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Paul’s Story

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I would like to thank my Editor for his hard work.

Editor: HotandHollow


Paul’s Story

Part 1

Let me introduce myself, I’m Paul, and this is how I became my Mother’s Lover.

This all started on my 18th birthday. The day went by normally, dinner was my “party,” meaning my grandparents coming over, me getting lots of presents, “Yay, me!” Moving on. After my grandparents left, I was helping my mother clean up. She asked if I wanted to have a secret with her now that I was a “Man.”

I gave her a funny look. “Sure, why not?”

She said, “When we are alone, I will start calling you Paul instead of Pauli.”

You have to understand, to my whole family I’m Pauli, not Paul. I thought about it and said okay.

She then said, “You can’t tell Dad or anyone — it wouldn’t be a secret if I did.”

I told her I wouldn’t.

Things seemed normal for the next few days, till my dad had to go on a business trip, which he does quite often. He is a Junior V P in charge of production in a medium sized corporation.

As soon as we got back in the car after seeing him off, my mom put a hand on my knee and for the first time since our “secret” had started said, “Well, Paul, what do you want to do now that you are ‘The Man of the House?’ Well, till your dad gets home again anyway.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I said, “Let’s stop by Red Lobster for dinner, then go home for ‘Netflix and chill.'”

When we got home, Mom said, “I’m going to change into something comfortable.”

While she did that I set up a couple of glasses and got an unopened bottle of wine — I wanted to see how far this ‘Man of the House’ thing could go. I got a movie queued up.

When Mom joined me, my jaw hit the floor. Up to this point in my life, the most skin on my mother that I had seen was at the beach in a very conservative one-piece swimsuit that covered everything. And here she stood in front of me in a very see-thru pink baby-doll nightie with matching panties and a see-thru pink top.

She asked, “What do you think, honey? I take it from the open mouth, you approve.” With that she simply sat down on the couch and picked the bottle of wine to examine it. “An Ice Wine, very nice. This of course is part of our little secret, you understand.”

I just nodded as she handed me the wine to open. I opened and poured the wine, and said, “Here you go, Mom,” handing her her wine.

She said, “When we’re alone like this, you can call me Sue or Suzan, whichever you prefer.”

I thought for a second and said, “Okay, Suzan, here you go.” I sat down, picked up the remote, and started the movie.

Suzan snuggled next to me and said, “I do love you, Paul. You are so good to me.”

It went on like this for three years. When Dad was home I was “Pauli” and mom dressed very conservatively around the house. Dad would leave on a trip and while he was gone Mom was a different person. Short skirts, revealing tops, bikini swimsuits that didn’t cover much, and nightgowns that hid nothing.

Before that business trip three years years ago I had never thought of my mother in a sexual way. Up to that point I would have described my mom as average looking. She is around 5’4″ and 150 lbs. Her breasts were a large B, maybe a small C cup, which until that night I had not seen since I was a baby.

Then my 21st birthday came around. Dad was out of town, and the Friday before my birthday I stayed late at a friend’s house. Mom was in bed when I got home. I went up stairs and looked in on her. She was asleep but she had thrown off the covers, partly exposing her nude body. I quietly stood there for a few minutes, watching her as my cock got hard. I then went to my room and jacked off, imagining I was doing it over her exposed tits.

Which may explain why she was having difficulty waking me up. As I woke up I realized the hand on my cock was not a dream. Well, it was on the covers over my cock. I finally started to hear as I was being shook, “Paul, Paul, come on, wake up. It’s late, it’s after ten. I have a lot of things planned today for us to do before your grandparents get here tonight.”

My eyes fluttered open to the sight of my mother in a sheer blue camisole that did nothing to hide her large, hard nipples. With the way she was sitting on my bed, she made no effort to cover the matching panties. I could tell she had had a new wax job done, as there was clearly no hair under her panties.

“I’m up, Mom,” I said.

“Suzan remember, your Dad’s not here. Good, I’m going down to fix you your favorite waffles for breakfast. Get a shower and hurry down. Oh and Happy Birthday. You really are a man today. The big 2 – 1. Don’t keep me waiting.”

“I won’t, Mom. I’ll be down as soon as I shower.

She leaned over and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips, the first time that happened. “Happy Birthday, Paul.” She got up and slowly walked out of the room, swaying her hips for me, I was sure.

