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Pussyboy Nephew Ch. 02

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The next morning my aunt opened the curtains in my room, waking me up. The light shone in and immediately I stirred, although further embarrassment ensued as my aunt got another look at my dildo on the floor, and the empty dvd case by the television. My aunt smiled and said she imagined I had done some exercise last night, to which I laughed, rather awkwardly. My aunt sat at the end of the bed and asked if I would mind going shopping with her and her best friend today, as she was dying to go shopping with her gay nephew. I enthusiastically responded that I would, and was looking forward to exploring the nearest town. She said that her friend was coming over for breakfast, so that I should get ready and the come down to eat something.

After showering and washing I put on some jeans and a casual shirt and went down to the breakfast room, where my aunt was speaking to a blonde woman. She was my aunt’s best friend, and lived a few minutes away, so had walked over. She was very similar to my aunt in appearance, being very slim, with smallish breasts, but was probably slightly better looking, although being gay this didn’t stir any feelings down below for me. The table was covered with breakfast foods, and a few drinks. I said good morning, and my aunt introduced me to her friend, before asking if I wanted some orange juice. Naturally I accepted, and soon was sipping the cold juice, although I could clearly taste the vodka in it. I commented that wasn’t it a bit early to be drinking, but my aunt laughed and said it was one of her few vices. So I ate my breakfast, sipped my morning alcohol, and spoke with my aunt and her friend. Conversation turned to the period when my mom and me had lived with my aunt, back when I was a kid. It happened after my parents had separated, my dad having decided that he preferred cock to my mom. So for a while my mom moved in with my aunt, until she could get a job and a place for us to live back in the city. My aunt mentioned that back then I had loved dressing up in ladies clothing and wearing my mom’s makeup. Her friend laughed and jokingly enquired if I still liked make up, and before I could answer my aunt said that I was gay. However I decided to add to this by saying that one recent boyfriend had actually enjoyed seeing me dressed up as a lady. We all laughed at this, and my aunt said that with that in mind we must go to the new adult shop in town to buy some sexy undies.

So later on we set off for the nearest town, which was about twenty minutes away from my aunt’s gaziantep yavuzeli escort place. We spent the morning looking through the shops, before stopping for lunch at a trendy restaurant. My aunt ordered some drinks, and I chose some pasta to eat. Talk drifted back to my love life, and I was surprised at how open my aunt and her friend were. We talked about my recent boyfriends, and how I enjoyed the nightlife at uni. I was open, and admitted that I had had quite a few lovers recently, and after being asked directly by my aunt revealed that I was a “bottom” person, and much preferred being taken by my lovers. My aunts friend said how brave I was, and that I must really be in touch with my feminine side. After a few more cocktails, it was decided that we should try out the sex shop. I was beginning to feel a bit tipsy, and was pleased with the idea of getting to look at dildo’s and underwear.

So we entered the sex shop, two forty plus middle aged women, and one twenty year old homosexual nephew. We looked around at the underwear, and I helped my aunt and her friend pick a few pieces to try on. My aunt said that I should pick one or two as well, and that I could try it on with them out back. So I picked a rather sexy silk pair of knickers, and some matching stockings. As we walked to the dressing room we passed the dildos and my aunt stopped and said she needed a new one. She looked over and grabbed a tench inch one, at which her friend said that it was far too big. However my aunt turned round and said that mine was bigger at which her friend gasped and said she would love to see me try and get that down my throat. So we went into the changing rooms, each into our own booth. I stripped off, leaving my top on, and put the knickers on. They felt really good and smooth, but itched against my unshaved pubic area. The stockings didn’t go on too easily, as my hair legs prevented them being pulled up easily, however I got them on, and went outside to see my aunt. They had both put on their underwear, and we admired one another in the mirrors. My aunt said that the underwear looked great on me, at which her friend suggested that we should go and buy some more clothes for me, go home and give me a makeover. Still feeling pissed I agreed. So we spent the rest of the afternoon trawling through the ladies shops, and I chose some black high heel boots, a tartan mini skirt and black tank top. Before driving home, we stopped of at another bar, and my aunt bought gaziantep yeni escort me another drink. I was too pissed by now to notice that she had barely touched a drop all day, but I felt happy, and comfortable in her presence, so didn’t care.

