hand out with.

The weather was gorgeous. The Texas sun was out, and clouds drifted silently on the summer breeze. It all came to me one afternoon when I was sitting on the back porch with a cooler of beer. I remembered, that my parents had left the keys to the boat on the table, and told me to take it out if I wanted to. I gathered my things and put on my swimsuit and took off for the lake. If I couldn’t find friends, then I would just have to make new ones.

When I got to the docks, I found most of the slips were empty, but there at the end I found the old friend that I had grown up with. My Dad had kept the old cigarette boat in pristine shape, and for that evening it was going to be all mine. I put my stuff on board, and turned the key to a roar, and the idling gurgle of 1100 horsepower waiting to be unleashed. When I got out past the no wake zone, I opened the throttle and set course into the sun for one of my favorite places in the world.

If you’ve never been to a “Party Cove” then let me tell you what you are missing. It is a summer tradition for boaters to find a harbor on a Texas lake, and set up shop on the weekends. Boats are anchored next to one another, and there is a constant busy bee sound of a wave runners flying by over boat wake. Music pours out over the bay from boat speakers, and there isn’t rarely a sad sight to be seen. Through the days and into the nights, there are perpetual barbecues, and level of nudity that gets more intense the deeper people go into their cooler. For this reason, it was a forbidden place to go when I was a kid for understandable reasons. I only started getting to go there when I was old enough find a way to get there on a friend’s boat. Those were always the standard variety ski boats, but tonight I had my own beast of a boat of my own.

I could feel the eyes on my as I chopped the throttle and coasted into the bay. Just as I expected the cove was full of party boats, and people dressed in swimsuits. Two girls on a wave runner circled me and I tried to check them out as they passed. I could tell both of them were hot but I had to secure the boat before I could have any fun. I put the motor in reverse, and came to a stop, and with a turn of the key I drifted in silence. The August sun was setting on the horizon, and there was a warm glow in the evening air. I threw the anchor overboard when I found a place, and turned up my music to a level that was comfortable. Small craft sputtered by, as the bigger boats drifted on the lakes current. I popped the top on a beer, and kicked my feet up to wait and see what happens. That was just when the night got interesting.

“Anyone home?” I heard the voice over the side call out. I lifted my head to see the two female forms on a wave runner that idling pasts. Both were damn good looking women, but I didn’t realize when the sped by earlier that I knew one of them. I was surprised to see Olivia’s blue eyes looking back at me. She grew up next door and she had always been just a little bit older. Olivia had grown up going to beauty pageants, and had always had the body to show it. I used to gawk at her when we were younger, and she would sometimes give me a teasing wink over her shoulder, just to see if I would pass out. I caught my first glimpse of her at a swimming pool party when I we were teenagers, and that was the day that I learned what a woman should look like. She had the first pair of perfect pair of tits that I had ever seen outside of a stolen skin mag.

Her summers spent pendik escort on the lake left little to imagination of the shape of a immaculately trimmed woman. I never forgot the contrast between her bronzed skin, and the little hint I would catch of her tan lines. Her hair was perpetually bleached from the Texas sun. She was petite, but had all the right curves in all the right places. I had looked the world over, but I had never seen another woman like her. In my mind when we were kids, the age difference may as well been a hundred years. She was a teenager when I was a boy, and she was a young woman when I was a teenager, but here I was a man, and she was absolutely a woman. To put it simply, Olivia just got better looking with age, and all the things that had made her my childhood crush had matured like a Napa wine.

I could tell that she had spent all day on the lake. She was wearing life jacket that was dangerously close to popping open and the spaghetti strings that held her bikini bottom were so thin that she had no tan line. . She stood there with a smile, on her face looking at me in a way that I had always wanted her to.

“I thought that was you pulling in!” She said.

“I didn’t know you were here!” I responded returning her smile.

“Duh, it’s summer time, where else would I be?” She turned to the other girl who was riding with her and spoke to her for a minute.

“I am going to stay here while you go.” I heard her say to the other girl, and I have to admit that I stood a little on my tip toes hoping that I didn’t hear her wrong. “That is unless you are going to pull out?” She said shooting me a smile.

“No, I planned on being here a while.” Who was I kidding, I would sink right there if it meant she would stay. I was kind of hoping they would just tie off to the stern and both would say, but I wasn’t going to complain if the other little hottie left and Olivia hung around for a while.