I rolled out of bed and went into kartal escort bayan my bathroom, the feel of my mother’s lips still on mine. My cock ached as I turned on the water and started soaping myself up, paying particular attention to my cock. Closing my eyes, I imagined my mom stroking me faster and faster. It didn’t take long for me to cum.

I finished the shower and pulled on a pair of briefs and board-shorts, grabbed a t-shirt and headed down stairs, pulling the top on as I went. I wanted to know what she had in mind for today.

I was not disappointed, as I entered the kitchen, there she was in the same camisole and panties, and nothing else. I said, “Hi, Mom,” as I entered.

She said, “Hi, honey, let’s sit at the bar this morning. The first batch of pecan waffles are up and the second batch will be ready in a second.” As she said it the iron beeped. She pulled the second batch out and made up the plates, the maple syrup was ready on the bar with a nice glass of orange juice and cup of coffee.

I watched as she turned and walked slowly over. She bent at the waist, showing off her tits to their best. I was already hard and wondering if I would get a chance to relieve it later. As we ate she asked me what I had planned for the day. I told her nothing really. I was interested to hear what she had planned for us.

She said, “Good, I thought we would go buy that Mustang you’ve had your eyes on. You know, the Cobra R at the Classic Car Dealer.”

My mouth dropped. “M…Mo..Mom, I don’t have enough to get that — it’s fifty grand!

“I know, I bought it for you yesterday.”

“What?! No way!”

“Yes way. Now go get on some nice clothes, like a pair of slacks, loafers, and a polo. I’ll get dressed and meet you by the front door. The Uber will be here in twenty minutes. But, before you go up stairs, put the dishes in the dishwasher. I’m going to get ready.”

After cleaning the bar and getting the dishes in the dishwasher, I went to my room and found three boxes on my bed, with a note. “Happy Birthday, Paul. I hope you have the best birthday yet. To that end I have bought you some outfits and shoes. Pick one and meet me by the front door.” I picked the sage Polo, tan slacks, tan socks, and loafers.

When I got to the door Mom continued to amaze. She was in a tight white button-down blouse with the top two buttons undone. She was wearing a nice black push-up bra, seen clearly through the blouse, a mid-thigh black skirt, and black heels that had to be at least four inches high, so she could now look me straight into my eyes.

All I could say was, “Mom, you are gorgeous!”

Without missing a beat, she said, “Thank you, Paul. But remember, call me Suzan. If you keep calling me Mom, you might raise some eyebrows while we are out today.”

I just stared and said okay, as the Uber arrived. On the ride to the dealership Mom, Suzan sat so I

could get a good look down her blouse and up her skirt which she let ride up. She had a very nice set of lace panties on. We chatted about the car and me not really believing she had bought it.

When we got to the car dealership she tipped the driver and we walked into the dealership. A salesman met us with a smile. “Mrs. Jones, I’m glad to see you today.”

Mom said, “Hi, John, this is the friend I was telling you about yesterday.” I was surprised to hear her call me a friend. She said, “Is the car ready to go?”

John said, “Almost, it’s in detailing now and should be ready in about five minutes.”

We stood there chatting for a few minutes when I heard it pulling up from the back. The next couple of minutes dragged by. Then it was happening: I was opening the passenger door for Suzan and then taking the wheel. Pulling out I asked, “Where to?”

She said, “You are driving, but lunch would be nice. How about Razzle’s? My treat, continuing your birthday present from me.”

At lunch, she flirted with me the whole time, and it was having an effect on me. I was starting to believe my fantasies might be coming true. After lunch she said she needed to get home and start dinner for my party tonight, but that after dinner, when my grandparents left, she had one more thing to discuss with me.

This was the longest night of my life, during which the conservative ‘Mom’ and ‘Pauli’ were back. My grandparents finally left around seven o’clock after Dad called and wished me a Happy Birthday. He told me he had something for me when he returned in a week or two. He might be extended because they were having a problem at the plant.

When we had watched the cars leave, Suzan took my hand and said, “Let’s talk, Paul.” I followed wondering what was about to happen. We went to the den and sat on the couch. She looked at me, then away, biting her lower lip. “Paul, please bear with me. I have some things to say and I don’t know where to begin.”

I said, “Suzan, take your time.”