So we went home and went up to my aunt’s room, with my new clothes. My aunt put my stuff on her and my uncles king sized bed, and said I should get changed. I had no qualms about stripping off in front of them, I had got naked in front of my mom at home, and for me there was nothing sexual in it. And of course, I wasn’t attracted to them. I whipped off my boxers, revealing my limp penis to my aunt and her friend, before pulling up the silk knickers, then the miniskirt and the tank top, and finally the boots. They clapped and asked me to twirl around for them. However my aunt’s friend suggested that my hairy legs and armpits looked out of place on such a cute girl, and wondered if I would shave them? Of course in my mood I happily agreed, and a bath was run.

My aunt lathered my naked body with shaving cream, focusing on my chest, legs, armpits, back and bum. Although I wasn’t overly hairy, and almost none ever grew on my chin, I hadn’t shaved in a few weeks. They both gently shaved my body clean of all hairs, until only my pubic area was left. At this my aunt’s friend said it would be easier to shave if I had an erection, and with this my aunt produced the ten-inch dildo she had purchased at the sex shop. Well at the sight of this I went wild, disregarding the presence of my aunt, and grabbed it off her. Naturally I started to lick the tip of the black shaft, and my penis began to grow. My aunt’s friend helped by tugging gently on it, and soon it stood fully erect, all seven inches of it. With this she shaved around my dick. My aunt touched my hand, and directed the dildo towards her own salivating mouth, and put it in several inches, loudly slurping. I snatched it out of her mouth and wanting to outdo my aunt, began to deepthroat the ten inches. Licking my spit around the fake cock it gradually went down and down, until my nose was touching the suction cap at the end. After choking the cock back out, with vast quantities of saliva that dribbled down the dildo onto my chest, my aunt’s friend slapped my bum and announced that I was now fully hairless.

So the afternoon dragged on and turned into the evening. The makeover continued, as did the drinks my aunt gave me. Moisturiser had been rubbed gaziantep zayıf escort into my newly shaved skin, my toenails and fingernails were painted a bright red, and lipstick was applied to my lips, mascara and eye shadow to the rest of my face. Looking in the mirror I was amazed as a rather attractive girl looked back. Although my eyebrows are plucked anyway, my aunt had a further go at them, before disappearing, and then reappearing with a fresh present. Behind her back was a gorgeous long blonde wig. She placed it on my head and it covered my short brown hair. Oh my God, looking into the mirror, well it now looked as if my aunt was merely preparing for a night out with her niece, and a very attractive niece at that.

However I felt a sharp pain in my stomach as I realised that it must be getting late and I hadn’t had dinner yet. My aunt opened the curtain and was looking out of the window into the front drive and said that I would be getting a feast to eat on in a short while. I also asked when my uncle would be back, as it was probably best if he didn’t see me dressed up as a young slut. However she smiled and me, and poured some more alcohol into my glass and told me to drink up. Her friend had got out a camera and was asking me to pose, so of course, as a good girl, I gave a saucy smile and posed for a few shots. She told me that that was great ‘Kandy’. I was taken aback by this, but my aunt said that was a pretty name for a pretty girl, so I didn’t get overly bothered, and they both started calling me ‘Kandy’. Mentioning that I was hungry again, my aunt said we should go downstairs and get something to eat, telling me that I could keep my clothes on, for now. So we traipsed downstairs. I found the high heel boots a little bit awkward, especially as I was drunk. However I felt happy, liking my new female persona, and the alcohol swilling around my veins ensured that I felt confident walking around my aunts house, as a fucking back street whore.

Perhaps I should have felt slightly concerned when we didn’t head towards the kitchen or the dining room, but towards a back room next to the garage that I hadn’t been in yet. Taking me by the hand my aunt led me towards the door. Her friend followed behind, with a camera in one hand, and a sports bag in the other. My aunt pushed the door open, and in I went following her, and then I froze. Nine naked people stood, or sat, in the moderately sized room I was now in. Along one wall was a plasma television screen, which was currently playing some porn, god knows what kind. Alongside two of the walls were several sofas, at the far end was a bar at which one chap was pouring several drinks. In the middle of the floor was a mattress, standing at the other end of the mattress was my well-tanned and fit uncle, stark naked, with a completely shaved dick hanging down. “Why hello there Kandy!” uttered my uncle. My jaw dropped.

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