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Piercing for National Nude Day Ch. 08

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Chapter 8: A day of rest! Fisting, then Piercing Sunday!

Dear readers: You may be totally confused by this story. If you are please read the sequences leading up to Saturday Evening – The party turns into an orgy. It could help you follow what may happen here.


I was not surprised that we all slept. Great sex makes you tired. We had made wonderful sex.

Silence descended over the yard. The whole area under the Pergola was still, except for the odd snoring sounds coming from all over.

There were deep rumbles from the men, with lighter yelps, and purrs, from the girls.

My partner, Chestnut, and I were together on one part of the huge air mattresses. Adonis, and Titian’s Mother appeared to gravitate towards Lawyer, and his surprising wife; and it appeared logical for Parlour Girl to pair off with TF, and Titian.

By “going together” I mean that we formed sleeping groups.

Chestnut had not tried to sleep long before she began to move. The huge dildo deep in her arse was becoming too much for her body. She was not in pain. She loved it, but it was stopping her from bending, or lying comfortably spooned to us.

She woke me very gently to explain, and ask if I could help her remove it. I whispered to my Partner that I was going to help her. She nodded, half asleep, then returned to her slumbers.

Chestnut slowly eased herself upright, then she waddled through the house in front of me.

She went straight to the Master Bedroom.

She had to waddle; she needed to rotate her hips around the whole object pushing up through her pelvic opening, deep into her body.

She must have been completely full. She might have been uncomfortable as she walked, but she did not appear to be, and she did not complain. Her rolling gait was very erotic. Her arse may have stuck out slightly more. It was impossible to tell in the dim light of the warm night.

She was a wonderful sight, the globes of her bum were slightly larger, more rounded, fuller, but the reason was virtually invisible. I could detect the flat end of the dildo, that was all.

We knew that she was used to wearing butt plugs for a long time. She had admitted that she often wore one all day at work. She had described how she would push her favourite plug into place after her morning bath. She would work all day with it deep in her arse, slowly becoming more, and more, aroused. She learnt to press it into her arse. She learnt to manipulate her anal muscles to stimulate herself.

She had to rush home, at the end of the day, to pleasure herself.

After she described this I began to have pictures in my mind of her sitting through interminable boring meeting. She told me that these went with her high powered job.

I saw her surrounded by leering, smart suited, male executives, trying to catch a sight of her gorgeous breasts down her cleavage.

They would be completely unaware of her pierced nipples, and of how she would press down into her chair to give herself pleasure.

I pulled myself together, and had to stop daydreaming. I suggested that we showered, or better, that we bathed. I explained that I thought it better, and that I would slowly removed the dildo for her, while she relaxed in warm water.

Titian’s Mother had thrust it far, actually totally, into her rectum during their last frenzied climax of the night.

Chestnut agreed that I should bathe her, for the second time in the day. We both agreed that this was more sensible than take a shower. We also knew it would be more intimate, more sensual, more fun.

We were standing together watching a torrent of water fill the tub, when she began to laugh.

She had turned to face me. She saw that I was still pinned to my apron. I had been sleeping in it, as virtually all our friends, and guests, were in their jewellery.

She began to undress me with infinite care, unclipping the two safety pins from my nipples. She kissed, and sucked on each of my teats. Then reached behind me to unclasp the suspender tie around my waist. Suddenly all that held the apron was my rising penis poking through its hole.

It was not surprising that the gorgeous woman had this affect on me. When she reached behind her tits were still encased in their jewellery. They bounced, and swayed, against my abdomen. All the time I was trying to consider the problems of drawing the object from her arse, and trying to suppress my erection.

She thought the latter funny. Always the practical girl, she spat into her hands, and lathered my cock ring with spit. Slowly, the girl who had pushed it high onto my penis many hours before, began to move it down my now totally engorged member. Finally it slipped past the head, and off into her hands.

I was naked, except for my inner bars, and Celtic like, gold shields. Replacing the outer pins could wait until morning.

She asked me to remove all her jewellery, aware that this would set my penis going again.

I stood in front of this gorgeous erotik film izle brown, bronzed woman, and began to undress her.

