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Party in Ibiza

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This is a fantasy. All characters are bisexual and practice unprotected sex — don’t read on if this offends you.


It had been a very hot day and as it was very quiet on the Bolton’s terrace. I must have fallen asleep on the sun lounger. They had let me in just after lunchtime, shown me to my guest room and suggested I use the pool and make myself a cool drink while they went shopping. The party would begin in the evening, and until then I would probably be on my own.

“We are expecting eight or ten people, and they are all open-minded swingers and nudists, so don’t bother to put on swimming trunks when you go for a swim”, Jim had said.

I had met Jim and Fran a few months earlier during a trip to London, and after an exciting night with the three of us they had invited me to visit them in their house in Ibiza. The day before I arrived they had texted me to say that some of their friends would be coming over for a welcome party for me — a very special one. They had intimated before that they would sometimes hold swinger parties — orgies, really — in their house in Ibiza, with likeminded people who shared their open attitude.

I was excited when I arrived, but also a little exhausted from a long flight and transfer drive and the hot weather. So when Fran and Jim left, I took a quick shower and found a place in a sun lounger, protected from the sun by a sun tent. Before I knew it, I had dozed off.

And now, something had startled me. I didn’t know how long I had been asleep, but the sun was much lower and the terrace was covered in shadows thrown by the trees and walls surrounding the estate. I heard splashing from the pool and realized that this was what had woken me. Then I saw a bald woman’s head emerge from the pool and a moment later she was climbing out and walking towards me.

The woman was perhaps in her early thirties, tall with long, long legs and large round breasts which were dripping with water from the pool. She was lightly tanned all over. Her green eyes, hooded by long lashes and thick black eyebrows, smiled at me and she slowly licked her lips as she approached me. Her head was completely shaved, while between her legs she sported a luxurious bush of dark, curly hair. I was startled not only by her sudden appearance from the pool, but even more by her stunning and provocative looks.

“Hi”, she whispered hoarsely as she stood before me. “I can tell that you like me already. Shall we get the party started?” With that she sat in my lap and before I could answer she began to kiss me gently on the mouth before pushing upward, bringing my mouth close to her magnificent breasts.

Her whole body was cool from the pool and wet all over which gave me goose bumps. I was wet too, but from sweat, but any worries I might have had disappeared as I felt her tongue on my right ear, licking the sweat and breathing in deeply. Without worrying any more about the rules for such an encounter I began to kiss the woman’s cool breasts and quickly focused on one of her nipples which began to grow hard in my mouth. My arms were on her shoulders and I began to stroke her shaved head, as she continued to nibble on my ear.

As I bit her nipple tenderly she let out a small cry and arched her back, throwing her head back and pushing her tits even more into my face. My hands moved down her body and eventually settled on her buttocks, while I continued to kiss her breasts. I now had my head firmly stuck in her cleavage and was licking the sides of her breasts, alternating between left and right and moving downwards as I was pushing up her body with my hands. Her body was getting warmer and some of the liquid between her breasts now tasted salty, indicating that she had started to sweat.

“Oh boy”, she sighed with delight, grabbing my head and holding it firmly in place as she rubbed her breasts against my mouth and nose. I was now massaging her buttocks, pulling them apart, brushing over her hole and with one hand I began to explore the outer lips of her pussy.

“Oh boy”, she repeated and then she pulled back, placing her hands on my chest and looking down on me with a grin.

“We better slow down a bit or we’ll be fucking in a minute.”

“I know”, I responded. My hard-on signalled that I was ready for that. “Would that be so terrible?”

“I’d like it to last. And also, it would be against the rules, I suppose.”

“What rules?”

“At our parties, we make love in front of everybody else. I guess, the party hasn’t really started yet, but it still feels like cheating.”

“Well, I’m here now to watch”, I suddenly heard Fran. “So you can go ahead.” Fran was standing at the edge of the pool. She was nude too and although I was distracted by my new acquaintance I admired Fran’s curvy body. She had a much deeper tan, but her breasts and pubic area where almost white. I had seen this at our previous meeting in London, and Fran had explained that Jim just loved the look which was why she usually sunbathed in a bikini despite her love for altyazılı seks nudism and exhibitionism. This time, the contrast between her tan and the pale areas was even more pronounced.

