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Pearls of Desire Ch. 03

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The thought of what I am about to do to you makes me run like honey; dripping and sticky. I take a deep breath and look into your waiting eyes. My hands still on your shoulders, I push down gently, urging you to sit on the edge of the bed for me. We’ve spent hours chatting about this, our words directing each other’s hands, our minds filled with fantastic images. Now, here we are. And now I want to do this for real, give to you the sensations with my lips and my tongue that my text messages could only hint at. I may not be the most experienced woman on the planet, but I know what I’m good at, and giving mind-blowing blow jobs is one of those things.

Obediently you sit, your expression one of amusement before you realize what my intentions are. Then, your eyes darken, your pupils dilating, and I watch with satisfaction as you suck in a quick breath, a telltale tremor racing through your body. My eyes never leave yours as I step back so that you can see me better. With ultimate care, I slip my arms from my angora sweater, and slowly, sensually, lift it over my head, imaging your mouth watering at the sight of my breasts clad in black satin, a stark contrast against the color of my skin. I skim my hands down my sides, coming to rest on the waistband of my skirt. I watch your eyes follow my movements and smile seductively. Then, in slow motion, I slide the skirt over my hips and down my long legs, feeling a thrill of excitement as your eyes follow my movements. Standing before you in a sheer bra and panties, thigh high sheer stockings, and stiletto sandals, I turn in a circle, letting you drink your fill with your eyes. I stop with my back to you, and looking back over my shoulder, I unclasp my bra, letting it fall to the floor before me. Then, I slide my panties off and step out of them before turning around.

The appreciation in your istanbul escort eyes makes my blood run warm. I watch as you unceremoniously strip out of the rest of your clothes, leaving yourself totally open to my perusal. You sit before me, fully naked, and fully erect. The sight takes my breath away. You are the most beautiful man I have ever seen. I yearn to reach out and stroke your face, let your silky hair slip through my fingers like water, run my hands down your chest, playing with the dark nipples that make my mouth water. But what I really want, more than anything, is what lays between your legs, waiting for me, heavy and ready.

The sight of you alone, all male, all mine, makes my anticipation grow beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before. I can feel the moisture gathering between my legs. I wonder if you have any idea how aroused I am. I can feel the blush rising on my cheeks and spreading across my chest, my nipples pebbled and hard. With only a moment’s hesitation, I close my eyes and slide my hands over my breasts, letting my palms caress my nipples, before sliding my hands down farther, over my abdomen, and farther still. I let my fingers trail into my curls, finding my entrance eager and weeping. I hear you hum in appreciation. Soaking my fingers with my own juices, I touch myself a moment longer, the desire coiled deep within me only heightened by the knowledge that you are watching my every move.

I step forward to stand between your legs, but shake my head when you reach for me. Tentatively I reach out, brushing my essence-wet fingers across your lips and feel a thrill of excitement as you inhale sharply and suck my fingers deep into your mouth. The sensual promise in your eyes is enough to make my knees feel weak and my head spin.

Slowly I lower avcılar escort myself to my knees before you, openly appreciating the sight before me. If I wasn’t so aroused, I would spend longer teasing you, perhaps running my fingers through your chest hair, suckling your nipples. But as your erection bobs in front of me, and the deep ache within me flares, nothing else matters.

With a delighted sigh, I reach out with one finger and very lightly trace the curves of your manhood. I have never seen you before in flesh and blood, and my imagination didn’t even come close to this. You are incredible. I ache to touch and taste and experience things I’ve only dreamt of. I raise my eyes to yours as I slowly trace the path my finger has taken with the tip of my tongue. The feel of your silken texture sliding along my tongue makes me tremble inside. When I had dreamed of this moment, I had imagined taking my time to appreciate every inch of you in slow deliberation. But the feel of you against my lips, hard and wanting, is more than I can take. I wrap one hand around the base of you and slide you into my mouth. I hear your soft moan and it pushes me farther over the edge. Moaning myself at the exquisite feel of you, I run my tongue over the small slit at the top, savoring the taste of the pre-cum that has gathered there.

I vaguely register the sensation of your fingers slipping into my mass of curls and releasing them, the string of pearls slipping away before your hands return, massaging my scalp, making me ache for those incredible fingers of yours to be working their magic elsewhere.

Your hips sway beneath me and I wonder if you even know. You taste so good, so masculine. Humming in appreciation, I suck you in deeper; slowly, sensually, exploring you with my mouth. As I caress the sensitive lower rim of şirinevler escort your head with my tongue, I feel you buck beneath me and together we moan. I feel shivers of excitement run through me. I ease you deeper still, my lips meeting the hand that caresses the base of you. I hold you there for a long moment, relishing the feel of you embraced by my warm wetness. So intimate. So incredible.

I squeeze the base of you and slide you in and out of my mouth until you are wet with my saliva. Gripping you firmly, I let my hand follow my mouth, sliding up and down the length of you as my lips and tongue follows suit, the combination sheathing you with each stroke, intimately enveloping you in heat and wetness. The thought of you inside of me, thrusting lovingly in and out just as you are now—the two of us, moving together as one––has me reaching for your package, holding it, weighing it, stroking it lightly. I feel it tighten, the muscles in your legs bunching in anticipation. The sounds you are making and the motion of your body are lighting a fire within me. I want nothing more than to feel you cum in my mouth. Not knowing if you will only serves to increase my excitement. I want you, all of you, and I want you now.

As I feel you getting closer, your breathing faster, shallower, I let go with my hands and slide you all the way in, deep into my throat, my face pressed against your groin. I grasp your hips, pulling you even deeper, releasing you only long enough to breathe. I hear your mounting moans of release and my heart swells with anticipation. Soon, I am moving my hips as well, swaying to a rhythm as old as time, my body a torch lit only for you. I am moaning with you, rocking into you, taking you as deeply as I possibly can, urging you to cum in everyway I know how.

And then you are there, crying out, hot spurts of fluid bathing my throat as you rock against me, your fingers tangled almost painfully in my hair, holding yourself deep in my throat. I can feel your pulsating release, the jets of fluid that I long to taste. I swallow effortlessly, humming in approval, wanting all that you can give me. Wanting everything, wanting more.

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