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Photo Shoot Up-Sell

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If I would have asked my wife Janet, “Do we need to put some spice back into our marriage?” I’m certain she would have agreed. We always enjoyed sex, but, as the song lyric goes, the thrill was gone. Our actions had become monotonous. Her demeanor during sex was one of obligation, not pleasure. But being the misguided soul that I am, I asked an even stranger question. “Honey, do you have the urge to sleep with anyone else?”

“Sam! Of all the things you could ask me! Really!”

I noticed she hadn’t answered the question. “Not because I’m not terrific in the sack-” Which I am. “- But maybe having another partner would rev up our sexuality. You’d have to admit, things have gotten a bit sameo-sameo.”

“I think you’re terrific in bed. You know just how to get me off.” She was right, of course. Even though our sexual activities were clones of previous encounters, I still knew what she liked. She closed the distance between us and pressed her body against mine. My cock inflated at her proximity. “Besides, to be fair, you’d have to swap too. And I just don’t think I could handle it emotionally, knowing that you were giving pleasure to some other woman.” Her hand ran from my chest to my crotch. “I’d be terribly jealous.”

And so, as quickly as I’d presented the concept, I dropped it. Arms around each other’s waists, we sauntered into the bedroom, stripped off each other’s clothes and luxuriated in prolonged sex, better than we’d had in months. If just talking about a change got us excited, what if we really did something?

The next week, over a beer with my friend Smith, I shared my conversation with Janet about extramarital sex.

“Are you asking for a volunteer?” His smile was too broad. “I mean, Janet is a bit thin for my taste, and her chin is too pointy, you know-“

I punched his shoulder. Hard. “I wasn’t asking you to sleep with her. Sheesh.”

He rubbed the point of impact. “Maybe you should get Janet what I got Missy for her birthday. An erotic photo shoot. She loved it. Came back all glowing. My sex life perked up ever since. And if I refer you, you get a discount and I get a $50 finders fee.”

The idea intrigued me. Erotic photos would bolster Janet’s self-image and also provide titillating material for my viewing. “Yeah, go ahead, send in the referral but give them my email instead of my phone number so I can surprise her.”

“Will do. But I have to warn you. His prices are cheap up front, but the bill he gave me when I came back to pick Missy up was way more. I mean like ten times more! She explained to me afterwards that she chose some additional services on top of the base package. So, make your deal up front with him and warn Janet not to get coaxed into anything else.

The email message from the company confirming the discounted price – $50 off of $149 – arrived a couple of days later. Laid out with fancy script fonts, it was decorated with provocative photos of two young and attractive people – a man and a woman – both in skimpy attire. I printed it out on the company color laser printer to make it look special. That night, I sprung the surprise. “Honey, I got you something I think you’ll really enjoy.” I handed her the service certificate.

She read it, her jaw dropping open as she looked up. “Oh, honey, what a thoughtful gift! When can we do it?”

“This is just for you, dear. How about Saturday?”

She agreed. The next morning I called the studio and made the reservation. The person on the other end was breathy and female. My imagination associated her voice to the sexy young woman from the certificate. Maybe for some occasion, Janet would buy me something equivalent.

Saturday morning, Janet came out of the bathroom, her hair freshly coiffed. “What should I wear? Should I bring anything?”

“They didn’t say. But you look terrific just the way you are.” She’d chosen a white blouse and modest dark blue skirt that hung past her knees.

During the drive to the studio’s address, I didn’t tell Janet about the up-sells because I didn’t want to come off as a cheapskate. On the other hand, I didn’t want her to get suckered into a bunch of expensive additional services. Maybe I could have a discussion with the proprietor off to the side and work things out in advance.

We used public parking a couple of doors down from a three-story building. A sign with a similar script font to the one in the email confirmation announced “House of Beauty – Second Floor.”

We walked up – there wasn’t an elevator – and opened the wood door with frosted glass insert.

A gentleman in a black suit and slicked back hair stood in an empty foyer. “Greetings.” He bowed. “My name is Alonzo. I am the photographer.”

“Hi, I’m Sam and-“

He cut me off in mid sentence. “And who is this gorgeous creature?”

“My wife Janet.”