“I bet, Ramona hasn’t even introduced herself”, Fran continued. “Ramona is one of our regular visitors. She lives on the island and meets up with the two of us all the time. But she is even keener on our parties and loves to meet new guests. She is quite insatiable.”

As she was talking, Fran walked over to us. Now her eyes widened when she saw that despite the interruption I had continued to fondle Ramona’s pussy and had already inserted two fingers into her vagina while using my thumb to rub her engorged clit. Ramona might have said that she wanted to slow down, but her physical response suggested that she didn’t want me to stop what I was doing.

“Matt, you dog”, Fran cried in an amused tone. “I don’t remember you being quite so brazen at our previous encounter. You’re a quick learner!”

“What can I say. I have had a lot of encouragement, and Ramona here is just driving me crazy. I admit that the whole exhibitionist thing is still a bit weird for me, but you’re no stranger and Ramona is clearly enjoying what I’m doing.”

“That’s great, Matt. Just remember that the party hasn’t even started yet and we will all want to get a piece of you in the course of the night. So I suggest that you pace yourself.”

She gave Ramona a peck on her cheek, but as she started to move back to the house, Ramona grabbed her hip and drew her close.

“Why don’t you join us? Jim can set up the drinks and nibbles for the party, can’t he? You look so gorgeous tonight, and you’ll be so busy later that Matt probably won’t see much of you.”

“Oh, he’ll see a lot of me, I can promise you that! Remember, I like you all to watch me when I’m having fun. And anyway, Matt is going to stay with us for a week, so there’ll be plenty of opportunity.”

Despite what she was saying, Fran now started to kiss Ramona passionately and I watched with admiration as these two gorgeous women were making out in front of me. Ramona’s pussy was now properly wet, and I decided that I wanted a taste of her juices. As I couldn’t lick her pussy in their current position, I withdrew my fingers and wanted to lick them instead. Fran protested immediately, and then the two women converged on my mouth demanding to get a taste and all of a sudden, the three of us were jointly licking my fingers which were covered in Ramona’s juices.

“What a beautiful sight”, I heard Jim say. “I knew Matt would fit right in and enjoy himself at one of our parties. And you have started even more eagerly than I expected.”

We turned to look at Jim and another man who had approached us as we were licking the last of Ramona’s juices off my fingers. Jim was silver-haired and toned, only slightly taller than his wife. He sported a piercing in his right nipple which I had not seen at our previous encounter as well as a cock ring around his balls that I knew already. The man next to him was at least 30 centimetres taller than Jim and also much broader with a huge muscular chest, thick arms and legs. Perhaps even more impressive were his long black hair, dark beard and black fur all over his chest, tummy and legs. Thick nipples stuck out of his chest fur and an impressive, still flaccid penis hung between his legs.

“Yuri! I didn’t think you would make it”, Fran cried, leapt up and embraced the big man who gave her a sensual hug, rubbing her back and her buttocks

“I just made it back to the island this afternoon”, he responded. “I was really keen to be here, and from what I have seen so far I expect a fantastic evening.” He grinned at me and Ramona as Jim introduced me to him. We both got up from the lounger, and Ramona ran her fingers through Juri’s chest hair as a way of welcoming him.

I didn’t know whether to be disappointed that our little lovemaking had been interrupted by the new arrivals and that Ramona seemed to have switched her attention away from me to Yuri, or whether to be even more excited at the sight of this magnificent man. As if he had picked up on my ambivalence, Yuri turned fully towards me, looked me up and down appreciatively and then drew me into a bear hug and kissed me passionately.

The others started to cheer and applaud as I drew back to gasp for air. This was even better than any of my fantasies about this party had been! Not only would I renew my acquaintance with Fran and Jim, but I had already met two gorgeous, stunning people who had greeted me not with a formal handshake, but with sex!

Yuri also seemed to have enjoyed himself. I could feel his cock growing harder as he drew me back against his body, kissed me again and began to knead my buttocks with his huge hands. I responded by also grabbing his arse and rubbing my still hard cock against his belly. I loved the feeling of his soft beard brushing against my face and the almost wild probing of his tongue in my anal porno mouth.