She looked away again. “Paul…we have had a lot of fun over escort maltepe the last three years. I hope you have had as much fun as I have, at any rate.” I started to say something and she placed a finger on my lips to quiet me. It burned like fire. “Paul, I’ve teased you and led you on for three years.”

At that my heart started to sink. It must have shown on my face.

“Please, let me finish. Paul, you are such a handsome man, and have been for a very long time. And this is where I am afraid to admit something. I don’t want you to lose respect for me.” She touched my lips again. This time I kissed the finger tip. She moaned slightly.

“Paul, I’ve had Fantasies about you. I’ve had them for a very long time. When you turned eighteen I wanted more but knew I couldn’t. You weren’t old enough. So I decided that if I teased you and you didn’t tell me to stop it, one day I might have a chance. Today you turned twenty-one. You are old enough, but you are still my son…but I don’t care. If you want me like I want you…

“I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m twice your age. By the way, thank you for not saying anything at the dealership when I called you my friend. You do understand what kind of friend he thought you were, don’t you?”

I nodded. I couldn’t believe where this was going. Three years ago I might have bolted, but I was speechless now, wanting to see where she was taking this.

“Paul, understand that I still love your father, and I don’t want to hurt him. That’s why I have always said everything we have done so far is a secret. He is very conservative and doesn’t think a woman should…show off. I’m sure you figured that out on your own. Paul, I don’t feel that way. I like showing off, but I can’t show off to him, he even insists that we have sex in the dark. That’s why I started start showing off to you, and flirting with you, and for awhile it was enough. But lately I’ve wanted more. And as I said today, you are a man and I need you.”

Her finger still on my lips, the next thing came out in a rush.

“Paulwillyoubemyboyfriend?” She took a deep breath. Then slower, “Paul will you be my boyfriend? With all the restrictions you already understand?”

I sat there, looking into her eyes. She was close to tears. I thought of all the things I wanted to tell her. How I have wanted that for over a year but never thought it could happen. I finally started to speak. “Mom, I mean Suzan, I’d like to say I’m shocked, but I’m not. As for Dad, I don’t want to hurt him either, so whatever happens between us, is between us.” I could see a little tension leave her body, but her eyes were still close to tears. “Suzan, I would love to be your boyfriend, with all the restrictions you have set.”

She let out a deep breath and said, “Thank God!” then wrapped her arms around me and started kissing my face over and over. After a few moments she said, “Paul, I know it’s late but let’s go out on a date. I want to dance. You have made me so happy. You look fine, in more ways than one. But these fuddy duddies won’t do. I’m going to change into something special, I bought yesterday. I hope you like it.”

I was a little disappointed she wanted to go out, but I was excited to see what she had bought. About twenty minutes later she returned. “What do you think, Paul?”

I turned around and almost fainted. She was in a Club dress that left nothing to the imagination. It fit her like a glove. It was clear as she walked over she had no bra on as her tits swayed and moved as she did. Its hem barely covered her perfect ass and if she raised her hand, her panties would be exposed. If she had any on — I didn’t see any panty lines.

After looking her over, I said, “You look perfect.”

She said, “Lets go to The Flash. It’s far enough away we shouldn’t run into anyone we know. We’ll get a room and come back in the morning.”

I said, “Let’s go,” thinking I was the luckiest “Man” in the world. I walked her to my new car, and opened the door for her. As she sat down, the question was answered: no panties. She made no effort to hide that fact either.

We arrived at The Flash around nine o’clock. The music was hopping. When I pulled up to Valet Parking, the doorman got a full view of my date, and gave me a wink. We got a table and had a drink while getting a feel for the place. It was the first time either of us had been there.

We headed out on the dancefloor. There were about four fast songs, and let me tell you, Suzan can dance. She made me feel like a slug. Then the first slow dance came, and she stepped right in and pulled me close, whispering, “I’ve been waiting for this dance for a very long time.” She pulled herself tight against me, her hands settling on my ass as my hands settled on hers.

Then, looking into her eyes, we kissed for the first time. A deep passionate kiss. We ended the kiss as the music changed, and slowly walked back to our table. We asked for a couple of Cokes while we rested for a minute. We talked pendik escort about things we had thought about over that last three years. It was at this point I suggested we leave.

