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Passion’s Storm

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As the car inches up the seemingly seldom traveled dirt road into an empty field, the full moon breaks from the cover of lacy clouds to shed a silver radiance over the landscape beneath. I sigh deeply, feeling your presence in the seat next to mine, knowing that in a short while, we’ll be all alone, lying together.. sharing our passion without bounds. I find a secluded spot to stop against the side of the meadow, against the dark tree line.

I slip from my seat, making sure to leave the CD-player emitting soft seductive background music, as I maneuver my way to the backseat. Beckoning you with a slight gesture, you move to sit in the drivers seat, facing me.. an expectantly hungry look in your gray-blue eyes. I start to sway in time to the strains of Enya that are floating through the still night air, feeling the coolness of the wind’s breath through an open window, letting it caress the swell of my breasts as I slowly begin to slide my shirt down.

My nipples ache for the feel of your lips or hands sliding ever so softly across them and strain to be freed from the fabric that so cruelly imprisons them. I lean back against the edge of the rear seat, slipping the tank top off over one shoulder, freeing one round globe as the strap of my white lace bra follows suit.

The nipple greets the coolness of the air and the power of your erotic stare by springing to full tautness. As I close my eyes and lay back even further, feeling the leather of the seat sliding almost like a caress against my bare back, I can sense that you are rising to move closer to me, although not quite ready to stop my exhibition just yet.

I can feel the weight of your eyes as they stroke across my bared breast, lingering on the rosy bud of my nipple, your mind imagining how good the soft yet firm flesh will feel as you suck it ever so slowly into your mouth. I shudder upon reading the thought from your mind, almost as vivid as the actual touch shall be. I refuse to stop my teasing, as I at last free the opposite breast and toss my shirt across the length of the car, heedless at this point of where it ends up.

Twin globes of aching flesh lie a scant foot from your reach and as my hands slide across the swells of ripe flesh to cup them both eagerly in my palms, I hear you sigh in appreciation of the view you are being offered. My tongue darts out to moisten my dry lips and again, I sense you shiver upon glimpsing that slight, yet oh so erotic gesture. Not sure how much longer I can torture the both of us, I allow my palms to slide down across my upper body, stopping as I lean forward, grasping the hem of my skirt and pulling it off over my head in one abrupt motion.

You growl appreciatively upon realizing that I am not wearing anything beneath the now discarded garment. Your hands twitch with the urge to touch my smooth sensitive thighs, yet you restrain yourself, knowing that the show I am providing you is by no means over.

Undulating my hips in time to the pulsing erotic beat of the music now filling the intimate darkness, I caress the tops of my own thighs, raking my nails lightly across the skin, making waves of sensation and arousal course through my blood with each successively lower touch. But nothing I can do to myself ever prepares me for the fire that ignites the moment your lips or hands make contact with my flesh!

I gasp as I suddenly feel the searing heat of your lips close over one proffered nipple, while one seemingly absent-minded hand slips up along my side to cup the opposite breast, squeezing gently in rhythm with the suckling movements of your talented lips and tongue. Your other hand reaches around to the nape of my neck, ever so lightly tracing the soft skin there, making goose-bumps spring out across the length of my body and shivers race up and down my spine.

Bracing myself against the edge of the seat, knowing that my knees are too weak now to support me safely, I feel your sweet mouth slide hungrily from one laved nipple across to the other, as your hand also switches sides.

I reach up with a hand and seek to pull up the T-shirt that prevents my fingers from sliding across the smooth skin of your chest. Feeling it cry out to be caressed, I push you away long enough to yank the shirt from your body and fling it into bursa escort the moonlight darkness. Abruptly, before you can retake your hold on me, I turn to put my back to you, knowing that not being able to see what you will do next is a turn-on beyond imagining.

I hear you chuckle evilly upon sensing my intent, and the next thing I feel is your silken lips closing over one earlobe from behind, as one palm cups a breast and begins to massage it, and the other darts with lightning intent to seek the treasure between my thighs. As your fingers stroke the inside of my thighs, I have no choice but to part them and allow you free rein to touch any part of me that you please.

With seemingly ruthless speed, one of your forefingers slips deep within me, as your breath whispers my name into my ear, your tongue swirling hotly against my neck, rimming my lobe, then darting into the center… mimicking the actions of your hands down below. I arch back against your bared chest, feeling your hot skin as an added caress, further fuel for our erotic inferno. Your heartbeat throbs a pagan tempo, mirroring the beat of my own, as my mouth feasts upon what I can reach of your throat, my tongue tracing fiery circles across your inflamed flesh.

Turning in your embrace to face you, our mouths meet in a kiss that is ravenous in its intensity. Lips and tongues dance and seek to devour the other, as two pairs of hands roam the lengths of our exposed skin, stopping first to trace the swell of my breasts, then mine stopping to run my palms across your nipples; your fingers caress my ass, trailing the nails up and down the tops of my inner thighs, making my knees feel as if they are made of water.

