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Pleasing Mr. Welston Ch. 01

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A crash of thunder woke me from a dead sleep. I looked over at my best friend Cara who was still passed out on the bed beside me. She could sleep with a train coming through her room. I smiled. We had been best friends for almost our whole lives. Our moms were best friends and partners in a commercial real estate firm and so we were at each other’s houses constantly having sleep overs even on school nights, which tonight happened to be.

My parents were out of town for their 20th Anniversary and I was planning on spending Spring Break with Cara and her family at their beach house. Another flash of lightning filled the room and the window shook when the thunder sounded a few seconds later.

I got up to get a drink of water and watched out the kitchen window as the rain danced on the pools surface. Thunderstorms are one of my most favorite things on earth and I contemplated going out on the back patio to just watch and listen.

“What are you doing up?” I heard the deep gruff voice behind me and I turned quickly around.

Cara’s dad Mark stood in the kitchen doorway. Mark was about 6ft 2 and weighed about 230lbs the majority of which was muscle, with the exception of a slight beer gut from the many guys nights he spent watching football or what ever other sport was on.

I could see Mark wasn’t wearing a shirt and my eyes locked on his large chest covered with dark hair. Just then another strike of lightning lit the room and I could see that he was absolutely naked and slightly aroused. My mouth dropped open to see just how large he was before the room was once again dark.

“Casey, what are you doing up?” He growled again.

Startled I tried to think, “The storm… I just needed a drink of water… It woke me up?”

I stumbled over my words trying to focus when all I kept seeing in my mind was his beautiful thick cock hanging in the middle of that short coarse dark hair. I began to wonder why the hair was so short and thought he probably trimmed it.

“Casey!” My eyes snapped up to his and my mind caught up to the fact that I was day dreaming while staring toward the area where his penis was hidden by shadows.

“Thunder, water, penis.” I said and then again my mouth dropped open.

Mark chuckled lightly. “Casey, get back in bed.”

“Yes Mr. Welston.” I mumbled as my head dropped and I started toward him to go back down the hall towards Cara’s room.

Mark didn’t move out of the door way as I approached until I was staring down at his now fully hard rod. I wanted more than anything to reach out and touch him to take him into my hand, my mouth, my body. I looked up and he whispered, “Goodnight little girl.”

I swallowed and he stepped back letting me free to walk by. I quickly walked to Cara’s room and got into bed. My heart was beating so fast I looked down to my heaving chest and saw my nipples poking through my night shirt. The fabric moved slightly against them with every breath I took and I noticed how sensitive they were.

I ran my hands over my size 34D breasts and gently moaned as I squeezed the tips with my fingers. My pussy clenched and I moved one hand down beneath my panties.

With one finger I slowly moved it across my clit and down to my wet center. My little virgin hole was covered in warm cream and I began to pull it up to cover my little clit. Rocking my hips as I worked that cream over and over on to my throbbing button. With the other hand I pulled up my shirt and squeezed my tits, again pulling hard on my nipples.

Right then another spark of lightning hit and I remembered what Cara’s dad looked like standing there naked in the kitchen. I imagined him laying me down on the table, moving between my legs and pounding his hard thick meat deep inside me. “Yes Mr. Welston! OH god please right there!” I whimpered while strumming myself harder.

Quickly the orgasm ripped through me. My breath stuck in my throat as I rode that orgasm out my hips straining towards the ceiling. I let my hips fall to the bed and my arms fell to my sides as I slowly opened my eyes.

The sound of the door creaking had my head turning and I saw Cara’s dad pulling the door closed as he walked out.

The next morning Cara’s mom Ruth woke us up to get ready for school. “Hurry up girls, I have to get to the office early and make sure everything is in order on a closing we have before we leave on our trip. I won’t be here to keep reminding you and you don’t want your dad in there getting you up.”

With that I shot straight up and out of bed grabbing Cara and pulling her with me. “Hey!!” she groaned. “If you’re in my car ready to leave in 15 min I will get your breakfast and coffee on the way to school.” I replied.

Nothing motivated Cara like a free iced coffee and 14 min later she was honking at me from my own car. I walked out of the bathroom, snuck down the hall and out the front door all the time praying I wouldn’t run into Cara’s dad on the way out.

