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Plumber’s Toy: The Lunch Quickie

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Note to readers: Thanks for all the helpful feedback and encouragement. Thank you Don for helping me edit. Also, thanks to the plumber for the inspiration for the story!


“Fuck me!!!!!” was the text I decided to start with today. I wondered what these two simple words may lead to and honestly I was hoping they may spur something, but also knew today may just be a bad day.

I wait impatiently for a response. Of course maybe I should explain what happens when I get impatient. When I get impatient and I’m really horny, I start upping the ante to make it really hard to be told no. While I waited for my phone to buzz with a response from “Plumber”, the safest name I could program into my contact list, I went to work. I grabbed my camera and my secret stash from online shopping, and then went to the bathroom to the largest mirror. I’d told Ricky about my secret stash when I bought it and when it arrived, but he hadn’t made it over since then. I found a pair of panties from Fredrick’s that even I thought looked like a match to the dress. The dress is a short black tube dress and the best way to describe it would be it has holes all up and down it plus on the sides. When it’s placed just right, it barely covers the “essentials”. While I could not imagine wearing the dress outside the house, when I bought it some of the reviews seemed to indicate a few may have. That was a nice selling factor for me. You had challenged me to buy a slutty dress. This was my response. I really wanted you to make it over and I was going to wear it. However, that hadn’t happened yet and I was starting to get impatient for the surprise. I took a few quick pictures using the mirror so I could see the LCD screen. As I was uploading the pictures your text said, “You know how to get me there.”

Sigh, it was going to be one of those days. Yes, I know how to get you here, but with all the snow days for the schools planning ahead to have you do a service call isn’t easy. So I know I have to go the creative route to get you here since conventional methods escort numaraları eryaman are out the window. So I text back telling you I couldn’t call ahead, plus I had to go in and substitute teach this afternoon so not only could I not plan ahead, but I am also shorter on time than normal. So I got the pictures uploaded to a secret website and sent you the login.

“Nice! I won’t even have to strip you, “was the text back.

One thing I’m finding is sex is no longer optional. No, take that back, fulfilling sex is no longer optional. Without it, I start getting bitchy. It’d been a long two weeks since our last quickie. Not only had it been two weeks, but add in my hubby was rejecting me and now instead of being thrilled with my new found horniness he was pissed about it. Since he’d decided he was pissed, he was rejecting me. Not only was he rejecting me but he was staying mad at me which just sent me down a whole downward spiral. I’d already turned to an online website to find a hook up, just to solidify that I am a true slut. I had a couple hits, and I was even talking to one on the phone as were texting about my dilemma. However, I knew I wasn’t getting a hook up today since he wanted to meet first. You sent me a text to call and since you don’t get to talk on the phone often, I got off the phone and called.

“There’s Gloria’s Restaurant down the street. I’ll bet you could find a hook up down there,” was Ricky’s answer to my problem.

I didn’t say it, but it wasn’t that I was against the bar option, but I have no idea how that would work. While I think I could have sex with someone I’ve never met at this point, I am still cautious about safety. I need to know what situation I’m walking into. I felt bad because my snippiness was coming out. You noticed it and that’s when I told you about being rejected. I knew there was nothing you could do.

I was getting so frustrated and knew I had to go to work in 2 hours. I thought if I played with my toys, it’d take the edge off. So I grabbed my laptop and ankara bayan escort headed to the bedroom. I’ll be the first to admit I never thought I’d like toys, but they are growing on me. While they don’t have the satisfaction of human contact sex, it does take the edge off. I’ve been making some videos lately and gotten a rush by sharing them. So I thought with the combination, it just might work.

I got my laptop to start recording. I’m so wet from all the texting and phone conversations; I take the kegal balls and slide them up into my pussy without adding any lube. I feel how wet I am and my pussy sucks them in and holds them tight. They are decent size so I feel them inside me.

Then I take the anal beads adding a little KY just to be safe. I pop the beads up into my ass one at a time. My ass must be getting used to being played with because the beads slide up with ease. When I get to the last two I feel them pop through the opening. I pull up Literotica and start reading some of the new stories while I enjoy this sensation of having something in both my pussy and my ass. I’m reading my second story when my phone buzzes.

“Get that slutty dress on, I’m on my way over.”

I jump up and take my toys out and wash them. I get my slutty dress on and before I know it, Ricky is standing at my door.

I let you in and I catch my breath as we embrace. You pull me away so you can see the dress. The smile says it all. As we kiss our tongues dance around.

You tell me your dick needs to be sucked. I start helping you out of your pants because I can’t wait to taste your cum. Once your dick is free I go down on my knees and take you in. I slide my tongue into your cock as I go up and down the shaft. I have one hand helping my mouth and the other pulling your ass to keep it close to me. You ask me to switch to focusing on the head. So I start swirling my tongue teasing your head. I am rewarded by a small taste and then I hear your voice.

“So, you want your pussy eaten.” You didn’t have elvankent escort to ask me twice.

I lay down on the floor and you get down between my legs. I start pulling my panties down (which apparently were the perfect match because you thought they were part of the outfit) and you take them off and toss them. As soon as your tongue touches my pussy my body feels like it is being revived. I feel your tongue and your fingers; and my mind just cannot comprehend all the sensations I am feeling. Your tongue dances and plays with my clit. I realize your fingers are feeling around for my g spot. Count it to my horniness and playing with toys before you got there and you are learning my pussy well because I went from overwhelmed to escalating fast. With a few more motions my pussy convulses into orgasm. I expect you to move and either put your dick in my pussy or my mouth, but you stay right where you are not missing a beat. As soon as my pussy relaxes and I take a breath, I start escalating fast and I realize you are going for a second one. It doesn’t take long before my pussy convulses again. As soon as my body relaxes you tell me that I am nice and wet now.

You sit up and your dick meets my pussy. You start to push and it’s tight. You push again and this time your dick goes in and you comment how tight I am. That’s what happens when I don’t have sex for 2 weeks! While your dick slides in and out of my pussy your hands wander around and circle my nipple and you tug it. Then you play with the other nipple. You reach up and kiss my neck which I left bare by having my hair up so you could kiss and touch anywhere without worry. Your dick continues sliding in and out and I grab your hips as I want to feel you deep inside.

“Can you suck it for me,” you say as you stand up.

I get up on my knees and I have your dick in my mouth.

“Where do you want me to cum? It’s coming.”

I had to think fast because I really wanted to taste your cum but we had been talking about letting you cum on my face. So I tried the best of both, I tasted your cum and held it close but brought it out of my mouth and let it cum out onto my face. While you shot out I’d let a pulse go into my mouth and then back onto my face.

Best lunch I’ve ever had.

We both have to get to work or in your case, back to work.

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