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Peek Into Their Fantasy

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Do you ever wonder about the differences in men and women? What it would be like to get inside the mind of the opposite sex? Let me introduce you to Jim and Lisa.

They have an almost insatiable desire for each other. Their intimate relationship slips into their consciousness frequently. They’ve been apart far too long. Each is looking forward to their next rendezvous. Join me as we peek into their fantasies.

Perhaps they aren’t so different after all.

* * * * *


Today I woke up horny as hell, feeling your absence like a pain. I reach for my vibrator and begin to pleasure myself, my mind taking me to my next visit from you. It is so real in my head. If only you were here . . . I let my thoughts wander, pretending . . .

You come in the door and reach for me right away . . . kiss me, kiss my neck, like you’re starving for me. Your tongue dances with mine as we devour each other. I nibble your lips, sucking your lower lip into my mouth, stroking it with my tongue. Suck my earlobes; I feel your hard breathing, letting me know how ready you are for pleasure. Squeeze my butt, pull me closer, rubbing me against your crotch. Grind against me, let me feel your hard cock ready for my hot wetness.

I lead you to the bedroom. Undress me . . . exploring with your mouth and hands as you go. Pull my shirt over my head. Lick my nipples; nip them with your teeth. Electric shocks run down to my pussy. Slide your hand inside my jeans, slip your finger in me, feeling the juices pouring from me. Trail your tongue down my abdomen, pulling my jeans down as you go. Swirl your tongue in my navel. Kiss my mound, trailing your tongue along my swollen pussy lips. Slip it just between them; flick your tongue over my clit. I groan in frustration, and pull your head closer, smothering your face in my juices. I tell you to suck my clit. As you suck it into your mouth, I cry out as waves of pleasure flood over me.

I pull you to your feet, anxious to taste my cum on your lips. I plunge my tongue into your mouth. Let me undress you, unbuttoning your shirt, sliding it from your shoulders. Unzipping your pants, nibbling your cock through your underwear, making me so hot . I slip my tongue in the leg, stroking your balls, teasing the sensitive area just behind them. Finally I can wait no longer. I pull your underwear down with my teeth, anticipating your hard cock springing up to meet me.

I inhale the aroma of your precum already seeping from your cock. Reach out with my tongue to catch the tiny droplets already forming. I take bursa escort you slowly into my mouth, licking you with my tongue, feeling the head of your cock sliding toward my throat. I hear your groan, feel your hands on the back of my head, urging me not to stop. You tell me how good my mouth feels, hot and wet, knowing just when to suck and when to stroke, keeping you on the edge. I tease your hard cock, taking it deep into my mouth to my throat, sliding back to the head, circling the head with my tongue. My pussy is so wet, so hot . . . I reach down to stroke myself, anxious for the feel of your hands. Finally I can wait no longer. I help you out of your clothes, fumbling in my hurry.

I lie back on the bed, you stretching out beside me, caressing my tits, raising over me to suck and squeeze them. Gently at first, more firmly as I’m getting hotter. Suck my nipples, nibbling them with your teeth, sucking my tits hard into your mouth, trying to get as much of that soft sensitive tit flesh in your mouth as possible. Tell me how much you want me, how you love the taste of me, the way my pussy feels on your face, on your cock. Make your way down my body to my hot wet pussy as I lift toward your hands and mouth, anticipating the electricity.

You stroke me, slip your fingers inside me, rubbing my clit with your thumb the way I love it. Spread my pussy lips far apart, licking my hard clit with the tip of your tongue. Put your tongue in my hole, tasting all the wet juices flowing so freely. Still holding me open, suck my clit, suck it between your teeth, flicking it with your tongue, feeling it come out from under its hood, wanting more. Suck me til I convulse in an intense, mind searing orgasm, unable to do anything but moan and scream in ecstasy, everything centered on that little nubbin of hot flesh. Softly lick the juices that have poured from me.

I reach for you, to taste my cum on your face, in your mouth, igniting me yet again. I spread my legs wide for you to enter me, telling you I want you to fuck me hard and fast. Plunge your rock hard cock into my pussy, pounding into me. I beg for more, fuck me harder, harder, deeper . . . wanting to feel you deep in my body. I hear you moaning in pleasure, knowing that soon I will feel you shudder, your hot cum shooting into me.

