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Picnic in the Park

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It is a warm sunny fall day. We park the car at the bottom of the hill and start our hike to find a spot. We carry a blanket, a bottle of wine, some fruit and some sandwiches from our favorite deli near the park entrance. I get started up the hill before you, leaving you to walk behind me while looking at my tight butt in those too short / shorts (what an incentive to keep walking). It’s a very quiet day in the park, it seems like we have the place all to ourselves.

The only sounds are the leaves crunching beneath our feet and the birds singing. Above and around us are sounds of mighty trees rustling in the breeze and they are all talking to us. As we reach the top of the hill, a lake comes into view. It is smooth as glass. Lapping at the shoreline quietly near a great spot, we go tanning near the water, enjoying the quiet of each others company.

You say I look lovely with the sun in my hair, high color on my face. I ask if you wouldn’t mind rubbing some lotion on my back, that grin says not at all. I get out the pack and help you straighten the blanket again. We sit down together facing each other. I look into your eyes and anticipate our first kiss. I’ve been finding myself staring at your mouth when you speak. You have a sensual mouth, nice full lips. I’ve been working very hard not to have to make the first move, but am crazy with anticipation.

As you lead me to rest on my belly, you rub my left ankle then my right. Your hands massaging my legs with lotion feels so wonderful. Your eyes wander up my legs to my thighs, I know you can see right up my shorts. You quietly ask what kind of panties I’m wearing and we both laugh when I say none. Then you begin to feel your shorts getting eryaman escort tighter as you think on that and start rubbing my thighs some more.

While my eyes are closed, you turn on some soft music and say “Let’s have some wine” I reach for the bottle in the ice. You take out two glasses; thankful they didn’t break. I hold the glasses, while you pop the cork and fill first mine then yours. You place the wine bottle back in the pack and take your glass from my hand. I look into your sweet eyes and we toast our first picnic. The wine is great. I move closer to you on the blanket, then you place my wine on the ground, I take yours from your hand and put it next to mine.

The lotion rub continues on my back, but we both are tingling with anticipation of what may come next. I roll back over and look up at you. One look at my eyes and you know immediately. You lean into me and our lips touch at last. Your tongue dancing with mine as my hand gently touches your cheek. You place your hands gently on my face. We kiss harder as the passion builds in us. We slide together down on the blanket and you roll on to me as we kiss. Holding yourself up on your elbows you slowly let your weight down on to me. I feel you getting so hard and I feel your heat.

You roll back off and you and face me on your side. You’ve got your hand on my butt pulling me close to you. Then you slide your hand up to my shirt and unbutton the top button. It’s cut really low and my cleavage has been haunting you all morning. Moving down I undo the buttons one by one and you slide your hand to my bare shoulder. Moving down to my breasts. “Ummm” I say. You reach for the clasp on my bra. You say “I love front clasps” and with a sincan escort twist and a snap, I am free. I slide your hand back to my warm breast, feel you gliding over my nipple. It is so hard between your fingers.

I move to kiss your chin, then mouth and eyes, nose, your neck. You begin kissing and teasing me on shoulder then breasts. Your mouth feels so good and you like the way my nipples feel so hard and good on your tongue.

I slide my hand to your waist, just touching the edge under the elastic waistband of your shorts. I feel your heat as I move over your shorts and between your legs, pushing into you firmly with my hand, the thin cloth between us. You moan and push back. mmmmmm you say.

Your hand feels up and into my shorts, through the leg and I’m very wet for you. The soft warmth of your probing fingers makes me damn near scream. I want you to be inside me so much! I can tell you want the same thing but you decide to take it real slow, drive me crazy.

Instead of the panties you play with soft hair. Bending lower to my lips, you kiss long and hard. As the shorts finally come off, a kiss still on our lips, you kiss lower and lower. Deliberately you flick and kiss, avoiding the most sensitive. Fingers probing me so deep and so slowly. I look at you pleading for release. You smile and turn all my own words on me “not so fast .”

“Sooo lovely and sexy,” you say. Then rise and kneel between my legs taking in all of me from top to bottom. Slowly you lean down, your face moving closer to me and begin to see my wetness and smell that sweet musky scent. You’re so hard with anticipation you could cum in seconds. But then you say “I need to taste you” and batıkent escort as you lower your mouth down to me, you slide your to tongue into my folds. MMmmmmmm. Your tongue moving over me and into me you pause to say “you taste sooo nice,” still moving up, your tongue touches my clit, pushing firmly and sucking gently, your tongue twirling around my button.

Your hands push my inner thighs apart and I am rocking. I moan more urgently and push against your mouth. We find a rhythm and fall into it as you slide your right hand down from my breasts and move to finger inside me some more, sooo tight and soft and sooo wet. Next finger is in me and the change in pressure hit me and I knew I couldn’t take it.

You must have known what was happening and building within me, because you fucked me even harder and faster with your mouth and your hands, probing my ass with your wet slippery fingers and I came, screaming with the sensation; never having known that foreplay could bring so much pleasure.

I frantically reach for your shorts and pull them off. Surprised at the force, I pull them over your cock and we push them down your legs together. As your shorts go down I see your raging hardness as you are standing before me. I grab your ass with both my hands and squeeze. Moving you lower, you slide right into me urgently and with ease.

I gasp instantly at the new feeling, as you fill me up with your hardness. You push into me more and feel all my silky, wet, tight, warmth surround you. We are like one. Moving together, faster and faster, my mouth finds yours. Deeper, faster. Building together. My legs around your back, my hands still cupping your ass, your hands holding me up for you.

I feel you cumming and let myself go again, filling me with your juices. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Until finally you collapse on me breathless! We hold each other like that until we are calmer you softly kiss my breast and we kind of laugh with satisfaction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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