I was half way to my car when I remembered I left my backpack. I turned bursa escort around and ran back inside to get it. I didn’t slow down as I turned the corner going down the hall towards Cara’s bedroom and ran right into a pair of thick strong arms.

My hands went to Mark’s chest that was unfortunately covered with a white dress shirt and he pulled me into a tight embrace, one hand going around my back and the other around the back of my neck. Slowly the arm around my neck moved away until he was just cupping the back of my head with his hand.

Mark’s fingers grabbed my hair and pulled my head back so that I suddenly was looking up into the deepest brown eyes surrounded by thick dark lashes. At my hip I could feel a bulge starting to press into me. Instinctively I pushed back and then licked my lips. “I have to get my backpack.” I said.

The grip on my hair and waist got tighter before he released me and moved to the side so I could walk past. I ran to get my backpack and headed back down the hall. Mr. Welston was still standing in the same place as I passed him again he stopped me. “Casey!”

Narrowing his eyes as soon as I looked up into them he finished, “You might want to pay better attention to what you are doing in this house and who’s around when you are doing it.”

I wasn’t sure if he was talking about last night, today or both, so I just replied, “Yes Sir” and turned and ran again out to the car.

By lunch time I was seriously considering coming down with a case of the flu so I could stay home and not go to the beach house with Cara and her family. I was mortified by all that had happened within the last 24hrs. How was I supposed to even face Cara’s dad? Let alone spend a week with him. Was he going to say anything to Cara’s mom or Cara about what happened and if so, how would I even face them?

The last bell rang and I hurried to where my car was parked in the Senior parking lot. Cara met me there with her boyfriend Chris who happened to be parked next to me. “Hey Cara, do you mind hitching a ride with Chris home? I have to go to my house, grab my other bags and my laptop. I have that paper for my college ap class due by midnight and I totally forgot about it. I’m going to have to write it on the way.”

“Crap, yeah that’s no problem. I will talk with my folks and we will just swing by and pick you up on our way out of town.”

“Ok call me when you are on your way.” I said right before I pulled out and headed home.

Two hours later Cara’s family was pulling in my drive to pick me up. Cara’s dad got out of the car to help me with my bags. “Thank you Mr. Welston.”

I said after he shut the trunk to the suv and headed back to the driver’s side. He turned, smiled at me and said,

“You are very welcome beautiful.” Then he climbed in and waited for me to get in behind him before taking off toward the beach house.

The whole drive Cara’s mom Ruth was on the phone making business calls. My mom, Ruth’s partner and my Dad the lawyer for their client, were both out of town and apparently whatever deal they were working on was all in Ruth and Dad’s legal assistants hands. They had been working on this deal for close to a year and although everything was supposed to have been worked out before they left, a few snags were popping up.

I wasn’t sure if it was the stress of the problems with the deal or if there was more going on, but every time we tried to talk, no matter how quietly we were being, she would give us a dirty look. When she would hang up she would rant about us being disrespectful until finally Cara put her head down and fell asleep, I buried my head in my laptop and Mr. Welston just shut up and drove.

Every once in a while I would look up to see Cara’s dad staring at me in the rear view mirror with this intense stare. The first few times I just smiled and looked back down at my laptop, but about 15 min before we arrived I got a little brazen and after our eyes locked for a few seconds I licked my lips pulling the bottom one in and biting it then I gave him what I hoped was a sultry smile before looking back down again.

As soon as we arrived at the house Cara and I took our bags up to our rooms. Cara and I usually shared a room, but this time I asked her if I could use the guest room so I could concentrate on my paper while she did her own thing. I put my laptop on the bed, kicked off my shoes, took off my bra and flung myself belly down with my head towards the door and got back to work.

Mr. Welston walked by and stopped to ask me if I was almost done. He wanted to take Cara and I out on the boat for a while and I told him I had about an hour of work left. He said that was fine because he had to get everything ready on the boat before we headed out and that he would come get us when he was ready.

He had that intense look on his face almost the whole time he stood there until he looked down towards my chest and just kept staring.