Your pelvis grinds into mine, bringing me to climax once again. I grab your ass, pulling you deeper into me, as you cry out in agonizing pleasure. We lie spent, returning to our senses. I am unwilling to let you go, enjoying the feeling of bursa escort bayan your cock softening inside me, feeling your cum draining from my pussy. I am completely relaxed, stroking your face, watching your eyes. As you roll off me I smile, and slowly stretch like a cat, loving the feeling of being completely satisfied.

I open my eyes and smile, anticipating being truly completely satisfied . . .

* * * * *


You open your door with a big inviting smile and take my hand as I walk in. You say “hello there.” My eyes take in your lovely clothed body and I reply with a warm smile. Without waiting, I draw you close to my body and lightly kiss your lips as my hands caress your back and ass. As we explore one another’s lips, we also take the liberty of providing one another with neck kisses.

As the standing kissing and exploring session progresses, I gently rub your pussy through your clothing. I make sure you feel my hardness as I grind it to your pelvis. I suggest we go to the bedroom. We start to undress each other in a leisurely fashion and I say “Please just leave my underwear on as I want to feel your hot breath and lips tease my dick.”

You reply “That’s what I like.”. As you kneel down and perform my request, I take my hands and stroke your face and hair. After a few minutes I suggest that I sit on the chair and you can continue bathing my dick and balls with your tongue. Not wanting to leave you out of any oral pleasure, I beckon you to stand. As I sit on the chair you present your flowing pussy to my lips so I can give it the proper attention it deserves.

As you straddle my face I take my hands and firmly grasp your butt cheeks and grind your hips into my mouth. After devouring you for a while, I lead you across the room to relax on the bed. Facing each other with our eyes gazing we freely run our hands over each other’s bodies. “Do you know what I would like? How about a nice back massage?”

“Fine” you say. As I roll on my stomach, I position my legs apart and indicate I want to feel your twin peaks caressing my back to my cheeks. I want to feel your lips and tongue on my back as you take your hands and stroke my ass cheeks along with my balls.

After minutes of this activity I tell you “Let me lay on my back and mount my face, as I want to taste again your sweet pussy juices.” As you follow my command and rock at your own pace with your clit contacting my tongue you tell me you want to continue with the massage. As you dismount, you position your body to explore bursa bayan escort mine from the lips, neck, nipples, dick and balls, giving each location it’s proper due. After a while of getting some oral delight I ask you to get into a sixty-nine position with you on top. I once again get the opportunity to taste you.

You ask if there is anything else I would like. “Yes,” I reply. “I want to watch my dick slide in and out of your pussy. I want you to put my dick in you with your back toward me so I can see it.” You mount my dick and place your hands on my ankles. Oh baby, what a delightful sight, to see and feel you at the same time. As I sense I am getting close to climaxing, I tell you I want you to finish me off in your mouth. You take me deep into your mouth, making love to my dick, until I can stand it no longer. As my cum explodes into your mouth you moan in delight, lapping up every drop.

As we lie motionless for a few minutes I ask if you will get out the two handkerchiefs and bungee cords. After locating the items I tell you just lay back and relax, smoke if you wish, as I’m going to give your clit and pussy some more attention as I recover. I feast on your sweet juices flowing into my mouth. I briefly stop the oral session and tie the handkerchiefs to your ankles and then attache the bungee cords to the frame of your headboard, but do not attach the cords to your legs yet.

I continue stroking your body and continue the oral pleasure as I sense I’m beginning to get hard again. I take one of your hands and place it covering your pussy. Taking my hand, I place it on top of yours and start to gently rub it back and forth, making your hand stroke yourself. Then I take one of your fingers and insert it into your vagina and ask you to let me watch as you play with yourself.

As you follow my instruction and touch yourself, I stand next to the bed stroking my dick, making sure you have full view for your enjoyment. I notice I’m not getting very hard with me rubbing myself, so as you are still fingering yourself I slide my dick into your mouth for some encouraging results.

Needless to say, with your attention I have gotten hard once again. As you reach your self induced climax, I take the bungee cords and hook them to the handkerchiefs, thus giving your spread eagle position support. I know you love it fast and hard, and I’m going to pound your pussy until I can’t go anymore.

I slide into your hot, wet hole, feeling it already begin its spasms around me. I fuck you deeply, harder and harder, hearing you moan and whimper in pleasure. Finally you cry out that you’re cumming. I feel your pussy squeezing my cock, pulling me in as far as I can go.

As your body begins to relax, I roll over beside you on the bed, pulling you close to me, feeling our heartbeats beginning to slow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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