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Project Incest: Joseph S.

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[Joseph S. is 22. He’s tall and striking looking, well-built, sharp blue eyes, and a warm, genial smile. He was referred b Dr. B. of Yorba Linda. Joe was very relaxed during our interview. Summary of interview follows.]

Sure, I’ll tell you my story but it’s not a pretty one. Here’s the deal. My mother was sixteen when she had me. Her parents kicked her out of the house and she went to live with my old man. That lasted about a month. Because my dad’s parents disowned her after he left, mom went on welfare before I was born. When I was two, she found a job as a maid at one of those big hotels downton. I remember when I was a little kid, maybe seven or eight, that I swore I’d get back at the people who’d made my mom’s life so hard. Unfortunately, my old man – – who I saw twice in my life – – croaked by the time I was 14.

Over the next couple of years, I began to develop a plan. I started researching my old man’s family. His mother and father were bigwigs in San Francisco. That part was easy. But then, after paying one of those internet people search companies, I discovered something interesting. My dad’s mother had given birth to my dad when she was 17. She’d married my grandfather that same year. Maybe, I thought, she was pissed at my mom and dad because they were repeating grandad’s and grandmom’s bad habits.

I turned 21 in the spring and decided to launch my plan. It was simple: I’d go to north to San Francisco, show up on my grandparents’ doorstep, demand recognition and money. I’d threaten them with going to the media if they said no. Like I said, they were bigwigs.

I left for San Fran in the middle of June, used my savings from my part-time jobs in high school, rented a cheap room in the worst part of the city, and started making my moves. I was staking out my grandparents’ house on a bright, cool day when I saw an older woman leave the house and get into a sleek black mercedes. I followed her in my car. She headed downtown and pulled into a parking lot. I followed her and parked a couple of rows away. Then, I followed her out of the lot, down the street, and into a swanky department store. She headed for the perfume counter. I trailed along behind her.

The woman looked to be in her mid-fifties. She was very well-preserved, her thin waist and round bottom nicely accented by her black dress. She had killer legs and as I made my way around the counter opposite her, I saw a lovely, full bosom. She had white hair, swept up off her neck, large, blue eyes and full, red lips. I recognized her from my research: this was my grandmother alright, and she was a hot-looking woman. I felt myself start to sweat and felt a familiar stirring in my pants. Shit. Suddenly, the woman shifted her eyes from the saleslady talking to her and looked directly at me. Our eyes met and I gulped. Slowly, a smile spread over her face and, feeling the blood shoot to my cheeks, I wanly smiled back at her. Embarassed, I looked down at the counter in front of me. When I looked up, the woman had gone.

As I wandered the streets of downtown San Francisco that afternoon, I felt confused and desperate. I wanted revenge. But at the same time, I had these other, odd desires. My grandmother had such an electrifying smile. Her eyes sparkled so brilliantly when they met mine. She was such a beautiful woman – – full and fleshy. As I walked I slowly began to realize that I could satisfy both desires; I began to plan a revenge so perverse and so shocking that it would forever satisfy my long-simmering rage.

The next day, I waited again for her to leave the house. At about the same time as the day before, she got into her mercedes. Again, she traveled downtown. This time, she stopped in at a bookstore. Again, I followed her inside. She had made her way to the back of the store and was talking with a guy who looked like he might be the owner or manager. I pulled a book off the bestseller’s rack and waited at the front of the store. Sure enough, three or four minutes later, I sensed someone just to my right. I turned my head and there she was, my grandmother, running her eyes over the bestsellers. I swallowed and made my move.

“My friends say this is a good read,” I turned and said to her, offering her the book in my hands.

She smiled in return. “Really,” she answered, taking the book from my hands and fastening her eyes on me and not the book. “What’s it about?”

“It’s a love story,” I replied, turning on my most engaging smile. “But not your usual love story.”

“Not usual,” she said, her bright eyes wide. “That sounds interesting.”

“Yes,” I said. “It’s about a relationship between an older man and a young woman. It’s very steamy.”

At my words, her breasts rose in a sharp, little intake of breath. As she looked at me, I slowly ran my eyes down her body, from her lips, along her neck, down over her full breasts, past her belly, across her hips, and down her shapely legs to her black pumps. Then, more slowly, I swept my eyes back up, finally escort ataşehir locking my gaze with hers. I felt energy surging between us and I started to feel that first hint of physical desperation, the kind of tang you feel in the air before a summer thunderstorm.