I looked down and realized my neck line of my shirt was so low he could bursa escort bayan see half of my breasts including part of the areola. When we both looked up his gaze was filled with lust and I couldn’t help but notice his pants developing a nice bulge. Slowly never looking away his hand reached down and adjusted his large penis stroking it over and over.

I started to pant and I ran my right hand up my belly to my chest squeezing and massaging my breast before pulling the top of my shirt up just a bit. I’m sorry I breathed.

His hand dropped back down to his side and in a rough voice said, “I’ll see you in an hour” before he turned and walked away.

I was still panting and pretty damn sure I soaked through my panties ten min later when Cara ran into my room. “I have good news and bad news!” she squealed.

“Your dad is taking us out on the boat as soon as I get this crap over with?” I asked

“Yeah about that, bad news is that’s not happening anymore and we have another hour of car time with the bitch to look forward to tonight and we have to leave right now as in right now. Her deal is falling through and she has to go save it.”

“UGHHH what the hell is the good news?” I asked.

“How about the fact that she probably won’t be coming back and we get the whole rest of the trip bitch free? We just have to run her to the car rental place about an hour away so she can drive the rest of the way home. Then we drive back here and enjoy the week.” Cara replied

“Cara I have to get this paper turned in asap. Can’t I just stay here while you and your dad drop her off?”

“Dad is out getting the boat ready he isn’t coming, but I can just go by myself it’s no biggie. I’ll text ya when I am on my way back to see if you want me to pick you guys up some dinner.”

“Thanks babe I owe ya one.” “Hell yeah you do. I have to spend an hour alone listening to my mom on the phone again. Shoot me now!”

An hour later I finished up my paper and uploaded it to my teacher. I decided to throw on my bathing suit and go down and check out the beach. I had no sooner pulled up my bikini bottoms when I was startled by Cara’s dad’s voice. “Are you ready to go?”

My head snapped up and I blushed. Mr. Welston stood there with a slight smile on his face and I knew he had seen me changing. “Oh, Cara told me we weren’t going tonight before she left with Mrs. Welston. Are just you and I going to go?”

“What do you mean they left? Where did they go?” He said suddenly tense the smile disappearing from his face.

“Ahhh… well Cara said Mrs. Welston’s deal was falling through so she had to go back home and try to save it, so Cara was going to take her to rent a car so she could drive the rest of the way home.”

“WHAT THE FUCK!!” Mr. Welston yelled, “SON OF A BITCH ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?” Cara’s dad stormed to the living room and grabbed the phone. I peeked around the corner and watched as he dialed the phone with pure fury radiating out of his eyes.

“Where are you?” he asked in a voice so calm and cold that I actually froze where I was standing and quit breathing.

He waited while she apparently went into a rant about the deal breaking down. “Let me get this straight, You and Cara just fucking left and are on your way home? Casey said you were just going to get a rental car.”

My eyes nearly came out of my head at hearing this statement. “When are you coming back? How is Cara going to get back?”

“The hell she is driving out here by herself in the middle of the fucking night! Look she can get that jack ass of a boyfriend of hers to drive back out here with her in the morning I would rather have him here for the week then chance something happening to her when she is by herself. I can’t believe you did this. I don’t understand why you couldn’t have come and got me to drive back with you. It’s like you are so stuck up this client’s ass this last year that you don’t even stop to think about your family. I thought you handled all this before you left.”

A second later he just took the phone away and looked at it with disgust before throwing it back on the table. Cara’s dad stood there fuming for a min before looking up at me with rage filled eyes that slowly turned lustful.

“That bitch just hung up on me. She barely talks to me, barely acknowledges me for the past year, is stuck so far up her client’s ass… A client that I would bet fucking money has been in between her legs more times that I can count. Then she bounces out of here on our family fucking vacation with no words and leaves me here alone with you. You! Who has been teasing me for so fucking long…”

He had started out shouting but whispered the last sentence so low I barely heard it. He began to straighten and stalk towards me like a predator. I didn’t know what to say and I was caught between being 90 percent scared out of my mind and 10 percent about to cum in my tiny little swimsuit.

Slowly I started walking backwards towards my room contemplating bursa bayan escort if I had enough time to make it to the room and shut and lock the door before he reached me.

