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Perfectly Normal , Natural

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All was right in my world.

My naked body was stretched out so comfortably on a plush mattress; completely reposed in a deep and peaceful slumber following a night of raw sexual frenzy with my girlfriend, Amy. The sheets of my bed were soaked with sweat as the humid odor of sex still hung heavy in the air. Amy’s warm and luscious naked body was cuddled up beside me; her silky and succulent flesh pressing intimately against my own as her arm draped over my chest. The last condom I’d worn remained slipped over my now flaccid eight inches of manhood with a bountiful sample of my ejaculate still trapped inside. The bedroom was cool, dark and silent.

When all of the sudden:

Blinding bright light violently pierced the soothing darkness and tranquility of my dream state. Amy, who had been lying as equally motionless and peaceful as I just a moment before, was now in a frantic flurry of movement.

“Justin,” she said as she shook me out of my slumber. “Justin! Justin, wake up!”

“What?” I babbled; still about three quarters asleep. “What is it? What time is it?

“It’s just after five,” she replied.

“Five? As in five o’clock in the morning?” I murmured.

“Yes,” she answered.

“What the fuck?” I questioned. “What the hell are you doing?”

“We need to talk,” she told me solemnly.

Oh shit! No conversation between a guy and his girlfriend has ever turned out well when started like this!

“Right now?” I mumbled. “Can’t this at least wait till after breakfast?”

“No,” she stated matter of factly. “We need to talk now.”

So, she did. Talk that is.

And before I even knew what the hell was going on, Amy was dressed and out the door. Not a single tear was shed nor was there any begging, pleading, compromise or conditions. One minute we were destiny and the next, history! After nearly five years together, our relationship was over in the blink of a sleepy eye.

Happy Fucking Birthday to you, Justin!

Well actually; it was yesterday. Amy and I had spent a wonderful day together, which was followed up by a night of some of the most passionate lovemaking we’d ever experienced together. Or at least, so it seemed to me. But apparently not! Hell, I even brought her to her first multiple orgasm last night.

For the next couple of hours, I stared blankly up at the ceiling of my bedroom, replaying Amy’s words in my mind. I live in the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house on the campus of the University of Washington in Seattle. I was due to graduate in May with a bachelors’ in Engineering and planned to go for a masters’ after that.

Now I wish I could say that I was heartbroken over the situation. But the fact is, I wasn’t. In actuality, my heart felt nothing at all. It was my mind that was hurting; from being so goddamn boggled. And with every rerun of Amy’s words through it, my brain-ache only got worse.

“You’re just not there for me anymore, Justin. You haven’t been for more than a year now. I don’t know what’s happened. And I not talking physically. I mean emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You’re so distracted, distant and inattentive. It’s like you’re always somewhere else. Or rather, always with someone else. No, I am not accusing you of being unfaithful or cheating on me. At least, not in the conventional sense. But it’s clear to me that your heart, mind and soul belong to another woman. You may not even know who she is, but you and I both know she’s not me. So, I’m not dumping you, so much as releasing you. Whoever this woman is, she already has your heart, mind and soul. Now you’re free to give her your body too. She deserves all of you!”

By seven-thirty, I had mind-fucked myself silly over the situation and fell back to sleep, totally exhausted. Fuck going to class today.


My phone ringing snapped me out of a mediocre snooze a couple of hours later. I instantly knew who the caller was based on the ringtone, which was I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis. Thus, I was only too happy to stir. Opening my eyes, my iPhone’s screen was displaying the stunning face, the thick maim of long and flowing auburn hair, the dazzling sapphire blue eyes and the radiant, pearly white smile of the most beautiful woman I’d ever known and my best friend in the whole world:


Debra Lynn Ream; or Debbie, as she prefers, was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She was the only child of two very kind, sensible, liberal and successful white-collar professionals. As such, Mom had every financial advantage as well as every social, scholastic and extra-curricular opportunity. However, while she was academically very intelligent, Mom had virtually no common sense, or “street smarts”, in her youth. That has changed dramatically over the years since. But the lack of it at the time greatly contributed to her being so very young when she gave birth to me:

Justin Anthony Ream.

As fate would have it, Mom and I share the kartal escort bayan same birth date: February 19th. So, as I just celebrated my twenty-first birthday yesterday, Mom celebrated her thirty-seventh birthday.

