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Please Shave for Mother Ch. 02

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As we both knew it would, my balls and penis begin to itch as the hair started growing back in five days after Mother first shaved me. I found myself fidgeting in class as the itching played with my mind.

When I got home from school that Wednesday afternoon, I rushed right into my bathroom with the intent of shaving the stubble that I could see. I had already stripped off my clothes and had razor in hand when I thought back to Mother telling me she was the one who would wield the razor, not me. I wanted to disobey but I didn’t want her to stop going down on me as she had Saturday morning and again Monday night after she got home from work. Of that, I was sure I didn’t want to have stopped! I pulled up my pants and found something to eat while I tried to do my homework.

Mother got home a little after five that evening. She found me in my room, lying on my bed and doing my homework in just a t-shirt and sweat pants. “Hi honey, how was your day?” She was dressed very professionally, as she always is.

“My balls itch! They are driving me crazy all day long!”

Mother smiled, “Then you are thinking of your dear Mother all day long too, aren’t you?” She unbuttoned her blouse as she was talking to me.

“Yes Mother, but I’m also thinking how much my balls itch!”

Mother laughed as she unfastened her bra and slipped out of it. I was now staring at her incredible breasts and not thinking about my itching balls at all. “Why don’t you pull down your sweats and show your Mother what all the trouble is?”

Without hesitating, I pushed my pants down over my penis and balls. She sat down on the bed and leaned over my crotch. Her fingers felt magical as she grasped my cock and moved it around so she could see my balls. She noted that I had nice stubble growing on them, but they could wait until Friday as she had told me she would. Her hand lingered on my penis, stroking it slightly until I was fully erect. I couldn’t wait for her lips to kiss my cock but she stood up and hustled out of the room. “I have a date in an hour. I have to get ready.”

I was shocked. My cock was fully erect and she left me. I pulled my pants up and hustled down the hallway to her bedroom. By then, she was standing in just a g-string bikini and facing away from me. “Mother! That wasn’t fair!”

Mother turned to face me, “You stopped thinking about the itch, didn’t you?” Then she stripped off her g and hustled into the shower. She was right about not thinking about the itch, but now I was thinking about cumming in her mouth. Either way, it was difficult going back to homework.

Mother looked devastating as she walked into my room 30 minutes later. “I’m meeting Holly for drinks and maybe a movie. I won’t be home too late. If you promise to be a good son, I might help you with one of those problems when I get home!” #

I didn’t think Friday night would ever arrive. My balls were still itching though it did help when I started using a little powder on them. I didn’t really want to be shaved, but I knew there was nothing I could do to prevent it. Mother got home just before six and walked into my room. She was already wearing just a skirt and her heels from work. Her nipples were already hard – it was obvious Mother enjoyed using the razor. “Are you ready honey? I’ve been wet all day just thinking about you?”

“I want it to stop itching, but I don’t want you to shave me. Do you have to Mother?”

“Oh honey, you know you want to please your Mother. Why don’t you pour me a glass of wine and meet me in the shower. I’ll be waiting for you.”

I walked into the bathroom nude and carrying her glass of wine. Mother was already on her bench, nude and waiting for me. My cock was nearly erect at just the thought of seeing her body. I stared at her 38C tits sitting on her chest. I handed her the wine as I stepped into the shower to wet my body. When I turned around, Mother had the pink razor in one hand and shaving cream in the other hand. She applied the cream to my balls and cock and once again shaved them clean. Her fingers played with my balls, feeling how smooth they felt. “Would you be so kind as to get Mother another glass of wine and bring it to my bedroom?”

I quickly dried my body and nearly ran to the kitchen. When I returned to her bedroom, Mother was lying on her back on the bed. Her head and shoulders were propped against the headboard. I handed her the glass and she took a drink before speaking. “Mother needs your help tonight. Holly has been getting me all worked up but leaves me needing. Will you help your Mother, honey?”

“Yes Mother. What can I do for you?” My cock was practically bouncing up and down with anticipation.

“I NEED you to get between my legs and give Mother a kiss right here,” as she touched her index finger to her clit. Her body was amazing to look at as she lay on the bed. Her breasts rose and fell with her breathing. Her nipples were already hard from anticipation. Her closely cropped pussy lips were splayed open for me. I crawled on the bed between her legs. I looked up as she gulped the wine. When my face was inches ataşehir escort bayan from her pussy, she spoke to me. “Now reach out with your tongue and stroke the spot I’m touching with my finger. That’s Mother’s clit and it’s very sensitive.”