He took her hand and kissed it. So continental. “Beautiful. Simply beautiful.” The color of her cheeks and broad smile told me I was already getting my money’s worth. “Let me show you the studio. Please forgive, bursa escort we are renovating.” He led us through a hallway past a reception desk staffed by the same young woman from the certificate. She was even sexier with clothes on, straight dark hair framing her face. Her scoop-necked blouse confirmed her breasts size and shape, just like the photo on the certificate. “Ah, this is my daughter Daniela. She assists me with clients.” Daniela smiled at us, and winked at me after Janet walked past. Was that standard, for his daughter to flirt with clients’ husbands? Maybe boosting my ego was a free bonus.

Alonzo opened the first door on the left. The room was the size of a bedroom, white curtains draped along the back and a wall-sized mirror on the front. The far wall directly across had a plain door, just like the one we’d entered. In the middle of the mirror wall was a camera on a motorized tripod. “So here we are.”

“How does this work, exactly?” asked Janet. I had the same question.

Alonzo shoved his hands into his suit jacket pockets. “Many of my early clients preferred for me not to be in the same room during the session. They said having me so close made them nervous. I could not get them to expose their true emotions. So now I operate the camera remotely from behind the mirror-” He pointed. “-And I provide guidance via the speakers.” He pointed to baffled units in the corners near the ceiling.

“I wouldn’t mind if you were in the room.” Janet licked her lips.

Was the mere idea of posing and undressing in front of a stranger exciting? That made a good session likely, but didn’t make me confident that Janet would constrain her service add-on choices.

“I appreciate your trust.” Alonzo reached out. “Now, what clothing items did you bring?”

Janet slapped at my shoulder. “I told you I should have brought some outfits.”

“Do not be upset. I have an extensive wardrobe from which you can rent for the session.” Alonzo waved his hands. “Very reasonable. Fifty dollars per outfit.”

The base price had been a buck short of one hundred dollars. Just two outfits would double the cost. Smith had been so right and I had been so stupid. “Okay, we’ll rent two outfits, plus the one Janet is wearing.”

“Good. Good. I will arrange for a selection.” Alonzo left via the opposite door.

I had to say something. “Jan, we have to be careful. I want you to have a good time but-“

Janet cupped my face. “You don’t have to tell me. Only add what’s necessary. It’s my money, too.” She game me a passionate kiss that lasted until Alonzo’s return.

“Ah, your passion revealed. This will be a marvelous session.” He strode towards us. “Two costumes are being selected for you as we speak.”

“You mean I don’t pick them out?” Janet’s eyebrows dipped.

“I am so sorry. With the remodeling, they are not customer accessible. But Gian will choose something exceptional for you that will enhance your camera presence. Now, would you like your make-up professionally applied?”

I said “No” at the same time Janet said, “Yes!” I gave Janet a glare but she nodded in acceptance. Perhaps our definitions of necessary were different.

“So that is a yes. And your hair?” Alonzo toyed with the bouncy strands covering one of Janet’s ears.

“No! Her hair looks fine.” Had I shouted? Janet shot me a stare. I’d been too curt with my reply. Would she have accepted that service as well?

“Okay, Daniela will do your make-up.” Without saying or doing anything, in walked Daniela wearing a smock. Hiding her breasts made her all the sexier. “Please follow my daughter, and she’ll prepare you.”

Janet have me a hug and a quick peck on the lips. “I’ll see you later, in, what, about an hour?”

Alonzo nodded.

I got another wink from Daniela over Janet’s shoulder. She was flirting all right, but there would be no opportunity to take advantage.

After they left, instead of departing, I followed Alonzo further down the hall. “Listen, my pal Smith told me you like to add things on to the basic package. I understand, that’s how you make a living. But I don’t want for the price of this session to go crazy.”

Alonzo halted. “You do not trust your wife to make these decisions?”

There were more adders and more decisions? “I guess not.”

He rubbed his chin. “Fine. Then join me behind the mirror for the shoot. I will only offer services you approve.”

“Really? Okay, you’re on.” As a bonus, I expected I’d get aroused at the sight of Janet in those two ‘costumes.’

We continued down the hall to the second door. “This used to be my office, but as you can see, it is now also my control room.” The common wall, shared with the studio room we’d just left, was see-through on our side. “Your wife will pose there, never knowing you are here with me.” Alonzo removed his jacket and hung it on a hanger before sitting at his desk with an armless side chair alongside. A leather sofa was on the far wall.


Through the one-way mirror, we saw bursa escort bayan Daniela escort Janet into the posing room. His daughter had done wonders, applying shading to reduce the apparent size of my wife’s chin, erasing dark circles under her eyes. Janet looked like a new woman, one I was already anxious to fuck.

