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The night began as any date night might. We ate dinner at a really nice restaurant. I ordered wine with dinner, and ended up drinking the entire bottle. My body was tingling from the consumption of alcohol. We left the restaurant and drove to our favorite toy store. We entered the store and began browsing the shelves eagerly searching for something new to add to our massive toy arsenal. As luck would have it we stumbled upon a couple of anal toys. We each snagged a toy from the shelf and headed for the cash register. While waiting in line, I urged Tony to wander over to pick out a movie. Tony decided on two movies, and met me back at the register just in time to check out. After paying for our items, we headed for home.

There wasn’t too much conversation between us as we quietly began our drive home. I was getting hot and bothered just thinking about getting home and having sex. Still feeling tipsy from the bottle of wine, I felt an urgent need to satisfy myself. I reached between my legs and rubbed two fingers over my clit. I could feel my lips swelling through my pants. I spread my legs to get a better grip on things. The adjustment caught Tony’s attention, and he looked at me wide eyed with excitement.

“What are you doing?” Tony asked.

I exclaimed, “I cannot wait any longer.”

With that said, I unfastened my seatbelt. I lifted my hips up off of the leather seat, grasping at the waist of my pants and tugging them down around my knees. I kicked my pants and panties to the floor of the truck, reclining the seat slightly for comfort. I leaned back in the seat, feeling the coolness of the leather against my naked ass. With my legs spread open, I reached down with both hands and began massaging my pussy. I moaned with pleasure from the sensation of my own moisture on my hands. Tony was having a very difficult time concentrating on driving, with my half naked body sitting next to him. He tried to reach between my legs with his right arm, but I was sadly out of his grasp.

I shifted my hips in the seat, positioning ankara escort my pussy in Tony’s direction. I lifted one leg up over the center console, and rested it behind the driver’s seat. I propped my other leg up on the dashboard. Tony reached over and tickled my clit with his right hand. I moved my hips towards the pressure of his fingers, wanting more. He slid his fingers down my slit and shoved them into my wet hole. I told Tony to have a taste. He withdrew his wet fingers, and placed them in his mouth, sucking every drop of my juices off of his fingers. He grinned in delight. Tony managed to drive down the highway as he fingered my pussy.

I was enjoying the ride that his fingers were giving my hole so much that I did not even notice that Tony had taken a detour. He continued to drive, as he fingered my eager pussy. I had no notion that we were off course until after my first climax. Once I had my wits about me, I asked Tony where we had gotten to. He simply explained that we were in a remote area near the lake. We were going to make out in the car, as if we were teenagers again. This was very exciting.

Tony climbed out of the truck and walked to the back door. He reached in the back door and folded the middle row of seats down, creating a flat surface. Then he climbed in and closed the door behind him. I turned the radio to a jazz station, and eased the windows down a bit. Tony was busy in the back stripping naked. I joined him, climbing over the center console into the back of the truck. I quickly shed the rest of my clothing. We began kissing each other fiercly. Tony was very turned on by my erotic behavior tonight. He got up on his knees, and positioned me in front of him. He grabbed my ankles and swung them up over my head and began pumping. He rammed his rock hard cock in and out of my wet pussy until we both had a screaming orgasm. He slowed his thrusts as I held on to every moment of pleasure. Tony lowered his head, and began licking on my clit, sending me over the edge again. By now, I am usually spent, and elvankent escort ready to push him away from me so that I can recover. Tonight, Tony would not let me push him away. He held my wrists firmly, pulling them tight alongside my body. He continued licking my clit, as I screamed, my body spasming from the intense pleasure and the pain. He sucked my clit with determination and force. When he knew that I could not stand anymore, Tony withdrew and watched as the ripples of pleasure washed over my body. He loves to please me.

Tony sat up on the back row of seats. He was sweating from all of the work that goes into pleasing me. It was my turn to please him. As always, I was eager to please. I got up on my knees, and crawled over to him. I used my head to nudge his knees open. He did not hesitate to give me access to his growing staff. I crawled closer, my cheeks touching his inner thighs as I moved in towards his cock. I stopped right in front of his cock, and let my heavy breath glide over the tip. I opened my mouth and moved in closer, allowing only my lips to rub against the head of his dick. He winced in surprise. I flicked my tongue around the head of his dick. Then I closed my lips tightly around his shaft and moved closer to him allowing his shaft to slide all of the way into my mouth. I felt his pubic hair tickling my nose. I forced myself not to gag, as I took his entire cock into my mouth. I began sucking his cock, easing his shaft out of my mouth, then ramming his cock back into my mouth, slamming it into the back of my throat. I put one hand on each of his knees and spread his legs open wide, allowing me to get even closer to him. The light of the moon was all he needed to see my eyes looking up to meet his gaze. Tony likes to look into my eyes as I am pleasing him. He could see my round ass shining in the moonlight. He also was pleased to have my huge tits boucing around his balls as I I continued to stroke his cock with my mouth. Tony watched intently as he enjoyed the service he was receiving.

His otele gelen escort second orgasm never come quickly, but now Tony was very near it and could not take any more teasing. He told me to lie back on the floor. He followed me, quickly getting back down on his knees. He grabbed my hips and lifted them off of the floor, pulling them towards his cock. He positioned my pussy on his shaft and began pumping fiercly. The movements in his thrusts were fast and precise. I could feel his shaft swelling inside of me with each jab. He continued to ram his cock into my wet pussy, until finally he reached an exploding orgasm. His warm semen was filling my hole, I could still feel the contractions of his orgasm inside of me, as he slowed his thrusts to a halt. His body spasmed slightly and his breath grew heavy. I soon felt sweat drip from his body and splash onto my breasts. Tony leaned forward and gave me a kiss. I could taste the sweetness of my juices mixed with the salt from the sweat on his lips, as we kissed.

We savored every moment of the evening, before preparing to continue our journey home. Tony began getting dressed, using only the article of clothing he felt necessary. Once clad in his cargo pants, he jiggled the handle of the back door.

“Drat!” he exclaimed.

I quickly asked, “What is wrong?”

Tony replied, “The child locks are in place, and I cannot open the back doors from the inside”.

“I will climb back up front, get out of the truck and open the door for you,” I giggled.

Still naked, I climbed over the console and into the driver seat. I pressed the unlock button on the automatic locks. I pulled on the handle, and pushed open the door. I felt the cool night air rush against my naked skin. I immediately became excited at the thought of someone seeing me in this vulnerable state. I tiptoed to the back door of the truck, and grabbed onto the door handle. I opened the door setting Tony free from his moment of captivity. Tony stepped out of the truck, I moved by him and again slipped into the back seat. For the remainder of the drive home, I lie motionless, naked, and spent in the back of the truck.

We pulled into the drive in the early hours of the morning. This night of making out in the truck would not be forgotten any time soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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