The story of me began nearly twenty-two years ago, when Mom went to a party one night at her best friend’s house; and it was there that she met a young U.S. Marine who was home on leave. After a few beers, she willingly surrendered her virginity to him in the backseat of his car. The next morning, she came to on the swing seat of her friend’s front porch. She never even knew his name and never saw him again. All she remembered about him was that he was tall, strong, blonde and incredibly handsome.

Just like me!

And while my grandparents weren’t particularly thrilled about Mom’s pregnancy, they did not abandon her or disown her. Instead, they fully supported her and went above and beyond the call of duty to love, provide for and assist their daughter in any and every way they could.

My grandparents quietly pulled Mom out of school early in her pregnancy; just before the start of her junior year, in order to spare her the harsh ridicule she was sure to endure. Then not long after I was born, the four of us relocated from Portland to Seattle where Mom was re-enrolled at a new High School that Fall where nobody knew her, nor anything about her past. She ultimately graduated high school at the age of nineteen, and then went on to attend the University of Washington.

Unfortunately, her collegian career did not last very long, for over the semester break of her first year, Mom’s parents were killed in a car accident. And as all four of her grandparents were deceased and both her parents were only children, Mom and I were suddenly all alone in the world; and the only family the other had. Being the sole beneficiary, Mom inherited her parent’s entire estate, which was quite large and considerably valuable. She also received several large life insurance payouts and sold their time-share property in Aspen, Colorado.

At that point, Mom planned for her and me to stay in her parent’s house as there was more than enough money for her to continue to go to school full time without working and to put me into full time daycare. But a new accountant with the brokerage firm that managed her parent’s finances, took advantage of Mom’s naivety. Tricking her into signing full power of attorney of the estate over to him, he ultimately robbed her blind.

Except for her car and about $10,000 in a special savings account, Mom lost everything!

We ended up moving to a small apartment in Tacoma where Mom got a job at an insurance agency. It was a very sad, scary and trying time for her. But over the course of the following sixteen years, my Mom became the greatest hero a little boy could ever dream of having; as well as proving herself to be one of the smartest, strongest, savviest and most resilient women I’ve ever known. We became an incredible team; a true dynamic duo.

As Mom worked, I managed the budget and did most all the household chores. Despite working two, sometimes three jobs at a time to support us and provide for me, Mom never missed anything; and she came to everything! Whether it was little league, pee-wee-football, the science fair, a band concert, a school play, open house, a field trip, a PTA meeting – she was there!

“Jobs were a dime a dozen… But I was priceless,” she’d always say.

And unfortunately, some of the jobs my mother had were not exactly ones that you brag about to your friends and teachers. As she was, and still is a physically gorgeous woman with all natural 34B-cup breasts, Mom worked as a topless dancer to supplement her income from the insurance agency. In fact, she still dances to this day in order to help with my college tuition. She’s even worked for an escort service at times.

But on the opposite end of the job spectrum bragging rights, Mom also made the cheerleading squad of the Seattle Seahawks three seasons in a row.

By my freshman year of high school, Mom and I moved back to Seattle where Mom opened her own Insurance Agency in Kirkland and bought a beautiful four-bedroom, two-story home that has a swimming pool and whirlpool. For my sixteenth and her thirty-second birthday, Mom bought me a brand-new Dodge Challenger while she bought herself a brand-new Dodge Charger. For my eighteenth and her thirty-fourth birthday, we went to Paris, France for a “romantic getaway”, so we kidded. I was dating Amy at the time and she wasn’t exactly thrilled about that trip.

Fuck her!

As the end of my high school career drew near, I had numerous offers from different universities around the country. But in the end, I decided to enroll at the University of Washington in Seattle so I could stay close to Amy; or so I reasoned at the time. But in truth, it was because of Mom. I was the only family she had, and I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving yakacık escort her. Even though she outwardly encouraged me to go, I could see those big and dazzling sapphire blue eyes imploring me to stay; and the relief in them when I chose to stay, melted my heart.

Mom has never married, nor has she ever had a long-term steady boyfriend. Sure, there was the occasional date she’d have with a bartender or a bouncer at one of the clubs she danced at. Or one of her regular customers who was so “nice” would be blessed with a mercy date from time to time. But those usually ended badly; many times, involving the police being called for stalking. Simply put, between work and me, there just wasn’t time for a man in her life. But she always vowed that I was all the man she’d ever need.