Alonzo looked up from a stack of papers and printed photos. “She is beautiful, no?”

“Yes, very.” Did he mean Janet or Daniela?

Janet sat on a couple of stacked white padded cubes, waiting alone for instruction. Alonzo’s phone buzzed. “Yes? No, he’s staying. All right, I’ll tell him.” He hung up. “Daniela told me she expected you to leave during the shoot and was intrigued that you chose to remain. She said if there is anything she can do to make your stay more pleasant, to let her know.”

Like getting a close look at those tits? “Thanks for the offer.”

Alonzo came around his desk and stood near the glass. “Bring that chair here, so you have a good view.” I positioned myself next to him, several feet from the glass wall. Alonzo settled into his contoured armless stool in front of the glass, put on a headset with microphone and took the camera joystick in his hands. “You are a very considerate husband, providing this for your wife.” He adjusted the headset and flicked a switch on the side. “Gian, we are ready.”

Janet glanced up at the speakers at the sound of Alonzo’s voice. The young man from the brochure entered from the right side.

Alonzo turned off the mic. “My son Gian. He assists with posing and costumes. And before you ask, there is no additional charge for that service.” He smiled.

Alonzo had read my mind. “Good.”

Gian extended his hand. Jan took it and stood. “Hello.” They stared at each other for way too long. Finally, he adjusted some white cubes into a bench and turned Jan slightly to an angle.

Alonzo activated the mic. “Sit, please.”

Gian dawdled, watching Jan perch. She glanced at him, blushing a bit even though she was still fully clothed.

“You can go now, Gian.” Alonzo fiddled with the joystick, aiming the camera for the first shots.

Jan spoke to the mirror. “No, it’s okay. He can stay if he wants.”

“All right. But I need for you to concentrate forward, on the camera please.”

Jan nodded, but not without taking one last glance at Gian. He was, although the description is trite, tall, dark and handsome, a younger version of his suave father.

Alonzo took control, directing Jan in various demure poses, even reminding her to keep her knees together as she swiveled to different angles. Then he had her stand up and raise her skirt gradually until it was half way up her thighs. Then back to the cubes, where her legs dominated the frame.

While she was still sitting, Alonzo asked Jan to begin unbuttoning her blouse. After a series of actions, it was completely unbuttoned, held closed only because it was tucked in. Then he asked her to pull the blouse open, exposing her bra. Jan’s glances at Gian became so numerous that Alonzo barked, “Gian, you are distracting our customer. Please prepare the next costume.”

I was surprised that Jan had taken such an interest in Gian. Her eyes followed as he exited to the right. I also didn’t understand why Alonzo had Jan open her blouse but not remove it. Maybe he was intentionally taking things slowly.

Gian returned with the first costume. It looked like a schoolgirl outfit, blazer, sleeveless blouse, plaid skirt and knee high white socks.

Alonzo asked, “If you would kindly change into the costume-“

“Excuse me?” Jan glared into the mirror. “Right here?”

“Yes, to remain on schedule. You are not my only client today. And I will see more of your beautiful body eventually. So?”

Jan kept her eyes on Gian as she unzipped her blue skirt and let it fall. The plaid shirt was a mini, way above her knees. “What about my bra and panties?”

“The bra goes, the panties remain. For now.”

Jan pulled off her blouse and reached behind to unfasten her bra. Jan’s tits are nice sized but sag a bit. I love them anyway. Gian bolted to a position behind her. “Allow me.” Jan held the front of her bra against her chest with straps dangling as Gian helped her with the school blouse. She got her arms in before dropping the bra. She began to button it.

“Please, tie the blouse in front. Gian will assist.”

His son came around the front and took the two shirttails in his hands. Before he tied them, he pulled them straight and a bit away from Jan’s body, giving him an unobstructed view of her breasts. It took way too long for him to tie the shirttails together, in my opinion, his hands against her chest. He then helped her into the blazer, never taking his eyes off her tits pushing against the blouse. He used his hands to gently have her sit down, then bunched up the stockings and unrolled them up her legs. They stopped at knee-height. After they were on, his hands stroked her legs, smoothing the material. Did he touch her thighs, bursa bayan escort or was it my imagination? Jan spread her legs a bit, to give Gian access.

“These will be taken standing, and Gian will make the proper clothing adjustments as necessary. Start out facing me, leaning on the blocks with stiff arms.”

Alfonzo took photos as Jan pivoted around until she had moved one hundred and eighty degrees, her ass facing the camera. “A bit more thigh.”