Reveling in our pleasure, we part only to draw shaky breaths, our pulse throbbing rapidly in time to the thunderous tempo of our hearts. I look up into your eyes and then glance slowly out the window, my pupils wide and dark in the silver light of the moon. My desire for you smolders in the depths of my stare and the answering look in your eyes makes me suddenly want you even more. Wickedly, I place the flat of my palms against the firmness of your chest and push you away from me… your one hand falling away from its resting place upon my breast, the other withdrawing reluctantly from the moist, hot joining of my thighs.

“Let’s go outside” I whisper, the words more a command than a suggestion open for debate. Sensing you nod in approval, I feel you lean forward against me, reaching over the seat for the folded blanket laying there. The warm, sweet smell of your skin prompts me to circle my tongue once around one of your nipples that conveniently has offered itself to my mouth’s reach. Laughing low, and sensual in my throat, you answer with your own animal growl… loving the way that I purr for you.

Slipping out into the embrace of the cool night air, I suddenly have a flash of unease, realizing that I am outside, and utterly naked. I envy you the concealment that your jeans provide, at least for the moment. I reach out and before you realize my intent, I release the button upon your pants and slide them down over your hips, drawing the underwear beneath along with them. “Now we are even!” I giggle evilly.

The whispering tickle of the high grass arouses my heightened senses, as I step around to the front of the car, searching for the best spot to resume our amorous activities. Spying at last a patch of relatively flat and clear grass off to the left, nearer to the protective shadows of the trees, I point out the location to you and amble over to it.

You fling out the blanket and I watch in fascination as the light of the moon and the shadows of the rippling fabric create their own sensuous interplay as the blanket settles slowly to the ground. As I prepare to lie down, I suddenly find myself squealing in surprised delight, as your arms encircle my waist from behind, your mouth nibbling the back of my neck, your breath whispering against one ear. “‘Tis my turn for tormenting you, my dear” You laugh, deviousness vibrating in the rich, husky sound.

Uttering an answering giggle of helpless agreement, knowing that nothing else would satisfy me more, I roll onto my stomach upon the blanket, feeling you kneel behind me. Your hands lower to escort bursa slip upwards against my sides, brushing against the swell of either breast, then slipping beneath to massage their swollen firmness in your eager palms. Your mouth ravages my ear, your tongue tracing the edges of the lobe, then darting ruthlessly within, your breath tickling my senses with hotly whispered words of what you want to do, of how much you want to bring me to ultimate release.

I shudder with each well placed caress, every expertly timed phrase of seduction, arching my shoulders and back up against the expanse of your chest, sensing your power poised above and behind me. Wiggling my smooth white ass up and backwards, I finally make contact with that which I’ve so eagerly sought. The firm, throbbing heat of your cock brushes across the crack of my bottom, the sensation like velvet being drawn over my smooth skin.

Electricity races up my spine, jolting my senses, making my indrawn breath rasp in my throat as ecstasy seeks to make me its slave. Seeking to provoke you into entering me completely, I thrust myself back, feeling the tip of your cock pressing eagerly at the folds of my wet, welcoming pussy. I sigh and moan, as your mouth has moved from my ears to the side of my throat, your teeth nibbling ever so gently at my soft, vulnerable flesh, making me purr, low and guttural as I lie beneath you.

Suddenly, and without a word, you shift so that you are straddling my ass with your strong thighs, reaching down a hand to position the head of your shaft at my entrance. Reaching forward, your take my shoulders and as I slide my knees up to balance myself on all fours, you stroke deeply into me, your mouth biting harder against the nape of my neck, your tongue circling hotly across the inflamed skin. I cry out at the fullness of you, completing me, urging my senses to abandon reality, to soar as one with the stars, the moon and our passion.

My body is enslaved by the rhythm of your thrusts, the feel of your strong hands gripping my shoulders, my own hips rising and falling to meet each penetration. Your voice is abruptly whispering in one ear…”I want to feel you cum around me Gabby…will you come for me?” The sound of your voice, is an added caress that pushes me closer to the edge of sensual oblivion.

“Ohhhhhh, yessssssssssss!” I manage to gasp out between your powerfully smooth strokes.. the friction of our bodies causing a sheen of sweat to break out across skin bathed in pale silver moon-glow.

“Tell me that you want me…tell me that you are ready to cum for me my sweet…!” You command me, your voice a steel whip encased in velvet, lashing at my already passion-raw nerves, making my shudders come in wave after endless wave.

The feel of your body merging into mine, the pressure of your hands on my shoulders, both steadying and controlling me makes the sensations I feel even more heightened. “Yessss! I want you!” I scream, uncaring that I am outside, that the world is voyeur to our shared pleasure.

