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Playing Santa

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“Dude, I am so glad I caught you!” I didn’t like the way this was going right from the start. I instantly recognized my brother Stan’s voice on the cell phone. I should considering all the people that said we sounded and looked alike…Irish twins born less than a year apart. I knew that he would follow with a request. “Look, I’m stuck at work for a couple of hours and it doesn’t look like I’ll make it in time for the party.”

“And this has what to do with me,” I asked attempting to set the conditions to say no to whatever he was going to ask me to do.

“You know how much Erin loves this party stuff…” he started. She did. For the past three years, we—me, my brother and his wife Erin along with their son Ferris, my parents, my sister and her daughter Caroline—met at my brother’s a week out from Christmas and generally endured an evening of holiday cheer for the kids. We exchanged gifts and ate profuse amounts of food too. It was fun once I got there, but up until then, I always seemed to dread it. Most of that was because it gave my mother a prime opportunity to give me shit about not yet having a wife and kids.

Stan continued, “…and someone needs to play Santa…”

I cut him off, “Hell no! That’s your thing Stan! I don’t do dress-up.”

“C’mon! It’s tradition now! Just do the thing once. It’s no big deal.” My brother had, despite his own good judgment, succumbed to his wife’s desire for him to dress up like Santa for my nephew and my niece and handed out gifts year after year. He seemed to hate doing it, but did it for his wife. Erin was traditional and prudish in a way. Her ways were probably good for our family, who was mostly distant and cold to each other.

I still said no, so he decided to sweeten the pot. “Okay, how about we go to Rally Kap’s and watch the Sugar Bowl. Drinks and food are all on me.” My brother’s offer to buy me a night of unlimited beer and wings during the college football national championship told me that he knew me well. He had me.

“Alright, alright. I’ll do it.” I said, “What the hell,” and decided to take his offer.

“Sweet! Look, you have to sneak in. The costume’s in the walk-in closet…,” he continued with the logistics of it all as I drove toward his house.

I pulled up near the house, but was careful to park down the street. I entered through the door on the side of the garage that Stan always left open. I shuffled through the dark garage, only running into something once before reaching the door that connected to the hallway leading to Erin and my brother’s bedroom. Through the crack I saw my sister and Erin cleaning and drying a cookie sheet at the kitchen sink. My mother sat with the kids on the floor as my dad sat staring blankly with a beer at the television. I crept into the bedroom which was dimly lit by a night-light in the bathroom across from the walk-in closet. There hanging prominently before me was the Santa costume. “Oh Joy,” I said to myself sarcastically.

I quickly stripped down to only my boxers and got as far as donning the stuffed fat suit over my torso and fake beard and wig before a bright bursa escort beam of light hit my eyes. It took me aback for a split second. In that time, by sister-in-law Erin closed the distance between us and began enthusiastically whispering. “Baby I am so sorry I ever doubted you. I should have never given you crap about work. I know you hate dressing up like this, but I appreciate it.”

Without pause, Erin dropped to her knees and jerked my boxers down to my ankles. “Erin, no,” I whispered, but it was too late. She parted her warm lips and began licking the tip of my quickly-swelling cock. She then drew it into her mouth, applying saliva to my rod and lubing the hand that she used to stroke its length. Her free hand ran below the fat suit and rubbed my chest, occasionally squeezing my nipples.

“Mrs. Claus treats her hubby right,” she breathily asked as she took a break from sucking my engorged cock. I looked down at my brother’s blonde beauty in awe. She’d always come off as a buzzkill and I couldn’t believe she was doing what she was doing. The fact she was doing it to me only compounded my amazement.

“Stop. My family…” I started to protest despite the pleasure I was deriving.

“Sh-sh-sh,” she said, pressing the underside of my cock against her wet lips as if it were a finger telling me to quiet down. “They don’t even know you’re here. C’mon baby, let me give you an early Christmas present.” She then went back to sucking my cock, each bob of her head allowing her to take more and more of me into her mouth until she had its entire length. She then took my hand and put it on the back of my head while pulling me into her face by applying pressure to my ass.

As much as I knew this was all wrong, Erin’s actions destroyed any inhibitions I had. I leaned back against the walk-in closet’s doorframe and lunged my pelvis forward in rhythm with her sucking, which was now producing obscene smacking sounds between her occasional moans. In the dim light, I watched her jostle below me. I leaned my head to the side, around the belly of my fat suit, and watched as she pulled her silky panties down below the hem of her holiday- themed skirt. Her free arm bundled the skirt to her lower belly as the hand at its end began to pleasure herself. The aroma of her arousal soon made it to my nose and only caused my rock-hard cock to grow even stiffer.

I was about to cum harder than I ever had in my life. I knew I had to stop all this before I did. Gathering all the willpower I could muster, I reached my hands down below Erin’s arms and pulled her up to me so I could first stop her and second explain the extremely wonderful mistake she was making. “Erin, we can’t…” I began whispering but before I could go on, her tongue was dancing around my mouth which lay behind the fake white beard.

Erin pressed against me like a woman possessed and took my hands and ran them below the white silk blouse with the reindeer broach she wore every year during our annual holiday gathering. She pulled them below the underwire of her bra, which she deftly reached back and unhooked. escort bursa I’d always appreciated her ample breasts, but never thought I’d be handling them. Merry Christmas indeed.