I unhooked the three chains from her right breast, and passed them over her shoulder. I unhooked these three from the strap that went around her to her back. I unhooked the same chains from her left breast, but left the strap in place.

I unhooked the chains from below her half breast cage, and the one around her waist. I was very gentle, as I removed all these chains from her forest, and from close to her dildo.

I began to see why this was like clothing. Had Chestnut been completely shaven, with no pubic hair, instead of her luxuriant, curly, dark bush, then it would have appeared like clothing.

People saw the outside, they looked at the perimeter, and not inside the whole, so it was going to be possible to wear only jewellery in public.

I had flashbacks to why we went out, dressed as we were, for our first two meals.

The first time our Restaurateur almost had a heart attack. He lent forward to kiss my Partner’s hand. She was wearing a thin, transparent dress, with holes for her teats. His mouth was inches from a very erect naked nipple pushed far through her Starburst jewel.

I undid the strap around Chestnut, the one that held the cages beneath her wonderfully enhanced, rounded breasts. It was like undoing a bra. She pressed against me as I brought my hands to her front.

She moved away, the cups fell into my hands, and she was naked, except for her teat bars, and the gold shields on each nipple. These were similar to mine, and she still had the huge object in her arse.

She turned her back to me, and presented the next problem. Her gorgeous round bum faced me; I could see the base of the huge fake cock buried deep inside her. Her skin stopped, and the dildo started, filling the space where her little anal hole had once been.

There were two hooks moulded into the flat of the visible surface. They did not protrude. They appeared able to take the harness that Titian’s Mother had worn so beautifully, but there was little else to hold.

She stepped into the foam of the bath, and sank gently. She was very straight because of the dildo, and moved tentatively, slowly. She went down onto her knees. Then, completely straight backed; she bent forwards to lie full out on her stomach, holding her head above the foam with both arms.

All her movements were enormously slow and sexy.

She turned, smiling, to say that it was an extraordinary, warm, intimate, full, feeling high up inside her body, above her abdomen.

I knelt beside the bath, much as I had done on Saturday afternoon, and began to lather her arse.

It was very erotic. My penis had been steel hard as I undressed her. It became harder, even without the help of the cock ring.

Suddenly, the ever practical one turned again. She said that she would kneel, doggy style in the water, and I should climb in behind her. She moved very slowly again, until her back was out of the foam, parallel with the floor.

I sat down in the huge bath, my legs between her knees, and my solid erection very visible above the foam.

Gingerly, with great care, I hooked a little finger into each of the two mouldings in the base. I told her to push, and something that we thought would take time, simply happened.

The huge monster oozed slowly from her arse. It was a slightly knobbly, ramrod straight, almost round, thick pole. It was immense.

It went on, and on, sliding from her body.

It was a very erotic sight.

Inch by inch it slowly appeared. It stopped when she stopped pushing. It started to move again as she flexed her anal muscles. She was doing most of the work.

Amazingly she did not appear to be in any discomfort, and it was also completely clean. It was still slightly greased with the lubricant. But, after all, I thought, she had already been prepared for the onslaught by the ten inch dildo, and by my original bathing, after the first anal fuck.

I took it in both hands, my right fingers just brushing her distended arsehole. She murmured in pleasure.

I held the weight of the object Otherwise it might have pressed hard upwards away from her womb, towards her backbone, and caused discomfort.

My left hand held the outer end very lightly.

Suddenly it was freed from her hole. I pushed myself further, and further back against the end wall of the enormous bath, so that I took the whole length without causing her discomfort.

I dropped the dildo into the foam; it disappeared, then it began to float.

Chestnut presented me with an enormous, slightly triangular hole, where her little rosebud had been, from where the monster had just emerged. It looked absolutely divine.

It was very wide at the base, forming an arrow like hole, pointing towards her head. It would have been an equilateral triangle had the top not been cut off to form a quadrangle, with three equal sides. It was huge.

It looked film izle only slightly reddened at the outer edges, turning deep purple as I gazed deep into her arse. I felt I could see for miles.

She was not shrinking fast. It was a window into her body.

