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Rainy Day Massage

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It was pouring cats and dogs and I met him at the door. Several days since he was with me and I had missed him a lot. I kept caressing his face and kissing him. His skin tasted salty, he was drenched from the rain which dripped off him and got into my eyes, on my cheeks. I ran my hands all over his head and through his wet hair, not caring that I was getting soaked and we just held each other for a long time. Then he shook himself all over, like dogs do when they get wet! His clothes smelled all funky – I kind of liked it!

“Tengo dolor en mi espalda. I hurt my back at my work. You can give me masaje?

“Ohh – a massage? Well, sure, I can.”

We had some dinner and went upstairs, and I had turned the heat up to get the room all warm. He showed me where it hurt, all around his back and leg. I got a big towel and took off my top, so as not to get oil all over it, while he stripped completely and lay on the bed. I got the sweet almond oil and began to work on his back. He moaned softly, happily allowing me to press and glide my hands on him. I kneaded his muscles, admiring his finely shaped body – the wide shoulders, broad back, narrow waist, tight buns and strong legs. Loving the firmness, the smooth and supple feel of his skin, I inhaled his aroma, slightly sweaty and so deliciously musky. I felt my nipples stiffen, my juice begin to flow…

Moving my hands everywhere… ah, such a pleasure for me. I confess I did let my oiled fingers slip between his butt cheeks, caressing the anus just a bit, and dipping down under, to his balls. Flinching a bit, he squeezed his ass tight and moaned softly. Then he turned sideways saying that the pain was in his groin.

“Please – you massage here… you are my nurse, mi enfermera, please.”

“Ooh, well then, I will rub that part, to make it feel better,” I said softly, tilting my head, smiling playfully. But I will do massage only. No sexo, entiendes? I don’t want you to be hurt. Turn over.”

I began to softly touch his belly at the low part that was just above his pubic hair, letting my fingertips tangle in the little forest of curls, and his cock was semi hard, lying on his left thigh. He spontaneously spread his legs and I ran my fingers along his inner thigh and his groin… I caressed and gently massaged, but I was not actually touching his cock … More oil, more soft pressure… and, well! We both knew what that would do!

He let me gently rub his thighs bahis siteleri and groin, and – yes, his cock was now fully swelling… I could not resist! Kissing it, I circled my hand around it, and moved the loose skin of the shaft up and down with my fingers.

“Eres una buena enfermera… ahh, it feel very good…” (You’re a good nurse)

“I giggled, “No buena, pero mala! Muy,mala! Enfermera tan traviesa!” (Not a good one – but a very bad one! A very naughty nurse!) Now I licked the head of his thick penis, letting my saliva drip all over it.

He was smiling broadly. “Ahh, so nice, no mas duele, no pain now…”

He sat up and put his arms around me. “No, no, don’t – cariño – you really shouldn’t do this!” I know, I was teasing; oh, it was too much fun…

“Ah, si, pero I want!” he murmured.

I was twisting a bit in mock resistance, shaking my head ‘no’ but letting my naked tits fall against him. I was so hot, all moist between my legs! Oh, I do know just how to say ‘no’ and then make everything happen… and I got the exact results I wanted very quickly!

“No, no! You shouldn’t do this!” I insisted, pretending reluctance and loving his reaction, feeling quite in charge. But he was shifting the balance of the play… He held his cock and pressed my head against it, saying,

“La ultima vez, you say you never tell me ‘no’, pero quizas te olvidas? Eres mi esclava del amor, chiquita, y ahora te quiero!”

(Last time you said you will not tell me ‘no’ but maybe you forget? You are my love slave, girl, and now I want you!)

He was up and already busy getting my clothes off. Just for him, I had put on slick shiny black leggings with black lace underwear, tight bikini undies, which had ridden up my hips and were squished deep in my ass-crack and between the lips of my pussy. He slipped those long pants off me and pulled me onto the bed beside him. Oh, it was surely happening! He tried to move the lacey panties so he could get his cock into me and still leave the panties on, but it didn’t work. No room for that fat cock and tight panties too.

So off came the bikini panties but he left the black lace bra, scooping my tits out of it, so they jutted outward. He was up on his elbows, hungrily licking and nibbling my nipples, squeezing my breasts with both hands as he lay on top of me. Then his sweet, deep, drowning kiss, and my head swam, my eyes fell shut. I kept forcing my lids open to canlı bahis siteleri look at his beauty as he was pumping in and out of my vagina, my legs around him, ankles linked across the middle of his back.

