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Plain Jane

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As the new guy in the department, I was the one sent to little towns and backwater places around the country. Much like Rocky Raccoon, I found myself in the Dakotas. Unlike Rocky who entered a saloon to shoot off the legs of a rival, I entered a saloon looking to unwind.

Big Cat’s Saloon was my watering hole of choice after a long boring week of work. Songs from an old fashion player piano greeted me as I walked through the swinging doors. Around 10:00 pm, music from a live band would begin and continue until closing time. I found a seat at the end of the long bar with a view of the entire place, and settled in to people watch, drink cold beer, and drink more cold beer!

The pool tables were all in use. Some were being used by couples, others by just guys. The dance floor this early in the evening was empty, but that would change as the night progressed. The bar was busy. The only tables unoccupied were the tall ones, but they were beginning to fill up with people ready to kick back and enjoy the evening.

Five girls about my age walked in and made a bee-line to one of the high-rise tables. Before sitting down, one of the girls shrieked and ran over to a guy shooting pool. She reached up and surrounded his neck with her arms. The skimpy black dress she was wearing rode up in the back high enough for me to see the bottom of her ass-cheeks. Within seconds, she and her man headed toward the front door, not to be seen again the rest of the evening.

Three of the remaining four girls were similarly dressed. Plenty of cleavage from low cut tops, short tight skirts, and high heels were the uniform of the evening. The fourth girl, a little taller than her friends was dressed drastically different. She wore jeans, heels and a blouse. The only skin showing on her was her arms. Her blouse was sleeveless. She was possibly the Mother-Hen of the group. Her hair was in a severe pony-tail and her eyes were hidden behind a pair of black framed glasses. Even looking like this, there was something about this Plain Jane that intrigued me.

Throughout the evening it was Plain Jane who made the drink runs to the bar and back. Each round was similar; three cocktails for the three hotties, nothing for her. The same solitary beer sat in front of Plain Jane throughout the evening.

One time when all three of her friends were on the dance floor, Plain Jane stood next to where I was sitting to order more drinks.

“It would be my pleasure to replace that warm beer with an ice cold one,” I said.

“Thank you for the friendly gesture. I’ll keep that in mind,” was her response.

The live band started to play and quite frankly were kicking the shit out of covering songs by popular R&B, Pop and Country musicians. During their first break, Plain Jane sat in the empty chair next to me and said, “If that offer for a cold beer is still standing, I’ll join you. My job tonight is done. My friends have found who they were looking for and won’t need me to drive them home.”

“It must be weird not to enjoy yourself in a place like this on a Saturday night,” I stated.

“Not really. I teach middle school in this town, and I’m an education administrator for the county. I really escort numaraları eryaman have to be careful how I dress and who I’m seen with. My standards need to be high and my stature in the community needs to be impeccable. Such is life in a small town in the middle of nowhere.”

Introductions followed the delivery of two cold beers. The band was returning to the stage when Lynn, her real name, suggested we move further away from the music to continue talking to one another. We moved as far away from the band as we could, but talking over the music was not possible. Talking on the wrap-around porch wasn’t an option either. The outdoor speakers were as loud as the indoor ones.

“I live about a 15 minute drive into the county. Follow me home and we’ll continue our evening there,” she yelled.

Exactly 15 minutes later, I was walking behind Lynn as she entered her small house. She flipped the living room lights on, kicked off her heels, and told me to get comfortable. Lynn returned from her kitchen with 2 ice cold Buds. She took off her glasses and tossed them on the coffee table.

“I don’t wear glasses – these are fake! They help to ward off the two-legged wolves,” she said with a laugh. I began to wonder what other surprises she would spring on me.

After taking a pull from her bottle, she reached behind her head and released her pony-tail. Beautiful auburn hair with reddish highlights cascaded on her shoulders framing her face. That’s when I really noticed her beautiful hazel eyes. Her face was anything but plain. It was flawless.

We talked about everything under the sun. Late night slowly turned into early morning.

“You’ll never find your way back to your motel. We are in the middle of nowhere,” she began. “I’m hoping you would consider staying with me, tonight.”

Before I could answer her, she began undoing the buttons on her blouse. Lynn let the blouse slip off her shoulders. She was wearing some sort of body wrap that compressed her chest. When she removed it, I couldn’t help but stare. She was anything but flat-chested. Her tits were two perfectly shaped orbs, with eraser size pink nipples. She wiggled out of her jeans and stepped out of her panties.

Standing in front of me was Venus with arms, but without the shell. Her alabaster skin was smooth and blemish free. A sculptor could have used her as a model, to make the perfect woman chiseled out of marble.

She threw a long graceful leg over my lap and kissed me firmly on the lips. Our tongues met, our breathing increased and I felt a swelling in my loins. She offered me a nipple. I slowly circled it with my tongue. My hands were slowly rubbing her sides. She pulled back and I repeated was I was doing on her other tit. Her moans of pleasure got louder with each lick. She shuddered with her first climax when I began sucking the nipple that was in my mouth. I quickly switched nipples, sucking them both keeping her bucking on my lap. Her nipples grew in both size and hardness.

Lynn threw her head back and yelled, “Yes! That’s it, That’s it.”

She stood and pulled me up off the couch. With lightening fast hands she undid by belt. Next she unzipped my pants, ankara bayan escort and pulled them down to my ankles. My stiff dick was pulsating in my underpants. Lynn yanked my underwear down. My average size dick, harder than Chinese arithmetic, sprang up pointing to the ceiling.