That was Gian’s cue to lift the skirt a bit higher. He was deft at slipping into the frame, making the change and moving out of range. After a series of such adjustments, Jan’s panties were exposed. And Gian stood out of camera frame but in Jan’s plain sight.

Jan ran a finger across her forehead. “It’s awfully warm in here.” As if on cue, Daniela entered with a bottle and one glass. She poured Jan a drink.

“My wife doesn’t do well with alcohol.” In fact, one drink and she loses all inhibitions.

“Not to worry. It is non-alcoholic apple drink. Carbonated with just the right fizz.”

Jan accepted the glass and chugged. Alonzo took a couple of candid shots of my wife drinking. Her body relaxed and she wore a satisfied smile.

“Back to the shoot, please?” Daniela left with the bottle and glass. Jan returned to her pose, facing away from us. Gian lifted her skirt to her waist. “The panties, they are too lose. Tighten them up, please.”

Gian tugged Jan’s panties higher until they were sculpted to her pussy.

“And into the cleft.”

Gian dragged a finger along Jan’s pussy, tucking the panties between her labia. Jan went up on tippy toes and giggled. “Oh, Gian. That was sooo naughty.”

Before I could object to Gian’s advances on my wife, the office door opened and Daniela came in with the bottle and glass. “I thought you might want some refreshment.”

Alonzo waved her in. “Sam was worried we were trying to get his wife drunk.” He laughed.

Daniela came around in front of me, bent forward and held out the bottle, blocking my view of Jan. “You can see for yourself-” I ignored the label, looking instead down into deep cleavage past the loose curve of her collar.

“Yes, I see.” Between seeing Jan pose and Daniela’s teasing, I was sporting an erection.

“So do I,” Daniela whispered, leaning even closer before standing up and leaving the room. Did she have any idea what effect she was having? Did her father?

Alonzo spoke into the mic, “Please remove the blazer.”

Gian helped Jan take off the jacket. The armholes of the sleeveless blouse were oversized, exposing Jan’s breasts on both sides. And that was precisely the pose Alonzo directed, Jan’s arms above her head. I could see the points of her nipples against the white blouse. Jan was definitely turned on.

“Now, please untie the blouse.”

Jan stood there, motionless, like a deer in headlights. She could have done what Alonzo asked, but she wanted Gian’s attention. Gian jumped back into the frame, fumbling the knot, all the while pressing his hands against Jan’s breasts. Eventually, the blouse hung loose. She looked into Gian’s eyes. “Thank you.” Alonzo directed Jan to various positions that played peek-a-boo with her tits. Gian held his ground in the corner.

Alonzo turned off the mic. “I have an offer to take your wife’s session to the next level but I wanted to check with you first, as promised. I can create some memorable, extremely erotic photographs for you and your wife if we add a partner to the shoot.”

“Let me guess. Gian?”

“Why, yes. They would pose together. Nothing more. It would enhance the fantasy, no?”

I didn’t know what fantasy Alonzo had in mind. Did Janet have a fantasy of messing around with someone else? She’d objected to the idea before. Gian posing with her, probably with some clothes off, wasn’t my idea of a good time. Yet, she seemed to be enjoying his attention. It definitely was adding a spark to her behavior, one I’d enjoy as soon as we got home. “How much?”

“For a partnered session, one hundred ninety-nine dollars.”

Why didn’t he just round up to two hundred? “In addition to the base fee and two costume rentals?” That would bring the total to about four hundred.

“Yes, I’m afraid.” Alonzo stroked his chin as he watched the two actors on the other side of the glass. They stared at each other, Gian’s eyes occasionally flashing down to check out Jan’s chest. “But for you, I will cut the price to ninety-nine and include another costume at no charge. Does that please you?”

I was rock hard at the thought of Jan and Gian posing together. Was I some kind of pervert? “Sounds like a bargain. Ask her.”

Alonzo proposed the opportunity to Janet, including the reduced price and extra outfit.

“Gee, I don’t know.” She looked hard at Gian. “I know the pictures would be fantastic. And then I’d have something to remember you by.” She tugged the blouse tails back and forth, exposing her tits. Gian’s eyes followed. “Yes, let’s go ahead.”

“Gian, bring out the lingerie and prepare the boudoir setting.” Alonzo muted the mic. “You’ll really enjoy this.”

Gian rushed out the door and returned quickly with a bra, panties and a shimmering pink gown that looked translucent. After delivering the items, he left, I guessed to get himself ready.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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