My tongue reached out and licked from bottom to top. Mother let out a groan as my tongue touched her skin. I did it again and again. After a couple times, I tried to lick from side to side. I could feel Mother moving under me as she pressed her body to my face. “Now lick between Mother’s pussy lips. Long strokes with your tongue.” My tongue split her lips and I tasted the muskiness of her body for the first time. I wasn’t sure of the taste but I continued to stroke up and down her pussy as Mother instructed. I could see her using two fingers to rub back and forth across her clit as my tongue lapped at her pussy. As I grew more confident, my tongue dove deeper into her pussy and I felt Mother arch her back as I did. “Oh yes honey, you are doing so well. You are getting Mother wet.”

I could taste her juices as my tongue continued to slip in and out of her pussy. At once, Mother grabbed my head and pressed it to her pussy. “Eat me honey, Eat my PUSSY!” Her body humped into my mouth as her fingers rubbed quickly over her clitoris. I could see that it had extended from her body as I licked her pussy. “Oh honey, On Honey! I’m cumming! Mother’s cumming!” She cried out and I tasted Mother’s cum for the first time. I licked and licked as I devoured her juices before she pushed my head away from her. “I can’t take anymore!”

I lay there for a moment before crawling on top of her. I felt my hard cock press against her pussy as I lay on top of her. My cock was dripping pre-cum from my attentions to Mother. She kissed me deeply and with passion.

“Your Mother feels like a slut right now, honey. I want you to fuck my face with that beautiful cock of yours! Will you do that for Mother?”

I didn’t know exactly what she meant, but how could I deny her? She helped me move up the bed as she slid down just a little bit. I was now sitting on her chest, those incredible 38C tits, with my cock inches from her mouth. I raised up and she took my cock past her lips. She tasted my pre-cum and smiled with her eyes. I began to slide my cock into her mouth. I had my hands on the headboard for support and began to fuck my cock in and out of her mouth. It really did feel like I was just using my Mother’s mouth to get me off and it excited me. Her fingers played with my freshly shaved balls, scratching and raking them, as my cock slid in and out of her mouth. I knew it wouldn’t last long, she just gets me so excited so I began to fuck faster and faster. Finally I came in one long stream of cum. I felt her gag as my cum hit her throat but I kept on fucking until I felt spent. I pulled my cock from her lips and saw a little of it on her lips. Her tongue scooped my cum into her lips and she smiled at me.

As we lay there, she told me I did pretty good for a first time. She promised to have me go down on her again real soon! #

Three weeks later, mother told me Aunt Kristin was going to stay with us for a long weekend. Aunt Kristin is five years younger than mother. She has long brown hair and blue eyes. Her body is nearly perfect at 35C- 23-36 and she usually dresses to accentuate every curve. Aunt Kristin has always been more like an older sister to me than an aunt. She has taken me to baseball games and movies and we even went camping a few times when I was younger.

Aunt Kristin arrived late Thursday afternoon. She asked me about school and my friends and what I’d been up to in the four months since I had seen her. I told her much but nothing about Mother and shaving – that was our secret as Mother had made me promise. Mother got home from work and we decided to go to dinner at an italian restaurant a couple miles from home. We ate and laughed and Mother and Aunt Kristin finished two bottles of the house red. By the time we were finished, I convinced Mother I should drive us home.

Mother told me to put Aunt Kristin’s bags in her room so they wouldn’t disturb me. I helped them both into Mothers room. Aunt Kristin disappeared into the bathroom and Mother pressed her body to me. Her lips pressed against mine and her tongue danced with my tongue. I could feel her hand cupping my balls through my pants. Aunt Kristin dropped something in the bathroom and the moment was gone. Mother broke our kiss and told me to close the door behind me as I left. A short while later, I could hear the two of them laughing and giggling even through the closed bedroom door.

I had been home about an hour on Friday afternoon when I heard Aunt Kristin call out to me. My fingers had been playing with my cock and short, week-old pubic stubble when I heard her so I quickly pulled them free and hopped to my feet. I found her in the kitchen pouring herself a drink. She had been at work and looked amazing in a tight-fitting suit with high heels. Her breasts pressed against her blouse and were apparent with her suit jacket unbuttoned. We escort kadıköy made small talk and she asked me if I had plans for the evening. I told her I was trying to hook up with a couple buddies but nothing definite. Her eyes lit up when I said this, or at least my imagination told me they did.

