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Prison Island Ch. 21

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Finding Morgan again was harder than he thought. After three weeks of scouting the woods for him, while taking care not to wander too far, he was starting to lose hope that he would find him. That filled him with a different kind of desperation. He needed to ask him to take care of Mouse, to make sure that he returned if not with them, at least in another way only Morgan knew of. He surely had the means.

If only he could find him. But it could be that the man was no longer on the island, summoned back by his boss for some reason, and Francesco felt his despair growing with each passing day. Unlike before, he felt the passing of time going against him, not for him. He was fucking Mouse each chance he got, to prove to the redhead that he cared because he didn’t know what else to do for now.

They had let go of any shame. Always in the evening, by the fire, he climbed on top of his boyfriend and fucked him there, for everyone to see. The others often joked on their account, but Francesco was deaf to everything around.

Karl always left when that happened. The fucker couldn’t stand to watch. Francesco had hardened against him. He was just a fucking rich brat who was there on some sort of fucked up vacation. Everything waited for him back home. He even had his daddy send a guardian angel to make sure that his ass would return home in one piece.

The rest of them didn’t matter. So any thoughts he had had before about Karl not being all that bad, or even repressed fantasies concerning the guy and his big fat cock were gone now. The fucker could sulk all he wanted. What was the worse he had to face? Not getting his dick wet in the hole he wanted? Francesco was sure as hell he was hating the asshole more and more.

The others had gone to sleep and now he was alone with Mouse by the fire. He was fucking him slowly, teasing him gently, loving each second when the redhead started begging. He wanted to make each time Mouse came fucking count.

“Do you sluts really have to do this all the time?” Karl spat.

“No one’s keeping you from doing the same,” Francesco spat back.

“Oh, yeah? Your ass up for grabs then?”

To his annoyance, Karl walked closer to them and crouched. Francesco turned his head and it was enough to come face to face with the fucker. He didn’t stop fucking Mouse, and he continued to move his hips slowly. “If you can’t stand it why don’t you go already?”

“Nah,” Karl replied. “You fuck him all the time. I want to ruin it at least once in a blue moon.”

Mouse caressed his shoulders. “We İstanbul Escort can just go, Kekko.”

“Kekko? Why does he call you that?”

Francesco was surprised at himself by how well he could keep his hard-on even with Karl watching from up close. “I told him to. And no, before you ask, you cannot call me that.”

“I’m not asking,” Karl said. “And it’s stupid. It’s like a kid’s name or something. Cesco is better.”

“Whatever. Can you piss off now?”

“No,” Karl said like a stubborn kid.

To Francesco’s dismay, he knelt and worked his fly to pull out his cock. He began stroking it, while hissing and biting his lips. To his knowledge, Karl hadn’t played with Ty and Anya much lately. Maybe the dude was pent up.

Still, he didn’t want to give up, so he continued to sink his cock into Mouse’s velvety heat over and over, while his eyes remained on Karl’s cock and how his hand moved up and down.

“Suck my cock, Cesco,” Karl pleaded as he pushed the head against Francesco’s cheek.

“No way.” Francesco looked the other way.

“I’ll give it to your slutty boyfriend, then.”

Before he had time to say anything, Karl had planted his cock over Mouse’s face, and the redhead, like he was conditioned or something, grabbed it and began licking it.

It should have made him mad, but instead, his cock twitched so hard that Mouse gasped and lifted his legs higher to let him penetrate him deeper. The sight of that fat cock on his boyfriend’s lips was enough to make his head spin.

Karl’s cock was leaking precum like crazy. Mouse lapped gently at it from one side, and looking at that rosy tongue wrapping around the glistening head made his mouth go dry. He leaned in, with the intention of biting Karl’s cock, not hard, but enough to send him running.

The smell of the other’s crotch hit him. It aroused him even more. He planted his lips on Karl’s cock from the upper side, and the blond grunted in disbelief. He could always do it; he could sink his teeth in that meaty member and teach Karl a lesson or two about getting between other people.

But that wasn’t what he wanted. His and Mouse’s lips met round and round as they both began to lick and suck the hard cock between them.

“Fuck, yeah!” Karl let out and placed one hand on Francesco’s back. “You bitches are the best,” he moaned.

He exchanged a short look with Mouse. The magnetic eyes blinked lazily. What was it that Morgan had said to him that time? That if he only knew how he made men crazy, he Ataşehir Escort could use it on those with power?

