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Peggy Gets Her Way

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I see you there with a couple of girlfriends. You are laughing and enjoying conversation with them. It is obvious that you are all old friends. Occasionally, you take a sip of your drink and look around the bar. It is during one of these times that our eyes first meet. I have been surreptitiously eyeing you ever since I got a glimpse of you.

When we see each other looking, we linger for just a second and exchange a slight smile. I am sitting here with three other guy friends, a couple of who are getting a bit loud and drunk. I don’t normally mind that, but I am trying to look poised for you, and it isn’t easy under these circumstances. I subtly distance myself from the noise, not moving, just changing position, a little turn toward you, a little turn away from them.

Now I can see you have on a red button up shirt that is carefully buttoned just enough to provide complete modesty while still leaving a guy wishing he had a slightly higher position to look from. I see you lean over the table a bit to whisper to the woman across from you. Just then a beer comes pouring over the table at me as Bill spills a full one. I jump out of the booth, but still manage to get a fair drenching. Disgusted, I look up to find not only am I covered with beer but also you are gone! Damn! Thanks a lot guys I think to myself as I head for the bathroom to dry off.

I am so preoccupied with trying to keep the wet spot from spreading, that I fail to see you heading the other way and I nearly knock you over as we come face to face. I catch your arms to stop you from falling, but now that I see whom it is, I nearly drop you again out of embarrassment! I try to say something polite, but I don’t think even I know what it was supposed to be. I excuse myself, and head to the john. I discover that the only way to dry off is with one of those stupid air dryers. Not too bad for the shirt, but really difficult for the jeans, that is if you don’t want to get arrested anyway. There is no way I am taking off my jeans in the men’s room. Finally, nearly satisfied that I am presentable, I head back to the table.

As I am passing by your table, I see that the three of you are about to head out. My composure is back, and I want to make amends. Not to mention get a few more minutes to see you. Now for the first time I get a clear view of you and you are stunning. Not in a movie star kind of way, but in a very pretty girl-next-door sort of way. The kind of neighbors I wish I had. Anyway, I say a few words to excuse myself, and you introduce yourself as Peggy. There is an instant kind of chemistry, and I take a chance and ask you to stay. “I will drive you home.” You laugh and say “you don’t even know where I live!” “True, but I will take you there anyway.”

After an uncomfortable second, you look up at me and say “Ok.” Suddenly I am on cloud nine! I escort you over to the bar and order a couple of drinks. It occurs to me that I better tell the guys I’m going to hang with you for a while when suddenly I remember that I didn’t drive! I always drive…why not tonight?

Unfortunately I had ridden with Joel. Not only that, but he has a rather tight back seat in his camry. Oh well, shit happens. I excuse myself for a second to go make arrangements. I ask Joel if he is willing to drive you home. Naturally, he wants to see whom I am talking about, so I motion over to the bar towards where you are sitting. “Wow!” is all he said, “As long as I can leave you here” he added jokingly.

Making my way back to you, I can help noticing how well your jeans fit your slim figure. Even seated at the bar it is obvious that you have great legs. I learn from you that you are working as an executive secretary in a law firm, and you have been attending night school working toward a Bachelors degree in pre-law. To my astonishment, I also discover that you are the mother of a sixteen-year old boy. Lastly that you had moved back home after the divorce four years ago. I had you pegged at 28 or so, but now I figure you must be at least 36.

I answer that I own a small business, which keeps me very busy as well. I sense that it might be time to suggest moving on. I enquire if we might go some place more private. You smile and admonish me not to get in too much of a rush. I laugh and let you know that we have a chaperon on the way. Now it is my turn to point out Joel. I mention that we have been friends since fourth grade. This begs the question, so I let you do the math and say that that was thirty years ago. Now it is your turn to be surprised. “That makes you thirty-nine?” she asks. “Close enough, actually I just turned forty.”

We make our way back to the table just as the group is breaking up. I ask Joel for his keys as he is in no shape to drive. He complains, but only a little. We head out to the parking lot and Joel slides into the back seat. We pull out of the lot and head out on the dirt road towards the highway. It is a manual transmission, and I use the opportunity to slide my hand over to your knee. I am please that you altyazılı porno don’t offer any resistance to this move. In fact you move a little closer to me on your seat. Our shoulders are lightly touching and I feel sparks wherever they come in contact. It is quite dark on this country road with only the reflection of the headlights on the trees to see you by.

