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Pleasure Penthouse: Hour 03 and 04

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Orgasms thus far: 7

I woke up cumming.

I was blindfolded, my arms stretched above my head with wrists bound together. Both my knees were bent with my legs wide open, each foot in some sort of sling so that my pussy was spread and my ass was raised a little off of the bed I was on.

And of course there were someone’s fingers blasting in and out of my pussy, their thumb pushing on my clit. God it felt goooood. I moaned, long and low in my throat. The fingers slowed, drawing out the last edges of my orgasm, then stopped. My pussy gently contracted as the person pulled their hand from me, and traced their wet fingers over my stomach.

“Hmm awake at last. I let you nap for a while, but I couldn’t wait any longer. Would say sorry…but I think I made it up to you,” murmured the mystery finger blaster. It was a guy, with a deep voice and a Southern accent.

I couldn’t remember how I got here. My mind was hazy from waking up and from the bliss rolling through me. I could easily fall asleep again, but I forced myself to think back and to flip through my memory. I had the niggling feeling that I had something important to do….

Rachel, Max, Sam, Monica…..all these names, but I knew that none belonged to the guy tracing patterns on my stomach. He was quiet, waiting for my move.

“Who are you,” I breathed out. He hummed as his hands traveled further up my body to tug on my nipples. Everything came flowing back, every sordid little detail, and I felt a drop of my arousal make its way from my pussy to between my ass cheeks.

“Me? I’m Declan darlin’ and we already met,” said Declan as he ghosted his fingers over my nipples again. The clamps were gone, and I figured Declan must have taken them off.

Declan moved away from me, and I could feel the air shift as he moved around. I strained my eyes against the blindfold, listening avidly as my heart started to pound. I felt rather than heard as Declan stood next to the bed again, then there was a low click and a mechanical humming noise filled the room. My breath hitched, and I lay there panting with my breasts pushed up towards the ceiling and my pussy literally quivering at the thought of what was to come.

Still, I was not prepared for the bolts of pleasure that wracked through me when Declan touched the vibrator to my clit. I gasped and arched off of the bed, straining against the rope tethering my arms, trembling with the waves of pleasure that were coursing through me. Usually I can’t come with just a vibrator on my clit — I need penetration — but right now I was so sensitive from having just climaxed, and my pussy hadn’t recovered yet. I could feel my orgasm building, quickly and furiously.

“Oh, oh, ohhh god!” I came with a sharp cry as the orgasm blasted through me. It was a small but powerful one, and my legs shook uncontrollably with my ass jiggling as I lifted off of the bed. Declan moved the vibrator away from my clit, and slid it down through my folds towards my hole.

“Good girl. I think you’re all nice and wet now. You ready for something a bit bigger darling,” he asked me teasingly. But it was a rhetorical question, and I didn’t even bother gasping out a response as Declan pushed the vibrator inside of me. It slid in with no resistance at all, and I could feel my pussy gushing around it, my walls clenching and unclenching as Declan started to pump the vibrator faster.

“Fuckkkk…oh yea, yea, yea, mmmmm,” I moaned out as my hips started bucking. I pulled my bottom lip into my mouth in an attempt to hold myself together, but I couldn’t stop my desperate writhing. The sheet below me was getting damp, sticking to me as my juices soaked through the material.

Then I felt Declan’s fingers at my throat, gripping the collar of the remnants of my bodysuit. In one quick, powerful motion he dragged his hand down, ripping the netting so that my tits bounced free. And then his hot mouth closed around one of my nipples, swirling, licking and sucking. I let out a loud keening noise as he angled the vibrator deeper, hitting a sensitive spot on my inner wall.

I was babbling nonsense, letting out noises of pleasure, pleading for more, begging for Declan to press his body down on me. He kept alternating his mouth on my breasts while keeping a manic pace with the vibrator, stroking my stomach with his other hand. Everything faded away — there was only the feeling of his mouth and touch on me, and of the vibrator entering me over and over, driving me crazy.

Tension coiled tighter and tighter in me, my chest heaving as I rolled my head side to side, moaning incoherently. And then I was climaxing, my body coming to the pinnacle of the most it could take. I let out a long, drawn out groan as my legs automatically jerked against the restraints. I twisted and turned, my nipple pulling free from Declan’s mouth, the air cold against my wet skin. This feeling would never get old — the undilated pleasure flooding me, blanking my mind, and reducing me to a twitching mess. escort I loved it.

