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Phone Adventures

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She hadn’t seen him in years. They were awkward teenagers, unsure of whom they were, not to mention how they felt, back then. It had been a long time, but when they reconnected, it felt like no time at all. The biggest difference? The tone of the conversations had shifted. They used to talk about day to day life or share stories about their families and friends. But now, every conversation they had had a more sensual undertone. With half the distance as there was before, the reality of them ever seeing each other again was there, and that simple fact had more an affect than either of them cared to admit out loud.

At first they communicated through text, much like their younger counterparts, they used the written word to keep their distance. It’s easy to hide behind a computer screen. But then came the day that they turned to the phone, and from then on, there was no turning back.

She saw the unfamiliar number from the east coast on her caller ID, and instinctively, she knew.

It started with a couple “Hellos.”

Hers was a voice made for the phone. She had spent a brief period of time as a freelance phone entertainer, and caused many an orgasm, just from her breathy tones.

Instantly, his British accent made her heart beat faster, her blood pumping through her body.

The conversation started at a slow boil. Exchanging words about how amazing it was to hear each other’s voices. Commenting on the excitement that was brewing.

And then, the topic turned to sex.

“I’ve always loved oral sex,” she told him. “You’d really appreciate my skill. I love to take the shaft into my mouth, teasing the tip with my tongue, slowly escort numaraları eryaman making my way up and down, tasting, sucking harder and softer, kissing along the sides. Using my hand to gently massage where my mouth isn’t touching. I love the taste of the pre-cum, knowing that it’s all for me. Bobbing my head up and down on your cock, using just the right pressure and leverage to give it the ultimate balance of pleasure.”

“Mmmm…just thinking about it gets me a little wet.” She whispers as her hand slowly moves down into her panties.

On his end, she can hear his breathing increase, and knows his hand is on his cock, and he is picturing her mouth on him.

“And I love to swallow…but the first time around, you don’t get that treatment. I have more in mind for you. I want to take full advantage of your hardness…”

Her hand finds her clit, and starts flicking slowly as she speaks, a little more excited with each word she says.

“I’m going to please you, get you as hard as I can, and just when you think you can’t take anymore, I’ll slowly back away. I’ll stand in front of you, and undo my blouse, and then my bra will follow, giving you a full view of my ample breasts. I know you won’t be able to resist touching them, so I’ll gently guide them towards your mouth, allowing you to take my nipples in between your teeth, and you will then have control over one of my most sensitive features.”

She can’t keep from moaning, thinking about him sucking on her nipples, teasing her into a state of arousal. Her hand moves faster over her clit, and she can feel her pussy getting wetter by the minute.

Over the phone, ankara bayan escort he is breathing slowly, mesmerized by her voice, jerking at his member, picturing every detail that she speaks, imagining…

“As you suck on my tits, I’ll move over your lap. What you don’t know, is that I have no panties on under this skirt, so as I move closer and slowly lower down towards your still erect cock, it will touch the lips of my now wet pussy. I’ll tease your dick, pushing my chest towards your mouth and using the tip of your cock to touch my clit, rubbing myself up and down on it, hitting just the right spot, making you want to just thrust, but not letting you have that just yet. The more you suck, the more I tease my clit, and within minutes, you will have me cumming…hard…My tits are so fucking sensitive, that I won’t have any choice…”

She takes a breath, her breathing a bit labored.


He breaks the silence and asks her, “What are you doing right now?”

“I’m touching my clit. Imagining how good it would feel to have your mouth on me, helping me to cum right now. Would you like that, too?”

“Yes.” His hand moves quicker and quicker over himself while she moans, working her clit until she finally gives in to an orgasm…

“Mmm, that’s nice, but I think we need to talk a little more about what would happen next. See, one orgasm just isn’t enough for me. After I work myself into an orgasm from my clit, I’m going to lower further and take your whole shaft into my pussy. Burying it in and riding furiously. Up and down. In and out. Over and over again. Bouncing on your lap as fast as I possibly elvankent escort can.”

He hears a light buzzing, as she grabs a toy and starts to go to work on her pussy again.

“I’m going to ride you, until I cum again…are you at your breaking point, or are we going for a marathon?”

He is panting now, jerking faster, and the sounds of him, get her more and more wet and ready as she uses her dildo to fuck herself furiously.

“More,” he can barely speak.

“Well, after I ride you through my orgasm, I want you to take control. I will slowly lay back, moving into a lower position, where now you control the pace and urgency. And I know you won’t disappoint. I’ll lightly claw at you, making you fuck me, harder and harder. I’ll grab your ass, wrap my legs around you and thrust my hips towards you, allowing you to fill every inch of my pussy with your cock. Clenching my muscles to give you the tightest fit.”

Again, he hears her voice trail as she begins to moan.

“Your cock would feel so good inside of me…so much better than this toy is right now. Mmmmm…picturing you makes me so horny…so wet…I just want you to fuck me hard. Harder and harder.”

As she speaks, she thrusts her dildo in and out of her soaking pussy, and he can hear the movement and the buzzing, making him pulls at his own dick harder and faster.

“And as you fuck me harder, I’ll pull your mouth down to my tits again. And as my body responds to you, I can feel you getting closer and closer to climax.”

And as if she was foretelling it, his hand moves frantically, and he feels his orgasm erupt through his body. And as he moans out in pleasure, she takes the last thrusts of her dildo and gives into another intense orgasm of her own.

Then there is silence, just the sound of their breath, as they lay on either side of the phone, deeply satisfied.

“So, how many hours is it from the east coast to the Midwest?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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