Aunt Kristin slipped the jacket off her shoulders and hopped up on a bar stool. She crossed her legs as she did and her skirt rode higher up her hips. Her legs were tanned golden-brown. It was nearly impossible for me to not stare at her eyes, her breasts, her legs. I poured myself a coke and sat on a stool as well as I could feel my erection growing and I thought I could hide it better if sitting.

Aunt Kristin poured herself a second drink and played with her phone as we talked and I tried not to stare. “By the way, your mother texted me she would be home a little later tonight and that we should start without her.”

I swallowed the last of my coke and looked at Aunt Kristin in disbelief at what I’d just heard. “She didn’t text me like she always does. Does she mean dinner?” I smiled at her – a very nervous smile as my cock jumped inside my shorts.

“My silly nephew Kevin. You know what your Mother meant.”

Shaking my head, “No I don’t. What do you think she meant if not dinner?”

“It’s Friday night and she asked me to take her place tonight.”

“I don’t believe you. She wouldn’t say something like that!”

Aunt Kristin scrolled to the text from Mother and showed it to me. It read “If you can’t find everything you need, have Kevin get it for you before you two start. We like to use the pretty pink one in the corner of my shower.”

I’m sure my face flushed as I read the note. Aunt Kristin poured herself a third drink before she spoke to me. “I’m a bit nervous and excited at the same time. Would you be a sweet nephew and get everything ready for us in the shower while I finish this drink?”

Aunt Kristin spun off the barstool, slowly uncrossing her legs as she did, and walked to Mother’s bedroom with the drink in her hand. I couldn’t believe this! Aunt Kristin not only knows our secret but she is going to shave my pubes in just a few minutes. I couldn’t stop my erection from growing hard in my shorts as I went down the hallway. Aunt Kristin had removed her blouse and was sipping her drink in her skirt and bra as I walked past her. I got out the shaving cream and the razor and put it on the bench of the shower. I put a couple towels over the railing and turned on the shower to heat the water. “It will take a couple minutes to heat. I’ll get ready and be right back.

I walked into Mother’s bathroom totally nude as always. My erection was jutting out in front of me as I did. I’m not sure I ever fantasized about Aunt Kristin but I surely masturbated to countless photos of girls who looked just like her! I opened the shower door and through the steam I could see Aunt Kristin’s nude body! Her breasts seemed enormous with large, erect dark brown nipples. And as my eyes moved down her body, her legs were slightly parted and her sex was covered by a full, dark bush. I thought I would cum just by looking at her.

Aunt Kristin motioned me inside and the door shut behind me. Her right hand touched my left thigh and my body jumped. She smiled at me – a different sort of smile than I had ever seen from her – and told me to relax. “Even though I’m quite bushy right now, I’ve shaved my pubes for years and never nicked anything important!” Her left hand seemed to caress my right ass cheek as she spoke. I felt the hot water washing over my skin but my eyes never left Aunt Kristin’s incredible body.

Her hands released my body as she sprayed a glob of shaving cream into her left hand. Her hand spread the shaving cream on the short stubbles just above my cock before she cupped my balls and liberally applied it there. I even felt her finger near my anus and I took a deep breath as I did. Her hands ran the cream up and down my erect cock, being very gentle to not apply too much pressure too soon. Finally the razor made long strokes across my skin as the shaving cream and the stubble disappeared down the drain with all the hot water. Aunt Kristin was very careful while shaving my balls and the short hairs growing up my cock. Finally, I was hairless again.

She told me to turn around and wash off the residual shaving cream from my body. When I turned back around, I saw her left hand between her thighs. I knew she was rubbing her clit. Her right hand reached up and lightly caressed my smooth balls. “Does Kevin like looking at Aunt Kristin’s breasts?”

“Yes Aunt Kristin! You are so sexy!”

“Then why don’t you bend over and kiss them for both of us?”

I quickly bent and brought my lips to her left nipple. It was hard and firm and I sucked on it like Mother has taught me to do. I could feel the motions of her hand moving quicker on her clit as I did. I moved to the right nipple and ran my tongue around it – flicking it and sucking it. I could hear Aunt Kristin moaning as i did. Her hand was now slowly stroking my cock. maltepe escort I really didn’t think I could last very long like this. “Aunt Kristin. You’re gonna make me cum!”

She looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes and said, “Cum on my tits, my sweet nephew Kevin!”