She turned and said, “That was incredible. Thank you. It was almost better than when Titian’s Mother pushed into me, and when she fucked me so hard”.

I was puzzled, and asked a foolish question, “Darling Chestnut, the hole is so big that I could put my hand inside you. Please may I.”

She simply said, “I was hoping you might ask!”

I lubricated my right hand with body gel, knowing that we would have to use a soothing antiseptic later.

This was entirely new territory for me, and I was sure that it was for Chestnut.

I formed my four fingers into a small point, and tucked my thumb tight into the palm of my hand. I went in as far as the widest point of my compressed hand, and I had not yet touched her skin.

She was stretched that far!

I rotated my hand slowly. I began to touch the skin inside her anus, and to stretch her hole. My hand slowly vanished further into her arse. I was in her anal passage as far as my wrist. I continued to rotate my whole hand very slowly.

Her hole shrunk slightly around my wrist.

She looked around again, with a huge grin on her face. She said that she loved the feeling, especially as I rotated my hand inside her arse.

I told her that I would kneel directly behind her. I moved very gently, with my hand still buried.

Once in kneeling position I bent forward, and pushed, past the narrowing of my wrist, until slightly more than half my forearm was deep inside her.

At this point I may have been bigger than the dildo, so I stopped, and asked if she would like me to push deeper.

The smooth brown skin of her bum stretched erotically, totally unblemished, away from the middle of my arm. She was becoming tight on my forearm.

She turned and grinned, so I pushed deeper still until I could go no further, unless my arm was straight. That was a physical impossibility in the space that we had.

Her anal passage griped my arm in a long warm glove of sensuality.

Her gorgeous skin was slightly darker than mine. Her cheeks looked amazingly sexy, moulding away to her hips and up on to her back.

Could I ever be more intimate with a girl?

I had knelt, as I did not want to tempt myself if she sat back, and my penis went into her cunt; neither did I want to tempt her.

I lent forward, and passed my free hand around her hips. I turned my hand so that my palm was flat on her beautiful belly just above her pubic bone. I pressed inwards, while slowly turning the arm in her arse. The palms of my hands were facing each other.

I pushed my right hand, the one buried deep in her arse, outwards towards my left hand, which was flat on her belly with my fingers spread wide. I began to move my free hand gently up, and down, her wonderful firm stomach. I massaged as far as her rib cage, then slowly back, keeping a slight pressure, using the foamed water as lubricant.

Both her hands flew to the one I had placed on her stomach. She reared upwards, virtually upright, and cried out with pleasure.

She pressed hard on my left hand, pushing my outstretched fingers into her firm body.

Her hand moved mine up and down.

I lifted my hand, and whispered for her to place her hand under mine. We moved together with her hand, pressed down by mine.

I could feel her moving over the hand far up inside her. She was tracing the movements of my hand as it gently massaging her belly from inside.

I had the arm in her arse completely relaxed, except that I had opened out my right hand. It was flat, and my fingers were spread as wide as they would go. My elbow, and shoulder, had followed the wild movements of her body upwards.

Her right hand went down to her clit, and she mauled it in a frenzy. The other hurtled round her body to her hole, her anus.

She went to where my arm was buried in her arse. She felt around my forearm, gently stroking my skin as if to check it was reality. I found the feeling of light fingers touching my buried arm especially sensual.

She forced her exploring fingers between my upper and lower arm, where it bent to vanish into her body.

I kept the gentle massaging of her stomach, both inside and out.

She moved her right hand further round to ram two fingers into her cunt.

She was in an erotic trance.

I felt that she might begin to fist herself in her cunt, but luckily she started to cum at a spectacular speed. It was her third huge orgasm in a few hours.

She was almost completely silent.

One who sang her orgasm was quiet. She was a beautiful mute swan at a time when she should have ranged her glory. Slowly, very slowly, she came down from her orgasm.

She was thinking of the others.

She grasped the head of the bath, and said, very quietly, very seks filmi izle sexily, “Pull out slowly, that was amazing.”

“Your hands together, one in me, one outside me, are an astonishing feeling.”

“They have touched something very special. Please can we do it again sometime.”