I’m an engineering student; and as such, I’m an academic, not a sentimental. In layman’s terms, I’m a nerd! I live by logic and not by emotion. Mind over heart always. But when I think about all the things that my mother has done for me. Of all the things she’s had to endure to provide for me. And about all the things that she has sacrificed in her life for me. That there is a person in this world that loves me that much. How could I ever give back? How can I ever reciprocate that kind of love? That’s when my heart breaks.

Then one day about a year prior, I took Mom to lunch at this awesome delicatessen that had recently opened just down the street from her office and introduced her to the owner, Frank. Despite being twelve years Mom’s senior, the two of them really hit it off. They started dating and Frank really seemed to make Mom happy; happier than I’ve ever seen her.

So why wasn’t I?

As weird as it sounds and as much as I hate to admit it, I started finding myself battling fits of near raging jealousy whenever I was in their presence; especially when they were being physically affectionate, and he’d have his hands on her body.

My blood would literally boil.

Elegant and regal; tall, lean and slender with exquisite bone structure, splendid posture and overflowing with poise and purpose, Mom stands a stately 5’10” on a pair of the most magnificently sculpted, long and shapely legs that possess the sexiest feminine muscle definition. Her entire body, literally; is one solid muscle with such alluring and statuesque hourglass curves and wondrous feminine muscle definition all around. Rock-hard and rippled abdomen, firm hips, powerful thighs, sumptuous ass, slim waist, willowy arms, toned shoulders, long and sleek neck, narrow face with high cheeks and a perfect nose and chin. Pearly white teeth, sparkling blue eyes; thick, flowing and gorgeous auburn hair and that porcelain-like alabaster skin that redefines the meaning of the term silky soft.

And Mom considers her body a temple! Thus, she has never smoked a cigarette nor done any illegal drugs or even gotten a tattoo. She does, however; enjoy her Fuzzy Navels (peach schnapps, peach-flavored vodka and orange juice) and the occasional glass of wine or champagne.


Seeing Mom’s luminous face on my phone display in a picture that I had taken just this past Christmas, I felt warm and tingly all over. Odd that she was calling me though. She’s usually a texter. Plus, we had just had our birthday date together the night before last as both of us had plans with our significant other on the actual day. Either way, I sensed nothing amiss as I answered the phone. Funny though, I swear that I could almost smell her perfume through the phone; an intoxicating mix of lavender, jasmine and vanilla with just a touch of peach.

“Well good morning gorgeous,” I said as cheerfully as I could. “To what do I owe this unexpected but wondrous pleasure?”

There was an agonizingly long and eerie silence on the other end of the line. Extremely uncharacteristic; for after all, Mom is a chatter box. I could hear her breathing though.

“Mom?” I said gently. “Mom, are you there?”

I could then hear her sniff, snort and take a deep breath. She was crying.

“Mom?” I repeated anxiously.

“Hi beautiful boy,” Mom finally whispered in a cracking, tear-filled voice. “I’m sorry to call you now. I know you have classes today. I…I…I just needed to talk to you…to hear your voice baby…

“Mom, what’s wrong?” I probed earnestly.

“Frank dumped me honey,” she finally managed to utter before breaking down into sobs.

Her anguish was literally reaching through the phone and ripping my heart out by the arteries. I was suddenly a cyclone of emotions. For on the one hand, I wanted to kill Frank! But on the other, I wanted to kiss him. My heart was breaking over Mom’s emotional agony, but at the same time, was overjoyed to hear that she was single and available again. Available for me to pursue.

What the fuck? This is my mother for Christ sake! Where the hell did that come from?

Finally, I gathered my thoughts into some semblance of sanity. hürriyet mahallesi escort

“What happened?” I queried. “I thought you two were doing so great.”

“Well…,” Mom balled. “He…I…, well you see…We..”

“Mom,” I said gently. “Settle down. Take a deep breath and try to pull yourself together.”

She followed my instructions and quickly recovered her composure.

“Okay,” she said firmly. “Okay. I’m okay.”

“No, you’re not; but you’re at least a little better,” I quipped. “Now, tell me what happened.”