Declan pulled the vibrator from me and backed away again. He clicked it off, and then let out a low whistle.

“Damn girl, you sure know how to cum. Love watching you get all sweaty, your body sticky with your juices, and those beautiful tits of yours bouncing while you gasp. Mm mm mmmmm,” his tone was impressed and appreciative, and I felt myself blush. Yet I could sense there was a but coming.

“But…I think you would look even better covered in jizz,” Declan murmured, a wicked undertone to the words. That was not what I was expecting, but hey, it was a welcome surprise. I hummed my agreement, my throat too dry. Right as I was thinking about asking for water, I felt something press to my lips.

“It’s a straw. Drink up, I want you well hydrated,” Declan said, his tone back to business. As I took the straw into my mouth, gulping down cool water, Declan continued talking, “I’m not the only one you have to cum for, or who will be jacking off onto you, love. My friends, some of who you saw earlier, are going to be coming in here. Five of them, plus me as a spectator. Now darling you have a choice to make…do you want to stay blindfolded or do you want to watch?”

I let go of the straw and gulped quickly. “Watch! Definitely watch,” I gasped out. Declan chuckled, as if he had been expecting my answer. “But could you take off of these restraints,” I asked hopefully.

“Sorry no can do, love. Wouldn’t want you moving around too much. But, I will readjust you so you’re comfortable during all this. Did I mention…that the second part of this is that you’re going to have a fucking machine pounding you….both your ass and your pussy,” Declan’s voice had gotten quieter, deeper towards the end of his sentence, morphing into a wicked whisper that sent need coiling through me. I didn’t say anything in response — I didn’t have to, my peaked nipples and my pussy (which had started dripping again, traitorous little thing) did all the talking.

Declan just laughed a little and then fiddled with the rope tethering me to the headboard of the bed. Then a few seconds later he was pulling me by my thighs so that I could feel the edge of the bed beneath my ass. His fingers dancing through my pussy folds, eliciting a gasp from me. Then I heard a squirting noise and a couple of seconds later something cool was being rubbed into my asshole. Declan worked my tight ring open with his slick fingers, an easy task considering what had been there just a bit earlier.

I was gasping again, squirming against Declan’s hand, and I let out a small groan when he pulled away. He stepped away and I heard a few loud noises as he set something up at the end of the bed. And then I felt something press against me, against both my pussy and my ass.

“Mmmm oh fuck,” I hissed out as Declan lined up the tip of the dildos with my holes so that they were barely inside of me. I heard a couple more squeaks, some beeps and a quiet whirring noise. Then I felt Declan’s hot breath fanning over my face as his fingers lifted my head to loosen the blindfold. He slid it off my face and then readjusted my mask so I could see clearly again. I blinked at the sudden light and then swallowed as my eyes met Declan’s.

Declan’s face was right above mine, his amber eyes framed by a deep red mask were holding my gaze and my pulse jumped in my throat. “You ready?” he whispered. I nodded yes, my nose brushing against his, and he ghosted his lips over mine before sliding off the bed.

I lifted my head to see where he was going and to take in my surroundings. My eyes were immediately drawn to a large contraption set up about a foot from the base of the bed. It was a rectangular metal box attached to a stool, and two long poles extended from the box connecting to the dildos in my holes. The dildos themselves were long, thick, and pitch black.

Breathing hard I tore my eyes away from the machine and looked up to see Declan standing by a door at the far end of the room. His eyes were dark, an erection tenting the front of the pants he was still wearing. I licked my lips and rocked a bit, loving the feeling of the dildos shifting as they threatened to come out. Declan shook his head at me and then reached into his pocket and pulled out a small remote. He pressed a button and the machine came to life.

The dildos thrust into me, deep, fast, and hard. I let out a small scream, more in surprise than pain, and threw my head back as the silicone cocks stretched me wide. And then it stopped. Suddenly I was filled, both my holes aching and pulsing, and the didlos were still again. I lifted my head and snarled at Declan, who simply smirked and wrenched the door open.

