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Peephole Ch. 02

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(The following is a true story)

I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. I had a regular show in the convenience of my own room. I was bursting at the seams to tell someone, and it wasn’t long before I invited my best friend over for the weekend. We had fooled around a bit over the years, jerking each other off while talking about girlfriends, etc. Nothing heavy, no anal, no kissing, just another hand (occasionally a mouth) on our cocks other then our own.

We were hanging out in my room, sneaking a screwdrivers made from vodka stolen from his dads liquor cabinet when I told him about the peephole. He couldn’t believe it. We had always talked about how we were attracted to our own and especially each others mothers, and now we had it right in front us. I lifted a corner of the poster covering the hole and showed him, explaining how we had to wait in darkness so they wouldn’t catch us.

Eventually, my parents made it to their bedroom and turned on the light, meanwhile, on the other side of the wall, Brian was quietly unzipping his pants. I laid on the bed browsing some porn I had ‘borrowed’ from my dad, occasionally glancing at Brian, watching his reactions, his face glued to the wall and hand slowly stroking his hardening cock. From what he told me later, all my mom did was undress and change into a nightshirt. He did get to see her topless, but she only stripped to her panties.

He laid down next to me on the bed and placed his hand on my dick. I reached out and wrapped my fist around his much thicker and larger cock. We jerked each other off, talking about my mother, her breasts and hairy pussy and I came all over my stomach. He leaned kartal escort to the side and added to my cum. It was something we had done before and we both liked it. I liked the feeling of a lot of cum pooling on my stomach.

Needless to say, he became a regular visitor. Often spending whole weekends in attempts to view glimpses of my mom naked, in due time he was finally rewarded with a sex act. He told me my dad had come in to the room wearing an undershirt and his tighty-whities, his bulge quite visible through the material. Even though Brian’s cock was large (just under 8″) he was impressed with the size of my fathers manhood. He stripped of his shirt and laid on the bed, caressing his prick through the material. Then my mother walked in. She was wearing a white loose button-down blouse open wide almost half way down her stomach (no bra) and a black skirt with tan stockings. She came into the room, leaned over the dresser and moved the blouse aside to reveal her left breast. She fondled it, teasing my dad (and, unknowingly, Brian too), bringing it to her lips to lick the nipple. Her right hand stroked her body stopping to rub her pussy through the skirt and to pinch her right nipple through the material of the shirt.

Finally she took the shirt off, rubbing her hands up and down her chest, lightly pinching her hard nipples. She turned around, bent over the dresser, legs together, her hands running up the back of her thighs, over her stockings and pulling up her skirt to expose her naked pussy. She looked back at my father over her shoulder and smiled, spreading her ass cheeks as wide as she could. She began lightly stroking her pussy lips kartal otele gelen escort with her finger, eventually bringing the hand to her mouth to wet it, then inserting deep into her pussy. She did this for a bit as my dad stripped off his underwear and masturbated his cock, his eyes not leaving her body for a second.

She stood up, stepping out of the skirt, now only wearing the stockings, and slowly walked over to where my dad was laying on the bed. She ran her finger from his foot up his leg and inner thigh ultimately stopping at his balls. She cradled them in her hand as she stood by his head leaning over him, teasing him with her breasts hanging in his face. She hoisted herself up onto the bed and straddled her pussy over his face. He licked and sucked on her pussy as she held onto the headboard for stability. Her body began rocking back and forth and in a steady motion. He spread her ass cheeks apart and inserted a finger into her asshole and she really began to gyrate on his face. She leaned back, rubbing her clit on his face and took his cock into her left hand, caressing the shaft. She jerked his member as she came, audibly moaning.

She eased off his face moaning “I need your cock inside me!”

My father rolled her over on the bed, her ass high in the air, and went in for one final lick of her pussy, and he ended by massaging her asshole his tongue with a finger in her pussy. She pleaded with him to fuck her dripping cunt with his cock and he pulled away from her.

He teased her entrance with his cock and slowly slid the whole thing until he was all the way inside her. He let her kartal eve gelen escort adjust for a few seconds and slowly pulled out, eventually picking up a good rhythm. After a few good strokes he eased his cock all of the way out of her pussy and let it hang there for a second, then abruptly jammed it into her gaping hole. The force of it buried her face in the pillow and muffled her scream/moan, although we could easily hear it next door. My father really began to fuck my mothers pussy hard, slamming his monster cock into her, all the while with a malicious grin on his face. She began moaning, obviously enjoying it even though she was in pain, and he just fucked her harder. He must have kept his pace for a good five minutes, ruthlessly banging her pussy, when he suddenly grabbed her by the hips, impaling her on his cock. He came inside her as she muffled another scream.

When he finished, she looked at him over her shoulder with a smile. She got up, in pain, and hurried over to her dresser, cum dripping down her leg. She slipped on a pair of panties and they turned out the light.

Brain could not believe what he had seen. He had been masturbating, but hadn’t come, eager to see what was going to happen next. He told me everything in great detail as I jerked him off. Once again he dropped his load on my stomach. We both were really excited and he couldn’t stop talking about the fact she immediately put on panties, and how they must smell, etc. I pulled out a pair of my mothers panties from between my mattresses that I had stashed and showed them to him. He took them in awe, immediately bringing them to his nose. The panties were black satin, see through in the crotch and ass areas. They were heavily encrusted with the stains of a hot love making session. He breathed deep, taking the aroma in. His cock was rock hard again. I blew him as he smelled and licked the dirty crotch. He came again and I knew this would be a scene much repeated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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