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Protecting Eden

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“I’m gonna need you to get the hell off my property!” Michael Del Vecchio said as he stomped on some freshly planted Gerbera daisies.

“Hey, what’s your problem?” Lily rushed over.

“My problem is this shitty garden falls on my building property. Tomorrow, my guys are coming in to bulldoze this dump. Better get your tomatoes and weeds outta here.”

Lily was a petite busty 23 year old with long blond hair pulled back in a pony-tail with a kerchief. She wore a torn white tank top, daisy duke denim shorts, and worn out running shoes. Dirt covered her arms and legs. Michael could see the hardened nipples of her D-cup tits. “My God, she’s filthy. She isn’t even wearing a bra. Where’s her self-respect?” thought Michael as his dick grew hard in his khakis.

“This is a community garden. You can’t do that!” said Lily as she took off her gardening gloves and tossed them to the ground. She put her hands on her curvaceous hips. “Focus, Mike,” Michael told himself. “You have a wife. An important position in the city. Focus…”

“Over 200 households bring their kitchen scraps to be composted. We’re making a diff–“

“Blah blah whatever.” said Michael as rolled his eyes and jerked off an imaginary cock. “The city made a mistake and now we’re fixing it. We’re gonna get rid of this useless compost pile and build homes. Something practical.”

“Practical? They’re poorly made, over priced condos for rich assholes—like you!” Lily pressed her finger on his chest and stared up at him. She felt her cheeks became flushed.

“Hey, don’t get any dirt on this polo! This was expensive!” Michael declared.

“What a pompous piece of shit!” thought Lily. “Why does he have to be so handsome?” She regained her composure “And tomorrow? Tomorrow’s Earth Day! You… you’re evil!” Lily stammered at Michael.

Michael turned around and walked away. “We’re doing it to make a point. Nothing stops progress. No one stops Michael Del Vecc–“

Then Michael felt a clod of dirt smack the back of his head. He spun around to see Lily’s defiant face and outstretched arm.

Michael marched to Lily and grabbed her shoulders. “My God his hands are huge,” thought Lily. Michael was a foot taller than Lily so he had to bend down to get in her face. He was a large muscular man with a flawless tan from unnecessary tropical vacations. He was clean shaven and with perfectly combed black hair. His blue eyes were frightening, but charming. Lily wasn’t used to men who were so put together and took çankaya escort great care of their appearance. She hung out with scrawny, scruffy hipsters who were above taking care of personal appearance. Lily railed against Michael’s type: early 30s hyper masculine male who worshipped the movie The Wolf of Wall Street for the wrong reasons. But the fact was, physically, Lily was very turned on. The angrier he got, the more she wanted to provoke him. She felt her pussy get wetter. Her bottom lip trembled and her massive breasts heaved. Michael saw this. He stared into Lily’s eyes. He squinted. Lily didn’t blink.

“If you really want to save your garden you have to do something for me.” Lily gulped and lost her breath. Lily pressed her lips against Michael’s lips. No matter how much they hated each other, they could not deny the thrill of the first kiss. Their kissing was passionate and natural. Michael grabbed Lily’s hips and pressed her body into his crotch. She felt his raging hard on. Also, Lily felt how much larger Michael was. His thick long fingers easily palmed Lily’s firm plump ass. Lily moved her hands onto Michael’s wide shoulders, which felt like honey dew melons.

“If I do this, will you let the garden stay?” Lily asked as she lifted her tank top above her breasts. Michael stared at her massive tits and could finally get a good look at her nipples. He grabbed them. They were firm and her skin was very soft. His hands caressed her belly and the small of her back.

“Yes… this will be our secret. You can’t tell anyone. Not my wife, not anyone in the community, not anyone.”

“Let’s go behind the shed. We’ll have more privacy.” Michael lifted Lily up and held her tightly. He walked across the garden, behind the shed. Lily wrapped her legs around Michael and she kissed and sucked on his neck. He set Lily down so she could stand up. He spun her around and she almost slammed against the side of the shed.

“Arch your ass up like a slut,” Michael commanded. Lily did so. Michael wrenched her shorts and panties down to her ankles. He faced her fat white ass. He smacked her ass cheeks until they became red. “Harder! Please! That’s the way I need it!” pleaded Lily. His put his hand on the inside of her thigh and his fingers caressed her all the way up to her soaking wet pussy. His strong fingers slowly rubbed her cunt and Lily moaned with pleasure. She stepped out of her shorts so she could spread her legs.

As Michael kissed her ass, he found himself intoxicated escort etlik by the smell of her pussy and ass. His tongue circled her asshole. He shoved his face deeper in between her ass so he could get to her dripping wet cunt.