Taking another deep breath, Mom told her story. She and Frank had spent a lovely day together on her birthday, but Frank had to cut it short as he was entertaining some potential investors from out of town that evening. He was looking to open a couple more Delicatessen’s in the Seattle area. So, Frank left early, and Mom decided to dance that night at The Sapphire Room; a very popular Gentleman’s Club in Kent, which is about halfway between Seattle and Tacoma. Well, guess who came in with his perspective investors and caught Mom dancing topless on the main stage?

“He called you a whore?” I raged.

“Among other things,” Mom replied.

“What other things?” I asked.

“It’s not important honey,” she told me. “I’ve been called worse.”

“Did he hit you?” I asked and there was another long silence. “Mom?”

“Yes,” she finally whispered.

“I’m gonna gut that motherfucker with a rusty machete,” I hissed venomously.

“Oh, sweetheart please don’t say that,” Mom pleaded. “Besides, it wasn’t that hard of a hit. It didn’t even leave a mark.”

“What the fuck difference does that make?” I snapped. “He fucking hit you.”

“Honey, the bouncers were on him instantly and you should’ve seen the ass whipping he took from them,” Mom explained. “And you know your old Mom well enough to know that she got her shots in too.”

“Knee to the nuts?” I asked with a grin.

“You got it! And once he was down, they got violently speared with my stiletto!” She reported proudly.

“That’s my girl,” I told her; bursting with equal pride.

“And you should’ve seen his potential investors,” she laughed. “Becoming potential accomplices to assault and battery wasn’t exactly what they bargained for. They were out the door faster than I put Frank’s balls up his ass.”

“I love you Mom,” I told her.

“You better young man,” she fired back, and I could hear her blow me a kiss.

“So just who the hell did he think he was,” I asked. “The reverend fucking morality or something?”

“Well, he is a Christian after all,” Mom said.

“So was Hitler!” I snapped.

“Oh Justin,” she scoffed. “That’s terrible.”

“Either way, I’d like to nail his martyr fat ass to a cross,” I snarled venomously.

“Oh sweetie, please don’t talk like that,” Mom pleaded. “It’s not you.”

“It is when somebody calls the woman I love a whore,” I shot back.

“Oh, you’re so sweet baby,” Mom cooed. “But the truth is, I am a whore.”

“Mom,” I gasped. “What the fuck?”

“Sweetheart, I have had sex with men; and women for money in past,” Mom confessed. “So, by dictionary definition, that makes me…”

“Promiscuous,” I interrupted quickly.

“Promiscuous implies the same behavior as a whore minus the element of money,” Mom explicated. “So, in truth, it’s worse. Because without the money, I’d just be a sleezy, slimy slut. No sweetie, I’m a whore.”

“Mom,” I pleaded desperately.

“Plus, I dance topless on a nightly basis,” she went on. “Shaking, swinging and rubbing my tits in men’s faces and all over their bodies before grinding my ass and pussy in their laps looking for their hard dick bulge in nothing but a G-string.”

“Okay,” I implored. “I get the picture.”

“And if the price is right, the dick can come out and the G-string can come off,” Mom said.

“Mom please,” I begged as I suddenly realized that I had a massive erection.

Holy shit! I’ve got a hard-on with my Mom’s name on it.

“Just telling it like it is baby boy,” she replied.

“Yeah I get that,” I said in a shaky voice. “It’s just a little too much information though.”

“Honey, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know,” Mom said.

Maybe it was her sultry voice and the very sexy tone she suddenly had. Or maybe it was just the overall self-confidence, dignity and pride she exhibited when speaking about what she did for a living. But whatever it was, my whole body was suddenly flushed with carnal heat and sexual pressure as my flesh began to mist with perspiration. My cock was literally a blue steel rod as it stood straight up; bigger and harder than I’d ever experienced, throbbing as the veins pulsed with fresh, hot blood. I could literally feel the semen churning in my balls. My breath was short and fast while my pulse was racing.

“I know that,” I stammered nervously.

“Sweetheart are you okay?” Mom asked; suddenly sounding worried.

“Yeah,” I lied. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Are you sure,” she replied nervously.

No, I’m not sure. My own mother is giving me a boner unlike any I’ve ever had before.

“I’m fine Mom,” I lied. “It’s just that…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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