I reformed my hand into a small bunch of fingers, tucked the thumb in, and said “goodbye” to her anal passage. I pulled right out with great care, with total tenderness. When I was fully clear I leant forwards to kiss her hole.

She was still enormous, and gaping. It was a slightly more rounded, and even larger, deeper, shape than before.

We sank back into the warm soapy bath. She lay on me, and her arse began to fill with soothing, warm, foamed water. That amused her. It was her open hole enema.

She raised her hips, and a stream of bubbles appeared as water replaced air in her arse.

My arms went around under her breasts, and she hugged them to her. She locked us together with her arms on mine, gently pushing her breasts up and out.

They looked wonderful.

We lay a long while, while she healed. It was almost as though she was asleep, but I could feel that she was working her anal muscles with consummate skill. She was willing her anus to close.

Bubbles continued to appear on the surface of the water, where she had melted the foam away.

My penis began to shrink, nuzzling into the small of her back. I buried my face in her hair.

We moved as the water began to cool. I slipped out of the bath, gathered two enormous white towels, and placed one on the floor. She stood in the water as her open enema cascaded out of her arse, and into the remains of the foam.

She stepped out, and I wrapped her in the other. I dabbed her dry.

I bent to kiss each nipple as was becoming the custom of the house when drying somebody.

I padded her cunt, and her still open arsehole with the soft towel. Then I asked her to hold onto the side of the bath with her back to me, and to bend slightly.

Her gorgeous open hole was presented to me. She placed the flat of both hands either side of her gaping hole. She pulled it ever so slightly bigger.

I took a pot of soothing, mildly antiseptic cream, and gently massaged it into the rim of her hole.

She wriggled, and murmured, saying that it was cold. I could have gone full in again, but stopped with only two long fingers dipping completely into her body.

I massaged her for many minutes, in gentle intimate love.

She was a beautiful sight, leaning forwards, almost as she had been against my desk after we had finished the Business Plan. Then I had fucked her hard with her strap on, as my penis slid backwards, and forwards, under her sopping wet open cunt.

I knew I wanted more of the same, and my cock was telling me so. I forced the evil thoughts from my mind.

I patted her bum when I was done; she turned to give me an enormous hug.

I still could not believe that this was the despondent girl, who had arrived at our table only last Monday. We were eating dinner on National Nude Day.

She was in despair, because her breast enhancement had made her nipples appear smaller. She sat with us. Silently she had unbuttoned her blouse, and placed her beautiful brown orbs on the table in front of us. My Partner had kissed her.

She had come to my Partner, her nipples had been stretched slightly, and later Parlour Girl had pierced her teats.

Now her perfect globes were crowned by longer nipples that had horizontal gold bars through them. And she was hugging me, stark naked, in the middle of the night.

We walked hand in hand back to bed. Chestnut snuggled up to spoon my Partner. I pulled that covers over us, and lay on the other side, my wonderful Soul Mate spooning me. We formed a sandwich of love.

My Partner whispered, “You have been a long time!” I replied, very quietly, that the dildo had slipped out with ease, but that she had asked me to fist her in the arse.

Her hands went around my front. She tweaked my cock, and whispered, “Naughty boy!”

That was all.

We slept.


Well we did for a little while. Sometime later I stirred, half way between asleep, and awake. I felt my penis being lifted, somebody was moving about under the covers. I felt behind me, I did not feel like my partner, and whoever was there was sleeping on their back.

I groped upwards; they were Chestnut’s tits. She was sound asleep.

Somehow my Partner had wriggled from between us. She had slowly moved around to my front, and was sucking me off.

I ran my hands through her tousled hair, and held her face. She was beginning to take me deep into her mouth, but I wanted to fuck.

I needed an ordinary reassuring fuck, Partner with Partner.

She sensed my need. She had the same desires. She crept slowly up my body, kissing my nipples, nuzzling my bars, as she passed. Our mouth’s met; we kissed long, hard, and very quietly began to make love.

We were like two students in a dorm, like teenage lovers in the bedroom next door to her parents’ room.

Nobody else should hear us! This was our secret, furtive love! It made our coupling more erotic, more fun.

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