“You want my dirty pussy? I’ve been working all day and I haven’t showered.” That set Michael off as nothing else had before. He tore off his clothes. Lily turned around to see Michael’s nude muscular body. The expensive clothes he so coveted a few minutes ago were strewn across a pile of dirt. “My pussy is driving him crazy,” thought Lily, and she got hotter.

Michael slapped the shaft of his cock against Lily’s ass, wrapping his hands around her breasts, squeezing and teasing her nipples.

“Please fuck me, sir,” Lily begged. “I won’t tell anyone.” Michael pressed the head of his thick 8″ cock against Lily’s hot pussy. The head of his cock went slowly in and out–it drove Lily mad. She wanted Michael’s entire shaft to pump her. She was going to be fucked by the man she hated more than anyone else in the world. “Where is my self-respect?” thought Lily. The answer no longer mattered; she needed to be fucked.

Lily backed her hips against Michael, forcing his shaft deeper into her tight pussy. He grabbed Lily’s tits even harder and moaned. Michael’s entire cock was deep inside of Lily. He buried his face into Lily’s neck kissing her as he slammed her. Then Michael held Lily’s hips and thrust his cock repeatedly into her. He reached over and held Lily’s wrists behind her as he continued fucking her. Lily was at the mercy of Michael’s cock and his hands holding her. If he let go, she would slam against the shed wall. She felt as if she would be torn apart with her back arched and her tits heaving up and down as Michael’s thick cock kept pounding her. He grunted like an animal; Lily knew that Michael was addicted to her pussy.

Michael gave one more powerful thrust. Lily never had a cock so deep inside of her before. Michael let go of Lily’s arms and she moved them in front of her to prevent falling into the shed. Michael took his cock out of Lily’s pussy. They panted heavily. Michael picked up Lily and took her to the ground on top of his clothes. Atop the dirt, it was a roughshod but soft bed–perfect for sex. Lily faced Michael with her legs spread apart. Michael closed his eyes, leaned over, and licked Lily’s pussy folds.

“Dirty fucker. Want to eat my hot pussy, yeah?” Lily moaned. Michael wanted every drop that ankara demetevler escort came from Lily’s cunt. He stuffed his mouth deeper in Lily’s pussy. His tongue fucked her pussy and then slid down to her warm asshole. His strong hands moved up her stomach and grabbed her breasts and his tongue fucked Lily’s asshole.

“I need your cock again. Please!” Lily begged. Michael got on his knees. His mouth and chin were slathered in Lily’s tangy pussy juices. Michael put his hands on Lily’s collarbone and pressed his dick into Lily’s filthy pussy. Lily closed her eyes and tossed her head back, moaning and exhaling. Michael rammed his dick even harder into Lily. Lily opened her eyes and stared into Michael’s eyes. Michael was open-mouthed and his eyes were lost. His chiseled abs dripped with sweat. As Michael pumped Lily as hard as he could, she reached down and frantically rubbed her clit.

“You want this garden, you have to be my slave,” Michael panted. He had never said anything so ridiculous in his life, but he had never let himself become so lost in sexual desire. He was risking everything. He was cheating on his wife with a younger, hotter woman just 100 yards from his condo. But he was winning. No one stops Michael DelVecchio.

“I don’t think so. See that camera?” Lily irked out. Michael shoved his cock deeper in Lily and turned his head. On top of the shed was a discreet security camera pointing right at them. “Everything’s been recorded. If you shut down this garden, I make us stars on YouPorn.”

Michael grunted like a caged animal. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as he continued plowing Lily. His hands moved toward her neck. Lily was terrified, but the camera would protect her. Michael’s desperate hate fucking and the fact that she conquered him, made her even wetter than before. As his hands pressed harder into her neck and Lily gasped for breath, she closed her eyes and kept rubbing her clit as Michael’s cock tore her apart.

“More! Punish me for being a little bitch!” Lily managed to eke out. With her other hand, she caressed Michael’s angry face, encouraging him to go harder. Michael had crossed a line, but he may as well enjoy it. Michael came deep inside of Lily. Lily arched her back and trembled as her own orgasm flooded her body. She felt his rod pulsate as it pumped load after load into her. Michael let go of Lily’s neck and collapsed on top of her. Lily caressed Michael’s back. They both panted and caught their breaths.

“You can keep your garden,” Michael grimaced as he pulled his cock out of Lily.

“Thank you, baby.” Lily murmured. Michael stood up. Lily turned and lay on her stomach. She spread her legs and arched her ass up. “Now clean out my ass with your tongue. Happy Earth Day.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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