“Can I come aboard?” She said with a pouting look on her face.

“”Do you know that password?” I didn’t see any harm in flirting.

Olivia just took a slow look down to her bare feet, and back to me.

“Well, It’s in my shorts, I can show it to you if you’ll let me.”

I swallowed hard as I thought about what she said, and the smile on her face told me that her wit was not accidental.” I reached down, and extended my hand and she grabbed it and with an awkward step she was onboard the boat. I had no choice but to hold her a little close as she found her balance. I could smell the scent of her Sun tanning lotion and in that moment it was a crisp in my senses as a fine cologne. Her skin was mahogany from the summer sun and still radiated it’s heat from a day on the lake. It was hard not to look her in the face at such a close distance, and her eyes were alight with a brand mischief that I was beginning to like. I could feel myself getting a little hard already, and I was trying desperately to keep her from noticing as she while she stood so close.

“Hi!” she said with a flick of her eyebrows and a smile.

The other girl wasted no time and scooted forward on the wave runner, and with little fanfare she was on the throttle, and off to another boat.

“I always wondered if you would ask me out on your boat.” She said as she gripped her lower lip between her teeth. I could smell the slight scent of Chardonnay on her breath, and I could tell that she had been having fun.

“I would have, if I had known you wanted to.” I parried.

“I hardly had time to answer before she unbuckled her life jacket and dropped it to the floor. When she turned around I discovered the secret that she had been hiding all along. Olivia had spent the summer at the lake and found a way to avoid getting tan lines. Her tits were as perfect as ever, and the chill of the evening air stood her nipples as hard as little rubber erasers.

“Well, I always did think you were the cutest boy in the neighborhood.” She returned. “I hope this doesn’t çekmeköy escort bother you?”

“Not at all.” I said as I took the opportunity to stare. “I didn’t know that you thought I was cute.”?”Well you know how it is, when we were young.” Five years was different then, but now you are twenty five, and I am thirty and that isn’t so bad is it?” She said as wrapped her arms over my shoulders. “But now here we are. You a virile man, and me and experienced woman, I think we should live out those fantasies and see where this can go.” Her breast pressed firmly against me, and her damp skin felt slippery against my own. I forgot all about trying to contain my cock that was now straining the seam of my swim trunks. I didn’t even realize that I had my hands on her hips until she ground the mound of her pussy against me.

“Now, how about I show you the password, and you take me for a ride.” The setting sun glowed against her skin, and cast a light in her eye. She grabbed my by the hand and led me to the gangway that went to the little room in the bow of the boat. She stopped me, and I instinctively put my hands on the top of the windshield as she stepped below deck and out of sight. From her position she was in the perfect place, and I felt her shimmy my trunks down from my hips. She let out a little coo of excitement as my cock sprang out and touched her face. I let out a breath as she took me into the moist velvety feeling of her mouth. With a couple of strokes she glided softly up, and down along my shaft as her tongue rolled forcefully along my length. On the third stroke, she lifted me on my feet as she sucked as hard as she could. I groaned with pleasure to the texture of her mouth while she dipped her head again, and again taking me in her mouth all the way to the hilt. Once she had slickened my shaft long enough, she began to stroke me while her lips tugged on the precipice of pleasure at my balls. I watched the boats pass by with all the composure I could muster as she sucked on my throbbing cock. My disbelief of what was happening evaporated in the warm Texas air as I found myself thrusting into her mouth again.

Olivia stoked me slowly, and then hard, and every time I thought I was going to explode she had a way to keep me bridled. It may have been my boat, but there was not doubt that she was in control. I looked down to see her blue eyes find mine. Her cheeks collapsed, and her full lips tugged greedily on the skin around my shaft. Just as she brought me to the edge she stopped.

“Not yet!” she giggled with a smile as she wiped her lip dry. “I get to have my turn now.” I saw her step away, and I followed her to the V shaped bed at the bow of the boat. In the last vestiges of light, I saw the perfection of her body descend into the darkness. As she pulled the strings of her Bikini bottoms at her sides, the little hourglass shape of fabric fell to the floor. In the darkness I could see hints of the shapes of her body beneath the skylight at the front of the boat. I could hear her skin smoothing along the surfaces of the cushions as she got comfortable. She sat at the point of the boat and placed her legs high on either side of the cushions. From there I could see her lean back on one arm while he summoned me with her finger of the other. I didn’t have to be asked twice.