I slide my hand a little further, up to you thigh and give it a little squeeze. Once again, I am rewarded. You move closer to me and lean into me. I can feel the firmness of your breast on my shoulder. You place your hand over mine and slide it up even further. My hands rest against your zipper, and I can go no further without removing the jeans. I am just starting to think of how to do this with Joel in the car when you recline your seat, and begin unbuttoning your pants. I nearly drive into a tree, so I frantically search for a place to pull over.

Meanwhile, Joel has reached around the seat and is reaching down to slide your shirt up and off. I give up on trying to find a spot to park and simply drive off the road through the shallow ditch and onto a slight rise. I shut off the car and begin to help remove your pants, no easy task in this too-small car. Soon you are there with only your sexy under things on. Matching lacy white bra and French-cut panties. Against your tan skin, they seem to glow in the moonlight. I cannot take my eyes off of you. I lean over and begin to kiss your sexy tummy, as Joel seems to have your upper-half occupied. I kiss and lick your belly button, which draws a little reflexive inhale from you. My tongue explores further down and I spread your legs a bit while I nibble on your thigh. I can hear you breathing harder now, but it is muffled a bit by Joel’s kisses.

I slide your panties down from each side, and you take a cue and lift yourself up so I can remove them. They end up on your ankles and you step out of them without missing a beat. I look up and am surprised to see that somehow Joel has managed to get undressed. You are reaching back to him and I assume you have your hand tightly grasping his rod. I can’t really see in the dark. I lean over and begin licking your clit. You spread your legs as wide as the confined space allows. I swirl my tongue around your quickly hardening button and you reach down to pull your pussy lips apart, allowing me easier access. Your breath is coming in gasps now as a tremble reaches your legs. I can feel your thighs tighten as the first waves of pleasure begin to surge through you.

I can tell your pussy is getting wet as the musky aroma assaults my senses. Your legs tense up and you lift yourself off the seat. I can get my tongue further into you in this position. You let out a small whimper as you are taken higher. I feel your hips starting to relax which brings your clit back into contact with my ministrations. Almost instantly your legs tense up again and you lift even further off the seat. I hear you break the kiss with Joel as an mmm noise escapes you. Your hips begin to buck as I continue to lightly bite and eagerly nibble on your clit. At last you are essentially standing on the floor as the first full-blown orgasm wracks your body.

You grab my head with both hands and literally smash my face into your midsection. I can’t breath, but I really don’t mind. I keep licking to keep you cumming, Joel is pinching your nipples and kissing your neck as you cry out. My head is jammed between your legs as you hit one peak to be followed by another higher one. Eventually you can’t take it and you lift my head from your lap. I inhale my first breath of air in the last couple minutes. If you had cum any longer, I would have had to stop to keep me from passing out!

In the few seconds while you recuperate, I see that the car windows are thoroughly fogged up and Joel is trying to get his rock hard dick into your mouth. Almost a gymnastics move is required for this. I had unbuttoned my shorts sometime during the preceding minutes because my cock was really feeling confined in them. I took this opportunity to slip them off. You, being busy with Joel’s cock in your mouth are too distracted to notice the second one on your left. I hold your hand and guide it to my aching cock. Your eyes go wide as you grasp my manhood, and you begin stroking it firmly. I can’t ease my seat back as Joel is already nearly pinned to the roof, with nowhere to move. Fortunately, Joel is rather small in stature, only 5′ 6″ tall about 140 lbs. I could not fit where he was. I’m 6′ 2″ and almost 200 lbs.

I enjoyed the feeling of you jerking my rod in time with the slurping sounds of you sucking off Joel. It occurs to me that we would be much more comfortable at my house, so I start the car and let the defroster go to work. Starting the car doesn’t cause either of you to skip a beat. Soon there is a small space of defrosted window, and I guide the car to the road. Of course, being that there is a ditch in the way causes the car to roll from one side to the other eliciting zenci porno some profound remarks from Joel as his head bangs the back window and roof. Not to mention you nearly biting his dick off during a particularly hard bump.