Knowing that my orgasm is imminent, I ache to stop you, to take you into my mouth, to swirl my tongue around the length of your hot, hard cock until you explode for me, offering your ultimate sacrifice, your complete surrender. I also realize however, that you cannot read my mind, and that I must tell you of my need.

Your inward strokes slow until as you pull out, only the barest portion of your shaft remains inside the tight sheathe of my pussy, thrilling to the inner grasp of my contracting vaginal walls as I stroke you with invisible fingers. Before you are able to re-enter me wholly, I move to roll out from under you, turning before you can react to enclose your cock in the sweet embrace of my lips. Sighing your name, the sound lost as my tongue encircles the head of your shaft, then spirals down to the base and back up again. I lash with calculated speed and force at the ohh so sensitive ridge concealing the throbbing vein beneath your cock’s baby-soft skin.

I lift my head to flash a mischievous look into your eyes, becoming lost in a powerful stare of shared desire and pleasure. Breathless, I tear my gaze from yours and slip you as deeply into my mouth’s cavern as possible, letting the tip of your cock brush escort bursa the back of my throat, closing myself tight around you, swallowing so that that action is an unexpected, and unique form of additional stimulation. I sense you convulse and shudder at the silken strength of my tongue laving the length of you, as my lips and throat alternately squeeze and release you.

Your hands are not at all idle while I am doing this. I feel your palms sliding erotically over the curves of my shoulders, down across my breasts, stopping to roll each nipple torturously between your skilled fingers, making me moan with wanton delight. I feel the brush of the nights breeze, the ticklish yet also arousing sensation of stray wisps of grass sliding against my flesh. Shadows and light, thrown by our shared motions, mimic a fevered dance, the emotionless mask of the moon and the unseen eyes of nature the only witness to our primal union.

As I continue to suck, swirl and lick my way up, down and around your cock, I sense that you are almost as close to orgasm as I am… since your fingers are now embedded in my pussy, one stroking me as your shaft had been, the other rapidly flicking to and fro across the hardness of my throbbing clit. With each touch, I buck and shiver, arching against your hand, trying to make your fingers penetrate still deeper upon each inward thrust.

Abruptly, somehow instinctively realizing that you are seconds away from offering me the fruit of my pleasured labors, I release your cock from my mouth and shifting onto my back, I reach for your shoulders, pulling your body down firmly atop mine. “Fuck me!” I moan into one of your ears, as my tongue darts out to rim the lobe, nipping at the smooth flesh hungrily, “NOW please????!!!” I beg…my legs spread, the heat of my arousal flowing between my thighs and concentrating in the pit of my stomach.

Waves of heat and pulsing sensations course through me as in one wordless motion, you rise up to part my legs even further with one hand, and slide deeply into my eager pussy with your cock in the next moment. Your lips claim my breath and seemingly my soul as your body merges with mine completely; your tongue mirroring the slow, languid movements of your cock as it stirs me to a passion barely imagined.

I lose myself in the rhythm of our union, savoring the feel of the night air, the radiance of the moon reflecting in your grey-blue eyes, turning them violet in the shadows thrown across your face. Straining for release, my body arches up, my hips offering you even deeper access upon each penetration, each silken stroke. The muscles within my tight, wet sheathe grasp the length of you with invisible, and ohh so talented fingers, squeezing and releasing relentlessly. I hear you moan my name, softly at first then with greater abandon. “Cum for me Gabby, cum around me, show me your power my lover!” You pant and moan against the side of my neck, your lips nipping fiercely at the sweat shined skin, before moving to thrust your tongue into my mouth in a ravenous kiss.

The shadow of your body above mine, the feral and intimate glimmer in your eyes as they flash for a moment all conspire to bring me to my peak at last. My clit spasms once, twice, and begins the first tidal wave of one orgasmic swell of sensations upon another. My breath is caught in my throat, my muscles locking spasmodically around your cock, trapping you at your deepest point, squeezing you, so that you explode your climax into me…filling me with an indescribable liquid warmth.

Our mingled breath exchanged by our kiss, cements our mutual release. Moaning into the depth of each others mouths, our tongues twine around each other, holding to the moment of our shared release with fierce abandon. Shuddering as one being, possessed of no other thoughts, other than that this is what heaven is, and that this feels so right…we hold close as our orgasms ripple through us and over us, the waves of pleasure making us drown in each others embrace.

When we are finally able to once more draw a reliable breath, we collapse and shiver, seeking to regain at least some sense of normalcy. Our flesh is pressed together, and we remain locked as one creature from hips to shoulders, loathe to break the enchantment of what we’ve just shared, by moving. Letting the soothing balm of silence and the sweet caress of the wind lull our senses into a place between sleeping and waking, we look into each others eyes, knowing that once again, we dared to tempt the powers of passion’s storm.

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