“My name is Elsa,” she said, extending her hand. “Elsa Samuels.”

“I’m Bob,” I replied, taking her hand in mine. “Bob Williams. And, I’m pleased to meet you . . . Elsa.”

Still allowing me to hold her hand, she said, “Bob, you appear to be very well-read for such a young man.”

“I am,” I laughed. “But I’m also a very hungry young man . . . on my lunch break. Have you eaten lunch yet?”

Elsa blushed and stammered that she’d like to but couldn’t. She had an appointment. I smiled. I told her how much I enjoyed meeting her. She agreed and then turned to leave. As she made the door, I scooped up the book she’d given back to me, ran to the counter and paid for it. I whipped out a pen and scribbled my cell number on the front page of the book and then ran out of the shop. There was Elsa, clicking along on her high heels and just about to turn the corner. I ran toward her, rounded the corner, and slowed down a bit. As I came astride of her, I turned and she stopped in surprise.

“Here,” I told her. “Your forgot your book.”

Too surprised to respond, she grasped the book I shoved into her hands. I turned and walked away.

That night I lay in my bed in my crummy room and replayed the day’s events, grinning as I relished the shocked look on her face when I overtook her on the sidewalk. Then, as I recalled the plush outlines of her body and her broad smile, I felt my cock uncoiling in my boxers. I grabbed my dick and jerked slowly as I remembered those luscious breasts and that full, sexy ass. I fell asleep, cock in hand, jism splashed on my sheets

I didn’t hear anything from Elsa for several days. Then, one Saturday as I was running in Golden Gate Park my cell rang. I stopped, panting.

“Hello,” I gasped.

“Oh, Bob, if I caught you at a bad time.”

It was Elsa.

“No,” I answered, laughing. “I’m jogging. How are you? I was hoping you’d call.”

Elsa laughed.

“I’m fine, thanks.”

“How was the book?” I asked.

“Oh,” she giggled. “The book was very weakly plotted, had unbelievable characters, but . . . was very, very steamy.”

I laughed. We chatted for ten or fifteen minutes – – about books, reading, San Francisco. She asked me about my family and I told her I had none. Then, I asked about her family.

“I had a son,” she said. “But he died many years ago when he was just a little older than you.”

I feigned amazement that she could be old enough to have a son that age and then asked her about any other kids or grandkids.

“None,” she answered with a sigh.

I grimaced. I was determined to carry out my plan. She told me she was bored. I asked her where her husband was. She said he was gone for the weekend. I invited her out for dinner and a drink. This time, she accepted. We hung up. I jogged home, showered, stroked myself to climax thinking about meeting her again, dried, and dressed. At five, I arrived at a tiny bar along the waterfront and waited for her. She showed up a half hour later, looking like a million bucks. Her hair, thick and snow white, hung down along her shoulders. She wore a low-cut magenta top, revealing a fine, deep line of cleavage helped out by her push-up bra. Her tight black skirt ended six inches or so above her knees, revealing long, shapely legs that ended in a pair of very high-heeled pumps. She had definitely invested in plastic surgery – – her breasts were just too full and firm and except for some wrinkles around her eyes, her face was smooth, almost taut. We hugged like friends and I caught a deep breath of her sweet perfume. I felt my groin tremble.

We sat and ordered drinks. I put on my most charming self as we polished off three or four cocktails. The more we drank, the warmer our relationship became. By the time we headed off for dinner, I had my arm around her waist and she was laughingly smacking my chest with her hands as I joked and clowned. We drove to a little seafood joint in Oakland, and it was more of the same. Our thighs pressed together as we squeezed into a booth, and our conversation became racier. She joked about robbing the cradle, all the while squeezing my forearm; I joked about Mrs. Robinson while I dropped my around around her shoulders and squeezed. A wine-soaked meal ended with me driving her and her Mercedes back to San Francisco.

We drove to my place and I invited her in.

“My god,” she spluttered. “You live in the ghetto.”

I laughed and reminded her I was still almost an impoverished college student. I drove into a nearby parking lot and turned to her. She was sitting back in her seat, one arm draped over the seat backs and the other hanging on the open window sill. Her skirt was riding up her kadıköy escort bare legs and her tits were jutting forward as she leaned back to sigh. Feeling my cock starting to harden, I reached over, put my hand around the back of her head, and leaned in to kiss her. At first, she retreated into the seat, trying to pull her lips away from me. Then, gradually, as I pressed my lips to hers, she relented. I felt her body relax, her mouth opened, and out shot her tongue. We smothered each others’ mouths in one of those kisses where you just want to jump into the other person’s mouth. I felt her arms wrap and round my head and I pulled her across the seat closer to me. As we kissed, I practically climbed on top her, as she pulled me tighter and tighter. Finally, with a moan, she pulled her lips away from mine, panting and sighing, her breasts heaving.