I knew there was no turning back when she broke our deep wet kiss to whisper “I need you to fuck me…Santa. Please, I’ve been such a good girl all year.” Her pouty voice or this side of my conservative sister-in-law was something I’d never seen before and I reasoned that we’d gone beyond any innocent explanation already. I needed to fuck her.

I quickly whipped Erin causing her to quietly giggle. She leaned forward and took hold of the doorframe in front of her. In the dim light I enjoyed the view of her pushing her ass out toward me while looking back at me over her shoulder. I spread my thumb and forefinger and wide as I could and dragged the openings I made up the rear of her bare thighs and then below the hem of her skirt. I flipped it up so it rested above its waistband, giving me a glorious view of her spread ass cheeks before me. My thumbs now pulled her moist outer lips apart and Erin responded by inhaling hard and then exhaling for a long time. She then leaned forward, resting her shoulder on the doorframe. One of her hands, now free, unbuttoned her blouse while the other reached between her spread legs and rubbed her swollen clit.

In the least sexiest move of the night, I lifted the belly of my fat suit and rested it on Erin’s lower back. I then took hold of the base of my shaft and began moving it in search of Erin’s entry. It was a second later that the head of my dick began to slide against the outer folds of Erin’s wet pussy. If there was any final doubt, it was assuaged by Erin, who pushed back towards me, plunging my hard cock deep into her. Her response was a loud yelp and then a quick shudder as she hissed, “Ah yes. Do it baby.”

It was all I needed. I took hold of her hips and began rhythmically pounding against her rear end, which she enthusiastically bounced against my pelvis. The heat of the moment and her earlier oral ministrations meant I was about to explode. “Ah shit, I’m gonna cum damn it.”

“Oh baby, don’t stop now. Make me cum too,” she breathily whispered back at me. I pounded into her as hard and as fast as I could and the force caused her to leave her feet a few times. “That’s it. Fuck me hard,” she now spoke a little too loud for my comfort. Hearing my normally prudish sister-in-law begging me to fuck her hard, mingled with the sound and smells of our fluids slapping together and the prohibited nature of it all was too much for me to hold back the steady streams of hot cum I shot into her. I leaned forward and took both of her breasts in my hands and nibbled her ear as I slowly tried to regain my composure.

She regained hers before I did mine. “You better be ready for more later Santa. Get your suit on and get out there,” she said as she began to collect her clothes and moved to the bathroom to tidy up. I just sat there trying to catch my breath. I listened as she began to pee and while doing so whispered out to me, “Once your brother gets escort bursa here, your parents are going to want to start this thing.”

I heard the slap of her panties’ waistband as she pulled them up and then adjusted her skirt over them. She quickly came out, grabbed my bearded face and quickly pecked me on the lips. “You dirty Santa,” she said and walked out of the room. I looked around for my boxers and began flapping my fat suit in order to get some air to my body, now burning up from exertion. I tried to quickly reason out what had just occurred, blaming it on her not giving me a chance to stop her, et cetera, et cetera, but there was no way I could justify it all. I did all of this while putting on the remainder of the Santa suit. I walked to the bathroom mirror and stared at myself for a good, long twenty seconds before taking a deep breath and exhaling some of the mounting guilt. I practiced a fake smile and then moved to the closet, picked up the faux velvet bag full of presents and marched toward what I expected to be a very awkward Christmas party.

“Ho, ho, ho,” I called as I left the bedroom. My niece Caroline yelled “Santa” and instantly clung to my leg. She, the older of my siblings’ spawn then said knowingly, “Uncle Jared!” which elicited a “Caroline! Your cousin might hear you,” from my sister Evelyn. My sister’s reaction was significantly louder than Erin’s. In fact, Erin was still and as quiet as a statue. I watched out of the corner of my eye as her face went white as a sheet. Then our eyes met and I noted the look of horror that washed over her face.

We stayed locked in a staring contest when we suddenly heard a commotion in the living room. “Merry Christmas,” my brother called out as three year old Ferris yelled “Daddy!” Caroline pushed off of my leg and ran to greet her other uncle along with my sister. Slowly, the color began to wash back into Erin’s face. She poured some Bailey’s into a mug holding some egg nog and took a long drink of it. She winced against the taste of the liquor and then locked stares with me again.

“Where’s my Mrs. Claus,” my brother called from the living room. Erin coughed a little and even smirked at the little irony of his question. She bit her bottom lip while giving me one last glare and then responded, “I’m in here…with the real Santa Claus.”

I blushed because it was all that I could do. Suddenly, the kitchen was full of our family and I picked up my Santa shtick despite my mind being on the night’s earlier events. Erin was obviously thinking about the same thing because her normal festive mood was more reserved and she avoided eye contact with me.

After an hour and a half, it was time for Santa to leave, so I snuck into the bedroom while the kids were occupied with their new presents. I returned to the get-together and tried to enjoy the rest of the night. At the end of it, I said goodbye to everyone and was stopped at the door by my brother with Erin in tow. He whispered, “Dude, you did great tonight.” He turned to Erin and asked, “Didn’t he babe?”

She paused for a second and said, “Uh, yeah,” while taking another sip of wine.

“You’ve got the job next year if you want it,” he added.

I couldn’t help but smirk. I locked eyes with Erin and said, “Uh, yeah. It was surprisingly fun. I think I’d like that.” Next Christmas can’t come any quicker.

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