My mouth dropped open as I watched the men stroll in. They were all stark naked, except for the red armbands and masks. Their cocks swung as they walked toward me, purposeful in their positioning as they surrounded me. One of them got up on the bed behind my head, eskort straddling my bound arms while on his knees and his cock inches above my forehead. I nearly went cross eyed looking at it, veins pulsing and the tip a beautiful flushed pink.

My mouth was open and I was panting, feeling like a kid standing with her nose pressed to the window of a candy store. So close but I couldn’t quite touch. I groaned, my body trembling in anticipation and my pussy tightened around it’s dildo even while I felt my ass do the same.

The other four guys climbed partially onto the bed, two to each side with their cocks already in their hands. They were all well hung, their cocks varying colors correlating to the diverse skin tones in the room. The musky smell of their bodies and arousal mixed with mine, creating a heady scent. I saw as Declan positioned himself against the wall opposite me, leaning back with the perfect view to see the fucking machine, all the guys, and me.

He pulled out the remote again and the machine came to life again. Slowly. Infuriatingly slowly. The dildos were thrusting alternatingly — the one in my pussy pulling out as the one in my ass stretched me wide, and vice versa. My head fell back onto the bed, and for the first time I noticed the large mirror set into the ceiling.

“Ooohhh fuck,” I whimpered, unable to tear my eyes away from the heavenly sight. The dildos glistened as they moved in and out of me, the handsome men with their hands pumping their cocks, muscles clenching and tensing as grunts and groans ripped from their throats. I was seeing myself for the first time since getting ready hours earlier. My lips were swollen and open as I moaned, my hair was tangled and sticking to my body, marks of my fucking were becoming apparent on my body, and my peaked nipples were a deep pink. I was now wearing an outfit consisting of bites, bruises, dried juices, smeared lipstick, and the only accessories I had left were my mask, silver armbands, and the ring.

I looked like a painting of a very well fucked woman. Like a goddess, surrounded by her worshippers who were offering up their cocks, their ograsms to her. To me. It felt surreal — like one of my deepest, wildest fantasies come to life.

The machine picked up its speed, and I could feel both my holes getting fucked faster and faster. One second my pussy was filled, the ribbing on the dildo sliding against my inner walls. Then my pussy was empty, aching, and dripping while my tight ring was stretched again. The dildos would each pull almost all the way out before thrusting back in, and I watched in the mirror transfixed at the contrast of my creamy juices with the black silicone. I could only gasp and groan as my body shook, shuddering with each mechanical thrust.

My moans mixed with those filling the air around me. Their hands almost blurs as they stroked their swollen members, the men around me gripped the sheets, my tits, and even each other as pre-cum fell off the tips of their cocks and they bowed their heads to let out animalistic growls. I met each lust-filled gaze in turn, writhing at the heat there.

And then, with a loud click, the machine shifted into a faster setting.

“AaaAAH AAHHHH!” My moans transformed into screams and I jerked against my restraints again. My stomach was trembling, my entire body shaking as tremors moved through me. I felt hands close around my boobs, squeezing roughly while someone else’s fingers traced over my belly button to just above my pussy and then back up again. I could feel a strong wave building in me, deep inside, tingles of pleasure radiating as the dildos rubbed against my hypersensitive nerves.

My mind was gone, lost as I arched and writhed. So close, so close. The hands on my body, shadows of erotic movements dancing across my body, the two cocks in me, and the five cocks around me. I felt a hand wind into my hair, twisting my head up, making me gasp, and then choke as cum filled my mouth. The grip in my hair tightened as the man above me moaned out his release. The pain, the mess on my face, the cum in my mouth — it was enough to send me over the edge.

I blew apart with a strangled sob, lifting off the bed, and pushing deeper onto the cocks fucking my holes. I could feel the rope chafing against my wrists, the tears sliding down the sides of my face, and cum dripping down my stomach and breasts as the other men reached their own breaking points. But all this was lost to me, the sounds of pleasure in the room fading away, nothing else taking precedence over the intense waves of bliss moving through me.

I spiraled higher and higher, my mind blanking, my entire body becoming a mess of tingling nerves. My orgasm seemed to last forever, moving through me slowly and quickly all at once until the waves of pleasure began to ebb away. I fell back onto the bed, eyes closed, mind exhausted, my rigid muscles unlocking as I gasped for air. The bed sheets were sticking to me, damp with sweat and sticky from the cum dripping eskort bayan off my body.