“Oh, you aren’t running now little girl unless you are running to my bed, cause I’m done playing games with you. I’m about to fill that tiny little pussy and give you what you’ve been asking for every single time you twitch that ass in front of me or lick those lips like you want my cock between them.”

I opened my mouth and all that would come out was little panting sounds. My pussy was dripping wet and I was leaning against the wall right outside my bedroom. Mark grabbed me by the hair at the back of my neck and pulled me to him so that he could devour me. Taking full advantage of my open panting mouth he thrust his tongue in rolling it around and coaxing my tongue to play before sucking it into his own mouth.

I roughly felt him grind his bulging cock into my core as he lifted one of my legs up to his waist. Briefly he let go of my hair to lean down and grab my other leg pulling both up to wrap around his waist. He held me there pushed against the wall one hand under my ass the other taking my hair again so that he could control my head pulling it back hard so that he could suck and nip my neck. I began riding him as he bucked against me. “Fuck I want you. I can’t wait to get in that tight little pussy. Tell me how bad you want it. Tell me how bad you want to feel my cock in you, filling you up and cumming in you.” he growled in my ear still sucking and biting.

“I want you, I want you in me.” I chanted “Please don’t stop. That feels so good. I need you in me. Please put your cock in me Mr. Welston. I have to feel you.”

“Yes baby girl.” He said as he lifted me higher with the hand underneath my ass as he shoved his pants down with his other hand. He didn’t take the time to even put me down, he just pulled my biking bottoms to the side and shoved his thick hard cock up towards my virgin pussy.

He thrust right through my barrier and my head flew back as I screamed. He was only half way in and it felt like he was ripping me apart. “Fuck you are so tight.” He said into my neck as he worked himself slowly in and out. “Open up for me baby. Let me in.”

He gave one last big push and seated himself all the way in. I could feel his balls tucked next to my ass hole and I felt so incredibly full. Little mewling sounds echoed in my throat as I tried to adjust to him being inside me and as soon as he slowly moved again I started to orgasm.

“That’s it Casey cum on my cock. Milk that shit princess. You’re going to break me you’re so tight.”

I couldn’t even form words the pleasure racking my body had robbed me of any coherent thought and I just road him through it moaning. As my orgasm started to subside he started picking up the pace hammering me against the wall. I flexed my hips pulling myself up and fucking him back.

Cara’s dad turned and started walking towards his room our mouths finding each other licking and sucking. He fell onto the bed on top of me and kicked off his pants before sitting up and pulling off his shirt all while still being deep inside me. He pulled my bikini top out so that my breasts popped out the middle being pushed up and in by the fabric. His mouth covered my nipple and he began to suck hard then flicked it with his tongue.

I immediately started cumming again and he picked up the pace fucking me harder and harder. “Oh shit, I’m going to cum in your pussy. I’m going to cum in your tight little pussy.” he groaned around my breast and I felt his hot cum surge into me filling me up.

His deep grunts were so erotic and his seed so forceful inside that I kept cumming and cumming convulsing under his surging body until we both finally went limp our bodies spent. “You’re crushing me.” I whispered.

Slowly he eased his body down until his head was between my legs resting on my thigh and he tongue began to lap at my swollen lips and clit. I started moaning and rocking my hips a little before sitting up and crawling over his body towards his cock. He kissed each inch of my skin as it passed his lips.

I finally got an up close and personal look at Mr. Welston’s penis and it was so big and beautiful I could not wait to taste it. I wasn’t sure how much I would be able to fit into my mouth, so I started to lick up the sides and rolled my tongue around the head before sucking it in.

“We taste so good together Mr. Welston.” I said taking my mouth off of his cock so I could suck his ball sack relishing in our mixed juices before going back to licking up the sides of his shaft.

Cara’s dad pulled my legs to each side of his head and went to town on my pussy nipping at my outer lips and then soothing the pain with is tongue. His fingers splayed on the inside of my thighs and he began to massage around my hole with his thumbs occasionally inserting them inside pushing deep as he sucked my clit like a ripe juicy peach.

His cum began to leak out of me and he lapped it up vigorously shoving his thumbs deep inside me again and I screamed out as another orgasm crashed through me. Over come by the sound of my pleasure he shoved his cock deep in my screaming mouth and shot rope after rope of thick cum down my throat.

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