“Let’s do it right here,” I said to her as we panted into each others’ faces. I cricled my arm around her waist and ran my other hand up and down the inside of her thigh. “Come on, baby. The windows are tinted. Nobody’s going to see us”

She gasped, “No. I can’t.”

I wrapped my right arm tighter around her waist and moved my left hand to her breast, squeezing and kneading her tit with my hand, pinching the nipple roughly. I leaned down and put my lips to her ear. I stuck my tongue in her ear and chewed on her earlobe.

“You know you want it,” I whispered hoarsely in hear. “You know you want it.”

She moaned a “no, no . . not here,” but I could feel her chest rising to meet my hand and her head pressing against my mouth and tongue. I took my hand off her tit and grabbed her hand, lowering it to my crotch. I put her delicate little, ring-bedecked hand on my stiff cock and squeezed my hand around hers, goosing my dick which strained to escape my pants. She moaned.

“You know you want it,” I whispered again into her ear. “You want it right here, right now. You know you want my cock. My nice, young hard cock.”

I returned my hand to her tit as she continued to squeeze and stroke my dick. She moaned as she grasped my rock hard tool. With my free hand, I pushed her skirt up over her thighs and ran my fingers over her pussy. By now, Elsa was grunting as she jerked on my cock while I played with her pussy.

“Tell me,” I whispered savagely, mashing my mouth against her ear. “Tell me you want it.”

“Oh,” she moaned, pressing her lips against my forehead. “Yes, I want it. Yes. Yes. Yes.”

With that, I put lips to hers and she opened her mouth wide to let my tongue slide in. I reached up along her ass and she arched her hips. I grasped the top of her thong and yanked it down around her thighs. She moaned into my mouth. I reached down hurriedly and undid my belt and unzipped my pants. Greedily, she reached into my boxers and withdrew my cock. We were frantic now, moving quickly and roughly, seeking only one thing. With my arm around her waist, I lifted my ass off the seat and twisted her around so that her head was against the passenger door and her legs came up over the steering wheel. Grinning like a madman, I pulled my arm out and then dragged her panties down and off her legs. As soon as the thong slid over her ankles and then her shoes, she spread her legs and I leaped between them with my hard dick in my hands.

Propping my upper body with my left arm, I reached down to maneuver my cock into Elsa’s waiting pussy. She pushed her hands into my hair and pulled our mouths together. I felt the tip of my cock slide between her pussy lips. Her pussy was warm and wet. As I slid my cock into her slowly, Elsa pulled her lips off of mine and moaned, yanking my head down onto her shoulder. I grunted with pleasure as I pushed thick, swollen dick all the way into her. Our groins met and we froze for a moment, consumed with the pleasure of my swollen cock stretching her pussy.

I did it, I thought to myself as I rested my elbows on either side of Elsie’s tits and jiggled my hips. I’m fucking my grandmother. I groaned with the thought of it, feeling my cock in her and knowing that she was my dad’s mother, my grandmother. Slowly, I began to slide my cock into and out of her, grunting and gasping. With each slide of my fat dick deeper into her, Elsa let out her own low groan. She wrapped her arms around my head and pressed my face harder into into her shoulder. I began pistoning my hips faster into her, and as I did she began to whimper. I felt surges of electricity run up and down my dick. The more I repeated to myself that I was fucking my grandmother, the more forceful my thrusts became. The more violent my fucking, the more Elsa moaned. Soon I was running my cock in and out of her like a machine gun and Elsa’s moans had been reduced to a quick series of sharp, high-pitched grunts. The more I thought about her being my grandmother the more vicious my thrusts became and the more she loved it. Finally, I felt my cock reach an unbearable state of hardness. I felt my balls maltepe escort bayan tighten. And then, I came in a vast explosion, shooting myself into my grandmother and almost fainting with the pleasure that jolted backward from my cock through my groin and across my thighs and chest. Elsa began emitting one continuous “Oh,” a keening, guttural wail of pleasure and joy. With a final, hard thrust, I glued my groin to her pussy and felt my cock empty itself in shuddering spasms. As my orgasm ended, I heard Elsa’s wail turn into a low humming moan and I felt her hands on my ass as she tried to fasten my dick onto her pussy forever.