Finally I get the car safely on the road. I follow the back route home, as the last thing I need is to be pulled over, intoxicated with my pants off. I do live in a small town after all. While driving, I keep up a continuous motion of fingering you, first inside you and then on your clit. I loose count, but I think we had you cumming two or three times enroute. I pass only a couple of cars before I reach my house. I get out of the car ignoring the fact that my only neighbors might see. I reach the side door to open the garage when I see the two of you making your way over to the house. I guess I’ll leave the car outside, so I shut off the ignition in time to fine the two of you fucking against the garage door. Joel has you bent over with your hands supporting yourself against the door. He is jamming his dick in to you with enough force that the door is banging with each stroke.

You are letting out a nearly continuous uhh…mm…uhhh…oooh sort of noise that changes pitch with each shift of direction. Not wanting to be left out, I slip in front of you and hold you up while Joel continues to fuck you from behind. You bend further over and take me into your mouth. I see the neighbors light go on and my neighbor Mike steps out on to his front deck to see what is going on with all the noise. I look his direction and can tell he can clearly see the three of us under the illumination of the low lighting. Abruptly the light goes off, but I can still make out his form on the deck. The abrupt lighting change catches your attention and you stop momentarily to look up at me. I whisper that my neighbor is watching us. This seems to turn you on even more.

Soon, Joel is cumming into you with a yelp. I can feel you push back into him as he drives his load home. You feel the hot spunk spurt into your hungry pussy. Joel grabs your hips and pushes hard into you both to get deeper and to keep from falling over as he empties his balls into you. The titillation is too much for me and in just a couple more strokes, I cum into your mouth. You swallow it all, and them come up to kiss me. I can taste my cum in your mouth as you do. I don’t know why, but this actually turns me on. Perhaps it is how slippery your lips are and how you are sucking my tongue like it was a dick.

You turn around to kiss Joel and as you bend over to do so, I reach between your legs to feel your sopping wet pussy. There is nothing better than a well-fucked pussy for turning me on. I can already feel the stirrings of another hard on beginning. As I massage your slippery slit, as you rest your head on Joel’s shoulder. Now you can see my neighbor watching us. You look right at him as you feel another wave of pleasure surrounding you. This time it hits hard and fast. You grab on to Joel tightly as the first wave nearly overwhelms you. No sooner have you started to recover when and even stronger wave rolls over you. I take this opportunity to slide my dick into you with a single hard motion. You let out a loud “Oh God!” as this second sensation takes you beyond anywhere you have been before. It is as though you have broken through to a place where there is only pleasure and feeling. Never have you reached such a height as right here right now.

Time seems to stand still for you as both Joel and I wait for you to come back from wherever you have gone. We seem to understand that we need only to hold you while your body shutters and you whimper out meaningless noises. We both squeeze you tightly as you reach a place we cannot go. After what was probably only a minute but seemed more like eternity, we see that you are back on earth standing barefoot and naked in front of my garage. I see that my neighbor is jacking off to the view. I don’t blame him. Once again you look straight at him as he cums on the railing of his deck. You seem mesmerized for a second, but then turn and grabbing both our cocks, lead us into the house. Once inside, I lead you up the main stairs and Joel follows, obviously playing with you sexy behind on the way up. I hear you giggle and playfully slap his hand.

I round the corner at the top of the stairs, and stop at the bar to pour drinks. I can tell we have come down a bit after our outdoor escapades, and a little relaxing refresher is in order. I load the drinks into large insulated glasses. I want them to stay cold for a while. I lead us out of the rec. room and into the hot tub room. This is hexagonal room that actually overhangs the front door. With a view towards the woods in one direction, and a view towards the lake in the other. Moonlight glitters on the water. It is dark toward the woods, but from our vantage point, we can see the orange glow of a cigarette moving at the neighbor’s deck. Apparently Mike is still out there.