It struck him with perfect clarity what he had to do to keep Mouse safe. The redhead was all up for mischievous things, like right now, but he would get pissed if he knew Francesco’s plan. So he needed to work on it on his own time.

For now, he would give Karl a little sample of what he could do. He increased the pressure and moved his head so that he could swallow the stiff cock. Mouse keened softly and tried to take it from his mouth, but he just continued to buck his hips and fuck his boyfriend, enjoying his strangled cries of an impending orgasm. All the while, he didn’t let go of the hard cock in his mouth. Karl held one hand on his head, but he didn’t dare to push it. It was like he thought that if he made one wrong move, Francesco would give up on sucking him off.

Maybe that was what Morgan was talking about. He didn’t know much and had always thought that the men who had fucked him, like his stepdad, those guards, and even Karl had done it because they could tell he was weak and a whore. But Morgan had put it in a whole different light. Above him, Karl’s labored breath and incoherent mumbling were telling him that even if he was the one with his mouth full of cock, he had the upper hand. If he stopped, he could make the other go crazy.

He only needed to learn how and what to make of it. For now, it was enough to know what a blabbing mess Karl turned into when getting his dick sucked. He felt the twitch of the impending release in Karl’s stiff cock and held it between his lips, teasing with his tongue. At the same time, he pounded into Mouse hard with all his strength. The redhead was first, spilling all over his abdomen, and Francesco felt like smiling as Karl came in his mouth. He looked up as Karl pulled back. He opened and had him look. The guy was panting and staring at him with wild eyes. Francesco blinked slowly and then closed his mouth over his boyfriend’s, forcing all the cum into his mouth.

Mouse shivered with meek protests but kissed back as Francesco bucked his hips down and filled him.

They all three were breathing hard when it was over.

“Does that mean that I come to sleep with you?” That was Karl, his voice rough and low, but unsure.

“You wish,” Francesco snorted.

“What?” Karl’s voice hardened. “Why did you suck my dick?”

“It was a pity suck. You looked like you needed it,” Francesco taunted.

It was crazy and Kadıköy Escort petty, and he knew it was stupid, too, but he hated how Karl had everything while Mouse had nothing. At least, this, whatever Karl wanted, the fucker had to work for it. And then, he would know to appreciate it, and pay for it, too.

“Fuck this shit.” Karl got to his feet and kicked some dirt into their faces.

Francesco sputtered but laughed. Karl was dragging his feet as he walked away, his shoulders hunched.

“That was a bit mean, Francesco,” Mouse said.

He shrugged and pulled himself up. He offered Mouse a hand. “Don’t worry. He can take it. I’m sure his feelings could use some hurting.”

“Yeah, but still –“

Francesco shut Mouse up with a kiss. He was doing that for him, after all. But not only. He was doing it for himself, too, because he had liked Karl’s cock in his mouth, and he would do it again not only out of obligation and to follow with a plan, but also because he wanted it, and this time, he had a say in it.


“Man, I’m so fucking tired of eating berries and rabbit,” Anya complained. “There’s barely any meat.”

“Mouse is doing his best,” Francesco felt the need to protect his boyfriend.

They were all getting skinny, but it wasn’t like they could do much. They only needed to survive for their time there.

“It’s a good diet.” Karl laughed and swatted Anya playfully upside the head. “Don’t tell me you want hamburgers and cake.”

“It’s getting harder to find animals stupid enough to fall in my traps,” Mouse admitted. “There’s something we can do, but it’s dangerous, and I can’t do it by myself.”

“What?” Francesco asked. He was as hungry as the others. Even Karl must have lost a few good pounds. His skin had turn darker, too, and his eyes meaner when he looked at him. But he made no mistakes, now; he knew what that look was about and he only needed to bid his time.

“There are wild boars out there. But it’s tricky to trap one and kill it.”

“If it’s dangerous, forget about it,” Francesco said.

“I’ll come with you,” Karl said.

“Then I should come, too,” Francesco insisted.

“No, you stay here. Ty and Anya are no good if anyone comes. Yeah, bitches, it’s true,” he added, when the two mentioned guys began snickering. “It’s on you and Leon to guard the camp.”

Francesco noticed how Karl said nothing about Ollie. After that day when Ollie had jerked him off while Leon had fucked Francesco, the fucker was absurdly shy around that boy.

The thought of Karl alone with Mouse unsettled him. Who knew what could cross Karl’s mind? He was thinking these days that he had the fucker figured out, but he was a wild card, after all. Nonetheless, the occasion he had been waiting for was presenting itself. He stared at Karl and let their eyes lock for a while. “Okay.”


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