We lay there as our bodies untensed, her with her hands squeezing my ass, me with my face buried in the fleshy nape of her neck. Finally, sighing in relief, Elsa let go of my ass and I popped my dick out of her pussy. With a sigh, she pulled my face to hers and we plunged our tongues together in slow, lascivious twirling. I leaned over to her side, crammed against the steering wheel and the dashboard. Elsa wouldn’t let my tongue go as I stroked her belly and thighs.

I don’t know how long we lay there, totally absorbed by ebbing waves of pleasure. Finally, we pulled our faces apart and I kissed her on the cheek.

“Oh, Bob,” she sighed. “Oh . . . hmmmmmmmm.”

I kissed her again and stroked her cheek.

“You liked that didn’t you,” I said with a smile.

Elsa reached up and pulled me down for another kiss. We slowly sorted ourselves out until we were each sitting where we’d started, me behind the driver’s wheel, she on the passenger side. She held my hand as we stared out the windshield.

“Come on up to my place,” I said to her. She squeezed my hand and said yes. We locked up the car and walked around the block to my room, my hand around her waist and hers around mine. Every few steps we’d stop and kiss and every few other steps I’d sneak a quick tit or ass squeeze in. People passing by us stared, puzzled probably by this odd couple, a young man and a white-haired middle-aged woman, so frisky with each other.

When we got there, I unlocked the door to my room and pushed Elsa inside. I locked the door behind me and wrapped my arms around her, running my hands up and down her body, paying special attention to her ripe ass. I pulled her blouse off and unzipped her skirt, and there stood my big-titted, wide-hipped grandmother, panting with lust in her lace-truimmed thong and push-up bra. I whipped off my shirt and unzipped my pants. We embraced. I carried her to my bed and laid her down.

“Take your bra off,” I ordered, and Elsa unhooked her bra. A pair of huge, pink-nippled tits rolled free. I smiled with pleasure. I told her to sit up against the headboard and play with her tits. She groaned as she rolled her breasts in her hands and as I pulled my boxers off. I climbed onto the bed, smothered her nipples in kisses as she offered me her breasts and climbed up until I was standing over her with my hands on the wall above the bed’s headboard. She looked up at me as I took my cock in my hands and started stroking it. Soon, she reached up and began playing with my cock, squeezing and pulling my shaft with one hand while rolling my nuts in her other hand.

“Suck it,” I told her. I watched as my grandmother grasped my dick in both hands and stuffed it into her mouth. I could feel her moan as she wrapped her lips around my cock and then she attacked it hungrily, sucking it into her mouth and rolling her head around, grunting, to massage my dick. Peering down at her below, as she pushed her mouth further up my dick, I relaxed my hips. With my palms on the wall, I slowly started to rotate my hips, fucking my grandmother’s hungry mouth. With a little whimper, like she was going after the last piece of candy in the box, Elsa responded to my face-fucking by grabbing the base of my cock and pushing her mouth ever tighter onto my dick. Her other hand circled around my back and squeezed my ass cheeks. I fucked her hot mouth until I felt myself getting close to orgasm and then slowly tried to pull my hips away from grandma’s mouth. She refused to surrender my dick and instead pulled me insistently tighter to her mouth. I started moaning as I felt my load building. I could hear and feel Elsa moaning insistently as she sensed my climax. Taking one hand off the base of my cock, she put both her hands on my ass and pushed me harder into and out of her mouth. I started banging her furiously and I heard her whimper as she squeezed my ass cheeks harder and swallowed my dick. My cock swelled to bursting and with a final thrust I pushed deep into her throat, unloading a gallon of cum down her hot, wet mouth. Grandma hummed in pleasure and fastened her lips onto my dick as I shot into her. I groaned and shook my hips with pleasure as I emptied my cock. Exhausted, I relaxed and I felt Elsa’s hands running up and down my stomach as my cock wilted. With a little hum of pleasure, she released my dick and began smothering my crotch, my balls, and my thighs with wet, passionate kisses. As I stood upright and stretched my arms behind my head, grandma put her arms around my ass cheeks and hugged my crotch close to her cheek. “Hmmmmmm . . .,” she murmured. It was my turn to sigh with pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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