The two of aldatma porno you climb into the tub, while I get some thick towels to dry off with. I place them on the heated towel rack and set it to high. As I am about to enter the tub, you ask that I turn on the lights, so I adjust them to a dim glow. I think the twinkle in your eye is because you want my neighbor to see everything that is happening inside. Oh, well he needs his kicks too. You position yourself with your knees on the seat facing out. I notice that this puts you facing my neighbor’s house as well. You sit up tall and your firm tits are dripping water from your quite hard nipples. It is warm in the tub, but cool in the room.

Now fully recovered, I wrap my arms around you and slip my hard cock into your still sopping pussy. I reach around and using my right hand, I begin rubbing your clit once more. I no time you are thrusting back at me forcefully. You are pinching your own nipples and breathing very fast. I can feel you beginning to shudder as you cum again. Joel, feeling left out jumps out of the tub and starts kissing your tits from the front. You wrap him up in a tight hug and pull his lips to yours. Quickly, you let go, and spin around. This unexpected maneuver pulls my cock out of you and I am momentarily concerned. I soon understand the reason as you push me down onto the seat of the hot tub, and sit on my lap. I feel you reach behind you and grab my cock. You guide it to your back hole and slide it slowly in. Joel has climbed back into the tub by now.

I can see the direction you are taking us, so I straighten up enough to allow you to take Joel in your pussy. Soon the two of us have filled both of your holes. Awkwardly at first, then with better timing we fuck you from both sides. It must be a good feeling for you, as you cannot catch your breath the entire time. I can actually feel Joel’s cock through you on the inside. We both move in time as we reach closer to climax. Your whole body begins to thrash around in the water sending waves over the edge of the tub. Each thrust pushes me further into you. I am holding you tightly as I begin to cum in your tight anus. Suddenly it is slippery and my cock slips easily in and out of you. You push back hard against me as Joel pounds into you. Shortly he is cumming in you as well.

After holding you closely in the warm never land of post coital bliss, I slip out of your slick hole as my cock softens. I kiss your ear from behind and Joel pulls out of you. We are all breathing more regularly now, and I gently ease you off of me. I pass out our neglected drinks and take a long slow sip. The cold drink is in sharp contrast to the heat we are all feeling. I slip out of the tub and grab a warm towel, which I wrap around your shoulders, being careful to keep it out of the water. I grab another for myself and toss one to Joel who also pulls himself free of the tub. You stay there for a second, and lean back enjoying the luxurious warm water and the feeling of being loved. Joel and I stand on either side of you and begin to towel you off while you remain in the tub. We gently rub down your whole upper body with the soft towels.

You seem totally relaxed and at peace with the universe. I begin giving you a face massage, starting at the temples and working over your cheeks and neck. Lightly rubbing your face by starting at the nose and gently pulling outward, I can feel you breathing deeply and very slowly. You look fantastic from this view! Your pretty eyes are closed, but there is a look of utter contentment on your face. Your legs float freely in the tub and only your neck is resting on anything besides water. We cannot bear to look at you like this for too long, as we want to make love to you again. With hand motions, I indicate to Joel that we will reach under you and pick you out of the water by supporting your back and under your knees. Together we gently pull you from the water. We pile a couple of towels on you as well. Not that we want to cover you up you understand, just because we hate to spoil your reverie. Joel lets me carry you to the bedroom and turns down the bed so I can slip you in with no difficulty.

Joel and I toss our towels to the foot of the bed, and we slip yours off while covering you up in the crisp cool sheets. You nipples are instantly erect, and your skin is covered in goose bumps. Joel and I slide in next to you and quickly our combined body heat warms you up. All of this time and you have not opened your eyes. I reach over and lower the lights to their minimum from the already dim glow. I lay there next to you with a grin on my face, and feel like I am floating on the bed. I have no idea what time it might be, and I don’t care.

I wake up to find my arm is asleep. It is still dark outside, so it is not morning yet. I feel like I have slept for hours yet it could not have been for more than a couple at most. You are sleeping quietly beside me, and I can hear Joel’s deeper breathing beyond you. I extricate myself from the tangle of bodies and sheets without waking either of you. I get up to get a drink of water and to brush off the wool that seems to have grown on my teeth. I ease back into bed and slide up against you. I reach down between your legs, and feel that you are still wet outside your pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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