“We are going to have so much fun tonight”, Yuri said to me as he finally stopped kissing me. “I know I’ll have to share you with the others, but I will make sure to get a big piece of the action. Just let me know whatever I can do to please you.”

“You want to please me? The best way is to tell me how I can please you”, I responded.

“I knew those two would hit it off”, Jim said to his wife. “I remember Matt telling us about his fetish for big hairy men. And we all know how Yuri just adores a muscular well-endowed twink. Watching them in full action will be great! I just hope they are not planning on becoming an exclusive couple tonight.”

I reddened slightly and rushed to reassure the others that I had not forgotten them. “As much as Yuri’s presence overwhelms me right now, I still want to continue what Ramona and I started before you interrupted us so rudely, and of course I also hope to repeat some of the things we got up to in London.”

Fran leaned on my shoulder and patted my back. “Don’t you worry, Jim is only teasing you. We will all have lots of fun and you won’t just repeat our little adventure but make lots of new experiences you may not even have fantasised about.”

A discrete doorbell could be heard from the house and Jim started to go back to welcome more guests.

“Don’t let that stop you”, Fran told us. “I’m sure the new arrivals will be thrilled to see a little erotic performance when they come out. It will set the tone for the evening, just as you and Ramona did earlier. And perhaps someone will just join you if you are doing something particularly exciting.”

“Well, I for one want to join in right away” replied Ramona, spreading her arms wide to welcome us to her bosom. Yuri and I looked at each other, grinned and then began to kiss her breasts, one for each of us. We licked and kissed and bit her nipples, only interrupting this to grin at each other, and then slowly made our way downwards, caressing Ramona’s navel and hips and following the guidance of her hands on our heads. Yuri ended up on his knees behind her and buried his face in her butt cheeks while I finally got to lick and kiss her clitoris and pussy. Her juices started to flow again, and to stimulate her further, Juri began to push a finger into her pussy so that I ended up licking both Ramona’s pussy lips and Yuri’s finger.

Ramona’s lower body was now firmly wedged between our heads, pressing against her from both sides. Looking up I could see her arched back and her magnificent breasts bouncing up and down as her whole body responded to our ministrations. She was moaning and sighing and ran her hands up and down her body which was now wet from her sweat. Eventually her hands settled on her nipples which she rubbed and twisted to intensify her pleasure even more.

I was lost in the moment, the sounds, the sights, smells and taste of Ramona’s growing excitement which were making me ever more excited too. But suddenly I was yanked back and fell on my back. Fran had rushed in, pulled me off Ramona’s pussy and began to lick it herself before pushing several fingers in to join with Yuri who was still fingerfucking her from behind. I was stunned but also more than a little frustrated. Watching this scene was amazing but I wanted to taste Ramona!

Before I could even try to push back in, Ramona let out a series of loud cries and her body convulsed in a mighty orgasm. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes” she shouted and then began to gush her juices over Fran who was leaning back to let them flow over her face and breasts. Ramona was a magnificent squirter!

Now Fran was beckoning me towards her and I understood what she wanted. I started to lap up Ramona’s juices from Fran’s face and breasts, kissing her and licking her soft bouncy breasts and hardening nipples, breathing in the sweet scent of Ramona’s orgasm. Juri joined me only a moment later and then Ramona collapsed on top of us. We all kissed and licked each other frantically, breathing hard and grunting and moaning.

In the melee, one of my hands found Fran’s pussy and she responded to the touch by spreading her legs slightly letting me feel the wetness between her pussy lips. At the same time I felt a strong hand spreading my buttocks and a thick finger rubbing my pucker. As he gently fingered me, Yuri continued to lick Fran’s breast alongside me. Ramona seemed to move around on top of us and all of a sudden, her tongue was joining Juri’s finger, both circling around my arsehole, adding yet another layer of pleasure to my experience. I could now feel Ramona’s still wet pussy pressing against my neck and more of her juices were running down my face. Yuri noticed this and licked all over my face to lap up the remainder of the love juice, all the while continuing with one hand to stimulate my arse hole, opening it up for Ramona’s tongue who was in turn lubricating it for Yuri’s finger.