I removed my golf shirt and sat back on the couch. Once again, Lynn threw a leg over my lap, but this time she reach for my hard member and positioned herself on top of it. She placed the head of my dick at the opening of her vagina and inserted me inside her.

She was extremely wet and tight. My dick felt like it was in a warm moist tunnel. We stayed connected like that for the longest of time. No one moved a muscle. We were kissing like a couple of teenagers. Then she began to ride me.

“Oh, this feels amazing,” she cooed. “Go slow, let’s make this last as long as possible.”

“I’ll do my best. You are amazing,” I responded through halting breaths.

I grabbed an ass cheek with each hand and gently kneaded the firm flesh. Lynn’s movements quickened. Riding me like there was no tomorrow, Lynn screamed, “It’s happening!”

Her body began shuddering. She was literally jumping up and down on my stiff unit. Then something amazing happened. Her pussy began to contract, putting a strangle hold on my dick. Then it would relax its hold on me before contracting again. I lost all control and enjoyed the feeling of my balls being emptied. I sent spurt after spurt of warm cum up inside my lover. All the while her vagina kept contracting.

Lynn collapsed on my chest and nestled her face on my neck. I could feel both the warmth of my seed and the heat of her vagina on my still stiff blood engorged member. Lynn kissed me hard forcing my lips open and jammed her tongue inside my mouth. Our tongues circled one another and our breathing began to increase. As quickly as our love making started, it ended.

Lynn raised herself off of me and placed a hand between her legs. She walked away from me into the nearby bathroom. The site of her firm round ass temporarily stopped the shriveling of my dick. She returned with a face cloth and proceeded to wipe my glistening member clean.

She reached for my hand and said, “I think we need to get some sleep.”

We walked naked together toward her bedroom. Lynn removed the comforter and peeled back the top sheet. We snuggled in the middle of the bed eventually falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Sunday morning I woke up to the aroma of cinnamon, coffee and bacon. I put on my underwear and headed to the kitchen. Lynn was standing near the sink looking out a window. Her outfit was an apron and nothing else. Staring at her perfect ass and shapely legs started to get my dick hard. She looked over her shoulder and greeted me with a wide grin. I walked up to her and we kissed like an old married couple. When she felt the hardening of my dick she laughed and said, “Breakfast first, then we play.”

Lynn kept her apron on during breakfast, but that only heightened my desires and stiffened my dick. The bulge in my drawers could be seen a mile away. Whatever we didn’t talk about the night before, we covered during breakfast. elvankent escort We devoured breakfast, eating like we hadn’t had food in a week.

When the last dish was placed in the dishwasher, Lynn untied her apron, pulled the front over her head and said, “You’re way over dressed!”

Standing in front of my porcelain goddess, I took of my underpants. My hard dick sprung to attention. We wrapped our arms around one another and kissed passionately. I could feel the heat coming from Lynn’s lower region. My hard member was twitching on its own.

I followed Lynn into her bedroom and watched as she laid on her back. Her long sensuous legs were spread wide waiting for me. I lowered my face between her legs and placed my lips on her moist opening. She let out a gasp and closed her legs on my head. My tongue ran up and down her gash. With each lick came a pleasurable moan and more wetness. In no time at all, she exploded. Each lick was met with her driving her vagina on my tongue. When I found her clit her body began convulsing. She grabbed the back of my head and kept driving her pussy into my face. I had never been with a woman who had such an explosive orgasm.

When Lynn final settled down, I gently slid my hard member inside her. I was my turn to explode.

I elevated her legs and held them open with my hands. I withdrew most of the length of my dick, then I slowly, almost teasingly, pushed it in as far as it would go. This went on until Lynn began to buck. I increased my thrusts when she begged me not to stop. My balls kept smacking against her. Our love making was reaching a climax. Her body once again shook, her vagina once again tightened on my dick, and her pleasurable moans turned into loud screams of joy. I couldn’t take it any longer and with one loud grunt, I emptied my nut sack. I could feel each wave of cum shooting out of me and into her deepest region. It was my turn to collapse on her.

We laid there in a ball of sweat breathing heavy and looking into each other’s eyes. I pulled out of her with a loud wet popping sound and laid on my back. My near flaccid member plopped on my lower stomach. Lynn reached over and gently massaged my balls.

“This was one extremely enjoyable weekend. Why don’t you take the first shower.”

I hopped in the shower. Not knowing how large a water tank she had, I made sure I was quick. I wanted Lynn to have plenty of hot water for her shower. I was drying myself off when I called out to let her know I was finished. There was no response from her. I wrapped the towel around my waist and called her name again. Once again – no response. I went into the bedroom to find the bed made, my clothes neatly folded, and a note taped to my belt.

“I’m terrible with goodbyes. They turn me into a blubbering mess. Please forgive me for leaving you this way. I’ll never forget how we made love to each other. Take care of yourself. I placed a set of driving directions on your dashboard. Safe travels. I’ll never forget you.” The note was signed with an L.

Back at the home office my co-workers spoke about their workload in the big cities. Plenty of good places to eat, but not much down time for socializing. They joked about my recent assignment out in the sticks and those assignments coming up that would send me to similar places.

I just smiled and said, “I can’t wait for my next trip. Small towns and backwater places are perfect for me. Did anyone else get their pickle wet last week?”

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