I stepped out of my trunks as I approached her and slid my hands along the cushions of the couch until I found her feet. I knelt on the floor before her and took my place slowly to peak her anticipation. The texture of her legs was smooth, and I ran my fingers lightly first to her knees, and down the outsides of her legs while I softly kissed her inner thighs. The scent of her musk overcame the smell of coconut oil as I got closer and close her pussy. The first taste was just as I had imagined, wet and sweet. I stroked her little slit softly with my tongue while she spoke in vowel sounds. I placed her clit softly between my lips, and sucked it gently as she cooed a little maltepe escort laugh. It wasn’t long before I could feel her hand pressing firmly on the back of my head. She shifted her hips rhythmically. At first I thought she was gentle, sending her fingers through my hair as I dined lightly on her pussy. But as time went by her grasp became more chaotic, pulling me closer as her hips stroked harder, and harder against my face. With each pulse of her body, the volume of her voice climbed higher. Then in a moment of rapture, her voice faded as her body seized, and she came with the force of a waterfall. I lapped at her gently until she pushed me away laughing.

She was still recovering her breath when she pushed me away. I began to question what she was doing until I felt her shift underneath me. Placing her feet on the floor, she pushed back until I could feel the warmth and wetness of her gash teasing my cock. I grabbed one hip with my hand, and used the other to guide my quivering bone into her little honeypot. All the years that I had fantasized about her came to fruition in that moment when I pushed into that little pussy. She stretched her body out along the cushions as I began to take what was given to me. Her muscles clenched tightly around me, and I don’t think I could have pulled out if I wanted to in that moment. I began to slide smooth strokes into her. Savoring the sensation of each thrust, I could imagine being nowhere else in the world.

The mounds of her ass felt amazing in my hands as I pushed deeper into her. When I had reached my depth, I started pushing harder, and harder as I began to lose control. I could feel my balls bouncing against her clit, and each time they did she gasped for another. As if on cue she began to push back against me as I reached for her body. Arching her back, Olivia allowed me full access to explore each curve as she took control. I smoothed my hands over the small of her back to her shoulders, and back down again to her waist that was pulsing with each thrust. Her trim belly was taught, and I could feel the rhythm of her breathing as my fingers passed over each rib. He breasts were warm little mounds in my hands crested with nipples that I pinched lightly to her delight. She pushed, and pushed driving me ever deeper into her while she grunted with each stroke. When she felt my hands begin to grip her harder, she pulled away from me.

I stood in the darkness dizzy with euphoria and waiting for more. With the skill of an acrobat she slipped herself sideways, and with a sing of her leg over my head she was on her back again and pulling me towards her. She spit in her hand and gave me a couple of approving strokes before placing the head of my cock against her pussy. I pushed without delay as she pulled me on top of her kissing me deeply while she hummed a little each time I went to her depth. I got that perfect angle on her where stroke was it’s own sent the sensations that were better than the last. I wasn’t going to last much longer, my hips took control as my mind descended further and further into an abyss of ecstasy.

Just as I thought I was about to lose control, I did. Olivia, pushed over to one side of the bed. I found myself on my back, and Olivia on top of me. She put me back inside her, and pushed, and pushed as my breath deepened with each movement. I felt my balls tighten as the gentle seep of pre cum began to flow into her. Olivia savored the moment as she massaged me forcefully, grinding my cock deeply into her pussy. In that moment, I didn’t know who was yelling louder and each stroke sent a pulse of pleasure through our bodies until we were stirred into a mutual frenzy.

“Give it to me! Give it to me in my pussy!”

When she said those words, I lost all hope of doing anything else. The surge that came through my body was electrifying. I gripped her hips as she suffocated me with her breasts while her pussy pulsed rhythmically upon me. In that moment, I felt the pressure build, and in ripple of lightning bolts of pleasure, I filled her pussy with everything that I had in me. She collapsed onto me, a mound of musky sweat as we panted our pleasures into the summer night.

“Oh yeah, she said between breaths, my friend just went to get more drinks and when she gets back, she’s probably going to want a ride on your boat also.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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