I didn’t want any of this brazzers porno to end, but I also became desperate to come. I had been rubbing my cock against Fran’s body and now, as if she knew all my needs instinctively, she moved under me to position her pussy under my cock. I slid right in and began to fuck her as hard as I could with Ramona’s and Juri’s bodies halfway on top of me. I knew that I didn’t need to hold back for Fran’s sake — she was just as desperate for a quick release at this point as I was, and as if to dispel any doubts in my mind she was now shouting with growing intensity.

“Harder, harder, yes, harder!”

Ramona slid off me as my pushes became more violent and restricted herself to running her hands all over my body. Juri on the other hand kneeled at our side and pushed his finger more forcefully into my arse, matching my own rhythm perfectly. I was now covered in my own fresh sweat as well as some of Ramona’s juices, and Fran’s body was just as slippery. My excitement seemed to grow more intense than it had ever been and then I could contain myself no longer and erupted into a violent orgasm, my whole body shaking and jerking uncontrollably, accompanied by my own inarticulate grunts and Fran’s intense moans which signalled that she was also coming.

Fran was writhing under me, staring into my face in an intense grimace of lust and excitement. As we slowly came down from our orgasms and regained some control of our bodies, I kissed her passionately and finally rolled off her.

Fran seemed to intend to climb on top of me, but Ramona held her back and began to lick out her pussy. Matching her, Yuri had started to lick my cock which was still hard but no longer felt like bursting. With heightened post-orgasmic sensitivity, I could feel his tongue circling around the rim of my cock-head, brushing up and down the shaft. They both eagerly, but methodically savoured our love juices, grunting appreciation at the taste as if at a wild dinner.

As I looked around, I realised that we had company. Jim had returned, together with several new arrivals, all nude by now, who must have been observing us for some time because they all showed signs of arousal. Jim was holding a curvy red-haired woman from behind, cupping her full breasts while she was slowly rubbing her pussy. Two muscular younger men were slowly wanking each other, while two blonde women were rubbing the chest of a beefy, olive-skinned man sporting a massive erection. When they felt that our performance had reached its conclusion, their groupings also dissolved. The women seemed to want to applaud what they had just seen, but Jim stopped them and just said, matter-of-factly: “What a fabulous start to the party! Matt, I won’t introduce all the new arrivals to you now, but I’m sure you will get to know all of them a little bit during the rest of the night. They will certainly want to get to know you after what we have just seen.”

The redhead had briefly retreated to one of the tables in the background and now brought us a platter full of sliced fruit. Kneeling beside me, she practically fed me a large piece of sweet watermelon, looking at me with dark expressive eyes as the fruit juice ran down my face. The nipples on her shapely pale breasts were sticking out large and red and while I was tempted to touch them I felt for the moment too exhausted to start something new.

The other two women embraced Ramona who had had stood up to greet them. They touched her all over her body, focusing on her large breasts and they were giggling as Ramona started to recount details of our encounter. They threw excited glances at me and Yuri, who also got up to greet Jim who was eager to get a share of the cum Yuri had licked off my cock. Fran sighed with contentment as she took some grapes from the platter.

“Fruit juice mixing with love juice — what a great combination”, she said. “We must set up a little game later involving both. By the way, Matt, this lovely woman is June. June doesn’t come to our parties very often, but Jim and I meet her quite regularly. Don’t you just love her pale complexion?”

“Yes, she is very sexy. All these ample curves and her red hair. I am tempted to cop a feel, but then I’m also exhausted and just want to relax and watch for a little while.”

“I can understand that”, June responded with a smile. She gave me another piece of fruit, a slice of orange this time, once again practically feeding me. “That sure looked exhausting, but also absolutely exhilarating. I could just settle down here for a while and feed you bits of fruit until you recuperate. Or perhaps you’d like to see me take on some of the other guests here? Jim was getting frisky already, but Paolo and Marcus also seem in need of some attention.”

I must have stared at her open-mouthed. She laughed, fed me another piece of melon and got up.

“See you later, stud.”

With this she walked towards the two younger men who had been wanking each other earlier and were still standing together, touching each other quite tenderly.

“Those two are really a couple and tend to just stay together, showing off their affection for each other, which is quite sweet. They are also really bendy and can perform in some amazing positions”, Fran explained. “I wonder what June has in mind for them.”

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