She pointed my cock right at her chest and I shot a thick load of my cum onto her tits. She pulled on my cock and a second stream hit her. As it did, Aunt Kristin cried out as her body orgasmed from her fingers on her clit. “Oh Kevin. Oh Kevin. That was so good … You are so good!” After a few seconds, she released my cock from her grasp. My cum was running down her tits and over her belly before pooling at the top of her thick, dark pussy. “Do be a dear and give Aunt Kristin a few minutes alone.”

I quickly washed off my cock and grabbed a towel on the way out of the shower. Mother was waiting for me in my room when I got there. I looked at her in surprise as I hadn’t heard her come home from work. “Lower your towel so Mother can see if her little sister did a good job.” I dropped the towel to the ground and felt Mother’s hands rub over my smooth skin. She stood in front of me, her hand holding my limp cock, and gave me a short kiss on the lips. “She did very well.” And then she walked down the hallway to her room and Aunt Kristin.

It was Friday night but we stayed in for dinner. Mother said she was making spaghetti and asked me to ditch my buddies to stay with her and Aunt Kristin. After the shower, where else would I want to be? I showered again and put on a t-shirt and sweat pants with no undershorts. I walked out to find Mother already cooking dinner and chatting with Aunt Kristin as they both drank wine. Aunt Kristin was back on the barstool. This time she was wearing a long shirt that I think she borrowed from Mother. From the points on the chest, she wasn’t wearing a bra and she had me wondering about panties. Mother wasn’t dressed all too dissimilar as her kid sister. I had a feeling dinner was going to be difficult!

We made it through dinner but I had an erection nearly the entire time. When finished, I told Mother I would clean up the kitchen so she and Aunt Kristin could relax. They both sat on the couch in the living room as they drank wine. I couldn’t hear every word but i heard enough to know they were talking about our relationship, the size of my cock and what Mother had taught me. None of it helped with my erection as i washed the dishes.

I nearly broke the plates I was loading to the dishwasher when I looked past the bar and could see that Aunt Kristin had removed her shirt and Mother was leaning in to kiss her left nipple! I just watched as Mother’s tongue played with Aunt Kristin’s large nipples. When Aunt Kristin saw me, she smiled at me and licked her lips. After ten minutes of this, Mother stood up and pulled Aunt Kristin to her feet. Mother walked into the kitchen. “We’re going to my bedroom now. Perhaps you’d like to join us when you are finished here?” Her smile left no doubt.

I quickly finished and hustled down the hallway, removing my sweats and shirt as I did. When I looked into Mother’s room, the lights were low but the view was unmistakeable. Mother and Aunt Kristin were side-by-side on the sheets. Aunt Kristin was deep kissing my Mother and they were both nude. Two sexy bodies lying next to one another. Aunt Kristin was much more tanned and of course, she had that thick bush of pubic hairs between her thighs versus the smoothness of my Mother.

I watched from the foot of the bed with my cock getting harder, if that was possible, until they broke their kiss. Mother smiled at me, “I’ve told your Aunt Kristin how good you are at going down on me. She was hoping you would show her.”

“Are you kidding me, Mother? Both of you look so Hot right now!”

One of Aunt Kristin’s hands played with her nipple; one played with the curls covering her pussy. “Then why don’t you show me how good you are, Kevin.”

I crawled onto the bed and moved quickly between Aunt Kristin’s tanned thighs. I could smell the scent of her sex before I was even there. I looked up and Mother’s hands were playing with her sister’s large, sexy breasts. I kissed between her thighs and she spread her legs a little wider for me. All her pubes tickled my nose as i buried my face in them. My tongue reached out and stroked her inner lips and I could feel Aunt Kristin arch her back to my touch. My left hand reached over Mother’s thigh and felt her wetness. My tongue made long strokes up and down her lips before pressing hard to her clit. I couldn’t believe how big it felt against my tongue. It was much bigger than Mother’s. I could hear Aunt Kristin beginning to moan until Mother pressed her mouth to her sister’s mouth and frenched her hard.

I could feel the wetness from her sex coating the thick mass of pubes and it was so erotic. Two fingers were fucking my Mother’s pussy as my tongue rubbed hard against Aunt Kristin’s clit. Her body began to thrash about and I pulled my fingers from my Mother and pressed them inside Aunt Kristin’s pussy. When she felt this, her body convulsed in orgasm. My mouth covered her sex as I tasted her juices through her thick mass of pubes. Finally she pushed Mother aside and sat upright. As she did, her sex pulled away from my lunatic tongue. I could hear Aunt Kristin crying out as I made her cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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