While we waited for the car, the doorman was enjoying the view and smiling at me. He thought I had found myself a rich cougar, and I didn’t try to change his mind. When the car arrived, I tipped the valet and we headed out to a nice hotel. I paid for the room — we didn’t want Dad asking questions.

We were shown the room by the bellboy, smiling at me the whole time since we didn’t have any bags. I gave him a Ben Franklin and told him to get lost. Almost before the door was closed she was on me, kissing me deeply. I returned the kiss, pulling her tightly to me. She said, “Let’s sit on the couch, my legs are about to give out.”

She led me to the couch and gently pushed me down. She then placed one knee on the right side of my legs and then the other knee on the left side of my legs and lowered herself onto my lap.

She said, “Paul, I have waited for this for so long. Are you sure this is what you want? There is no going back from here.”

I looked up at her and slowly started raising her dress. I said, “Yes. I have waited almost three years to see you naked.” I wasn’t going to be denied. As her dress cleared her beautiful tits they bounced slightly. “I’ve fantasized about this moment for three years, Suzan.” I leaned in and sucked her nipple into my mouth.

She gasped loudly. “So have I. Every night when I was alone I would think of you while using my vibrator.”

As I continued to suck gently on her tit, she started to rock her hips. I put my hands on her ass and stood up. I carried her to the bed in the next room and gently laid her down. I started kissing my way down her belly till I got to her waxed pussy. I looked at it for a moment.

She asked, “Do you like it this way?”

I looked up at her and said, “It’s perfect, just like the rest of you.” I leaned back down and started kissing it gently, my tongue gently tracing along her slit. I slowly opened her outer lips, then I pulled her clit into my mouth and gently sucked on it. Working my tongue around slowly and gently, I started working it faster and faster, she tasted so sweet.

She started moving her hips and moaning louder and louder. I could feel she was about to cum so I slipped my middle finger into her pussy as I sucked her clit deeper into my mouth. I found that spot up and above the opening. When I touched it she screamed, “I’m cumming!”

My mouth was flooded with her cum. I held her clit in my mouth till she started to come down from her orgasm. I looked up at her.

When she finally caught her breath she said, “How did you Learn to eat pussy like that?”

I responded, “I’m sorry, Suzan, but you are not my first.

She pulled me up and kissed me gently, her cum fresh on my lips and chin. She whispered, “I’m glad. I look forward to more of that in the future. But right now I need your cock in my pussy.”

She reached down and pulled my shirt over my head and threw it across the room. I slipped out of my loafers. She started undoing my belt and slacks. They fell to the floor so I stepped out of them, leaving me standing in my briefs with a large bulge.

“Let me,” she said. “I’ve been waiting to see this for a long time. It felt so amazing this morning I almost couldn’t wait.” So she did know she was stroking my cock through the covers. She slowly pulled them down, my cock standing out as they went. I stepped out of them. She gently kissed the tip, saying, “It’s so beautiful. It’s bigger than I hoped…thicker…longer. How long is it?”

I looked down at her. “Around six and a half inches. About average size.”

“It’s the biggest one I’ve seen outside of a porno film.” She kissed it again, then slowly slid herself up on the bed. “Please, Paul. I need you, now.”

I slowly moved up between her legs, kissing my way up her calf to her knee, then up to her thigh.

“Please! Paul!”

I slowly worked my way to her clit, kissing it gently as she shivered.

She grabbed my head and started pulling me up to her. “Now, Paul.” She pulled me up till I could kiss her. I kissed her deeply as she guided my cock to her pussy. I slowly pressed it in as she arched her back. “Oh, Paul, please more!”

I started working my cock in and out, going deeper with each stroke until my balls were against her ass. I held it there for a second because I was already close to cumming.

“Oh god, Paul, I’m so close. Please.”

I was steadily going faster and faster till her moans changed, erupted into, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” and that was all I could take. I rammed my cock deep and flooded her pussy with my cum.

Holding her and kissing her till our orgasms subsided, I said, “Suzan, I love you. I love you. I love you.”

She said, “I Love you too, Paul. My God what a great lover you are.” With that we started to snuggle till we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

I woke up some hours later with the feeling of a warm, moist mouth on my cock. I looked down to see a beautiful redhead slowly working me up and down. I let out a little moan, causing her to look up, my cock still buried in her mouth.

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