And the fucking machine was still on. I could feel the cocks still alternating in filling me, though at a much slower and leisurely pace than before. Small tingles were radiating out from my pussy and my clit was pulsing rapidly, matching the pace of my pounding heart beat. The only sounds in the room were my gasping breaths mixing with the breaths of the men and with the wet sounds of my holes being slowly filled and emptied.

I felt the mattress depress around me with rapid movement and I wrenched my eyes open, curious to see what was happening. The men around me were making their way off the bed, their hands trailing over my legs as they moved towards the door. The one that had been above my head was the last one to leave, and he threw me a flirty wink and smile as he stepped away from the bed. Then they were out of my eyesight and I was too weak to lift or turn my head to see what else was happening.

But before I could say anything, another sudden movement drew my whole attention. With a final click, the fucking machine stopped. To be specific it stopped moving after pushing both cocks into me one last time. I let out a quiet moan, my eyes rolling back into my head as I struggled to breathe through the sudden fullness.

“My, my, my what a pretty sight you are.” Declan’s voice was nothing more than a wicked whisper with a Southern tang. I felt his hand ghost over my right ankle as he stopped near the base of the bed.

“C’mon darling. Open your eyes and take a look. A god damn painting is what you are,” said Declan in a soft, cajoling, and appreciative tone. I felt a warm flush spread through me, starting from my chest this time. As if I couldn’t help it, my eyes fluttered open and my gaze settled upon the mirror above the bed.

Bound wrists still tied to the headboard, my arms stretched up behind my head. My dark hair was spread out over them, spilling onto the bed, some strands sticking to my face. Cum starting to dry on my face, neck, covering my still heaving chest, and filling my belly button. My legs were still in the air, spread wide, and my quivering thighs framing the two black dildos that were buried to the hilt in me. My mouth was open, my eyes half-lidded, and I could feel arousal swirling again deep in my core.

If I thought I looked well fucked before……

I squirmed as the twinges of arousal intensified. All of a sudden, the fullness of the cocks was too much for me and their stillness wasn’t helping anything. I needed something, anything.

“Well hey settle down sweetheart,” soothed Declan as he leaned over me to untie my wrists. His amber eyes burned into mine as he hovered above me. He made fast work of the knots holding my arms in place and then pulled back to work on my legs.

“I would have thought you were all tired out by now. That was a pretty long drawn initiation, but here you are raving to get moving again huh….hmmm guess the king picked wisely with his challenger. That bastard did always have good taste.” Declan’s musings were quiet as he efficiently and gently pulled the dildos out of me. I groaned as I felt wetness trickle out of my pussy and ass. I wriggled my hips, once again needing relief for the arousal that had me in it’s grip. I stretched my arms and then planted my elbows into the bed, lifting myself up to lazily watch Declan move my feet out of the slings. He positioned my legs so that my feet were on the edge of the bed, raising my knees and keeping my legs spread. Then he turned back to the stool with the machine and started dismantling it. Every few seconds Declan would look back at me with a smirk and a knowing look in his eyes as he was no doubt aware of the need growing within me.

Within a few minutes the machine was entirely taken apart and Declan had neatly tucked it away beneath the bed. My breath hitched as Declan settled his elbows at the edge of the bed, propping his head up in his hands as he raked his gaze across my body. My knees were just inches away from his face and my legs shook a little as I felt him looking at my pussy, my sticky tits, and finally my lips. The air was heavy with anticipation and I could only wonder at what Declan had planned for me next following the intense opener.

Just as Declan opened his mouth, a quick knock sounded at the bedroom door. I pursed my lips in frustration, eliciting a small chuckle from Declan as he threw a booming “Come on in,” over his shoulder.

The door opened quietly as Mario stepped into the room, causing Declan to raise his eyebrows at me as he placed his chin back on the palms of his hands.

“Looks like it’s for you, love,” he sighed as Mario stepped further into the room.

“Hey Mario. Here to give me the three hour count?” I asked, pushing past the small twinge of embarrassment and awkwardness at Mario seeing me in my current state. I mean he didn’t look twice, or even make a face, so why should I be uncomfortable?

“Actually Ana, it’s your four hour count. I would have been in earlier, but thought it would have been rude to interrupt,” replied Mario. Declan sighed as he twisted to look at Mario again.

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