“Bay-bay, I love too much you, te amo tanto… Me amas?”

I let my arms fall backwards and I heard my own voice, husky and moaning endlessly. I answered him, my heart brimming with emotion. I knew the game had changed.

“I love you, I love you, I love you!” I am sure I said it a hundred times – if not aloud then surely with my entire body and soul. My vagina was clamped onto him and I arched in climax. I saw him watching me, almost calmly enjoying my ecstasy, while I was lost in space, gasping in short spurts, barely able to breathe. “Ayy, I love you do this, mi chiquita!”

Then he pushed his cock even further into me, and as it touched that deepest spot, I moaned and writhed wildly. I grabbed frantically at the bedding – my body thrashing, trying to escape the overly intense pleasure somehow, but I did not get far, still held in lockdown by his body on me.

Yet, hot as he was, he did not come then. He pulled out and lay at my side.

“Amo darte placer (amo dar-tay plah-ser)- I love give you pleasure.”

He said it gently and sincerely, with obvious satisfaction, and he seemed very happy with the power he has to send me to heaven on earth. As for me, I was now feeling rather guilty, for getting it all going. Well! – but he did want it too! Still, I somehow felt kind of piggish for being so greedy and just about the whole thing happening. And I was feeling badly that he did not come… that was a first!

“Julio, I am sorry I started this and made you do it – I hope you’re ok, with your back and your leg. But I really shouldn’t have touched you like that, I feel bad now…”

“No, no be sorry, I like this. You too – you like. Mi amor, I love to make you happy! I am no more hurt now, feel good,” he nodded his chin at me, grinning. We lay side by side for awhile, and he seemed about ready to fall asleep, just snuggling that way. I nuzzled as close to his armpit as I could, then lay my head on his chest. Well, since he felt no more pain, I was ready for more games. I began to chew on his nipples and he stopped me.

“No, no! You tickle me! No do this!” He was chuckling.

“Oh please let me!” I licked his armpit, breathing in his earthy male smell, loving it all, but he rolled away canlı bahis from me, laughing, holding his arms down tight over his chest so I couldn’t continue.

“But you didn’t come,” I said. I knew I was not full of semen.

“Is ok, I am happy. No worry for this; I am no finish with you! We make more sexo now.”


Suddenly, he was all action again. He got up, pulled my ankles to the edge of the bed, flipped me over on my belly, placed both hands on my hips and arranged my body halfway off the bed, so my ass was sticking out, well-presented for his pleasure, right there. Slipping his fingers into my pussy, he sniffed his hand and then popped it into his mouth.

“Ahh, so good, muy deliciosa, tu pussy!” he sucked his fingers, licked his lips. He pushed his pussy-juicy fingers into my mouth, making me taste myself.

He got the coconut oil and put it all over my buttocks and inside my anus. Then he went right into me – no slow-motion this time! He fucked my pussy from behind for a few hard pumps and then went right into my ass. I was screaming immediately and he held my waist, thrusting so fast and I started coming again – his moves make my vagina contract every time!

“Julio! Ohh my God – ooh! I can’t! I can’t!”

But it made me so blazing hot! I did move with him, going utterly crazy, my eyes felt like they were rolling out of my head.

“Help me, God, help me!” I was howling, feeling so much pleasure but also so over the top – he surprised me so much with this blast of savage heat! He was grunting, breathing very fast, and now he was really coming hard. Instantly I felt a flood of semen squirting, then spilling out of me, and he fell forward, his chest and face on my back. But this was not going to be a ‘coming over and over’ sort of day! He was really done this time. He was tired, I could see.

He got up in a bit and showered. Coming back, he looked at me from the other side of the bed, “What you say? You feel good? You are happy?”

I nodded – gazing at him in pure joy. “Just tell me once more again that you love me…”

“Yes, I love you. You are my woman, you are my lady, always for me.”

“Am I beautiful? Bonita?”

“Ay, tan bonita, si! Pero, te pido, por favor, no perdas mas peso.”

(Per-oh, tay pee-do, por fah-vohr, no per-dass mass peh-so. But please don’t lose any weight)

“What! Am I getting skinny? Don’t tell me that!”

“No, no skinny, no flaca, no. Mujer perfecta.”

He made a sweet kissy face, lips full and puckered towards me. He didn’t come any closer though! I said no more. Just lay there, limp and dreamy, a little smile on my lips, I did feel perfect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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